Jun 262012

Does Bigfoot live underground. Could this explain the myriad of reasons why it’s so difficult to find them, how they disappear without a trace, why we can’t find permanent living quarters, and the biggest of all where do they go during the harsh winter months in the northern regions. I think the evidence captured here by Lori Simmons and her late father could be some of the best evidence to date to explain many of the questions skeptics raise about why we can’t find them ! Watch these videos and tell me you aren’t intrigued. I have talked to Lori on the phone and my first reaction was she is telling the truth about this underground evidence and I believe her. I will have her on my radio show “Bigfoot Tonight Radio” soon to walk us through the history of her research area.

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  2 Responses to “Bigfoot Lives Underground ? Part 1”

  1. it says this video is private

  2. She had quite a bit of Videos up. But after she started posting these wacky videos where she was standing on top of a a small cave and was talking to her Sasquatch. Let me be as nice as possible and I’m a Bigtime Squatcher. Either she is on heavy medication or smoking some good gonga or she’s just full of crapola.

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