Mar 062013

Deer killerEditors Notes > This video was taken with a phone camera at long distance from the subject. Just for that reason very little can be seen unless someone can zoom in on the subject down in the valley. I hate these phone cameras for evidence sake you can’t really see anything until u get right up on what your filming. I will get a friend to zoom in on this and post an update soon. If this is a bigfoot killing a deer it would be amazing evidence right ? I’m not expecting much from this so state tuned .

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Mar 062013

munns_matildaEditors Notes > Robert Lindsay writes in his blog of something many of us knew for years that the Erickson Project had rejected one of the videos early on as faked. This video was given to Bill Munn’s and why it is now being released as the genuine Matilda images can be reasoned out to discredit the whole batch before their released. This is typical fare from certain clicks in the bigfoot community. They will jump on anything to make believing in bigfoot look shady and faked. Robert Lindsay writes “The usual gang of morons is ranting and raving about this new evidence, saying that Munns photo is evidence that there never were any Bigfoots at Crittenden. However, evidence seems to indicate that there were indeed Bigfoots at that site”  We all know who those people are right…LOL  I agree with Lindsay here, there is a group of individuals out to trash anyone that has alleged video of bigfoot. They do breakdown videos essentially just to make them look like laughing stocks, and I agree some of them deserve that treatment but not every blobsquatch video is faked. It seems there is a race on between competing bigfoot video breakdown sites to see who can get their review on every bigfoot video ever filmed. What this does is it sends a cold chill through anyone thinking about releasing their own videos in the future.

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Mar 062013

stranfe aewa alexBack to an old area that I visit very infrequently but needed a change.  I have captured one particular speech audio here which baffled me a bit.  It didn’t sound like a sasquatch and it wasn’t anyone in this forest area out there in the middle of the night.   Anyway, I went back .

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Mar 062013

hunterEditors Notes > Were going to be reporting on these screams from these Oregon Swamps until someone gets out there and does some long term research in that area. We need a fast response team like Mufon has that can send out a team when an area has lots of activity like here in Oregon.


A recording given to Oregon newspaper captured high-pitched shrieks and roars from a swampy area in the Blue Mountains of Oregon, which has been a Bigfoot hotspot for decades.

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Mar 062013

Conspiracy filesEditors Notes > Interesting Video take a gander folks.

Conspiracy Files 2013 Big Foot Documentary  sasquatch Bigfoot Phenomena US government evidence classifieds ufo conspiracy alien races government hiding alians  DNA Animals Humanes experiment Secret society  unicode theory civilization man in black  zoologist the beast  zoology alien species.

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Mar 062013


Recently, the popular Animal Planet program, “Finding Bigfoot,” aired an episode filmed in the nearby Knoxville, Tenn., area. In the March 3 edition of the Bristol Herald Courier, local historian, Bud Phillips, shared several accounts of Bigfoot sightings in a wooded, mountainous area outside of the city near Abingdon. There was even a skeleton later recovered, thought to be the creature.

Bud Phillips is known to almost everyone as Bristol’s historian; he came here in the 1950’s and has been documenting the rich oral history of the area ever since. Much of the information he gleaned in his younger days was from very old people in the area who remembered events from a long, long time ago.

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Mar 062013

bigfoot silUp for a hike in Hudson Valley this weekend and this thing freaked me the F out out! I have no idea what it was but I am so never going back there.

Editors Notes > This is either a phone video or video camera low rez upload because there is something black moving down to the river but what it is you got me brother ! This video is what we call blobsquatch to bad I wish it were better.

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