Mar 062013

stranfe aewa alexBack to an old area that I visit very infrequently but needed a change.  I have captured one particular speech audio here which baffled me a bit.  It didn’t sound like a sasquatch and it wasn’t anyone in this forest area out there in the middle of the night.   Anyway, I went back .

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  6 Responses to “Bigfoot in Georgia: The Strange Area”

  1. Audio hard to make out. The transition special effects
    were pretty cool.

  2. More of Alexes B.S.

    • The correct grammar is “More of Alex’s BS.” If you’re going to make one of your anonymous and stupid statements, you can at least make sure the grammar is correct! You just illustrate your ignorance. LOL Run along spanky! I just love screwing with the know-nothings.

      • At least people dont laugh at me like the do at you. Keep on hoaxing your audio, it will come back to get ya in the end.

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