Nov 162013

Forbidden BF 1Some time ago, I was interviewed by author Lisa A. Shiel for her new book, Forbidden Bigfoot. Well, it’s now available and, if like me, you’re into the stranger and more paranormally-themed aspects of the Bigfoot phenomenon, you should definitely pick up a copy!

It’s a controversial subject-matter, but – what the hell – there’s nothing wrong with controversy!

Here’s the publisher’s info on Forbidden Bigfoot:

“Mysterious footprints. Eerie screams. For centuries, if not longer, stunned witnesses have reported face-to-face encounters with the bizarre beasts responsible for mystifying us with the tantalizing evidence they leave behind. Countless books and documentaries have offered up the same explanation, that Bigfoot are nothing more than large, bipedal apes that mainstream science has yet to accept as real. But is this the truth, or merely disinformation?

“Now, Lisa A. Shiel–author of the acclaimed Backyard Bigfoot–presents the uncensored facts about Bigfoot in a meticulously researched, no-holds-barred exploration of the phenomenon. Forbidden Bigfoot exposes the startling connections between Sasquatch and other unexplained phenomena, from UFOs and fairies to stick signs and crop-circle-like formations. Shiel strips away the hype about claims of Bigfoot DNA evidence, touted as the ultimate proof, and explores what genetics and the fossil record can really tell us about these elusive creatures.

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Nov 072013


The adaptation of Eric S. Brown’s Bigfoot War series is currently  stomping around the American Film Market, and we have the first bit of sales art  for this furry affair right here. Dig it!

Origin Releasing’s Bigfoot Wars tells the story of a small town that  becomes the focal point of a brutal clash between man and a legendary beast.

The film stars C. Thomas Howell (pictured), Danny Boaz, Juli Erickson,  Frederic Doss, Holt Boggs, Elyse Bigler, Taylor Weaver, Jackey Hall, Mindy  Raymond, Carl Savering, Billy Blair, and Larry Jack Dotson as well as Monica  Harmse, Chandler Allen, and Audrey Ellis Fox.

Brian Jaynes (Humans Versus Zombies, Boggy Creek) is directing from a  script by Andrea Doss, Frederic Doss, and Jacob Mauldin.  Edgen Films and D Zone  Films are producing.

The film is set for an early 2014 premiere.

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Aug 062013

northwoodsMonsters of the North Woods by Paul Bartholomew  William Brann & Bruce Hallenback

This short but terrific book describes a plethora of Sasquatch sightings in the New York and Vermont area, which seem to mainly center around the WHitehall, New York area, where several police officers had sightings in the Abair Road area, including Brian Gosselin and his brother Paul (Paul was not a police officer, by the way), as well as other witnesses who have seen bipedal creatures as well as found tracks and heard strange vocalizations. A town called Kinderhook, New   York, is also a center of activity, where co-author Bruce Hallenbeck had several strange encounters around an area called Cushing’s Hill, along with members of his family. The UFO angle is also examined in connection to sightings, as are sightings in neighboring state Vermont. The long history of sightings going back to the 1600’s is also examined

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Jul 152013

411 book `

Missing-411 is the first comprehensive book about people who have disappeared in the wilds of North America. It’s understood that people routinely get lost, some want to disappear but this story is about the unusual. Nobody has ever studied the archives for similarities, traits and geographical clusters of missing people, until now.


A tip from a national park ranger led to 3+ years and a 7000 hour investigative effort into understanding the stories behind people who have vanished. The book chronicles children, adults and the elderly who disappeared, sometimes in the presence of friends and relatives. As Search and Rescue personnel exhaust leads and places to search, relatives start to believe kidnappings and abductions have occurred. The belief by the relatives is not an isolated occurrence; it replicates itself time after time, case after case across North America.


The research depicts 28 clusters of missing people across the continent, something that has never been exposed and was a shocking find to researchers. Topography does play a part into the age of the victims and certain clusters have specific age and sex consistency that is baffling. This is not a phenomenon that has been occurring in just the last few decades, clusters of missing people have been identified as far back as the 1800’s.


The manuscript for the research was extremely large so the story was split between two books, Missing 411 Western United States and Canada and Missing 411 Eastern United States. The Eastern version will be released in late March and will include a list of all missing people in each edition and a concluding chapter that draws both books together for conclusions.


Some of the issues that are discussed in each edition:

• The National Park Service attitude toward missing people

• How specific factors in certain cases replicate themselves in different clusters

• Exposing cases involving missing children that aren’t on any national database

• Unusual behavior by bloodhounds/canines involved in the search process

• How storms, berries, swamps, briar patches, boulder fields and victim disabilities play a role in the disappearance

• The strategies of Search and Rescue personnel need to change under specific circumstances

411 bok 3


The First Reviews Are In:


“Major news organizations do a deplorable job of covering

stories and issues which are deemed too unusual

or too far outside the box. Chances are, they will find a way

to trivialize or ignore the disturbing evidence accumulated

by David Paulides, a former lawman turned investigative

journalist. The paper trail uncovered by Paulides through

sheer doggedness is impressive, the evidence indisputable.

People are vanishing without a trace from our national

parks and forests, yet government agencies are saying nothing.

At a minimum, this story deserves space on the front

page of every newspaper in the country, and it warrants a

formal high level inquiry by the federal agencies whose files

leave little doubt that something very strange is unfolding

in our wilderness.”

George Knapp, Host, Coast to Coast AM

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Jun 102012

William Jevnings new book Haunted Valley about the 9 month investigation he conducted into the Sasquatch events that centered around one small farm near the community of Yacolt, Washington  is out in Kindle version the print version is also available.

Contact Mr. Jevning at

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