Mar 072013

MK davis tree destrustructinEditors Notes > MK Davis has submitted another video from his collection from the Northeast Texas habituation site. This video is about a tree that had a bunch of tires chained to it and the the local bigfoot just didn’t like it or they were just looking to have some fun tossing the tires around…Whatever reason they went after this tree it sure sounds interesting and the aftermath is quite amazing. Take a look.

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  6 Responses to “Bigfoot Destroys a Tree !”

  1. Amazing how for a site calling itself Bigfoot Buzz, that nobody here is reporting yet about Rick Dyer being arrested and it’s been online for a good while now.

    Yet we get more fake Bigfoot videos from MK Davis to look at….gee thanks!

    What’s next, an in-depth interview with the former Mall cop Steve Kulls?

    • Who gives a crap about that guy. He’s a fraud. I enjoy MK’s work. Go read the National Enquirer if you care about Dyer you drooling doofus.

    • Wow! Someone thinks the guy who pulled the biggest hoax ever should have a second chance. Retard.

  2. I read that the RD story was Posted on January 27, 2011 at 2:46 PM. that is completely different then what MK Davis post here. If you want RD then look him up and stop complaining about this story.

  3. Hey C’mon guys, I love science fiction….

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