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baby bigEditors Notes > Bigfoot researcher Betsy from Charleston has this pitch black creature on video in 720 HD, I can see eyeshine and what looks like a head of a ape looking creature but I’m not positive because of the distance away and at full zoom. I have followed her for a while now and I know she has had bigfoot like activity around her research area. She thinks it may be a adult and baby that is possible but I only see one head so far. Tell me what you think.

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Mar 022013


Robin Lynne Forestpeople
As some of you may already know . Mr. Rick Dyer asked Dr. Ketchum to come and view the body of his bigfoot. This was made public tonight on blog talk radio. At this time Dr. Ketchum will not be commenting other than to say that she is responding and will be talking with Rick Dyer.
Editors Notes > If you don’t want to listen to the whole show is offer to come view the bigfoot body starts around the 1:27 min mark. Also Rick brings up my own show thinking I’m having Steve Kulls on this Sunday but his information was wrong, Mr. Kulls was on Bigfoot Tonight Radio 2 weeks ago…LOL
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Mar 022013

ketchumEditors Notes > Reading Linda Moulton Howes summary of her interview with Dr. Melba Ketchum I discovered that to this day the labs that did the still do not want to be associated with her study or even comment on their own work that they did on the samples given them. One of the eleven scientists was contacted by Howe stated he would not give an on the record interview on the DNA extraction his lab processed because of the controversy the DeNovo paper has provoked about an alleged bigfoot hybrid threatens the credibility and income of his lab and fellow scientists.    

    Can you imagine that your lab processes samples for Dr. Ketchum just like they do everyday for other clients but because they find out the samples are concerning sasquatch they refuse to have any association with their own work ! That is the center of the problem that Ketchum’s DNA paper faces trying to prove existence of this novel new species.

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Mar 022013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPeople that are new to my research often ask “why do you not put a trail camera in your back yard”. If you have been following my research you know that I have attempted over and over to capture the subject that has been visiting my residence. I have used trail cameras, remote hardwired video cameras, and mini-spy cams. The trail cameras were laid face down. Objects
were placed in front up the video cameras, and the spy cams stopped functioning or their batteries would run down without explanation.

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Elise Parliament Card was hanging the washing in her backyard.  Her husband, the afternoon foreman at the West Branch Lumber Mill, had just returned to work after having a sandwich lunch at home.

Elise claimed that she heard a mighty rustling in the cow fields.  Then the cows all became agitated.  That is when she saw a large white monster, running on all fours, leap over one of the cows.  It landed and stood up to its full height of over 12 feet.  It let out a massive roar, then sprang toward the washing line, Elise was standing under.

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Mar 022013

sasquatch 4LIGONIER — Except for a chance encounter one night with a tall, dark stranger, 85-year-old Sam Sherry’s name might not now appear on the Internet, in yellowed magazine and newspaper clippings – and in a smattering of books about strange phenomenon.

There was little remarkable about Sherry before that night.

He grew up in the small Ligonier Valley town of Wilpen and became a steelworker. He was drafted, fought the Japanese from island to island during World War II, then spent more than two years in hospitals from war wounds.

He returned home and married a local girl, the former Naomi Swank. The couple eventually moved into the same house where Sam had been born. They raised two children – a son who is a Chicago-area priest and a daughter who lives in Blairsville.
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