Jan 112013

Meldrum7Editors Notes> Here is a recent interview with Dr. Jeff Meldrum on his thoughts on bigfoot behavior bu Rhettman Mullis.


Dr. Jeff Meldrum discusses the Biology of the Sasquatch.” Rhett Mullis interviews and asks morphological-specific questions. Pads on the bottom of the foot, Hair structure, physical and behavioral adaptations for cold weather.


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Jan 112013

greenThe half hour “John Green Q and A at the John Green tribute” would likely be second best moment in the History of Bigfoot Research. John Green is a man of the highest character. He is speaking/reflecting at the end of a long and fruitful career and life. He is the Father of our understanding the Morphology of the Sasquatch species and the first database of sightings.


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Jan 112013

CliffyCBS Atlanta’s Jennifer Banks spoke to Bigfoot researcher Cliff Barackman who is a star on the show Finding Bigfoot. Barackman said he has always been fascinated with the subject of Bigfoot. The researcher said he believes that Bigfoot is an actual species. If you think Barackman is crazy, he doesn’t care. He said the evidence speaks for itself and data suggests Bigfoot is a North American primate. If you want to search for a Bigfoot for yourself, Barackman suggests you head to a natural preserve or state park. You will need to research if there have been sightings around your area. “Look for food, water and cover,” said Barackman. You also want to look for a concentration of animals because, wherever that happens, there is more likelihood that a Bigfoot might wander through that area once in a while.

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