Jul 312012

I found a great website that has all the info you would ever want to know about the scary Cajun monster Rougaro. Ever since I watched Swamp People and heard Troy Landry speak on the Rougaro and why you don’t want to be caught dead in the swamp late at night for fear of this shape shifting creature getting you. Then just 3 weeks ago the new police show Cajun Justice aired and episode where police from a small parish in Louisiana investigated a call from a man who filmed a Rougaro just outside his home on the bayou. The police were dumb founded.

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Cajun Justice Video Rougaro

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Jul 312012

Finding Bigfoot Season 3 is is in the can and ready to premiere it’s new season this fall. Tweets from Matt Moneymaker & Cliff Barackmen have confirmed that the new season is shot and ready to rock and roll this fall. Here is the official story.

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Jul 312012

I have read the most ridiculous comments that MK Davis latest video of an alleged Sasquatch could be a horses head. This is utterly fool hearty if you just go and look up on google white horse heads then tell me they look anything like the face in MKs video. Horses have thick hair covering their hide guys and gals ! Also there is at least 12″ between the eyes of an adult horse and his nostrils that is also not evident in the video.  MK ‘s video is either a squatch or a long haired human being and  that’s all it could be.

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Jul 312012

Mike Merchant aka Snowwalkerprime of Team Tazer Bigfoot is a real hoot when it comes to editing his opinion pieces on the latest happenings in the Wild World of Bigfootery ! Mike is a talented guy someone this community has needed for quite a long time. He may screw up the facts but who doesn’t occasionally. He has good reason not to believe any story when it comes to bigfoot. Because there is no bigfoot proof as of today. Mike has a large  canvas of bigfoot stories to focus his talent on and man does Ketchum and Smeja catch it regularly. I have never seen bigfoot but after ingesting hundreds of witness encounters I just can’t believe everyone is mistaken. If just one of the tens of thousands of bigfoot reports is true then bigfoot is a real living creature. I’m hanging on that possibility right now. So Mike I’m hoping your wrong about these people !

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Jul 312012

When I first listened I thought this was just another hoax video and it could be but this father and sons reactions seem to be quite honestly portrayed. Maybe someone can highlight the audio and tell if it could be the real deal.

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Jul 312012

The closeup of an alleged bigfoot, something the bigfoot world has been waiting 50 years for. Here we have a possible bigfoot walk up to the video camera and look right into it. My God I never thought this evidence would ever make it to the internet. Folks this is history making video if this is Bigfoot. Look how the pupil isn’t fully dilated, like if a human being was out in complete darkness it would be fully dilated.This could mean that bigfoot can see Infared Light. That explains a lot about why trailcams don’t catch bigfoot. Amazing Stuff  !

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Jul 302012

I just watched a terrific documentary  filmed in 2009 on Chilico Lake, BC Canada. This is a fifty mile wide lake high up in the Rocky Mt’s. There is a lush rain forest surrounding the lake with old growth trees 1000 years old. This video is a must see for those interested in researching Sasquatch. They had 12 camera locations wireless fed back to their campsite computers. The group captured some remarkable evidence that I hope you will checkout. I bought the DVD on Amazon but I’m sure its located at other outlets.


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Jul 302012

This is edited footage from an extremely low resolution video with no details or sound on what is going on here. There is something dark and large and hairy moving in the woods here but saying what it is is just guesswork on my part. I thought if anyone knew anymore about it they could comment please.

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Jul 302012

The Bigfoot Whisper might fool you at first like he did me. I thought this guy was just another crackpot bigfoot researcher out there looking to promote himself not do bigfoot research, Mr. Fairless is one helluva funny imaginative dude, I give him 5 Stars for on his material and sense of humor. If you need a pick me up visit the Bigfoot Whisperer !

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Jul 302012

This was when the Redneck Research Lab was just taking off and I was operating out of my laundry room.Now it has moved to a 10′ x 16′ metal building out back and I have got more NEW stuff coming soon!

Banabuckster Research Lab He has a few good ideas here.

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Jul 302012

MK Davis discusses the peeper video, something with long hair is hiding behind a tree knowing a camera is filming. This is looks like something a juvenile would do. I believe MK has got the best evidence since Patterson film to work with here.

Two quick peeps from behind a tree, and a mysterious figure moving through the trees, make this a fascinating clip that teases the mind. Is this what it appears to be? Is this a Sasquatch or Bigfoot? It very well could be.

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Jul 292012

Dax Rushlow of Crypto Crew duscovered one hell of a big stick structurewhile out in his research area, As stick structures go it is one of the biggest I have ever seen so far on youtube. I’m not saying bigfoot built it but it does resemble much smaller ones found all over the deep woods on the east coast of the USA.

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Jul 282012

Appearing during the first half of Coast to Coast AM on Friday, July 27, 2012, Rhettman Mullis brought listeners up to date on his most recent Bigfoot research findings. Mullis, team leader for Bigfootology, is a frequent guest on Coast to Coast and this time around he kept listeners enthralled with his tale of Patrick, the human-Bigfoot hybrid.

Mullis is working closely with Bryan Sykes, former professor of Human Genetics at University of Oxford. Together they’re amassing a large collection of hair samples, believed to be Bigfoot in origin, and DNA sampling will commence later this year at Lausanne Museum of Zoology in Switzerland.

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Jul 282012

SnowWalkerPrime aka Mike Merchant of TeamTazerBigfoot just can’t stop himself these days with another attack on Dr, Melba Ketchums credentials and the Bigfoot DNA Project she began two years ago. I’m sure Dr, Ketchum’s biggest supporters are just as tired of waiting for this Bigfoot DNA paper to be published as the rest of us. When I spoke with Dr. Ketchum on my radio show in October 2010 she stated that at the time the paper was ready to be submitted for peer review with hope of a publish date in early 2011. What happened ? I think what happened is new evidence for one was submitted for testing, evidence like never seen before as possible proof of Bigfoot existence. Once the testing was done the paper had to be revised. There are many labs involved in this Bigfoot DNA testing also many scientists involved in the writing of the paper this all takes time. You must above everything else consider that this is not just evidence of a new species of bat or rodent being presented. This is DNA evidence claiming there is another large bipedal primate walking this earth. That makes two along with human beings. This is as big as it can get in the world of biology and just plain history of the world. To make scientists believe this is a possibility in 2012 you need ten times the evidence ever submitted before in a peer reviewed paper. You must always remember that it’s not Dr. Ketchum that is slowing this project down but it’s the journal and their team with their of scientists who must approve every word of this paper before final submission. Remember they don’t want to look like fools either. They are asking for more and more verification knowing that science will never accept this unless there is zero weak links in the reported science. I guarantee that this paper was put together with a surgeons scalpel cutting anything that could give skeptics anything to pounce on. Always remember what is at stake here this is the biggest news in science since the landing on the moon. Dr. Ketchum and her team must get it right the first time. Dr. Ketchum  certainly made some big mistakes early on starting a website and discussing any aspects until it was over with. She certainly was not helpful in that respect. The bigfoot community tries to destroy anyone with a new idea or new evidence. It’s so easy when your dealing with a creature not proven to science. You can literally say bigfoot has three eyes and wings and know one can prove him wrong to date.  I’m giving the lady and her scientific team the benefit of a doubt with hope that this paper is published and her efforts make scientific history ! 

“Victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan ” John Kennedy

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