Mar 062013

Deer killerEditors Notes > This video was taken with a phone camera at long distance from the subject. Just for that reason very little can be seen unless someone can zoom in on the subject down in the valley. I hate these phone cameras for evidence sake you can’t really see anything until u get right up on what your filming. I will get a friend to zoom in on this and post an update soon. If this is a bigfoot killing a deer it would be amazing evidence right ? I’m not expecting much from this so state tuned .

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  9 Responses to “Bigfoot Kills Deer Then Comes After Cameraman ?”

  1. holy @#$! that scared the living @#$ out of me!!! if that aint real. i dont know what is??? no way thats fake

  2. Sorry, i think it might be fake.

  3. Sorry guys on you tube it is listed under the Category of comedy.

  4. That looks like a human in a suit. The locomotion is nothing like a sasquatch.

  5. clearly not a comedy. vocals are right on, including screaming deer before kill. more than one sasquatch. the last pic of squatch; he is absolutely huge. if hoax, very elaborate.

  6. I don’t think so. Looks like a bad suit to me.

  7. Poor bigfoot, doesn’t even know how to walk right..clumsy thing.

  8. Cmon Chuck, dude, really?

  9. what a waste of time, it’s not even a good fake.

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