Mar 252013

Reno bigfoot

He moves like a human. It’s just a man in a costume hidden by the grain of aged celluloid. There is no way that this hoax proves the existence of Bigfoot.

Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin’s 1967 footage, shot in Northern California, is not only easily the most reproduced footage of Bigfoot — it’s also the most attacked. Scientist after scientist has slowed down the motion and peeled back the layers to say that the creature on the tape provides no evidence for Bigfoot, Sasquatch, or any other variation of the hairy giant that has captured public imagination for centuries and, if ancient records are to be believed, terrorized them for millenia.


Dr. Jeff Meldrum, a Bigfoot specialist from Idaho State University who has appeared everywhere from the National Geographic Channel to NPR to the Syfy channel, explained his own findings Saturday at the Wilbur D. May Museum in Rancho San Rafael Regional Park during the museum’s “Creatures” exhibit.

Meldrum has trekked China, Russia and coast to coast of the United States to track down Bigfoot — and affirm the creature’s existence, which Meldrum said was long ago confirmed for him by footprint examinations, personal experiences and a distinct historical record. Native American legends feature creatures like Bigfoot as commonplace, but many famous American adventurers, including Theodore Roosevelt, also reference the beast in their journals.

“Lewis and Clark both wrote separately about a pass filled with fierce giants more akin to bears than people,” Meldrum said. “They described them as — get this — the men who wear no moccasins.”

The details contained in his footprint point to evolutionary characteristics that paint Bigfoot as something completely plausible — an unknown link in the evoltuonary chain between man and ape, according to Meldrum. He said footprints attributed to Bigfoot show an animal that does not step downward with its toes first like a human but with its entire foot in one sweeping motion.

“The weight is spread out across the entire surface, totally different from that of humans,” Meldrum said. “We’ve got a footprint replica from across the world that indicated the same species.”

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