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Bigfoot, watcher in woods

Various sightings had been reported as early as 1918 in the Vu Quang Nature Reserve of Vietnam and Malaysia and Borneo.  These reports indicate the biped is four to five feet tall, very hairy with stout shoulders supporting a leathery neck, and a protruding stomach.  The females are distinguished by long pendulous breasts.  The cryptids are reported to have a language of unintelligible words.

In 1947, a French colonist reported a sighting and refers to the animal as a L’Homme Sauvage (a Wild Man).

Dr. John MacKinnon claimed to have found the first tracks in 1970, and he believed they were of a hominid origin.  He published his findings in a book in 1978 titled “In Search Of the Red Ape”.  His findings were co berated in 1984 by Tran Hong Viet a professor of Pedagogic University of Hanoi.  He reported finding and casting similar footprints in 1982 to those of MacKinnon’s photographed footprints.

Sightings were also reported in Vietnam during the war by Kregg P. J. Jorgenson in his book “Very Crazy G.I.-Strange But True Stories of the /Vietnam War” published in 2001 by Ballentine Book.  The soldiers called them Rock Apes and stated they were approximately five feet tall with a reddish tinge to the brown fur.

In 1971 two Batututs were claimed to have been captured by local tribesmen in the Dak Lak Province which was followed by Hoang Minh Thau, a North Vietnamese General to attempt an expedition to search for evidence of the bipeds in 1974.


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  1. Sitting on an aircraft carrier during Nam, I never got to
    see the Rock Apes. We did have a flying fish land on the hanger deck one day. The water was pretty rough
    that day. We were going down when he was going up.

    • Did you ever hear stories of them while you were over there?

      • No, I’m sorry to say. The subject of bigfoot
        was brought up from time to time. Usually
        when the beer was flowing. When guys are far home and not sure if you are going
        to see home again, you tend to talk about
        a lot of things.

  2. I heard an account of a woman ,when she was a child, of seeing a man with two animals that looked like hairy men. They were wearing collars on their necks with chains attached and some pieces of clothing(?). She saw them at a small street cafe and the man purchsed some food for the animals to eat. The woman said that the animals used spoons to some extent to eat their food. She never saw or heard of this man or animals again and always wondered what she really saw. Has anyone else ever heard of this account? It was in one of the countries such as Laos or Viet Nam.

  3. My step father was in the Vietnam war, he rarely spoke of the horrors that went on. I can only imagine all the awful things all the young men saw. On night he was extremely drunk and decided to tell some stories about coming in contact with a beast. He actually said he barely escaped and that some of he’s unit didn’t make it, he said that one had scratched him. Now he never spoke of it again,even when he was telling the story he wouldn’t repeat anything else,behind became very emotional, I don’t blame him, I was wondering if there are any other stories like this. I’m not one to believe in creatures or aliens but I do know that there has to be some truth to this.

  4. Believing other people’s stories, comes hard for some folks. Some of the experiences I have had
    myself I have a hard time believing. But it doesn’t
    mean they never happened. Usually it boils down
    to if you believe the storyteller about everyday events. If the normal stuff rings true, you can count
    on the weird stuff being true. Weird stuff does happen. I can testify to that. And if you live long
    enough and not be too careful about the way you
    live your life, you’ll have some weird tales to tell.

  5. These are forest apes, an unknown species that will never be found. like bigfoot and the yeti, they are hard to be discovered. They can magically transform themselves into other species when they are suspicious of their presence. And why americans never get to catch the bigfoot. Because america i’ll give you a hint. The direction of the foot is opposite the direction they are going. they are intelligent than humans and they tend to keep themselves secretly away from human

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