Mar 152013

grass hutEditors Notes > This is a large mound of grass weeds and branches piles up with a large cavity inside to shelter in. I would suppose when it was fresh the foliage would have added more resistance to the weather then it looks today all dried out. But this also could just be a hunters blind or just what a farmer piled up after clearing his land. If hair or animal remains had been found inside that might make the bigfoot den scenario more plausible. Like most things squatch related we just don’t have any clear evidence yet. I just wish that day would come already !

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  2 Responses to “Bigfoot Den Found in Ohio ?”

  1. A fallen tree buffalo grass an vines grown around it . Like no hunter seen that bafore.

  2. If I was Bigfoot living in Ohio, I’d be stuck at Kings Island, or eating lots of bean-free Chili in Cincinnati! If you want sum.. real goode chili just look 4 the SKYLINE! – Chumba ™

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