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These pictures do fit the the old newspaper articles of 60-100 years ago when groups of hunters from a particular area that has had a spat of recent bigfoot encounters would send out hunters into the forest to hunt the WILD MAN. This was not unusual at all in the 19th century rural America. But on the other hand they could easily be Photoshop clones added to real pictures of the time.


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  1. Not to take anything away from the old-timers, I think
    these are photoshopped.

  2. That hanging Bigfoot is from the now defunct tabloid Weekly World News, I remember seeing it on the newsstand and thinking what a shoddy Photoshop job.

  3. It looks like the rear end of a elk with the head photoshopped on.

  4. I think the photo with the 6 men are of gorilla killed on an African safari in the late 1800’s to the early to middle 1900’s. The one hanging may be something else, I don’t thing a gorilla, but, the of same time period.

  5. You guys need to really wake up and realize that not every pic is a hoax. the creature hanging by it’s heels, is way too long legged to be an elk and the body is shaped wrong. That photo at the top, now I ‘m not saying it is, but yes it could be a gorilla, But we weren’t present when the photos were taken.

    • The only thing that does not look right,is the bigfoot’s fingers not hanging downward like the arms. I believe it’s possible for a creature like this to exist, but this particular picture,doesn’t look right.

      • Just looked at pix of dead monkees and gorillas, poor things, fingers curled like in photo. upon examination of the pixels, these both look real to this 20 year photoshop user. the curve in the spine and irregular arm lengths due to uneven hanging device Plus, the shortened look of the arms would occur if suspended upside down due to massive shoulder and trapizoid neck to head muscles. they look real to me.

        • additionally, the photo with the skull: I believe they shot him above the eye removing part of his head…(a photoshop job would have kept this rounded) also messing around with the gamma levels reveals the cornea of the eyes… i think the skull, if livestock of the killers, may show that they killed Sasquatch for eating their farm critters.. dang, the chest and arms, thats great hoax work or, full on sasquatch anatomy…also note somewhat of a chin, absent in gorillas and chimpanzee. Jee whiz, no wonder they hide from us. Saddening to analyze….

          • gee, now after further examination, I’m questioning my first post. 1, the shadow of the rope… the size of the arm seems the hand would be visibe. 2, at the bf abdomen there are some pixel anomalies. that may indicate collaging photos.
            3, the BW photo has some sepia tone and seem inconsistent in its application..

            conclusion: Konaken changes ‘looks real” to “inconclusive.”

  6. The first pix looks somewhat authentic, the clothes look right, the firearms look right. The subject of the pix does not look genuinely like a gorilla, note the dark eyes and the lighter colored body. The skull held up over the chest may be to cover the gunshot hole. Have heard of a story where a farmer in the South killed an animal that had been eating with his hogs. He took it around to the neighbors to see if they could identify it, the description of that animal fits a sasquatch. The hunters in the pix may not have known what they had killed. The second pix was probably accomplished by hanging the subject if the foreground and the hunter standing further back. I have seen old pix of this same nature.

  7. Notice how long the legs are and how short the arms are, dead give away.

  8. Bigfoot attacked my family on a camping trip. 6 witness. So sorry I told anyone where it happened. Bigfoot went from screaming at us to making cooing sounds as it ran off.

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