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Trap-3-300x253Editors Notes>Just remember my warning about this Bigfoot Capture story if there isn’t some proof that this actually happened by January 6th you can call it a hoax and put this one to bed. But until there is something significant out of this unknown group of 6 please don’t get your hopes up. Quantra Bigfoot Capture Update :

Wednesday January 2, 2013
A meeting will be held by Ed Smith and the principles of Quantra in Houston to work out the details of the meeting between Quantra and MABRC and those individuals that have been decided upon.
Further details will be posted as available.
First Hand Account of Meeting with Ed Smith and About ORIG-6 (And Presumably
Quantra’s) Cababilities

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From Randy Harrington…

 have refrained from saying too much, Because I did not want to muddy the
waters. The fact that I am an MABRC member means you will give me little to no
credit for saying this, But I will say it anyway.

Ed Smith is a real
person. I have visited with Ed Smith, Had dinner with him. Got an in depth look
into their operations down in Oklahoma. I did see some evidence that secured for
me the fact that Ed was into something big. The limiting factor for most
researchers to not be successful, is funding. Even the big money researchers
like BFRO are woefully underfunded. Ed Smith and his group does not have that

The scale of their operation would boggle your mind. It
involves leasing lands and long term ‘hands off approach’ with their set-ups.
Engineered triangulated sound towers to locate precise locations of tree knocks
and vocals. 24 to 36 ft angle iron towers topped with the type of thermal
camera’s you see on the bottom of helicopters, with the ability to zoom in for a
mile or more. Ground sensors placed in area’s of observations of travel, along
fences etc. all fed into computers to give real time feed back as to whether or
not something walking is bipedal or quadruped. fed back at the same time a
thermal video is taken. Then after a video was taken, while the image was still
on screen, not moving the thermal camera’s they can overlay a man standing in
the same spot for size comparisons. Some of the video shots also resulted in
hair, tissue and even blood from briars found from the travel path of the

Ed was the first to show us how to collect samples and
document. First, you video the whole process, use packaged tweezers, packaged
q-tips, and rubber gloves to take samples and bag them and seal the bag. All
video taped.

In the beginning, some of the labs would not have taken
on the job of DNA study without the video showing how the samples were retrieved
and not contaminated.

The details go on and on…It all started years
ago when these 6 guy’s who were all friends, were in college together. All
working on higher degree’s. One night they were discussing things as young men
do, and the topic of bigfoot came up. To make a long story short, 3 of the 6 men
had encounters with a creature we know as bigfoot. Ed’s encounter is quite
amazing, as he was hiking alone along the Illinois river in North Oklahoma, I
believe he encountered 3, and got hit in the back by a rock from a squatch
standing knee deep in the river while he faced the other two….he vacated
quickly back to where his vehicle was parked and was escorted as some people are
when they have a wooded encounter. Because of the sighting by 3 of them, they
started playing around with the idea of why there has been no evidence….much
like we all have pondered. After college at some point they put their plan in
motion, Lots of money ( i believe a trust fund was some of the money
They initially had a 10 year plan, Ed Smith got ansy, and wanted to
replicate their findings from their research with other researchers in different
locations…they needed this as part of the scientific process. Ed started
posting to the MABRC and revealed to us what they needed. So we tried to help.
This was 4 years ago.

So people ask WHY? is the MABRC who Ed chose to
contact. Well, because it was located somewhat close to where Ed lived, had 200
researchers they could have help to replicate their experiments. You can’t
really belong to a group and not develop friendships, so that is where we have
progressed to now. Ed was always the one pushing to share their info to get to
where they wanted to get to, after 10 years he was getting tired of the 2 week
stretches in the command trailers on location ,manning the thermals and computer
equipment. The other 5 guy’s were not as eager to share as Ed was. So they
clashed sometimes about releasing content. So then this past year there was a
change of business plans, Ed was tired….and then all of a sudden, here we are
with what has transpired.
I am sure some will not be happy with me sharing
this. I hope it gives you a better understanding. believe me when I tell you,
this is only a speck of the depth of all they have done and documented, I just
can’t put it all down in an appropriate timeline. You will just have to be
satisfied…surely some here have read some of the Ed Smith threads of research
over at the MABRC.

Randy Harrington

From Ed Smith,    1-2-2013 wrote:
Its time to clear up some of the background on the Orig-6.
When we began in the early nineties there were six group members, as we worked into certain projects we had helpers those numbered three to five. As we moved in to the early two thousands it became larger in scope I can say the nineties for us (6) was a lot of fun our projects were small and enjoyable to conduct.
When we started the long range survey projects in the mid to late two thousands, thats when the group went on steroids so to speak. Our contractor numbers went to 22 plus us and we began associations with others in multiple states.
Then when we operated our own DNA project with the results of incorrect primers vs corrected primers it was decided that a body preferably living would be the best course to take.
The capture idea began in the mid nineties mostly with me not so much with the others, but I began with the sketching of trap possibilities and over time the design grew the unit must be strong, stealthy, mobile, and autonomous. The trap units were fabricated in Tulsa at a business associates shop.
In accordance with the protocol and the operations plan, we began slowly to assemble the needed assets, manpower and resources. In the oil and gas business you have to be mobile, durable and reliable in your work, planing and operation. This also provided the perfect cover for operating such a project.
The capture project while under the control of the ORIG-6 had as many as 42 plus us working on it.
When the ORIG-6 ceased operations late last year the movement towards such a conclusion started in late May and early June of 2012. A friend of mine suggested that we (ORIG-6) meet with a group of like minded. but not engaged in BF research, business associates of his, so in May/June of 2012 we had an initial meeting in Virginia. Where they were attending a conference and from this meeting the Quantra Group was conceived.
When the ORIG-6 ceased operations all our projects were terminated except the capture project was passed through to the Quantra Group. All project data past and present was transferred to the Quantra Group. I retain ownership of my written work plans and protocols and such.
I am restricted in discussing any of our past project work for a period of ten years. I am further restricted from participating in research even for my own private enjoyment (trust me there was a price for that one) for seven years.
Four of the ORIG-6 members began with the Quantra Group only two remain. My understanding is that the Quantra Groups operating environment is uncomfortable and that is all I will say about it.
As for the documentaries, the first two volumes are complete and the third is in revision. The ORIG-6 no longer owns the rights to them Quantra is now the owner. I have posted this previously.
In some of the reporting on blogs and forums that the capture was leaked to me that is inaccurate. The text message was mistakenly sent to me I posted the information. Did I contact a source in the Quantra Group? Yes did and the information was posted.
Could that get me sued possibly but if it wasn’t for the Quantra Groups mistake I would have never known.
The meeting with the principles of the Quantra Group is this evening.
I hope this post has cleared up some things for those interested in the work. Have a good day.
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  1. I get the feeling these guys are legit and I wish them luck. I am sure there are groups flying under the radar
    doing good work.

  2. Haha, grown up kids playing army. Must be nice to have so much money to waste. I am totally into bigfoot, but these guys are, I don’t know… A little queer.

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