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I have always had an interest in Bigfoot since the early 1970s  from the first time I saw the Patterson film  I hoped that this giant creature lived. But as I got older evidence to back it up was very little other then a few foot print casts and the one other grainy video of the creature known today as the Freeman footage. The 1990s brought in the Internet and websites devoted to Bigfoot and this heralded a whole new generations fresh look at the evidence. Now for really the first time we had groups formed all out looking for the Hairy Beast and submitting their video evidence online for the world to see. This is when I 30 years older decided one spring day in 2007 to use the power of the World Wide Web to search for new evidence of Bigfoot. Using Google I typed in Bigfoot sightings and two main websites came up in the search The BFRO and Bigfoot Encounters websites. These two sites I used as my encyclopedias on Bigfoot and I was literally drawn into the the world and community of the Sas. I read hundreds of class A encounters from witnesses as divergent as farmers to game wardens all across the nation and Canada. These witness reports are amazing to read and you know somehow intuition who knows but you know when someone is telling a story that honestly happened to them. The real test of many of these reports for me was how the witness was affected. Usually When someone sees something their mommy told them was not real like the Bogeyman and suddenly your alone in the woods and a 8 ft hairy monster is standing in front of you it somehow changes your life and your shorts. I have seen this many times with folks I have come to know in this community. I have befriended people who turned out to be more or less  circus freak show barkers more about promoting themselves or the almighty dollar then bigfoot. I have to admit though their are quite a few circus freak show barkers in the Bigfoot community and I think I know why now because so far in the 50 plus years that Bigfoot has become more or less known to the world globally very little factual evidence of these creatures existence do we have so far. This fact alone makes any man or woman with the ability to make videos just as important as anyone else in a community with very few scientists speaking out in an affirmative way on the evidence. So this is my quest to either see the creature for myself or view HD video closeup of Bigfoot.

    I’m what many call a Internet researcher since the age of 13 when I was shot accidently while squirel hunting leaving me paralysed from the waist down and confined to a wheelchair. Every once in a blue moon I get up with friends and get out in the woods but I’m usually limited to hard packed trails. Someday when I win the lotto I’ll buy one of those super cool 4 wheel drive ATV wheelchairs and you all will see some real Bigfoot evidence brought in !   Between my radio show (Bigfoot Tonight) every Sunday night with Stacy Hostetler we try to cull the myriad of witnesses and evidence and hopefully be there for the Discovery of Bigfoot !


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Chuck Prahl

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  1. Enjoy your site. I’ve been fascinated with the Bigfoot Story for decades and have wandered through the woods for decades, not looking for Bigfoot but because I love to wander through woods (grin). I’ve yet to see the big fellow but would love to. Thanks for referring people to my Bigfoot post.

    • Sasquatch/Bigfoot have been in contact with Extraterrestrial Star People for a long long time. Once you meet the Sasquatch and they trust you eugnoh to talk about their life-long interactions with other intelligent civilizations, you will learn about this friendship. Only the human race seems in the dark about this.

  2. I like the site too. Your internet BFing shows! And, there are such Bigfoots that like to visit campgrounds, you just need to invte them, getting out bushwacking is not necessary in many locations.

  3. Keep up the good work. You have a good site here.
    The Crypto Crew

  4. Chuck, my legs don’t work so good anymore. Both
    knees have been replaced my hips are shot and 2 discs
    in my back are compressed. I walk with a cane only for
    a short distance. Websites such as yours are my access to the bigfoot world as I can no longer hike the
    backcountry. Thank you for your time and effort.

    • Dodge #806 komododiot. Patterson did have exprcienee working with suits and such, by the way, but of course wouildn’t know anything about that. He wasn’t jus ta cowboy .And now, Ken Peterson? You going to back up your babblin’ bullshit about him being a costume expert or not? I’m guessing not after 806 chances. Geek.

    • Sir ,Please enjoy to my sight also some good Pics and information like chuck has on the Bigfoot

  5. I don’t even know the way I stopped up right here, however I thought this put up was great. I don’t recognize who you are however certainly you are going to a famous blogger when you aren’t already. Cheers!

  6. How have I not known about this site? Thanks to Redchun and his latest video which has a picture of this site (on his I-phone?)about 11sec into his vid., I found you.

    Looking forward to reading here often.

  7. Hey Chuck, just found your blog (thanks to that shamless self promotion, lol)…great site….really enjoy your show…you and Stacy do a great job and conduct some really great interviews…I do a bit of seeking myself but fly under the radar, not really into the forums etc but enjoy a couple radio shows (off hrs when I have a quiet moment)…thanks to you both for putting the time into the show *thumbs up*….Dennis

  8. Hi Chuck, I find the search for bigfoot very interesting but these shows that send folks out in the woods is all hype and no substance. Seems to me if they were serious they would bring along tracking dogs with GPS divices attached to follow the movement of beast and dogs. Should a dog be injured or killed you would have more solid evidence that any of the shows present. On the other hand you wouldn’t want common sense to get in the way of TV drama.

    • people will always be curious eh !! I agree people running out in the woods without a trained eye will lead no where ….yet any one who has a knowledge of animals will tell you …a dog would not track a sasquatch any more than he would track a wolf! These tracking animals are trained from pups ( chewing and playing with predator skins to over come their natural fear of their scent ) other wise they will instinctively shiver in fear at the first scent.
      Nice to hear all the experiences of the real people and to hve an interesting site like this ……kd

  9. I’ve enjoyed looking in on your site. Best regards, Linda Newton-Perry of the online bigfoot magazine Bigfoot Ballyhoo

  10. Enjoy your radio show. I especially enjoyed listening to Wes’ encounter and hope to hear more eyewitness recollections. Tell Stace that he has to step his game up and acknowledge that there are many interested listeners in this subject.

    • Thanks! I thought I sounded like a moron on the edge of throwing up recalling the encounter…lol I thought Chuck was mad at me but too nice of a guy to hang up on me for ruining his show…lol

  11. Hi – I just wanted to send you a audio from july 8 2012.I captured this while broken down on the side of the road with my wife at around 10 pm.Give it a listen an let me know what you think or if you have any questions.Here is the link.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JALgRxXMsmQ

  12. Chuck–Enjoy your show, I am impressed that although you have not had an encounter you have very extensive knowledge about Bigfoot. I know of two people I would enjoy hearing on your show and would hope that maybe in the future I will. I have myself done a lot of research on the Big One through reading, listening to others encounters, extensive research on the PC and I know of two incidents in my area that could possibly be BF happenings although I live in NE Nebraska. I have just about finished listening to you archived shows as I just found your current show but I had listened to your previous show. I hope to enjoy the shows for a long time in the future and wish to say how respectful you and Stacy are to your guests no matter who they are and what their views are.

  13. Chuck,
    Love the show! Hands down the best shows on, why no one has offered you guys a coast to coast radio show is beyond me. I would like to see you and Stace get your own show with a paycheck so you guys have to be on every week! Hell I could listen to you guys every night of the week.

    • I agree with Wes G, your show is by the far best of any of the BF shows. I had listened to other shows which are no longer on the air but yours is by far the best!

    • Thank you all so much Stacy and I appreciate the kind words. I wish I had your confidence I have not even ever listened to a complete show because I think I sound so bad. Thanks so much for your support.
      Chuck & Stacy

      • heh, you guys are great to listen to! I listen to all your shows every Sunday when you have one! My favourite bigfoot blogtalk radio show…BIGFOOT TONIGHT!

  14. Chuck and Stacey , I love the Show. Please don’t ever get the impression people aren’t listening , both you guys are well spoken and down to Earth !

  15. I have not been able to have my name removed from the Daily Bigfootbuzz list. Does anyone know how?

  16. Thanks chuck for the site live in UK and love to read and watch anything about Bigfoot your site helps alot and gives me a lot of information.

  17. Hi Chuck ! Interesting site ! Tho I do tire of these couch potato researchers ! Excluding yourself of course ! I have infreqiently visited your show,along with styimy02 because of the hype so many people ,or should I say , importance people put onto some people that have never seen these creatures,up close, as I have ! Yet I’ve never not 1 time been invited onto anyone’s show ! I know my siteings don’t fit into everyone’s neat little box of “just another animal ” kinda siteings ! Oh well, so much for my personal rant on here ! Keep looking up the trail & someday perhaps you’ll find the curse that you so despertly seek ! & YES, this is a curse ! friends, TC !

  18. Love the show and your site Chuck. You and Stacy are a pleasure to listen to. Keep up the great work.

  19. I grew up near Pendleton, OR. We camped a lot up in the Blue Mountains and when I was 9 I had an encounter that I can’t explain. What I saw walked on two legs, as it strode from one tree to the next up rise from the trail I was on. It was huge, other than the rush of leaves, it was quiet, fast, and melted into the underbrush. It really was surreal. I ran back to join my family at the camp site because I no longer wanted to be walking alone on the trail. It scared me enough that I wet my sleeping bag rather than go out and pee at night. No joke.

    Even had that experience happened today, and I was a tech saavy kid with an iphone – or whatever, there would have been no way, no time to be able to video what I experienced.

    Anyhow – there is a lot $ now involved in books, and videos, etc on this subject today. Lot of hoaxes – worst being Rick Dyer etc in my estimation. I’m grateful for my experience because if I hadn’t had such experience – it would be hard to not think all of it sounded crazy and lump everyone together to the likes of Dyer.

  20. Just thought you might like to know, if the lizard demon is a form of lizard you boys need to wait till warm weather to try to catch him. Lizards are cold blooded animals. Like snakes, frogs, They have no way of warming their bodies. Therefore they are only active during warm weather. Pack it up boys, come out of the “freezing” water and wait until spring..

    • MS.d intresting statement, The info many denie is the shape of the skull. As the hair stems may have been scales. Due to the human element they are able to handle some colder weather. Human, lizard alien perceived to be a demon? Large foot prints were found on Green mountain on V.Island in the snow, some years ago. You may be right that they may do short term hibernation.

  21. Comment regarding poll on “should you carrfire gun while researching Bigfoot”

    Absolutely not, first off you are going to be carrying a loaded weapon out of season in most area’s.

    Secondly, Bigfoot is not stupid (unless you count us capturing them on film/video) if you carry a gun, all evidence points to them knowing you have it, and exactly what it’s used for!

    Your out there trying to find evidence and possibly make contact, shouldn’t you put your best foot forward? Carrying a loaded weapon is not your best foot forward and you will have no success.

    Those who have had success, we’re unarmed and continue to be so. Do not perpituate the stereotype of the smeja’s and the dyers of the world.

    Just my thought.


    • I have to agree with you fully, bigmoe99/peter. After my sitting many moons and years back, I have more respect for the bigfoot clan(s) and for one I would not even think of shotting one. Also from a recent witness who had seen one in his youth stated they communicate by thought. That would mean they are more evolved then man itself and would advance them to less of a animal then man. Of all the experiances I have never heard of 79% of the sasquatch wanting to chase down and shoot humans. In the last year or so have been gifting with natural foods in the areas that we have discovered what might be huts that are built better then human huts and teepees. Other evidance has shown that they are less animal then originally labelled.

  22. I will have to disagree with ya. I was Squatchin on Kodiak Island in Alaska 2 years ago. The group I was with came up over a mound onto a large Brown Kodiak bear about 5- 5-1/2 feet at the shoulders and her cub @ 30-40 yards in front of us. She perked her ears up, lowered her head and pounced 3 times towards us. We stood our ground as we were told to do and she pounced again and charged about 5 yards. All of us had side arms and a couple had rifles. We agreed very quickly and I emphasize very quickly for me and one other dude to fire off a quick 3 shot volley about 10 yards in front of her. She stopped and kinda looked at us as to say “OK, I get your drift, have a nice day. See ya. She and her cub hightailed off the other way and we had no other problems that week. I have a conceal carry licence as all of us did and carry a 40 cal Sig 226. We do hunt for deer now and then but that’s about it. I DO NOT in any way want to shoot any wild creature just for the thrill of it, to put a head on my wall or cause he farted the wrong way. But when your out in the woods late at night, I would recommend you carry at least a side arm of a larger caliber. I live in South Florida and go to the Everglades a couple times year looking for the Skunk Ape and we’ve had run ins with Gators and large bull feral hogs, and let me tell ya. There meaner then that bear. Anyway, like I said, I’m not telling anybody what to do but protect yourself and have a great time. Be Good, Believe, Beware and Begone. See Ya Jimbo

  23. You have a great web site keep it up. I know I have said some pretty tough things about Mike Wooley’s bigfoot encounter. I am not saying they don’t exist. I have studied the Patterson film 100s of times and do not believe this could have been faked especially in 1967. The film shows too many physical details. One thing a lot of people do not see are the calf muscles and the details of it. Patterson and Gimlin had enough forsight to get this evidence. Now, if you listen to Wooley’s radio interviews he stated that he has now observed these creatures many times. I just cannot comprehend why he could not get footage with all these multiple sightings. He also stated at that time he thought someone may have been trying to scare him off of the area he was hunting because anyone could hunt there ( public hunting ) , he himself may be trying to scare people out with this story, so he could have the place to himself. Anyone who genuinely experienced something like this would have to tell somebody. I just do not believe he could go for 30 years without telling his wife or friends, someone. My wife would be the first person I would tell. Who knows, I could encounter a bigfoot while hunting, Enjoy your site, Thanks!

  24. I agree with Charlie, he knows what he’s talking about, anyone who would go deep into the woods, be it familiar or a new area would not be a fool, but a damn fool to risk your life on an animal being friendly. Im only talking defense, not offense. Get lost and spend the night in deep forested areas unarmed and see how you feel. I have been lost armed and did not feel to great, believe me, don’t think like idiots.

  25. Carry a 12 ga or if possible an old 10 ga.
    I like to alternate 00 buck, then a slug, etc.,etc.

    I teach this in my firearms training and self defense classes.

    My sidearm is a 10mm.

  26. I usually hunt with an M!-Garand, I will carry more rounds in case Bigfoot wants to be aggressive, and usually carry a model 1911 45, not taking any chances with these encounters. These are just defensive measures of course. If Sasquatch wants to be friendly I have sworn to throw him a candy bar and we can be friends.

  27. My Sasquatch Encounter
    Vancouver island, B.C. – 2004

    This crystal comes with a tale attached

    One fine summer day about 10 years ago, I was hunting for quartz crystals and gold rutilated quartz along a meandering stream, about 20 miles east of Gold River on Vancouver Island, B.C., a few miles off of the Gold River HWY. This was Elk, Cougar and Bear country and was off of the beaten path, so all of my survival senses were turned up. I was alone, and fully aware of where I stood in the food chain.

    Having had no luck finding crystals, or much quartz, I was moving steadily up stream, searching the gravel bars for color. About mid-afternoon, I heard some very heavy footsteps in the gravel, and they were coming my way. Then the crunching stopped, just around the stream’s bend and just the other side of a small copse of trees.

    Thinking it might be an Elk, I decided to depart, quickly climbing the steep bank. I was halfway up when I was struck in the back-pack by a small stone.

    Figured that an Elk wouldn’t make the best stone-thrower, I supposed that local kids were having some fun with me. Whoever or whatever it was, it threw the stone with pinpoint accuracy—a blind-throw no less, since the creature was 30-40 feet away, around the stream bend, and behind some trees. It threw the pebble with just enough force to get my attention, but not enough to hurt me.

    It was a great throw.

    That is when I looked down at the pebble lying on the ground. I saw that it was a Quartz crystal, green with algae, tumbled and worn down by the stream. It was the only one I would see that day.

    Quickly pocketing the crystal so I wouldn’t lose it, I started to wonder if it might be a Sasquatch that had doinked me. I had heard so many stories about the strange “water apes” of Vancouver Island. That’s when I started to get the willies. I was pretty sure an Elk couldn’t throw like that.

    Then a fear of much greater magnitude struck me, hitting me like a hammer. It was a blast of unmitigated terror that chilled me to the bone and turned my guts to water.

    I am not a timid man, having grown up in the woods. And I know how to handle myself, feeling right at home in nature. But whatever remained concealed nearby, it was projecting stark raving panic at me like a non-lethal weapon. That’s when I realized for-sure that I was a stones-throw away from a living, breathing, crystal-chucking Sasquatch… and it wanted me gone from its territory. That was made very clear.

    I left as quickly as I could with terror nipping at my heels, and never looked back. I did not see a Sasquatch that day, but hook me up to a lie-detector, and you will learn how certain I am about what happened to me. It was extraordinary, really, especially in the aftermath and in the subsequent years.

    The being on the other side of the trees knew what I was after. It didn’t want me there, but It gifted me with exactly what I wanted, AND provided me with precisely what I needed! And it did it with a sense of humor. It must be fun to make a grown man flee in panic—total slapstick comedy; for the Sasquatch! Can’t blame ’em a bit!

    In retrospect, I needed to run into a Sasquatch. I needed the shock and dislocation that this caused to shake up my world, and get me to re-evaluate my life and beliefs. I needed to rekindle my love for the mystery of nature. I wanted answers to the biggest questions humans ask: Who are we? Where do we come from? Why are we here? and What will become of us? Oh yeah… the last question is the most pertinent: Are we alone in the universe?

    That question is answered every time I see an Orca Whale, a porpoise, or a common Raccoon. It is answered with warmth and love whenever I save a drowning worm, or swerve in time to avoid a deer with my car, it is answered every time I pick up this small, worn quartz crystal and focus on it. The stone seems alive, aware, and willing to help. Sounds strange, but it is true for me.
    When confronted with a mystery bigger than ourselves, it changes us, and broadens our perspectives.

    A lot has been learned about these no-longer-mythical forest giants in the past ten years. And I suspect that the time has come where the Sasquatch people stop concealing themselves from us, come out of the forests, and reunite with us, their lost cousins—that is IF we can behave ourselves. This WILL happen if we stop destroying the Earth. We must continue to grow, and accept the truth of the unity of all life—that ALL ARE ONE, and we are an essential part of the whole. We need to relearn that the Earth is Mother to us all, and that she deserves our respect and care. We must remember that everything is alive and aware… everything.

    The Sasquatch people have a lot to teach us. We have a lot to learn from them. This will happen as we change ourselves from the inside-out. As we relearn living-from-the-heart, instead of only from the head. As we begin to see the powerful connections between ourselves and the natural world, we can reclaim our birthright, and be ready to journey beyond this one small planet.

    My world view has changed a lot A.SQ. (after Sasquatch) and I have grown rapidly from the experience.

    I have changed inside as a result of the experience. It has led me to develop my intuition, learn animal communication, start loving all of creation, even the little stones. It taught me that I must respect myself before I could earn the respect of others, or other species.

    I think about our giant cousins often, with great affection, because I have gotten to know them better. I actually got to be face to face with a young male in Meditation the other night. Sorta slipped into the 5th, and there they were. But that, is another story.

  28. Bruce; It is amazing how even a possible encounter can change your reality. My experiance happened in the Campbell River area. Yes, it happened in the 1976/77 time line; but, it has changed my travels in the forest areas. Will never forget the fear experianced; yet, I have lived in the forest areas for quite sometime. Last place I figure one would see one of these grand creatures; but, I have heard of many many sittings on the island. Many that have had these encounters don’t mention their experiance. Yes they are alive and well on Vancouver Island, believe it or not.

  29. Hey crazy story but I heard doubletree collects exotic animals, iam not sure if that’s true but when I stayed there I believe I encountered a baby bigfoot, have a picture but Lil fuzzy cause I was freak out but if anyone who wants to have a hack at it hit my email.

    Thank you,

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