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mouths 3Over the past couple of years three people have risen to the top as the biggest mouths in Bigfootery. Most folks know them because these guys can’t help themselves they must give us their two cents worth of hyperbole when there’s any significant news in the bigfoot world. These three all have just as many haters as they do followers, they each have a past they wish they could hit the delete key on and wipe from collective bigfoot history. The one thing these three have going for them is an ability to speak on a subject and move an audience even if they haven’t got all their facts right,  But because they are brash and willing to lay it out there were few others are willing to tread they make a mark good or bad.  There are a few others that could make this list but they at least pick and choose their times to vent. So Who are the Top Big Mouths of Bigfootery for 2012 ?






In Third Position

Mike Merchant Team Tazer Founder










Second Place

Rick Dyer

dyer 7







First Place

Tim Fasano Fasanotampa








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Trap-3-300x253Editors Notes>  This is the sum of all the posts by Ed Smith and others close to the Quantra 6 group on the capture of a bigfoot in Oklahoma last week. The first post on the alleged bigfoot capture came December 27th by Ed Smith on the MABRC forum. This could all be just somebody’s idea of a great way to bring in the New Year with another giant Bigfoot Story that never plays out with real proof of anything. All those involved in this have quite sorded pasts in bigfootery and I give this story about a 10% chance of being true and I guarantee it will be played out like the Hovey photo, Bigfoot in Freezer hoax over months if not years and the only ones to gain from this are the blogs and websites keeping this story alive well past anyone should…LOL



Yesterday morning, Thu Dec 27, 2012 12:51 pm  ‘

Here is what I don’t know: The weight height
hair color gender or location of capture. Or the health of the specimen.
Nor the actions leading up to the capture of the specimen.

Here is what I’m speculating: the examination team is continuing to assemble, examination should
take 72 hours.

If they go by the plan then a decision about release or
storage in a repository will be made with in 48 hours after the examination is

If release is chosen then a press release should be forth
coming after the examination is competed, if the specimen is sent to the
repository then a press and information release would happen with in 30 to 90
days thats by the operations plan.

Reasons for moving the specimen to a
repository include health issues, prolonged examination and on the darker side
private investment group interests.

For clarity, the Original six was
never part of the MABRC and the Original six ceased operations completely.
Quantra was formed with elements of the O-6, new members, ownership and
management. I’m posting this due to inaccurate reporting by some Internet news

I would like to thank DW for posting information as I have been
able to obtain it. I was out of town and unable to post my self.

There is an old Army saying “once the first round is fired all plans go out the window” I
commend the Quantra Group for maintaining operational focus, I guess my advise
on hiring ex-military operators was heeded.

In my opinion, there should be a press release within 48 hours if we get it I would be surprised, it seems
they are playing this to the ink as it were.

I will be in touch.
Ed Smith

Posted by Rob Gaudet on December 28, 2012 at 2:30pm
As everyone is well aware, there is lots of recent buzz about the potential capture of a
Sasquatch. For the last 5 years, since 2007, one of the founders of Squatch
Unlimited, Rob Gaudet, has been a member of the group where this news was
shared, The Mid America Bigfoot Research Center (MABRC). Rob is also state
director for MABRC.

Rob and the Squatch Unlimited team has interacted
with MABRC through their well used forums and by attending many research
investigations with Darren, the MABRC Founder, and many other members. We are
also familiar with the organization that is claiming to have captured the
bigfoot, QUantra, formerly ORIG-6, and with Ed Smith, the person who has posted
about it in the MABRC forums. Thus, Squatch Unlimited is uniquely positioned to
separate the facts from the fiction. We will be posting updates on this as we
receive them.

Was a Bigfoot Captured?

What we know for now is that Ed Smith, through a group called Quantra, is claiming
they have captured a bigfoot. MABRC is not involved in this event, Ed Smith
published this news through the MABRC forums. This and all news about this
incident IS originating from Ed Smith, a former member of the QUantra group. Ed
says that although he is no longer a member of the group ORIG-6 or QUantra, he
received a “Flash” message with the words “As of 0906 27 DEC 2012, “Daisy” is in
the box.”. Daisy was a term that QUantra had previously agreed to use if they
actually had captured a specimen.

Ed says that he has since received
further information from a member insider indicating that the creature was being
moved and will be reviewed by individuals in the Bigfoot and scientific
community with the proper credentials. They will decide on what to do with it
once it has been examined. We can also say that it may have been captured inside
of a large box type trap when it stepped on a trigger device located inside of
the trap.


What We Know About Ed Smith?

Ed Smith was a former member of the
ORIG-6 group, which is now known as QUantra. Ed has been a long time poster to
the MABRC forums.

To be clear, Ed Smith is not a MABRC organizational
member. Ed is however a regular poster on the MABRC forums, which are open to
the general public, thus MABRC is only a conduit for this information from Ed.
Ed’s posts were always relevant to the research of the ORIG-6 group’s findings.
It is believed that Ed lives in Oklahoma, I am unable to confirm that with the
forums down.
Is MABRC Involved?

As stated before, Ed Smith has been a long time contributor of the MABRC forums, he is not
a MABRC Organizational member. Having been involved in the MABRC forums for
several years, Ed has built up trust with the MABRC founders and has posted
various interesting findings over the last half decade that he’s been on the
forums. MABRC is only posting what it knows directly from Ed and is urging



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Dec 312012

provo 3The name Bigfoot is synonymous with mystery to many people out there; and after the countless claims – the sightings, footprints, videos and photographs – it would seem that there must be something strange in the woods of North America, right? Wrong. In this list I have shed some light on the harsh (un)reality of one of the world’s most cherished non-existent creatures.

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Dec 302012

hill monsterEditors Notes> There is some big and dark standing on top of this hill for the first half of this video watching this family sleigh down this side hill. You see it then it’s gone. Could it be a squatch or is it just another human being or deer or something. You tell me ?

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Dec 302012

documentaryEditors Notes>   This documentary is extremely well done. I think you will enjoy it, find some time when you have 45 minutes and give it a look see. It walks you through bigfoot sightings over time in the Americas.

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Dec 302012

Bigfoot, watcher in woodsEditors Notes: Robert Lindsay many say is the one person that has placed more rumor into the bigfoot daily talking press then anyone in history steps up to the plate again to deliver his latest sermon on Conflicting DNA Stories and Bigfoot Body Snatcher Stories.

Conflicting DNA Stories Lindsay Writes that he thinks if Dr. Ketchum hoaxed her DNA study she would be procecuted for fraud and sent to jail so that is not a probable possibility but on the other hand Lindsay know Justin Smeja and he doesn’t believe he could hoax anything so we have a dilema here if either party is hoaxing what do we have left hmmmm could it be the two labs that processed the samples given them by Bart Cutino and Tyler Huggins were not properly tested using forensic protocols instead they were done by students earning degrees not using these forensic lab tecniques which lent them to collect the human contaminate of the bear hunter Justin Smeja ? Until these folks tell us how they did there research we will not know who is right.


Dyer bigfootMr. Lindsay also did a two step into the Bigfoot Body Capture Story that broke this week. The Quantra Group saying they captured a bigfoot is way to early according to Lindsay but those involved he says are are kooks and does that mean they didn’t trap a body no because these kooks are back with money and high tech gear.

Rick Dyer Story he shot a bigfoot in Texas earlier this year. Lindsay has a lot to say about the Dyer story, he walks us through his very distasteful history and concludes that Dyer  must be telling the truth because of his mole in Minnow Films and he reasons a that the sociopath Lindsay states Dyer must be he would not want to keep this story secret if it was hoaxed because why keep a hoax secret ? Well if your a history buff like myself and remember how the first Georgia Boys Hoax went down then you would know that the best way to pull in a world wide audience including top medis players is to leak out tiny bits of information over time gradually getting everyone involved till they literally are screaming for the big press conference promised in the end ! That is exactly how Ricky Dyer is playing this story again even down to his old look partner Matt Whitton look like  he just added to the team DJ Barshers and that creepy music they used in all their videos in 2008.


Bigfoot Shooting Radio Show

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Dec 302012

Big-Grey-ManNote: Science writer Brian Switek is the author of the critically acclaimed “Written in Stone: Evolution, the Fossil Record, and Our Place in Nature.” His new book, “My Beloved Brontosaurus: On the Road with Old Bones, New Science, and Our Favorite Dinosaurs,” will be published by Scientific American/Farrar, Straus and Giroux in April.

Jeff Meldrum wants to search for Bigfoot by using a remote-controlled blimp. Because when you’re looking for a mythical creature famous for eluding all who search for it, a giant, buzzing, looming balloon is clearly the way to go.

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Dec 292012
  1. Trap-3-300x253Editors Notes> I wonder if this whole captured story was just somebody mining bigfoot forums for  blog stories and ran across someone just trying to get a wild rumor going as often seems to happen in these bigfoot forums to peak interest and get website traffic up to make some hard cash before years end. This is why you see these wild headlines on stories with zero content . I hope we haven’sunk that low yet but I’m sure there are blogs that are involved in this bigfoot world just to make money and nothing would be to wild to say.



















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sasquatch scaryReport # 33979  (Class A) Submitted by witness on Wednesday, February 29, 2012.

Witness has numerous encounters and collects physical evidence over a seven month period near Christianburg

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YEAR: 2009

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: February

DATE: 6th, 7th, 8th and on


COUNTY: Miami County

LOCATION DETAILS: Heavily wooded area of approximately 50 acres adjacent to rural corn field s and numerous gentleman farms.

NEAREST TOWN: Christiansburg

NEAREST ROAD: Casstown Clark Rd.

OBSERVED: My sighting first took place on my property in February of 2009. I had numerous contacts along with various evidence found and seen on the ten heavily wooded acres where I reside.
1st sighting. Feb 6th approximately 11:30 PM.
Went out on the back deck to smoke a cigarette. There was a full moon and around 4inches of snow on the ground. The temperature was in the single digits. My family have been living at this location and I am familiar with the wildlife and sounds in the woods. I first heard movement in the woods that sounded like something extremely large. The snow was crunching and large branches and small trees were being broken. ( loud cracks like a gun fire) I was saying aloud: “what the hell is out there!). As it moved closer I could see some of the smaller tree tops shaking. This activity continued until it was about 20 feet from the woodline. At that point it stopped. The full moon reflecting off the snow illuminated the entire area enough to play a baseball game but I could not see what was within the woodline. I vocalized aloud: ” why can’t I see it”. Then another ash tree began to shake near the fence line. The ten acres of woods on my property is surrounded by another 50 heavily wooded acres as well so there is plenty of mature forest and dense cover. Then I heard a loud crack and a small ash tree slowly fell along the fence line. I still did not have a clue as to what this could be. (bigfoot did not even come into consideration). After the tree fall I went into the house, locked the door and went upstairs to alert my wife and see if we could get a better look from the second floor window. I woke my wife and raised the window facing the wooded area. My wife and I both could hear movement in the woods which was clearly bi-pedal, again large branches breaking. My wife suggested that I go out in the morning and look for prints in the snow to identify it. We do not have bear in this region of Ohio so I was mystified as to what it could be.
The next morning I went out to investigate and discovered 9inch wide by 17 inch long bigfoot tracks. I could not believe it! I used a carpenters square and to reference the size and took digital pictures of the foot prints in the snow.
I followed the tracks thru the woods which looked like a tornado passed through. 6inch diameter hardwood trees broken over, briar brush flattened ending at the 5 foot tall barbed wire fence at the rear of my property crushed down to a foot high. The barb wire was broken and stretched out straight as a frozen rope. We have a heavy deer population and I believe it was pursuing a deer. I found a hair sample on the barb wire. ( concealed as evidence in a zip lock bag. )
From there I found additional tracks which lead me to a fresh deer kill. There is no hunting on my property or the adjacent properties. The first thing that I noticed was the legs on the deer had been removed and the lower jaw was ripped off . All of the internal organs were missing yet no entrails or blood were found. I taking pictures of deer carcass and the bigfoot prints near the deer when I noticed the lower portions of the deer legs stacked together against a large tree. all of the legs were in the same direction like a bundle of dowel rods and there was clearly an imprint in the snow where ths sasquatch sat down in the snow against this tree and enjoyed his meal and neatly stacked the lower portions by the tree. At that point I turned to take a picture for evidence when a large stick flying end over end hit me on the back of my head and knocked my ball cap off. Thats when I realized this bigfoot is still out here. I grabbed my cap and ran out of the woods to the house. This story is just the beginning of an amazing six months of encounters and upclose sightings of an eight foot tall bigfoot that was very comfortable on my property and my family. I would be happy to share the other experiences and the evidence that I have collected.

ALSO NOTICED: I found a primitive lean too built in the woods with the leg bones and fur from the deer kill. The bones have large teeth gouges in them. I have recorded rock pounding sounds. It also communicated with me thru wood knocking.

OTHER WITNESSES: Myself (visual) Wife (audible sounds) My children had rocks thrown at them and heard roars.

OTHER STORIES: Yes sightings just week prior of a10 foot tall bigfoot just 20 miles north of my home and sightings of juvenile bigfoot near Tipp City on the little miami river by a family fishing.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: First occurences were between 11:30 PM to 1:30 additional events have occured during the day as well. most were nocturnal .

ENVIRONMENT: Hardwood forests and farm land. Small spring fed creek runs thru the woods in the winter. Land is also documented shawnee indian land with rock walls and artifacts on property. (Tecumseh)

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Steve Nystrom:

In late August 2012, I conducted a follow-up investigation with the witness regarding his numerous encounters with a Sasquatch from early February to late August 2009. When I arrived, the witness proceeded to show me the deer bone fragments, possible hair samples, and numerous pictures of the deer carcass, destroyed fence, and tracks that he had discovered throughout his property. The witness’s residence is located north of Dayton, Ohio in a very heavily wooded area surrounded by farms, cornfields and small creeks.
The Sasquatch encounters started on evening of 6 February 2009, around 11:30 PM. It was a calm night with a full moon, and there was approximately 2 – 3 inches of snow on the ground. The witness had just stepped out on his back deck to enjoy a cigarette before bedtime, when he heard what appeared to be a large animal walking through the woods, breaking branches as it moved, about 100 yards from is back deck near a fence line that separated his property from his neighbor’s property. The large animal appeared to be getting closer to his back deck, finally stopping at the edge of the wood line, near the horse gate adjacent to his neighbor’s property. In addition, his neighbor’s horses had now become very restless, neighing and moving about frantically in the barn. (The horse barn and adjoining corral are located near the fence line, not far from the movement.) Finally, the witness heard the suspected Sasquatch start to rattle the horse gate.
Not sure of what it was that was approaching his house and rattling the horse gate, the witness went upstairs and notified his wife. Both he and his wife opened one of the bedroom windows on the back of the house facing the woods and the fence line, to possibly see what was causing the commotion. Even though it was a calm, moonlit night neither the witness nor his wife could really see the suspected Sasquatch. However, they heard the Sasquatch starting to move back into the woods away from the house and noticed some of the larger tree tops moving as though they were being brushed against or deliberately shaken. When they could no longer hear or see any movement activity, the witness and his wife went to bed.
The next day, the witness and his wife were still talking about what it was that they had seen and heard the night before. The witness’ wife suggested that he go out and investigate what it was they had seen, because there was two to three inches of snow on the ground and whatever it was may have left some tracks. The witness agreed and proceeded to walk along the wood line and immediately noticed several large, humanlike foots prints in the snow in the vicinity where they had heard and seen something moving the night before. He immediately went back to the house and grabbed both his camera and carpenters square and proceeded to take several photographs of the dozen or so tracks that were clearly visible in the snow. Using the carpenter’s square for reference, each of the tracks was approximately 17 inches long and 11 inches wide.

The witness followed the tracks to fence line at the edge of his property, and noticed more large tracks criss-crossing the area. In addition, he noticed that the wire fence at the edge of his property, which was approximately five feet high, had been pushed down almost to the ground. More amazingly, this was a relatively new fence that had a strand of barbwire on the top that had not only been snapped, but completely ripped from the fence pole. Basically, the barbwire was not cut – it was forcibly snapped!

It appeared that the Sasquatch pushed down the fence to step over it, so it could enter the witness’ property the night before while probably pursuing deer. (The witness also informed me that he had seen deer jump the fence numerous times in route to the surrounding cornfields. He has also seen black bear tracks along the road on the other side of this fence, but black bears had never damaged the fence in an attempt to enter his property.)
After photographing the damaged fence, the witness followed the large tracks for about 60 – 70 yards, whereby he noticed a deer carcass on the ground. Interestingly enough, the deer’s upper jaw had been ripped off, three legs had been torn off, and the rib cage appeared to have been smashed.

He immediately noticed that the three missing legs had been stacked against a nearby tree – which was very unusual for a normal predator kill. Also, the witness saw a distinct impression in the snow next to the deer carcass – where the Sasquatch had probably sat down. A few seconds later, the witness had his ball cap knocked off of his head by a large stick that was thrown at him. He suddenly realized that the Sasquatch had probably been observing him the whole time and he proceeded to walk calmly, but briskly back toward his house.
Around 11:30PM that evening, the witness stepped out onto his back deck to see if the Sasquatch had returned. He noticed a large dark figure, about 100 feet from his back deck along the wood line. The figure then started to walk a few feet toward the house, stopping behind a large tree. It then repeatedly peaked around the large tree whereby the witness was able to see the dark outline of its head, as well as the reflection of its eyes. After a few minutes, he got somewhat nervous and went into his house to retrieve his shotgun. The witness stepped back out onto the deck with his shotgun and proceeded to chamber a round. The figure then started walking back into the woods toward the location of the deer carcass. The next night, around 11:30PM the witness again went out onto his back deck and could hear the something walking around in the woods. However, it did not approach the edge of the wood line, so he could not see it.
No additional encounters occurred until early March 2009. By this time the snow had melted and the witness decided to walk back to the edge of his property to see if there was any more Sasquatch evidence. He walked throughout his property and did not notice any tracks. As the witness approached a small stream that fills up each spring with winter melt, he noticed a primitive lean-to built from small sticks on the northwest edge of his property, on the opposite side of the creek. He looked under the lean-to and notice five deer bones and some deer fur on the ground. The witness retrieved the deer fur and five bones from under the lean-to and noticed strange scrapes or teeth marks on each of the bones. He kept them at his house and showed me during our follow-up investigation.
Later that summer in early June 2009, the witness’ daughter and son were playing on the swing set in the backyard in the early afternoon. His daughter suddenly noticed that someone or something was throwing small rocks at them from the woods. The witness’ daughter went to the front of the house where he was working in the garage and told him about the rock throwing. Concerned, he went to the backyard to see what was going on. Just then, a larger rock about the size of a baseball was hurled at them from the wood line. The witness yelled “look-out” and then grabbed his two children and went immediately into their house.
Around 1:00 AM that evening, the witness decided to go on to his back deck to see if the Sasquatch had possibly returned. He turned on his deck light and stepped out onto the deck saw the Sasquatch standing behind the swing set. From the few seconds that he observed it, the witness estimated that the Sasquatch was about 8 – 9 feet tall. (The swing set was approximately six feet high at the top of the crossbar, and the Sasquatch was about 2 ½ – 3 feet taller.) After about four or five seconds, the Sasquatch darted into the woods.
In early July 2009, the witness and his daughter were in their backyard near the wood line picking up sticks to burn in their fire pit. Just then – he and his daughter heard a loud vocalization that sounded like a “lion’s roar.” The witness and his daughter ran into the house and his daughter immediately told her mother what had happened and wondered if the noise had been made by one of the neighbor’s horses. The witness and his wife decided that the children should not go outside into the back yard for a while. A few days later, while he was outside the witness heard wood knocking coming from the woods. A few weeks later, the witness and his wife had just retired for the evening when they heard something walking on the gravel driveway near the garbage cans, which are located near the front of the house. (During the investigation, I walked on the gravel driveway and confirmed the noise. The sound would have been amplified during the evening hours when its generally quieter and could easily have been heard in various sections of the house – especially during the summer when the windows are opened.)
The witness went downstairs, turned on his front light and stepped outside. He immediately noticed the Sasquatch standing next to his garbage cans. The Sasquatch saw the witness and started to walk away, towards the back yard. After a few minutes, he decided to go walk out onto his back deck and could hear the Sasquatch walking in the woods.
Finally, in mid-August 2009 there was another possible Sasquatch encounter. Around 11:30 PM the witness could hear his neighbor’s hunting dogs barking at someone or something. This was not unusual because the neighbor’s dogs periodically got loose and would run around in the woods for a several minutes before eventually returning home. Not thinking much of it, the witness stepped outside and could hear something large walking in the woods between his property and his neighbor’s property. After several minutes, the noise stopped and the witness’ neighbor pulled up on his ATV. His neighbor had also heard something moving in the woods and the witness then proceeded to inform his neighbor of the various encounters that had occurred during the past year.
The next day the witness and his neighbor proceeded to investigate the area of the woods where they had both heard the noises. They were not able to find any meaningful evidence until his neighbor’s dog found and retrieved a deer leg. Both the witness and his neighbor continued the search on their properties whereby they discovered the remains of a deer carcass. The deer had been torn apart with both the head and hind legs having been removed.
Since August 2009, the witness and his family have not had any similar encounters or found any additional evidence.
A hair sample was provided to me. The sample consists of some deer hair – but there are three visible longer, black hairs that might be from a Sasquatch. The hair has been sent to a veterinarian who specializes in the identification of hair, and we will update this report accordingly.
Based on the follow-up investigation, photographs, bones and hair samples that the witness provided, I sincerely believe that he is a very credible individual. The witness is a matter-of-fact person who has lived in the Dayton, Ohio area all of his life. He is currently employed as a government contractor working on advanced systems at Wright-Patterson AFB, near Dayton, Ohio

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Dec 282012

Trap 3Editors Note: If you believe they got a bigfoot in a box then you must believe this. They would have to have some kind of signaling device to warn the bigfoot trappers that their trap was sprung right,  if not wouldn’t there be that chance of someone running across this trap in the woods. Also even with a warning device it would take at least an hour or two to get to their box in some remote location, and if bigfoot are as smart as were lead to believe would some 10 foot male come along and break this trap apart to get his lady (Daisy) out ? Once trapped how would they move the trap or her without her escaping ? This trap must be steel sided or another bigfoot could could easily tear it apart and steel is heavy so how could they move it with the weight of trap and 500 lbs squatch inside.  Think folks I’m sure you can come up with a few reasons this story might not work unless they had gobs of money and a vet on call to dart it to sleep.

Let me know what you think.

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Dec 282012

Trap 3Editors Notes> This picture of bigfoot in trap is one I made on photoshop to give you my viewers an idea what it might look like. This trap was the one and only one I have ever seen on web. I added the squatch looking out..LOL  The following interview was recorded by the bigfoot chicks.

Exclusive Interview with Darren Lee, Founder

BFC/SU: Who is Ed Smith?

He is a Bigfoot field researcher and a member of our MABRC

BFC/SU: What is “Original 6”?

D. Lee: the
Original 6 was a group that formed about 12 years ago, of which, Ed Smith was a
part.  They had a 10 year mission to collect as much evidence as possible to
prove the existence of Bigfoot.  After the 10 years, Mr. Smith became burnt out
and decided to leave the group.  The group then renamed itself

BFC/SU: How is “Quantra” funded?


Read The Entire Interview


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Dec 282012

MK davisCriss crossed footprints, Trenches dug with the heel of the foot, bursts of light and a possible second Sasquatch are discussed here.

Editors Notes> MK Davis has researched the Patterson Film for over 10 years and has blazed the trail to make it more believable with his enhancements and has discovered many anomalies in the film never talked about before.


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Dec 282012

where areu

What’s Next?

By M.K.Davis






Whatever happened to the DNA?

When Bigfoot bodies pop up every day

Slabs of meat and pieces of bones

Live captures and the list goes on?


What’s real about any of this?

It’s all real, some people insist.

If it was real, how would you know?

Bodies, parts, and blogtalk shows.


You can’t go wrong with DNA?

It’s the blueprint for all life.

What does it finally tell us?

A black bear, a bullet, and a knife?


Not a bear you say

Others got a piece to test

They all came back Bigfoot and man

So let’s put it all to rest.


So maybe that’s the problem

It’s rested way too long

Itchy fingers and Bigfoot mongers

Can’t wait to sing their song.


We need a lot of cold storage

To keep the Bigfoot gorage

They’re stackin’ ‘em deep

And testin’ ‘em cheap

It’s keeping us all from borage.


If Bigfoot could read the internet

They’re probably doing a head count I bet

I bet they’d say “We’re all here”

Where we’ve always been…in thin air.


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Dec 282012

Trap 3Editors Note: As of 5 am Central Time this is the latest news from Ed Smith representing the Quantra Group an Ex-military group of bigfoot researchers that say they have caught and secured a live female bigfoot.


It appears that an unprecedented event is in motion,  having been on the inside of this operation and now observing from the outside is a defiant change.
So here is what I know:  “Daisy” has been moved to a examination area about 12 miles from the capture site at 3:17 this morning after being properly sedated.  The capture site and examination area are on private property leased and or owned in order to conduct research and operations of this type.  This was confirmed by a source in the Quantra Group.
Here is what I don’t know:  The weight height hair color gender or location of capture.  Or the health of the specimen. Nor the actions leading up to the capture of the specimen.
Here is what I’m speculating:  the examination team is continuing to assemble, examination should take 72 hours.
If they go by the plan then a decision about release or storage in a repository will be made with in 48 hours after the examination is completed.
If release is chosen then a press release should be forth coming after the examination is competed, if the specimen is sent to the repository then a press and information release would happen with in 30 to 90 days thats by the operations plan.
Reasons for moving the specimen to a repository include health issues, prolonged examination and on the darker side private investment group interests.
For  clarity,  the Original six was never part of the MABRC and the Original six ceased operations completely.  Quantra was formed with elements of the O-6, new members, ownership and management.  I’m posting this due to inaccurate reporting by some Internet news shows.
I would like to thank DW for posting information as I have been able to obtain it.  I was out of town and unable to post my self.
There is an old Army saying “once the first round is fired all plans go out the window” I commend the Quantra Group for maintaining operational focus, I guess my advise on hiring ex-military operators was heeded.
In my opinion,  there should be a press release within 48 hours if we get it I would be surprised,  it seems they are playing this to the ink as it were.
I will be in touch.

_________________ Ed Smith


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Dec 282012

hantaEditors Notes: Look folks I don’t believe this till I see it ! But I’m letting you know that this story is out on another blog. It probably is just someome mouthing off at a boozed up Christmas Party. After the DNA results I don’t trust anyone or anything especially a bigfoot blog headline…LOL

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