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Snohomish CountyOne of the biggest mysteries of the 20th centuries has been the legend of Bigfoot and Snohomish County, as well as the Pacific Northwest, is no stranger to this mythical creature. While many local reports claim to have seen Bigfoot most are just written off as crack heads staying up for days seeing shadow people. If you have been a resident of Snohomish County for some time then you may have heard stories and/or have first hand accounts. There were even bumper stickers floating around saying “I saw Bigfoot in Smokey Point”. Not sure if those are even available anymore.

Well I am not hear to prove nor disprove claims of Bigfoot but just to share what I’ve found when exploring the County’s Bigfoot history. One of the earliest reports found was from August 1977 near Hannan Lake – Monroe area – and the story goes:


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  1. I grew up in Arlington, people often joked about the big man, but most had heard stories or at least knew somebody who had a story with credibility. You head up toward Darrington back in the day and you’d find someone who could tell you a tale or two.

  2. This last spring, 2014, 7:00 a.m., outside, heard whistling and then a response in a different tambre, this went on for several minutes, I am a small adult female, I responded with whistles and tree knocks, responses back. Went inside to wake my adult son. He came outside and walked down our driveway and saw a dark figure going over the bank into a gully. He thought it was me as I have a black coat with a hood, only it wasn’t me. I was close to where he was but was trying to be quiet and listen. We think there was an adult female whistling to her youngster and the young bigfoot was what my son saw going down over the bank into the gully. We live on an acre of land on a dead end road with a gully beyond that. Several sources of food and water are nearby.

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