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sasquatch walkEditors Notes > Do you believe in Bigfoot I found a single question Poll that with all types of people having access to this poll we might get a good answer to the question. This is a NY Times Poll this poll will make it to all 50 states and finally gove us a good idea of the health of the American Mind….LOL

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Jan 312013

mk davis massacreEditors Notes:  MK Davis uses the Patterson Film to show you why he believes something different may have happened in Bluff Creek that fall afternoon in 1967. He walks you through each frame of the film to show his critics why he took this stand and methodically step by step approach.

Part 2

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Jan 302013

Sasquatch Geesis

A family out egg hunting last spring near their village of Kasigluk came upon an incredible sight – a large, dark, hairy creature walking upright was heading towards them.

They – two teenaged brothers and their mom – were on the outskirts of the village riding their 4-wheeler when they saw it. It was approximately around 3pm, and the weather was beautiful, although slightly cloudy. School was out for the summer and the date was May 29th, 2012.

Could it have been the elusive Bigfoot?

“We came across it by the lagoon here in Kasigluk,” said one the eyewitnesses. “It was back there southeast of Fox Lake.”

While they were out that day, the three family members saw other people who coming home from egg hunting. So at first they thought the creature was a person.


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Jan 302013

bigfoot sil

SALINA, Kan. – So much for keeping it a secret.

Producers for a show on Animal Planet looking for Bigfoot in Kansas didn’t  want their exact location revealed because they didn’t want anybody trying to  pull a hoax.

Producer Sean Mantooth, with the show called “Finding Bigfoot,” confirmed  last month they’d be in the Wichita area, but wouldn’t say exactly where.

But according to the  Salina  Journal , his gig is up. Saline County sheriff’s deputies got a  call Monday about some suspicious vehicles near a rural residence.

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finding bigfoot 4

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Jan 302013


Editors Notes: MK Davis uses the Patterson Film to show you why he believes something different may have happened in Bluff Creek that fall afternoon in 1967. He walks you through each frame of the film to show his critics why he took this stand and methodically step by step approach.

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Jan 302013

OinselotEditors Notes >Carl Olinselot is interviewed by Bill Brock on theiir adventures up at the Sierra Kills Site with Justin Smeja himself and a top supporting cast to film the reenactment of what Justin and Driver Jack witnessed October 8th 2010. Extremely interesting interview that will take the you through the entire visit and wild scary happening that fell upon this band those few nights. Sit back and listen.


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Jan 302013

Cliff fishAs you can probably imagine, working on the road nine or ten months a year
almost exclusively doing bigfooting can really throw one’s life a little out of
balance. I do so much more than just bigfoot stuff, or at least I used to…
When I get a chance to do any of my non-bigfooting hobbies, I grab the
opportunity to escape my bigfoot bubble for a few minutes.

I was recently in Orlando, FL doing a speaking engagement for
, so on my day off I called an old friend who recently moved to the area
from the Pacific Northwest. His name is Darrin, and he was my manager at
Angler’s Tackle Box, my very first job back in 1986 in Seal Beach, CA.

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Jan 302013

BIGFOOT_320Do new recordings from Oregon’s Blue Mountains offer good evidence of the mysterious bipedal creature known as Bigfoot? That’s what some are claiming after hearing a recording of strange roars and shrieks given to The Oregonian newspaper.

When people think of Bigfoot evidence, casts of big footprints and blurry photos and films often come to mind. But some of the more interesting bits of evidence are sound recordings of alleged vocalizations. One company, Sierra Sounds, markets a CD called “The Bigfoot Recordings: The Edge of Discovery.” Narrated by “Star Trek” actor Jonathan Frakes, the recording claims to have captured vocalizations among a Bigfoot family.

The sounds include a series of guttural grunts, howls and growls. The liner notes offer testimonials from a “linguist” whose self-described credentials include playing the flute, speaking several languages and having “a Russian friend (who) thinks I’m Russian.

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Jan 292013

Ontario stealthyEditors Notes > This research group out of Ontario Canada talks to bigfoot researchers on how to make yourself more or less stealthy while in your research area. Becoming more like the elusive bigfoot will hide your presence from them while moving through the forest and setting up trail cams.

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Jan 292013

aliens-and-bigfoot1George Knapp (C2Cam) talks with Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke about the Sasquatch/Star People connection particularly among the Maya people.
Dr. Clarke is a Professor Emeritus at Montana State University, she has dedicated her life and career to working with indigenous populations.

Editors Notes: George Knapp is the new go to man when covering bigfoot stories on Coast to Coast AM.

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Jan 282013

turnsbridge ukEditors Notes > This print in the snow from Tunbridge Wells UK, is just one print which bothers me because if  this is a bigfoot print in snow you could follow it to the end. So where are the rest of the prints to make this real I need to see the trackway how about you ?

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Jan 282013

bigfoot sil

He apparently doesn’t live a flashy life in Kansas. Here, he stays pretty much undercover and lives more conservatively than say his counterparts in California and Washington state where paparazzi have occasionally snapped photos and videos of the famed elusive beast.

But there have been reports.

Stories of his whereabouts have occasionally been seen or heard in western Kansas, near Kingman, Cheney Lake, El Dorado Lake and … the Big Ditch, Wichita’s flood control project defining much of west Wichita.

“What is this Big Ditch?” asked Cliff Barackman, a Bigfoot researcher and one of the stars on Animal Planet’s “Finding Bigfoot” hit TV show at a town hall meeting Saturday night.

Nearly 150 people attended the meeting at the Kansas Aviation Museum where 13 people stood before TV cameras and told their stories for a future episode this summer.

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Jan 282013

zana3The skull of the Bigfoot was excavated almost four decades ago. People residing in the area for years still remember meeting it when it was still alive.

Local residents who buried a mother and a son indicated location of their graves. A rubber shoe branded 1888 was removed from the woman’s burial (a mirror at the head indicated it was a female). Approximately the same time Zana, a Bigfoot, died.

The researcher’s heart was beating with anticipation of the unusual find, as never before scientists laid their hands on a Bigfoot, alive or dead.

The excavation was conducted by Igor Burtsev, at the time, a young scientist, and today a leading Russian cryptozoologist. He spent several years trying to obtain the right for graves excavation in the Abkhazian village Tkhina, where Zana used to live. As luck would have it, his old college friend, an Abkhazian, became a local official upon his return to the motherland from Moscow.

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Jan 282013

352 for printing

Yet despite decades of hunting, there’s little scientific evidence to support  belief in the stories of a giant, hairy man creature that haunts the woods.  Facebook/FindBigfoot aims to change that. Founded in 2010, it’s the first social  network dedicated to collecting, curating and analyzing Bigfoot photos and  videos.

‘We are not trying to prove that Bigfoot exists. It does in large  numbers.’

– A statement on the Facebook/FindBigfoot webpage


“Our team and dedicated fans of this site find and authenticate real Bigfoot  videos by researchers, accidentally and by people in the right place (forests)  and the right time,” the group’s webpage reads. But despite the focus of the  group’s research, Facebook/FindBigfoot isn’t trying to validate the existence of  the creature. That’s a given, they claim.

“We are not trying to prove that Bigfoot exists. It does in large numbers. We  are interested in how they act and their morphology,” the page states.

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Jan 272013

bartcutino3Bart Cutino was born and raised in beautiful Monterey, CA and is a longtime
researcher with the BFRO, AIBR, Bigfoot Discovery Museum and now Co-Founder of
the Sierras Evidence Initiative. He’s one of the first persons to have a
definitive sasquatch encounter with the use of proprietary heat-sensing
equipment (thermal) which happened in the Washington State Cascades in 2007. As
a result, thermal imagers are not only Bart’s primary field research tool, but
he’s been helping facilitate getting researchers throughout the bigfoot field,
access to thermal equipment at the best pricing available. In the last decade,
he’s researched up and down the Pacific Northwest with hundreds of fellow
researcher friends and peers from both national and regional organizations,
including and especially with the three male cast members of Animal Planet’s
“Finding Bigfoot” series. He recently co-founded The Sierras Evidence
Initiative, a collaborative effort focused on both a long term study site
location (near “Sierra Kills” event) in the Northern Sierra Nevadas of CA, where
he recently obtained potentially the longest footage (thermal) on record of
multiple sasquatches loitering near his team’s camp, in addition to contracting
with multiple North American labs.

Editors Notes >  Join us tonight on Bigfoot Tonight Radio for special guest Bart Cutino where he will discuss his Sierra Kills Project and his DNA study on the sample given him by the shooter of two sasquatches Justin Smeja.

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