Mar 032013

don monroe 2This is one of adventurer Don Monroe’s expeditions into an Idaho cave in search of
Bigfoot or Sasquatch. This is sometime around 2004.

Editors Notes > Don led this expedition in Idaho caves looking for sasquatch sign. By the looks of it something large was dinig in there . I have 3 of his videos here to watch. Presented by MK Davis

Part 2


Part 3

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Mar 032013

meldrumPlease join us for Sunday March 3rd when Dr.Jeff Meldrum Professor at Idaho State University will be our guest live on Bigfoot Tonight Radio. Dr. Meldrum will be here to take your questions on his role in the exciting new Falcon Project. This lighter then air craft with it’s hi-tech thermal cameras will be able to silently scan the wilderness searching for the elusive sasquatch. So please tune in Sunday night 9 pm Eastern, 6 pm Pacific for this extremely enlightening show.

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Mar 032013

Iceman dyerEditors Notes > This story is just spreading bigfoot rumor and is like the commercial running on TV right now where the guy asks the girl where you heard that and she exclaims “On the Internet, The don’t print it if it isn’t true ” Well ole Johhny Minnesota Iceman that sold recently it was all the signage and plublicity material these used to promote it back in the 70s.

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Mar 032013

ketchum 5

By Yulia Zamanskaya

Last November team of American scientists led Dr Melba Ketchum of DNA diagnostics in Nacogdoches, Texas, announced that they have found proof that the legendary ‘Sasquatch’ or ‘Bigfoot’ actually exists. After sequencing three Bigfoot genomes the team concluded that Sasquatch is extant in North America and is a human relative that arose approximately 13 thousand years ago as a hybrid cross of modern Homo Sapiens with some unknown primate species. The Voice of Russia contacted Dr Ketchum to ask her for the details of one of the most controversial projects of the decade.

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Mar 032013

family biggies

Finding sasquatch was no problem. They were everywhere.

In Skamania County, they call them Bigfoot. I prefer sasquatch because that name has a mythical air about it instead of some fictitious sounding name.

But in this Columbia River Gorge county, the mystical beast truly is Bigfoot. That’s what it was called in the county ordinance that made it a crime to kill one. That’s a law I can live with, making it illegal to kill something that doesn’t exist.

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