Aug 312012

Were back in Australia for another tantalizing tale of the Yowie. Australians are having encounters with the Yowie but not nearly as often as here in North America. But they also have one tenth the population also in a country nearly the same size as the USA. This video will give you more info on the Australian Yowie.

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Aug 312012

 I really enjoy these witness sighting documentaries on bigfoot, Hearing from witnesses on my radio show Bigfoot Tonight Show Sunday nights are what most of our audience keeps asking for also. When I found this BBC documentary I found time to watch it. Please take a gander it’s worth your time.

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Aug 312012

What not to do this time year especially while fishing in the mountains. This big bear is spotted by hikerdawg and he lets the bear know where he is and decides to hang around till the bear swims all the way across the lake. One thing I know about Black Bears is they usually run from humans, they want nothing to do with us unless their very hungry. With the drought and fires in Colorado this summer this bear could see a lone human as a nice meal before the cold weather begins next month. When a black bear begins swimming across a mountain lake towards you Run for Your Life Dude ! This guy waits till the bear has made it nearly to him before he turned the damn camera off and booked ! I have a big time fear of bears and sadly watched to many shows about bears eating people alive and this guy just drives me crazy !

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Aug 312012

I found this video this morning by a group call MassSwampPeople this is their only video and they claim a bigfoot is clacking two sticks together in a rhymic way. I taking they saw the bigfoot doing this because one thing I’ve learned since Finding Bigfoot has been on TV is not trust any wood knocking you hear in the woods unless your in a area miles from trails and humans. Every kid in America that watches this show is out in the woods knocking on trees for bigfoot, This is why I present this video.

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Aug 312012

History Channels Ancient Aliens took on the subject of Bigfoot this season. It was was quite interesting but to be bloody honest we know as much about aliens as we know about bigfoot maybe more. Put them together and we really are asking folks to laugh at us. But I leave all doors open right now just for the reason we know so little. But I can tell you this folks if these guys are aliens with out of this world powers you have as much chance of studying them as it snowing in LA in the summertime.

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Aug 312012

There is probably no other unknown creature that arouses more curiosity than the Bigfoot or Sasquatch. Yes, there is the Loch Ness Monster, the Chupacabra and other great beasts of Lore but the Bigfoot remains the most compelling as it pulls us towards ourselves…shadowing the unknown X factor of our very origins. The case files contain thousands of reported sightings, yet no actual specimen has ever been found. Hundreds of photographs exist, but the creature has not been identified. Still, the clues accumulate year after year. In the words of one Bigfoot investigator, “It is an extremely complex phenomenon with no starting point and few geographical limits.” If this creature does exist then it most certainly must be a relative of man.


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Aug 302012

Mike Merchant and his Team Tazer mates discuss the trail cam setup deep in the wilds of Maine’s bigfoot country. They hope anyway ! Mike sets the trail cams up for typical critters that scurry about. I think he will find out pretty darn quick that catching ole Squatch is another thing altogether.

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Aug 302012

New to the bigfoot community ? Would you like a quick background history to become knowledgeable of the past 100 years biggest stories ? Well have I the article for you it’s called Does Bigfoot Exist. This article by Albert Jack covers all the most important events in squatchery since the 1920s. Take a look.

Albert Jack Article

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Aug 302012

Editors Note: This is one of those videos where the team recording this audio must be very credable and have a track record that you trust. I don’t know these people personally but have heard of them Tyler Bounds is a scout for Finding Bigfoot team. I can hear the foot fallfalls of something moving along at a good clip. Until someone tells me different I’m going with this as good audio of something bipedal running through camp. Bluff Charge not sure where they get that.

*Please wear headphones to hear audio better.* During the 2012 BFRO WA Cascades Expedition, at a remote satellite camp early in the morning, a sasquatch bluff charges. But the three searchers in camp slept right through it. Thankfully, Doug Howe’s Sony M-10 Digital Audio Recorder was recording and captured the sounds of the event. Posted with permission from Doug Howe, who retains all ownership rights to the audio in this video.

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Aug 302012


This video I need some help with, I see movement back in the trees where this dude points too. I cannot state I see anything like a Bigfoot peeking out from behind the trees. This video is just not real easy to debunk like 98% usually are. First of all most hoaxers don’t give you Hi-Res 1080 video to scrutinize, usually it is 240 or 360 low quality. Second he isn’t freaking out on film saying really stupid stuff like “Oh My God it’s Bigfoot ” then he usually starts running scared out of their minds. There is a score added which is problematic and he didn’t zoom in so it has it’s good and bad I leave it to my viewers to study it and let me know. Thanks

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Aug 302012

Editors Note:  Bigfoot Researcher JoeBlack63 from Tennessee captures apparent eye-shine on a trailcam he had long term in the woods. What made the eye shine video standout is te eye is caught blinking.

I placed a trail camera near the location where I captured the “Plot Watcher” Bigfoot. The camera was triggered in the middle of the night and something at least 7 feet tall was looking at the camera just out of the range if the infrared light.

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Aug 292012

IIf you want to see some excellent bigfoot casts from the London Trackway and others please visit Cliff Barackman’s website where you have the best photographed tracks I have ever seen. Everyone knows Cliff from Finding Bigfoot show not knowing he has collected so much evidence to be seen on one site.

Cliff Barackman Site

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Aug 292012

This film was done  years ago if you have some time sit down and enjoy this wonderful documentary on the Yeti. They take you into the interiors of Nepal and Bhutan and search for evidence of the famed creature.

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Aug 292012

The Big Grey Man of  is the name of a presence or creature which is said to haunt the mountain passes of Ben Macdhui the  second highest peak in Britain. It has been described as an extremely tall grey  figure covered with short grey hair, or as an unseen presence that causes uneasy feelings in people who climb the mountain.Evidence of the existence of this creature is limited to various sightings and a few photographs of unusual footprints.

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