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Possible Bigfoot Sighting Reported in Southern Westmoreland County, PA-August 13, 2013

The following details were received from Eric Altman, Director of the (PBS) Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society.

Check out their website at:  At about 7: 30 AM, the witness was walking his dog in this rural wooded location. It was a nice day with low humidity and a comfortable temperature. The fellow began to hear three loud hollow sounding chopping sounds originating from the wooded hill side above his home. He soon heard what sounded like a tree falling south of where he heard the chopping noises.

At that point he noticed a figure standing near a pine tree.  The form appeared to be about 7 to 7 ½ feet tall, and appeared to be dark gray or black in color. The witness estimated that the creature was 3-4 feet wide at the shoulders. The legs were shorter than the arms which were long and hung down around the knees. The witness could not be sure if it was hair covered due to the darkness of the area.

The creature looked toward the witness for a few seconds then took three leaps to his right and covered about 15-20 feet as it went up the hill into the tree line.  Members of the PBS searched the area of the encounter but they were unable to find any evidence. They, however, felt the witness did see something.

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  1. To provide a follow up, 5 members of the PBS including myself investigated on August 18. We found the eyewitness credible and that he did see and hear something on August 13th. Upon our investigation of the sighting location, we found no evidence or sign of anything large in the immediate area that would support a Bigfoot being sighted.. The area where he claimed to have seen the figure showed no signs of any animal, human or Bigfoot traffic. The grass where he stated he saw the figure bound off was not trampled and there was no large nor small game trail leading into the tree line. Upon entering the tree line we found no signs of any broken branches, trampled brush or anything large making an entrance into the tree line. The only animal evidence found were old deer tracks and a few turkey feathers. The witness claims that when he heard the knocks, and saw the figure on the hill, it was still dark out, and very hazy conditions so he could not positively identify what he was seeing as more than a shadow that appeared to be upright. We feel that what he may have seen was not a Bigfoot, but probably a deer or similar sized animal possibly a bear as there have been several bear sighted in the wooded area in years prior. We found no evidence of human, let alone a Bigfoot traffic in the immediate area. Upon talking to neighbors they had not seen nor heard anything as of recent. There have not been any reported sightings prior or since this incident.

    • Thanks for the update Eric, if you ever have some news to get out your welcome to use my blog.

      • Thanks. And likewise if you have the same feel free to hit me up and I’ll announce it on my radio show and the PBS website.

  2. I lived in Murrysville, and in the summer of 2013 I heard the most incredible roar that came from the woods up the hill from the house I rented at the time. It was the most intense roar/scream I have ever heard. It did not come from any known animal! My girlfriend had heard a deep roar in the woods a couple of days before when smoking on my back porch. She was so frightened, she could not move.

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