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navajo police

Well not really, but rumors have spread on Facebook that a Big foot was shot on the Navajo reservation and officials brought the body to Phoenix. (haha) Of course, these are only rumors. No one has evidence, but if you do, we want to know. webeditor@thenavajopost.com

Last year, two campers shot a virla video of what they claim was an allege bigfoot lurking in the Provo Utah mountains. Here on the Navajo Nation, there is an open vast remote area and anything could be out their.

We posted a question on facebook and asked what our readers thought or if they even seen one. 100 comments later, Heather Sandoval said, “Myth or not….some things should be left alone, your elders must have not taught you anything.” Bean Williams added, “They should just leave him alone and continue feeding him their cows if he attacks a human remember they shot a bigfoot first.”

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  22 Responses to “Bigfoot on the Navajo Nation Shot”

  1. Those who shoot a Bigfoot should be held accountable. There is no place for ignorance especially in light of the recently published DNA results. There is no question…..These are people! ? The sad thing is, they must be protected from us, who are part of their DNA family.

    • Squatchgirl, if you put an ounce of faith in that joke of a DNA paper done by that scam artist Melba Ketchum, you should be ashamed of yourself. Real scientists who have huge discoveries don’t publish their work themselves and charge $30 for it. On top of that, she didn’t even bother to spell check it! “All rights ‘PRESERVED'”!?!?!? “In light of the recently published DNA results…” What DNA results? People called some of the labs she “used” and despite what Melba had to say, they wouldn’t even consider some of it being there was no chain of custody with the evidence, thus making it worth nothing. My lord, will you people use your heads?!?! She broke every single protocol for a peer review paper! She had nothing!!!! What do you expect from a woman who claims she watches a family of them pay and feeds them muffins, and had been able to sequence “Angel DNA”! In light of this ‘Paper’, please find one and shoot it between the eye. I will loan you my AR-15!!

      • play* and feed them muffins …. guess not everyone is perfect like you 🙂

      • Agree with you Chopped. If a “real” DNA study had proven these creatures to be real(which I know they exist),then it would be the biggest story of our lives and the media storm would be insane. Yeah,charging 30 dollars for a self-published “study” is not the way things are done in the science world. As I have said before,do not hold your breath waiting for this to be accepted by science. Not gonna happen folks.

        • Have you really looked into the subject at all. The DNA results came back from several double-blind tests can several different labs. She did not tell them what it was and all the mitochondrial DNA came back here put all the nuclear DNA came back unknown. The scientific paper that published it was purchased by her because they agreed to publish the work until they’re in the lawyers advised against it. They have named a new species on hair in tissue sample and eyewitnesses account alone. The actual numbers escaped me but it had around 116 of something either base pair sequence or chromosome . Sorry don’t feel like we’re watching the video now for the correct terms and numbers I’ll leave that for you. The DNA tests on the Bigfoot DNA from several locations throughout the USA and Canada and had 1.2 million of them things I cannot remember. It was so beyond conclusive it’s ridiculous. Not too sure how much Soros is paying you guys too troll the Bigfoot subject. You can try your best to keep those who are just waking up to the fact that it’s all a hoax and the results are phony but you will never get me or any believer or anyone that has seen one too buy the bullshit your Tring to sell. The powers-that-be don’t want us to know because it will f up thier entire theory on human history, how we “evolved” and religious beliefs. So put that in your crack pipe and smoke it. LMAO just kidding buddy

  2. Gotta Luv the naysayers !

    • The Good Book says to love your neighbors. I don’t recall anything about the naysayers. But don’t quote me on that.

  3. First of all..sasquatchgirl..this wasn’t an act of ignorance. Any family who feels threatened, especially if your elderly living in a remote area, will shoot first then ask questions. 2ndly, as far as the shooter was concerned it was dark and it could have been any number of wild animals who was attacking their livestock. Even in the dark a person could be heard yelling if the family dog started barking at them. This creature made no gestures or vocal attempts to let itself be known it was person.

  4. What do you do when a big hairy creature is tearing apart your dogs, banging on walls and windows of your house, basically terrorizing you and your loved ones in your own home? What will you do if that creature decides to bust down your door and invade your home? Just like there are killers among humans, than there might be killer sasquatches too. How can you stop this? How do you communicate with a different species? My inlaws live by the river, and they are being harassed.

  5. Give him a shot a Jack! hehe…

  6. big foot, well i do beileve that are amoung us. and they have live amoung us for a long time. and maybe the oldest people on this planet and they are people just like us and they need to left alone.

  7. The Bigfoot shooting in question occurred when the creature was caught in a bear trap and was under distress. The family called park rangers who showed up and shot the creature with a tranquilizer gun after which they telephoned a government agency in Phoenix. The G-men showed up in black suvs and carted the creature off in a trailer. They also confiscated the family’s cell phones and cameras and swore them to secrecy stating “this event never happened.”

  8. we’re killing each others daily. why kill another creature we know nothing about. we going to eat it? leave it alone. it’s trying too live.

  9. I think big foot is a hairy freak!!!

  10. yiyaah1!

  11. Maybe Bigfoot might want to try some frybread and mutton stew and participate in one of our Squaw Dances which ever one he/she is near by. I bet Bigfoot can sing with a very high pitch wicked voice if we taught him/her some good Squaw Dance songs and hope he/she will represent your community. Isn’t this a thought ?

    • As long you teach him or her and he dances with your daughter or wife first. If, you have a daughter or wife. From the looks of your posts, im leaning toward maybe not.

      • If its a female then you have the honors of showing her how to have a wicked voice and the first dance to represent your community….man, you would be front page of the navajo times eating a beef jerky!!!

  12. I married bigfoots daughter last spring my friends all said wolf dude and all the rez bunnies dont listen to them their just jelouse we well take her on the opra winfry show and ge5 her a make over dont listen to those losers all thosr jhons just stay in side their nha homes and let the wifes bring home the bacon at least your wife brings in a dead deer.

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