May 042013

bfresearchCompilation of past and new interactions that demonstrate these are an indigenous people.

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  10 Responses to “Bigfoot in Georgia: Interaction On the Fringe”

  1. As far as I’m concerned, Alex is doing the best research out there. Anybody with an open mind should watch all of his videos, and then realize that Bigfoots are an indigenous people.

  2. Well,to each his own but I’m not buying all of his “interactions”. My experience with this creature has been totally different than what is portrayed in some of his vids.

    • Cliff seems to have it right!

    • TO CLIFF: FYI…Scott Nelson has credentialed one of our audio clips and deemed it non-human…fyi. I’d put Scott’s professional opinion in this specialized field over your “I’m not buying it” any day buddy. I also have a great many researchers that know me and can vouch for my integrity … don’t bother looking in the NW. Your buddy D w the Olympic group used to call me a pyscho for calling them people a few years ago and then one day woke up.

      All that said, I do understand that not knowing someone creates distrust in their material. I AM CERTAINLY GUILTY OF THAT MYSELF. I always begin with the source before considering the material.

      • They are not people, but the are animals.

      • Alex the squatch magnet has it all figured out dont he? One thing Alex, Mr. Nelson stated that one of your clips is non human yet you call them people.The word people refers to humans. If they were human they would look like us. Its pretty obvious that they are something else. Something that is probably close to use but not quite human!

  3. Alex is such a know it all!

  4. Fuc that Cuban mo fo!

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