Mar 012013

navajo police

Well not really, but rumors have spread on Facebook that a Big foot was shot on the Navajo reservation and officials brought the body to Phoenix. (haha) Of course, these are only rumors. No one has evidence, but if you do, we want to know.

Last year, two campers shot a viral video of what they claim was an allege bigfoot lurking in the Provo Utah mountains. Here on the Navajo Nation, there is an open vast remote area and anything could be out their.

We posted a question on facebook and asked what our readers thought or if they even seen one. 100 comments later, Heather Sandoval said, “Myth or not….some things should be left alone, your elders must have not taught you anything.” Bean Williams added, “They should just leave him alone and continue feeding him their cows if he attacks a human remember they shot a bigfoot first.”

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Mar 012013

COLOR-bigfoot-2The crew from the Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot series has been on a search in Northwest Florida for the elusive sasquatch monster. Their quest led them to Clarksville last Thursday.

Thirteen-year-old Brandon Hall has had not one, but three encounters with the ginormous creature that has been the subject of sightings across the world for years. Hall, the son of Tony and Dianne Hall, had a blast meeting the show’s crew and recreating his sightings.
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Mar 012013

breedingEditors Notes > This is this weeks winner for funniest bigfoot video. Johnny bigfoot claims that he has now trapped 5 bigfoot and has a baby bigfoot on the way ! Now Johnny hasn’t said who the father is but from his wide grin I would just guess ole Johnny Bigfoot might be passing out cigars any day now.

Congratulations Johnny !


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Mar 012013

Sasquatch gunEditors Notes > This video is great, reversing their roles taking a look at bigfoot as the ones with the camera and the guns hunting humans.  I think they did a good job pulling off the 8 mm film and the hunting bigfoot. Take a look folks ! I find it hard to believe they came up with this idea in the 70s.

The first Bigfoot Movie I helped make with my friends on Super 8mm film. I think I was in 5th grade possibly 6th. There is no sound.

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Mar 012013

tree covered biggieEditors Notes > I remember a few years back when this video was released it was looked at by everyone and little could be really seen clearly because of the dense foliage. This creature, man, bigfoot whatever does look tall but other then that it’s blobsquatchville and we will just never know. What would a bigfoot be doing walking down a park road in daylight with people all around ? If you have any new ifoo let me know.

While filming areas of bushland over the past three weeks for scientific study i was perusing the video footage from the 19th of August when one of our cameras picked up an object that looked like the mythical creature “Bigfoot”.
The study into the wildlife in the area continues however we now go in to plant & retrieve the cameras in teams.

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Mar 012013

tree graveEditors Notes > This idea that Bigfoot bury thier dead has been knocking around the community for years without any evidence of that yet. We know that the big guys have no trouble toppling trees and he may have something here where they might bury their dead if if fact they do it. . This guy has tagged this video with a wild headline with nothing to back it up which is quite typical these days…LOL

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