Feb 202013

familyEditors Notes : This is video creates a big smile on you face if you watch closely to the very end ! Keep and eye open at the last Bigfoot family member in the line. There you will see something that makes this video one big laughfest ! I guess they just didn’t think you would notice….hee hee

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  9 Responses to “Bigfoot Family Walks Through Snow Covered Woods ?”

  1. For those of us who take Bigfoot seriously and have done countless hours of research, why do people think we will be taken in by some of these kind of videos?

  2. that one Bigfoot was wearing a backpack!

  3. Oh stop it already!

  4. Looks to me like a group of people bundled up walking in the snow. One person seems to have backpack on their back & is wearing pants with a stripe down the side.

  5. Maybe the back pack was taken from the homeless camp. wow this Bigfoot shooting getting crazy. lets just wait it out . people need to chill.

  6. all I saw was the one wearing a backpack, what did the last one do?

  7. Its the dog my friends see the dog tail in walking next to last person…lol

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