Feb 282013

spooky placeOne spooky place where at night one unlucky human could Ieasily get cornered, Location is everything !

Editors Notes > Colorado Sasquatch has an active area with many large stick structures and tree knocks and some of the largest den or blind type structures I have ever seen. He has has alleged bigfoot on video but like so many it was just not sharp enough to make a real difference. I think these guys will eventually walk onto some amazing video.

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Feb 282013

wHITEY RETURNSEditors Notes > MK Davis just released a new video of Whitey the alleged bigfoot moving silently through the woods. This creature whatever it is has the most unusual walk I have ever seen, sort of like Groucho Marx. He is really cruising as he moves through the brush. I hope Mk has more of these hopefully a little closer to the camera.

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Feb 282013

screaming biggieSasquatch audio] What was that? Sasquatch you say? Well that’s what some are saying on the Umatilla Indian Reservation in the Pacific Northwest where one local resident recorded this audio–which he says is proof that Bigfoot does exists. They say the sounds have been emanating from the woods since at least November and range from high-pitched cries to deep-bodied roars. But not everyone’s a believer; some say the sounds are more likely foxes or a female coyote. We’ll let you be the judge. Can someone get that Sasquatch to shut up? We’re trying to do a show here!

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Feb 282013

Lake placidEditors Notes > Bigfoot movie being filmed near Lake Placid NY with the typical beautiful blonde being chased by the scary bigfoot through the snow….Now Action Take one !

Bigfoot video shoot on Cobble Hill in Lake Placid, NY. The monster chases a blonde damsel to the Olympic Village. Classic setup. Corny. And Bigfoot has one big outtake…..

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Feb 282013

Voices 1This is a sample of what I believe are Bigfoot on audio.  Listen be patient, I saved the best for last.  Some people may want some more back story so here it is:
I went to an area in late fall where I knew Bigfoot were around.  Being late fall, there were almost no one camping.  There was one group of campers in the area, but they were at least 300 yards away, 3 football fields, no interaction at all.  We made no whoops or knocks, nothing to distinguish us from every other camper.  I did set some interesting things out around camp to hopefully entice some Bigfoot curiosity.  We camped next to a stream, and I put the recorder out roughly 50 yards from our campfire.  There are sometimes when the recorder picks up my wife and I’s voices, but these are rare , and only happens when we are yelling back and forth between our camper and the fire.  There are only two explanations for the audio, either it is my wife and I, or it is not human (or what we define as human).  These recordings are not of my wife and I.  I liken it to a quote, “Once you have eliminated the impossible.  Whatever remains, no matter how improbable, is the truth.”

Disclaimer:  Yes I do believe this is audio of Bigfoot.  No I am not interested in a discussion involving whether Bigfoot is real or not.  If you do not believe in Bigfoot, you need to start your journey elsewhere.

Part 2


Editors Notes > I leave this to you to as always to decide whether this is significant audio from sasquatch, I have had no prior posts on this researcher and know nothing about his background or previous research.


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Feb 282013


Editors Notes > Robert Lindsay writes in his latest bigfoot news that apparently  one of the five Matilda videos studied by experts was deemed to be a hoax and was rejected for use in the Erickson Documentary. Bill Munn’s himself was supposedly one of those experts. How he managed to secure the images  might be a more interesting story, unless  Bill Munn’s got permission from the original owner. Who knows but I hope everyone can now understand why Erickson and others with alleged superb video of these creatures have waited so long before releasing their evidence when you see how many folks just can’t wait to sink their teeth in and rip these videos apart even before released. Their desire to taint all this evidence even before we get to see it has played out just as Erickson predicted 6 years ago. You wonder if there isn’t someone behind the scenes directing this all out war on the ultimate discovery of this creature whatever it is ?

Read Lindsay’s Complete Article

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Feb 282013

hunterGuided ‘research tours’ were fined for operating without a permit, but still netted between $9,000 and $15,000 in paid tours.

When Bigfoot hunter Matt Pruitt led an expedition through the Arkansas woods in search of legendary woodland apes, all he bagged was a lousy government fine.

According to The Republic, The National Parks Service cited the leader of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization for not having a permit when he took 31 Sasquatch seekers to sites along Arkansas’ Buffalo National River last month. Any expedition that charges a fee requires a permit from the federal government, and Pruitt had charged participants $300 to $500 apiece to participate in the hunt.
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Feb 272013

sasquatch faceGenetic researcher Melba Ketchum has sequenced bigfoot DNA with staggering and  highly controversial results. Here Linda Moulton Howe interviews her and reports  on her results, and on the controversies surrounding them.

This is the  first of a number of programs on bigfoot that Dreamland will be presenting this  year, as the baseline of evidence builds from witness sightings, the occasional  photo or video, to physical traces and now possible DNA evidence.

This program contains highly controversial material. It is about scientific  findings that lie outside the expectations of the scientific community, but  nevertheless have been completed at a high level of finish.


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Feb 272013

goldthwaiteBleeding Cool reports comedian/actor-turned-filmmaker Bobcat Goldthwait’s next project, while has already been filmed, mixes a Bigfoot-hunting narrative with the first-person camerawork for a film called Willow Creek, which will focus on “exploring the idea of bearing witness.” Though it’s just as low-budget as the usual horror fare, it’s a Bobcat film, so expect for there to be pointed satire and humor that is blacker than crude oil.


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Feb 272013


Local Bigfoot enthusiast Stanley Cruce is a firm believer in what some consider to be merely myth and legend. From searching for Bigfoot in the backwoods of Gwinnett County to investigating orbs — ghosts in the form of a ball of light — he spends his free time setting up cameras in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the mysterious.

Most recently, he captured what he believes is an orb on film (see above). The discovery was pure luck, since his goal in setting up a video camera in Snellville was to capture footage of Bigfoot.

But why Snellville?

“The reason we’re still searching around here is because in the ’70’s — I believe it was 1974 — on North Deshong Road right near where it crosses Rockbridge Road, farmers were reporting cattle mutilations,” Cruce explained. “The witnesses then said that they saw a big hairy creature; they didn’t say ‘Bigfoot’, but a lot of Bigfoot sightings have taken place near or at cattle mutilation sites so the chances are pretty high that’s what it was.”

He, along with some friends and family, have spent a lot of “cold, miserable nights” in the deep woods trying all sorts of different things to find the elusive creature, but have not, as of yet, found it in Gwinnett County.


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Feb 272013

Man cried bigfootEditors Notes > This is part 2 of  Bob Dobbs interview with homeless man that lives in the tent city where Rick Dyer claims he shot the bigfoot. This person seems to verify shots fired and seeing a film crew that spoke with English accent. There are others interviewed also who don’t think any bigfoot was shot.


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Feb 272013

sking bigfootEditors Notes > Here we have bigfoot researcher Fred interviewing a man who claims while sking in Breckenridge, Colorado he was hit by a snowball while skiing down the mountain. I have heard of rock throwing bigfoots but when I heard bigfoot threw a snowball at him well I just thought  I would preview it for you here to listen too. What do you think ? (Photo  produced by me for story)





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Feb 272013

MK davisEditors Notes > This video has some amazing vocals from an alleged bigfoot destroying some chained up tires to a tree. Apparently the big guy liked to toss the tires around and didn’t like them chaining them up to this tree. I wish they had access to better IR back in the 90s when this was recorded.

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Feb 262013

evergladesWe went back to the original place where i got the Prints and the pebble thrown at me. We did find more prints just like the last time. again i know we are on the right track. I think we are close to a domicile because some of the prints I’m finding are small 4″ 5″. Along with 12″ and 15″ We set a trail cam thanks to Matt Hanna, facing where the rock was thrown from. hopefully we can capture some thing as we set it for 15 sec delay video. Our next move is to wait and let the trail cam do its thing. And a trip to a night investigation with night vision and sound recording. I did search on bigfoot prints and the prints that i keep finding are very similar to a few prints i saw on Cliff Barackmans site.

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Feb 262013

Snohomish CountyOne of the biggest mysteries of the 20th centuries has been the legend of Bigfoot and Snohomish County, as well as the Pacific Northwest, is no stranger to this mythical creature. While many local reports claim to have seen Bigfoot most are just written off as crack heads staying up for days seeing shadow people. If you have been a resident of Snohomish County for some time then you may have heard stories and/or have first hand accounts. There were even bumper stickers floating around saying “I saw Bigfoot in Smokey Point”. Not sure if those are even available anymore.

Well I am not hear to prove nor disprove claims of Bigfoot but just to share what I’ve found when exploring the County’s Bigfoot history. One of the earliest reports found was from August 1977 near Hannan Lake – Monroe area – and the story goes:


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