Aug 202012

 There are a handful of cities and regions around the world that are associated with something scifi or supernatural. Some of those places ignore the creature or legend that is tied to the region, while others celebrate it, so much so that the strange being is almost the ambassador for the area. Yep, we’re thinking of the Headless Horseman and Tarrytown, New York, or perhaps even aliens and Roswell, New Mexico. Likewise, our state’s own Humboldt County and the redwoods has not shied from a certain and certainly tall, hirsuite beastie that goes by the name of Bigfoot ’round those parts. Stop in nearly any gift shop along the redwood-laden Avenue of the Giants and you’re likely to find at least a magnet or two depicting Mr. B. Foot in mid-stride. But up in the town of Willow Creek?

Willow Creek Bigfoot Days

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