Mar 312013

bear walksEditors Notes > With the publicity  on this one sighting out of the Myakka Park in Florida you would think there is dozens of personal encounters in and around Myakka State Park , well you might think so by all the publicity some blogs are focusing on this park right now.

What is going on ? According to the BFRO statistics from the 4 counties that surround Myakka State Park, Sarasota-Hardee-Manatee-and Desoto counties there is just 1 Class A encounter and 5 Class B  in the last 50 years. You might think by the attention this one phone camera sighting got that they are pitching much more then just a possible bigfoot encounter here. What’s going on  why so much attention to this one sighting ? I have not seen anything like it since the Oklahoma Bigfoot Capture Hoax ! . Does this one long distant video deserve all the attention ?  Soon I suspect they’ll be setting up a permanent team with 24 /7 coverage of this group of researchers interviewing themselves daily about what they haven’t found. The bigfoot researchers will soon out number the local deer population with people coming from Maine to California to get in on the publicity hype ! Oh BTW you can hear a plane flying in the 2nd video I guess the Men in Black were watching too…LOL

Original Footage 03-02-2013

Bear Footage 03-29-2013

I stopped to take a picture of a huge gobbler to the left, when I clicked video on my camera and got home later to delete it, I saw the bear briefly on the right, he stands then walks away. It looks like he was eating something. It was too blurry to keep, and I wasn’t planning on it, I was actually on my phone at the same time. I wish I was more focused on this! It would of been great up close. Any suggestions on how I can zoom in and clear it up? This was on 03/29/2013 at 6:39pm. At the Bridges on Hwy 72 by the entrance of Myakka State Park.

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Mar 312013

North alabama growlEditors Notes > When I first heard this growl screech I thought someone was twirling one of those kids toys that makes that grinding sound. It did not sound like a known animal especially bigfoot but who knows. It may be trying to mimick something.

If anyone can identify the source of these very unusual growls, please let us know.

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Mar 312013

North Georgia Bigfoot picsI have a feeling these pics have circulated before but I’m not positive. I don’t usually post still pics because they are so easily faked. Let me know if you have seen these pics before and what you think.

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Mar 312013

juvey sasquatch structureEditors Notes >This is one of the smallest stick structures I have ever seen attributed to the sasquatch.What do you think I know these things can only be made by us bigfoot and in some cases even weather can create some weird stick anomalies. Is this a baby sasquatch practicing or playing ?

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Mar 312013

killed bigfootEditors Notes >These pictures do fit the the old newspaper articles of 60-100 years ago when groups of hunters from a particular area that has had a spat of recent bigfoot encounters would send out hunters into the forest to hunt the WILD MAN. This was not unusual at all in the 19th century rural America. But on the other hand they could easily be Photoshop clones added to real pictures of the time.


killed bigfoot-165x300












killed bigggy

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Mar 312013

teethIf I could hang out with any celebrity, it would be…

Sasquatch: that big, hairy, cagey dude that shies away from the spotlight and accidentally terrorizes folks that wander too far away from civilization and find themselves lost in his neighborhood. Why? For exactly those reasons, of course. Don’t think he’s a celebrity? He’s had documentaries made about him. Researchers spend their whole lives trying to uncover the mysteries surrounding his supernatural life.

I’d pick out a nice little forest clearing close to dusk when the birds are singing their good nights and the lightning bugs are starting to set the mood lighting. The ground cloth would be set with all of Mr. Bigfoot’s favorite dishes: a seasonal salad of pine twigs and birch bark, ice cold stream water, road kill du jour, and a light dessert of frost kissed berries.

The Rest of the Story


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Mar 312013

tree structureI walked off the beaten path and sounded beautiful tree structure.. could then 3 or phone or grown adult nicely very clean wanted to video tape it for you guys also left the gym at this juncture and told him that I will be back….

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Mar 312013

bad texasEditors Notes > Well we can all see why the video is set at low resolution right ?  Just thought maybe he could have tried a little harder on the hair suit bigfoot deserves better hair !

While hunting a boy and his dad see a sasquatch! Didn’t have beef jerky though. Bad quality but real Sasquatch!!


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Mar 302013

ontario squatchEditors Notes > The OS team cast prints in the snow of a tribe of bigfoot. These prints are are very well intact and show the toes amazingly well in the snow.The stride length is quite large also.  Very good job here. One thing I would like to know from this crew if you find prints in the snow did you follow them back to the ones that made them. It would be a possibility.

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Mar 302013


Editor’s Notes > Rick Dyer’s story about his supposed dead bigfoot body has one big contradiction among many, how is it that the supposed dead bigfoot body that has not been embalmed, or frozen according to Musky and Dyer’s testimony, not be a stinking rotting mess right now ?  How can you have a dead creature of any sort and keep it from rotting for over 8 months that isn’t frozen or embalmed ? Now maybe I’m not knowledgable on all aspects of preserving body tissue but this seems like one blaringly obvious question mark that needs to be answered if any of this story is true. Could it be that Musky and others who have witnessed the body up close and had to sign secrecy documents  about certain aspects of the body because the creature was alive and breathing and just sedated for these viewings ? What if this creature was only wounded and has been kept alive all this time in this secured facility. Could this be why a certain casino owner has offered a reported $50,000,000.00 for the body because it’s alive and what we might have here is King Kong all over again….This is just a musing I had circulating in my mind after watching the 1978 version of King Kong they other day.

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Mar 302013

ride bigfoot countryEditors Notes > It’s Friday and lets have a little fun ok. Want to take a wild ride down an Austrian mountain, Play this video full screen at highest resolution. Then sit back and take this wild ride down this mountain wow I might even try this one !

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Mar 292013

chasing deerReport # 30090  (Class A) Submitted by witness on Friday, July 22, 2011.

Grandfather and grandson witness a big, black creature chasing a deer near Manistee


YEAR: 2009

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: November

DATE: after the 15th

STATE: Michigan

COUNTY: Manistee County

LOCATION DETAILS: Glen Oak Rd is directly across M 55 from where we park off road, we go in about 150 yds south and then take an old two track to the west for about 300 yds or so.



OBSERVED: My Grandson (11 years old at the time) and I were hunting for deer in the back end of the Clay Bank swamp, this time on the north end of it, opposite of my earlier encounter, when it was getting twilight we decided to call it a day, picked up our equipment and started a slow walk back to my truck, only got about 50 yds when a 6 point buck ran within 20 feet to the front of us, and about 6 feet behind the deer was a sasquatch chasing him, it had its arms outstretched to grab the deer, it was black and in the 8 ft area, really big. As the creature was directly in front of us it looked at us, it was as surprised as we were, the deer continued on to the south west, the creature headed south east at that point into the pines, hard woods, hemlock and ceders, it was out of sight in about 15 seconds, they seem to be able to hide from sight pretty easy. My Grandson turned to me and said,”Holy crap Grandpa did you see that big black thing?” all I could say was “yup”, and again the safety was taken off on my rifle as we walked the rest of the way out. My Grandson wanted to take a peek and see if we could see it again, but we didn’t. To the east south east of us is a clear cut field which is the direction it headed in, and to the east of us is a jackpine plantation. I feel the creature only went as far as it needed to be out of our sight, and probably to continue his hunt for venison after we were gone. We were back in the same spot the next morning at my Grandson’s request, he was unafraid when he was with me, and against my better judgement we went back to same spot.

ALSO NOTICED: only that this was definitely a Sasquatch, only 20 ft from us.

OTHER WITNESSES: two, Grandson and myself

OTHER STORIES: near that same spot, no

TIME AND CONDITIONS: just before dusk

ENVIRONMENT: swamp, pines, hardwoods, hemlock and ceders.

Click Here for Complete Article

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Mar 292013

Mike RuggEditors Notes > I wish there were more people like Mike Rugg in the Bigfoot community his moderating voice is what we need when so many are being ready to tear down anything that is new put in front of them.

In this episode, Mike talks a bit about his thoughts on the recently released DNA study by Dr Melba Ketchum

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Mar 292013

campfire greenwellBigfoot Researcher Ron Roseman talks about his experiences on expedition in the Siskyou  wilderness with the late Richard Greenwell. Ron Roseman has been on expedition with some of the greats in Bigfooting including the great Peter Byrne, both in North America and the Himalayas. Ron produced a documentary about the Florida Skunkape as well, featuring Peter Byrne called “Shawanoki”. This documentary can be purchased directly from Ron Roseman.

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Mar 292013

Editors Notes > Dr. Jeff Meldrum’s Field Guide is now available. This comprehensive lamentated guide will be a great resource for anyone interested in factually recording their evidence or just knowing what their looking at concerning the evidence of sasquatch.field guide

Credible witnesses cite encounters with large man-like creatures, or their sign, in North American forests. The “wildman of the woods” is portrayed in tribal art and oral traditions. For many the sasquatch are part of the natural and cultural landscape– a rare, reclusive, non-confrontational species of primate. This guide will aid in distinguishing the telltale signs of sasquatch from those of common wildlife. It will instruct in the proper identification, documentation, collection, and preservation of evidence– and will advise whom to contact to report evidence of a sasquatch encounter. Includes: – a ruler for accurate measurements in the field – instructions for making footprint casts – key to distinguishing features – plus much more valuable info

Click Link to Purchase Field Guide

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