Oct 312012

Editors Note: This looks like a man with winter coat on and boots walking through the dark woods. It doesn’t seem to have any of the proportions usually attributed to a squatch. My opinion is this a a man.

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Oct 312012

We were out doing a paranormal investigation that turned into a Bigfoot adventure!

Editors Note:  This clip could be bigfoot growl but it is mangled by overtalk and is not very long to give me the information needed to make a good decision. What do you think ?

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Oct 312012

How to get at the obscure information in an image. This is a discussion of techniques to get at this information and why it’s important.

Editors Note: Groundbreaking evidence MK Davis has done more to make the infamous Sasquatch believable to more Americans then everyone else since Roger Patterson shot the original Patty   16mm film. Look how he brought out the eye of Patty something never seen before that I know of amazing !

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The right eye and a hint of left eye




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Oct 312012

Editors Notes: Billy Willard of Sasquatch Watch of Virginia writes on his website about the Robert Lindsay and Bigfoot Evidence Blogs reasons for promoting all the “wrongs” in the bigfoot community. Billy states “Since the Bigfootery Enquirer likes to point out so many “wrongs” within the bigfoot community (things that they get wrong 100% of the time) now its my turn…but mine will be 100% correct… ”

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Oct 312012

Editors Notes: When I play videos these days I must admit I’m getting slightly jaded because there are just so many hoaxes these days by some talented people. When I ran this one I was expecting same ole thing, but when that black creature stood up from it’s crouching position on the hillside and I saw just how massive the shoulders were I was struck by the fact that we could be seeing the real deal ! Even though these young men did take off running another usual sign of fakers or just bad acting I can believe it in this case just from the sheer size of the creature looking down on them. I wish they had stayed 3 seconds longer but alas !

Enhanced Version

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Oct 312012

Hair did not belong to any known animal from  the region such as a bear, wolf, or goat. Mysterious mammal more closely related to  man than to monkeys.

Analysis was conducted in the Russia and US and  ‘agreed the hair came from a  human-like creature which is not a Homo sapien yet  is more closely  related to man than a monkey’, said the Siberian Times, citing  claims  made on a regional government website in Russia in the area where the  hair samples were allegedly found.
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Oct 302012


This is the Bigfootville of the East with more sightings over the last 40 years then anywhere else east of the Mississippi ! Redchun has a way of finding evidence like no one else and still remains humble amazing these days !

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Oct 302012

If I had a chance to ask God just one question, it would be, ‘What really  happened to my friends that night?’” Yury Yudin, expedition survivor.

You may think horror films are creepy, but sometimes truth is stranger than  fiction. In 1959, ten normal, healthy cross-country skiers set off on a camping  trip in Russia’s Ural Mountains. Nine never returned. When their bodies were  finally found, many elements of eerie mystery hung heavily in the air. Three of  the individuals had fallen victim to inexplicable crushing injuries. The tongue  of one of the others was missing.

Editors Note: This case has intrigued me for years what killed these nine men & women on this mountain in 1959…….Read on !

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Oct 302012

Watch in HD!

This is a older video, had it on my computer don’t know who to credit for the footage. I have tried to gain more details about the figure. I think it is a fake but if you think it’s real that is fine.

Editorial Note: Some finally enhanced this 2 year old video, I always had doubts about this video the creature is always just out of clear site, even with the squatch coming to him,

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Oct 302012

Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot investigators are in Mid-Michigan to investigate alleged Bigfoot sightings in Gladwin State Forest area, and areas around Houghton Lake and West Branch.

The filming is part of Animal Planet’s third season of the series.

Many remain skeptical that Sasquatch really exists, but regardless, the series remains one of Animal Planet’s most popular shows.

“Finding Bigfoot” follows the adventures of four individuals who have devoted much of their lives in pursuit of conclusive evidence that Bigfoot exists.

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Oct 302012

ARCHDALE – Michael Greene  owes his relative fame as a Bigfoot tracker to a Zagnut candy bar.
Of all  the high-tech gadgetry Greene has bought in his decades-long quest to find a  Sasquatch – from infrared goggles to a thermal imager to multiple video cameras  equipped for night filming – his wisest investment may have been the 60 or so  cents he spent on a Zagnut bar.


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Oct 302012

 !!Watch in HD!!

This is a video from Billy Mills – I have zoomed it in …there is a possible dark figure on the right . Some say they see it poke it’s head out and then back down. What does everyone think?

If this guy filming this did not notice this bigfoot on his right then it just wasn’t ever there. It’s blurry blobsquatch territory.



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Oct 292012

Editors Note: This sighting was submittted by Another Old Man a frequent visitor to Bigfoot Buzz. Thank You

I grew up in Boise Idaho in the 60s. My dad was a minister and loved camping and fishing. One of his best friends in the church was Mr. B., who was an avid outdoorsman and hunter as well as fisherman.

One summer, in the early 60s, my dad, Mr. B and I were somewhere in central             Idaho camping and fishing. I remember we would often go to the Lowman area so we might have been near there this time inBoiseCounty.

My memory of that trip is vague but I have a very clear memory of one thing. We were camped on top of what can best be described as a cliff or a fairly sheer drop off. Mr. B and I were in camp, my dad must have been still out fishing in some stream so I suspect it was probably late afternoon. Dad really loved to fish.

I don’t remember that we had driven to the camp site, probably had hiked in a bit to get to it. Looking down from our camp site, down the “cliff” was a huge (to my 10-12 year old perspective) valley. I remember Mr. B looking through his binoculars through some bushes down across the valley and stating that he was seeing something strange. He let me look through his binoculars at it. What I saw was a huge massive creature, black, and walking on 2 legs down a game trail. It had come out from the trees down across the valley and because we were looking down at it, it is hard to estimate how tall it was. I can say that it was ½ as wide as it was tall. In other words, if it were 8 feet tall, it seemed it was 4 feet wide at the shoulders. It was walking up right, very gracefully, almost leisurely and not in a hurry. It was at a pretty fair distance so I don’t remember seeing any detail other than it was big, black and walking along. We were so far away and so high up that there is no way it could have seen us.

I was 10-12 at the time and had never heard of Bigfoot or monsters in the woods even though we camped and fished a lot. Mr. B was a very experienced hunter and outdoorsman and he did not know what it was. It was not a bear. That was very evident because it was walking upright on 2 legs in a very coordinated fashion. When bears walk upright they only do it for a few feet and are very wobbly. This was not a bear. And, if it were a human in a monkey suit, it was a huge human and why in the world would he be out walking down a game trail in the middle of nowhere Idahoin a monkey suit unless he had a death wish? Someone recently suggested to me that it was my father playing a practical joke. Well, dad was definitely not a practical joker and if he had decided to pull a prank and dress up in a monkey suit, he would have done it a lot closer, like maybe hide behind a tree. He definitely would not have climbed down into that valley for a joke and then have to climb back out. Plus dad was a pretty skinny dude. And this was before the Patterson/Gimlin film so apes in the woods were not the kind of thing you would automatically think of to play a joke. It was a real living creature.

That is all I remember about the sighting. I don’t remember ever talking to Mr. B about it again nor do I remember ever talking to my dad about it. It just kind of stayed there in the back of my memory for 50 years as a kind of an odd curiosity like “hmmm I wonder what it was?” until, just recently when I put 2 and 2 together. I believe there are just too many similar reported sightings, footprints etc. going back too many years for there to not be something out there. And just recently a light went on and I realized that massive black creature I saw as a child was probably a Bigfoot.

Most of my friends think I am crazy about my belief in their existence so I’m not ready to have my name out there in a public forum so would like to stay anonymous on this.

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Oct 292012

Editors Note: I have over 1000 newspaper articles relative to bigfoot/wildman going back to that late 1780s. I will show my viewers over time that what was being reported 200 years ago is close to or exactly what is being reported today


























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Oct 292012

Editors Note:  Mike Merchant the front man of the bigfoot group Team Tazer gave one of his epic monologues they other day concerning the Extreme Expeditions campsite photo. Now I agree completely with him concerning the photo it looks like someone with a blanket over them. What bothered me about his 40 minute monologue was he just got back from a visit with the king of blobsquatches with a alien connection. Dallas and Wayne from what I’ve seen believe everything Mike was attacking everyone else for.  Don’t get me wrong I love Dallas & Wayne but not for their bigfoot research. I think their a great vaudeville act like Laurel & Hardy, I think they are an excellent reality show.. Dallas is the epitome of everything Mike was speaking about with Lori Simmons and other habituaters. Dallas posts hundreds of pictures of what he calls bigfoot, aliens whatever. I’m sure he believes in telepathy too. When Mike says Dallas & Wayne are honest about their boasts you don’t think Lori and all the others that believe in telepathy are also being honest… I don’t get it. Dallas Gilbert claims have never been taken that seriously but because Mike liked these guys they get off the hook….LOL Listen to the last video when Wayne near the end is describing the size of the penis on the bigfoot he saw and then relates a story from Janice Carter and Mary Green who are Dallas & Wayne’s good friends. Remember what Mike has to say about those two in his second video. It’s weird if you make friends with these people you suddenly can excuse all their foibles you attack strangers for.

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