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  1. Hey Chuck,
    Happy 4th to you. It would be great if you could get her on your show. Just my opinion. It would be great to get someone else out there with her. Just find it a little hard to believe about the prison ship. Crash landed here?!?! They were way off course then. What beings were piloting the ship? How and why are they able to use portals?

  2. Hello

    I am writing to request that you remove our copyrighted content from your site. The post ( on your site contains content for which the copyright is owned by Donald Prothero and Skepticblog for which all rights have been reserved. The original content appears on Skepticblog here:

    You do not have permission to reproduce Prother’s article on your website. Please remove it. I appreciate your prompt cooperation.

    Thank you

    • Sorry for the mistake I’m quite new to Blogging and I make mistakes I was trying to post the link and I sometimes get it backwards. Please forgive me
      Thanks Chuck

      • Thank you for taking care of that.

      • Chuck, there are ways to post content without plagiarizing. You can post the link to the original content and paraphrase or put it into your own words as long as you site your sources.


  3. if i wanted to go to bigfootville how would i get there, n wat is the name of nearest town there in oklahoma

  4. Chuck,

    I recently found your blog and I think its great. This is something I have been looking for. You are not afraid to give your thoughts while trying to be clear and precise about issues without personal insults. You also control comments avoiding the profanity, sex talk and flaming by trolls that dominate a certain popular blog at this time. Thanks for keeping the issue Bigfoot, and demanding only civil discourse.

    You were right. I did blast you on a video when you were trying to keep the issue private. That was wrong of me. I do apologize.

  5. I had an experience, well lets just say since I’ve lived here…I don’t know the migration patterns… I don’t know if this thing lives in my back yard, or just visits.. All I know is that it’s there, regularly. I’m concerned about reporting it because I don’t want too much attention drawn to it. I thought about setting up camera’s but I thought better on it. My first couple of encounters were hair -raising, for both parties. And for the last 4-5 years I have been gathering evidence that I can on my own. Funny I lived in the country, but it was the day I moved into a Knox city apartment when I no longer had doubts this creature existed!

    • Travis sorry for the long wait but my contact page was not working right on my end and I had no idea |
      had these remarks, Can I call you or you call me about your visits ?

  6. Your article about News Interesting and The DNA results I found a non-news piece just because of the fact
    that Ben Radford put his two cents in. I have never heard
    anything that guy has said that was anything but negative about anything. He is the biggest joke I have
    ever heard. It doesn’t matter the subject, he can find any
    number of reasons to counter it. I think he has a real issue with his mother.

  7. My husband was on your radio show discussing Bigfoot sightings and talked about his books on the subject. I was sitting next to him the whole time of the interview and could see that he was having a wonderful time. However, things weren’t so wonderful when we received an MCI phone bill for $162 ($2.65 per minute and the interview lasted 62 minutes). My husband has been interviewed many times on radio and not once has he ever had to pay for the privilage. I understand you may not be equipped with a budget in order to pay for guests phoning in and the subsequent charges (I’m curious why you didn’t call him to save him the expense) but to simply stick it to a guest to deal with the long distance phone charges when the bill arrives seems very unprofessional and a bit skeevy. I doubt he will ever want to be on your show again.
    P.S. I attempted to send an email via your website but it failed to sent several times.

    • Wow! Thanks for posting this…this is the last time I’ll be visiting this website and I’ll be letting everyone I know not to visit this page, as well.


    • Who in the world pays $2.65 a minute for phone service these days!

  8. Hi there!

    I would like to share the following point of view about this phenomena that intrigue

    us and fascinate us to all of us:

    Since researchers have not caught, killed, or rarely even sighted a Bigfoot after

    many, many years of unsuccessfully searching using guns, gadgets, and call blasting,

    they would have figured it out that the Sasquatch are an interdimensional people and

    not just a clever animal. It remains obvious that there nature people possess some

    psychic abilities that have allowed them to stay hidden from us for so long. Not only

    do we need to change our outmoded field methology, but we need to shift from the way

    we think, to perceive living nature as an integral part of us, not something

    separate, fightening, and wild. Holistically and spiritually, they are us and we are

    them in the Great Oneness of an interconnected universe.

    They are without a doubt a higher form of human living inside hairy bodies. They are

    unique with a huge capacity to love and socially interact with Homo Sapiens if we let

    them; if only we would stop the immature behavior of monster-hunting. Like attracts

    like; opposites repel!

    Sasquatches will throw out “fear” to hunters and hikers in the forest, when they have

    their family nearby and don’t want anyone in the area. The intruders merely have an

    overwhelming feeling of doom and they quickly leave the area. This is a hauting

    feeling that numerous witnesses have described.

    These beigns are nature’s cosmic contradiction, a beautiful anomaly of sensitive

    humanity living inside an animal-like body’ an anthropological wonder roaming our

    planet while constantly avoiding the deadly, dominant race of spoilers that we have

    chosen to become.

    We must stop being so anthropocentric, so racially prejudiced first for which White

    European-Americans are historically infamous. Our society teaches more of material

    values emphasizing the accumulation of wealth, which has put our culture out of

    balance with nature. We have become spiritually bankrupt in many ways. Where’s the

    compassion, our feelings, our caring and altruism?

    They are people and want the world to know the truth of who they really are but we

    are not ready yet. There are no monsters out there, except for misbehaving people who

    lack spiritual awareness.

    There must be a major “portal” or vortex leading to another dimension where the

    chupacabras and other cryptids enter and exit our world, it has to be that.

    I think we all should start consider this, let’s share it…

  9. For everyone’s general info. Netflix has ” The Legend of
    Bigfoot ” an old film by Ivan Marx. Not a big fan of Ivan’s,
    but there it is. In the film is Marx’s film of not one but 2
    bigfoots at once. Ever hear of it, I think this is the one
    Rene Dahinden exposed as a hoax. Also on Netflix, is
    Tom Biscardi’s ” Bigfoot Lives “. In this film Biscardi claims he and Marx were ” partners “. Birds of a feather.
    They are worth watching if only for talking material, not
    much else.

  10. Ok. It’s December 21 2012 and we are still here. Oh
    well better luck next time. I’m supposed to start out the
    new year by having cataracts removed from my eyes.
    Maybe then I can see a bigfoot. I would like to wish all
    a Merry Christmas and a better New Year. Looks like
    the folks who were betting on the Mayan Calender need
    to rethink their next few years. I hope we can at least
    learn how to make this world worth saving. Best Wishes

  11. Merry Christmas everyone ! Thank you for being one of the best places to find and discuss everything BIGFOOT. Keep it coming. 🙂

  12. Happy New Year to everyone, everywhere!

  13. Chuck, I am supposed to go to northern Ontario, Canada in August for a fishing fiasco,er expedition.
    Do you have the e-mail address of the Ontario bigfoot
    crew. Thanks.

  14. Last week, I asked you to remove the copyrighted sketch

    I am surprised that it was not done. We do not mind if you link to us, but you MAY NOT copy the material. Notice the P. Barker (c)2004 to the right of the hand.

    The Sasquatch Illustration Project sketches sasquatch from witness descriptions. You can see the copyrighted work here.

    • Sorry will not use it again, I have seen it used for years and thought you wouldn’t mind your sketch being seen. I will never use it again Thanks for informing me.

  15. Not sure if you’ve noticed or not but the MABRC have been sued and lost big time.. And Randy and Darren have been conspicuously absent from public forums lately. I believe it is due
    to the massive lawsuit that they were both involved with recently in which Darren had a $1.2 million judgment levied against him and Randy settled out of court recently.
    Please email me for details, this needs to be posted publicly to inform all of the people who have been publicly harassed by Darren Lee and Randy Harrington.
    The information that I will forward IS public record and can be verified.

    Interested Observer

  16. Chuck. Whenever you have a minute email me. I’m ready to post my summers work In the field. I think there’s about a dozen pictures of different subjects that would make for some interesting talking points. I shot some video and stills of a white one today. Mike

  17. I’m an illustrator who worked with Justin Smeja to render drawings of the juvenile sasquatches he saw. I recently created a new Facebook page, “The Sasquatch Cartoonist” that features my Bigfoot cartoons and designs. I add new ‘toons and designs frequently and the ‘Squatch designs are available on all types of merchandise from T-shirts to shower curtains.
    I’m a big fan of Bigfoot Buzz and I’d like to be able to send a couple of examples of my ‘Squatch art for your perusal. If that’s cool, please let me know.

    • You bet dude would love to see them .I would love to have you feature them every week you could have your own spot here.

  18. If you get this message and want to see an adult and youngster female bigfoot together I will send it to you.. If you receive it and can see the rounded faces standing on the right side of the broken tree. Note the small noses and recessed eyes. These are hominids, not apes. If you send a copy of the photo back to me and it has not been replaced with something different. WE will both know if there is a cover up ! If you agree, Send me your email and that will make it easier to send it to the right place, Murph

  19. I know wares a Bigfoot walking path in Albany NY. I saw the being, 27 yards from me , we had eye to eye contact and in the 20 seconds the being showed me amazing things. this is real. please E-mail me then I will send you my phone number. thank you

    Mike Mooney

  20. Is bigfoot in stone creek ohio i saw it in my neighbors field if you know any hunters let me know’

  21. I caught a Samsquanch taking a big ol steamy dump in my flower bed. The neighbors cat buried it under some mulch.

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