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Bigfoot field researcher since 2007, J. Robert Swain of Vilonia hasn’t seen a Sasquatch; however, he has heard whoops, gibberish and tree knocks that he associates with the creatures, and he believes in their existence.

“I haven’t heard one scream, either, but I would like to,” he said.

Among his evidence are castings of footprints, handprints and knuckles he believes to be from the creatures; and photographs of broken and positioned limbs and tree-limb-type structures, as well as stacked stones. He believes that at least one of the tree structures he photographed while researching in Saline County may have served as a shelter to a female Sasquatch while she was giving birth. He also has audio recordings, which, he said, aren’t recognizable as the sounds of any other animals.

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Jerry cline


Jerry Cline is a member of the Southeastern Ohio Society Bigfoot Research. A few years back Jerry had a Class A sighting of Bigfoot in Ohio, Since that dramatic life changing event he has devoted most of his free time to gathering info and spending as much time as possible studying these hairy giants in the field.


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The largest primate on the planet has been living on this continent for tens of thousands of years and no hunter has ever killed one, until now.

This is no hoax. I shot the hairy creature known as Bigfoot, and I’m going to take its body on a tour of America. What was Robin Williams doing walking around in the woods with his shirt off, you ask? Ha, ha! No, it wasn’t him. Nor was it a grizzly bear, a hunter in a Ghillie suit, or one of those dudes from “Duck Dynasty.” I gunned down Sasquatch.

Please try and keep an open mind here. I’m not the kind of guy who has Elvis encounters, sees Loch Ness monsters cavorting in the Eel River, finds crop circles on a Ferndale farmer’s field, spots the image of the Virgin Mary in a redwood tree, or discovers a charred likeness of Jesus on a slice of toast.

Only once have I been probed by aliens. That was long ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

I’m no glory hound like other Bigfoot hunters, either. In Humboldt County we see Sasquatches all year long. We also smoke a lot of weed and have a type of mushroom that grows in the redwoods that is very powerful, so there are bound to be a few bogus Bigfoot sightings. The creature I killed was 100 percent real.

Bigfoot is believed to be an unknown species, a missing link that runs around in the woods and smells worse than a striped polecat in a vat of raw sewage. These creatures are not a myth. I have seen them many times before, found their tracks, and experienced everything from boulders and rock-throwing, to wood-knocking. They are very intelligent, elusive, and passive for most parts.

That’s what makes them so enjoyable to shoot.

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CP Notes > When I first started this Blog in the summer of 2012 I did a post on this film shot by a film maker out of California that spent a lot of time filming in the Sequoia National Park. I’m sure most of you in the bigfoot community have seen this film at one time or another and just passed it off as a stunt. I thought it was way to good in many bigfoot respects to be made by a newbie filmmaker. Now someone has finally analyzed every frame of this film so everyone can witness it’s amazing visual connections to the hairy beast we know as bigfoot.

In the analyzed version by Thinkerthunker I will give you some time marks to look at closely because the original film by Shawn Bannon is shown as it was shot and not zoomed in on to show you these bigfoot closeups.

Time Marks to checkout on Thinkerthunker version  3:15-5:50  Next one is at 7:10 to 7:25  Next Mark is 11:20 to 11:30 Look at the size of the hands and at the 11:27 Look between his legs tell me if this isn’t the creatures penis flopping about. You won’t see it that well in original because you need to zoom in. This close up examination of this film I think makes it as legit to me as the P/G film 19767. What do you think ?

ThinkerThunker Analysis

Shawn Bannon Original Film


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Jan 122014

bigfoot walkingReport # 42051  (Class A) Submitted by witness on Monday, September 02, 2013.

Deer hunter scouting with his family encounters two Bigfoots near Houtzdale


YEAR: 2013

SEASON: Spring


DATE: 26

STATE: Pennsylvania

COUNTY: Clearfield County

LOCATION DETAILS: Wooded area. Former site of an old strip mine. Now filled in and over grown.


NEAREST ROAD: PA State Route 153

OBSERVED: While putting out salt blocks at hunting spots, I saw two creatures. One was in a wide open area. The other I didn’t see until I saw where the first one was moving away from me and headed for the tree line. I was no more than 25 yards away. The first one I saw very clearly. It was approximately 8 feet tall and walking upright. It had a sloping forehead. The hands were at about the same level as its knees. My best estimate would be 600 lbs. The color was all black. It had no hair on its face or hands. The only sound it made was when it walked I could hear the grass being trampled. It never looked my way or made any vocalization. Its arms swung slightly while walking with the knuckles facing forward and not to the side like a human. My best estimate on the forearm length would be 16 inches. When it turned left and into the tree line, I could see its back clearly. That’s when I saw the other one. I saw its back only. Shoulders on both were broad and straight. Approximately 3 ft across. I smelled or heard nothing, during, or after the sighting. After they disappeared, I threw the salt block over the 12 feet embankment and left. I have not been back since. The only thing I took away from this encounter is all they wanted to do was get away from me.


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