Mar 042013

carolina biggieEditors Notes > This father and daughter alleged bigfoot sighting doesn’t seem to follow the normal first encounter most seem to have with this elusive giant creature. Most first encounters the people are just dumb founded, scared, frozen in their tracks but I can’t imagine a father running towards a giant hairy creature with daughter in tow ! Maybe the dad was just playing it out for his daughter because she is a big fan of the TV show.


While hiking with my dad in the piedmont region of North Carolina, we had a possible Sasquatch or Bigfoot encounter.  Just prior to filming, we heard tree knocking. The entire encounter was brief but very intense. We documented possible tracks and evidence of digging.  My dad estimated that the creature was between 7 to 9 feet tall.

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Mar 042013

Fishing for bigMe and my brother were fishing at the south fork river on Feb – 26 – 2013  when sun down came we heard creepy noises like and owl and branches breaking coming from in the woods  so we went to leave and saw these strange tracks it was dark so we went back up the next day to film it and see if they were something that may explain the stuff from the day before here is what we found.

Part 1

Part 2

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Mar 042013

FalconProject_flyer_revised2Editors Notes >  Double click the picture until it goes full screen to read this this Falcon Project Conference update. The conference will be in The Heritage Room in Olympia Washington, on March 30, 2013. Some of the speakers will be Derek Randles,  William Barnes,  Dr. John Bindernagel,  Johm Mionczynski, Dr. Jeff Meldrum and Jason Valenti. I hope you make this conference.


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Mar 042013

White bigfoot hairEditors Notes > California Bigfoot Research team while up in the mountains found a mass of hair caught on the barbed wire fence they had just walked by hours earlier  They contacted Dr, Brian Sikes and he is sending them an evidence box. So they are hoping for a good outcome. It could be anything but be will have to wait and see.


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Mar 042013

drunk trackerEditors Notes > The Worlds Best Bigfoot Tracker as he calls himself over and over, last night decided to do a show drunk. Well if you want to know what someone really thinks talk to them when their drunk they tell you everything.. Quite a few times during this three and a half our curse drunkfest his wife had to stop him from spilling the beans on everything he was up too. This video is not for kids folks. Rick says we all have a big surprise coming I can guarantee that we all have a big surprise coming….LOL

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Mar 042013


It seems that all across America, there are areas that have tales of what might be called “Bigfoot stories.” Virtually all of them tell of a super-sized giant resembling a human being. The detailed descriptions vary as to size and shape, but there are some things in common. Generally it is told that the footprints are in the 18-20 inch range. Also, the gigantic body is usually covered in black or brown hair. This hair is usually said to be muddy or matted and in most cases, there is a long, overwhelming eye-burning scent that lingers long after the beast has passed. Some say they have encountered the scent without encountering the sight and have fled.

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Mar 042013

Full yetiEditors Notes > I have no idea if this is the real deal or what, one thing that does look on spot on is the trackway. Humans do not walk in straight line one foot directly in front of the last. Other then that I have heard no translation of what these kids said other then after they spy the beast they take off for home. If you know anything new please let me know. Thanks

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