Apr 262013

Dyer1 shooting 100dpiOfficial Minnow Films Shooting Bigfoot Trailer.
The Movie Trailer confirms alot of what Rick Dyer has always been saying from the start such as the nailing ribs, Firing a gun,a homeless camp, an injured dog, and a few other details like Morgan Matthews yelling out, “dont shoot!”

Editors Notes >Why does Rick need to see the tape if he has the dead bigfoot body ?


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Apr 262013

Apple man

We’ll go out again tomorrow and have another look…Angus sure doesn’t mind 😉 I think it’s time to leave it a fish or two…they’re biting like crazy. When it dries up a bit I’ll do some stake-out style outings too…I have to add to my bigfoot bag of tricks.

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Apr 262013

rhino hunt

Johannesburg – The man with the big feet would leave his flip-flops at the fence. Barefooted he’d slip across the fence into Kruger National Park, alone, carrying a .375 calibre rifle fitted with a silencer. On his back was a bag filled with bread, water and an assortment of pills he would later crush up and smoke with tobacco.

Some of the pills were for heartburn, and he never really explained why he smoked it.

For protection against the rangers, a muti string hung from his rucksack.

On the Mozambican side of Kruger National Park, the poacher’s big feet were well known. His barefooted tracks in and out of the park had been seen often.

Anti-poaching units working the Mozambican side of Kruger had wanted to catch the man to see if he was as big as his feet promised.

But before the poacher with the big feet got near the fence, he had to pass a test.

As a young man wanting to earn money as a poacher he headed to the shebeens of Mugude. There he met the middlemen who looked for recruits willing to chance the section rangers, dogs and helicopters.


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Apr 262013

colorado denI and fellow C.S.R. researcher Justin, return to the Plum Creek area, to investigate a new structure that Justin found a few day`s earlier, we beleive is the work of the same tribe, although it is a few miles away from the Plum Creek, and are very pleased with our new discoveries!


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Apr 262013

bOW HUNTERBow hunter sees  8 foot tall, 1000 lb., black sasquatch while bow hunting around Gould Colorado, in 2005.

Editors Notes > This bow hunter gives a very competent and believable description of a 1000 lbs. thick muscled sasquatch eating leaves while he watched it for 8 minutes. Very Good Sighting !

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Apr 262013

olypia bewerEditors Notes > With April 30th just a few days away and the movie premiere of Rick Dyer’s alleged shooting of a sasquatch I note that Rick wouldn’t be eligible for this money. Capture & Release wouldn’t you love to see one alive I would.

‘Bigfoot hunters’ are being offered $1million in a contest to prove that the infamous ‘sasquatch’ exists.

Bounty hunters have been invited to a year-long contest to track down the mystery beast in an attempt to provide ‘irrefutable evidence’ that Bigfoot exists.

A competition has been launched offering winners $25,000-a-year for 40 years – but only if they find a live, breathing and unharmed sasquatch.

Hundreds of willing teams have registered their interest in the competition, which is sponsored by Washington-based brewers Olympia Beer.

The myth of the giant man-cum-ape began in the 1950s when ‘yeti’ footprints were photographed by Eric Shipton.

The creature has since become a worldwide phenomenon and inspires hundreds of ‘Bigfoot hunters’ each year in Northwest America.


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