Feb 222013

sheltersEditors Notes > I watched this video many times because these so called bigfoot dens or structures as the narrator tells us just don’t match what I come to know after years of watching bigfoot videos of proposed bigfoot structures. What first I noticed is just how much of the area is filled with broken and down trees. Normally when you see bigfoot den like structures they don’t take up what looks like hundreds of feet in all directions. When she pans the camera near the end of video look in the far background does that look like a debris fence that works it’s way as far as you can see. To me this is either wind damage or purposely built by someone fencing off this area. Tell me what you think ?

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  1. While bigfoot may indeed may shelters, I don’t see any
    indications here. I see wind damage and trees that may
    be insect deaths. Trees die and fall down all the time, that doesn’t make them bigfoot chateaus.

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