Credit without credit check at the record

A credit check with the credit record floats all those who have negative entries in the credit record.

You are concerned that the credit record exam will no longer allow credit. But these concerns are not always justified. There are certainly opportunities to take a credit without credit check at the credit record.

Why the credit record query?

Why the credit record query?


Why is it so immensely important for the banks and also for many traders to ask the credit record of the prospective buyer before the granting of loans or a purchase on account? A question that many consumers face and whose meaning they do not understand.

Credit record stores economic data about all consumers living in Germany. These include account relationships and contracts, such as those entered into for loans. In addition, data is stored that prove a non-payment of payment agreements.

Such negative entries are bad as they affect the creditworthiness of the borrower. Even if the liabilities are settled, the negative entries remain in the credit record for at least two more years. In case of bankruptcy even for at least three years.

This is particularly hard for those who have laboriously worked their way out of their financial crisis and want to re-establish access. A credit without credit check at the credit record is therefore often the only way to really go for this new beginning.

The classic installment loan

The classic installment loan


There are not many credit models that work as credit without credit check at the credit record. Unfortunately. The classic installment loan is among the models that can not be used in such a situation. In any case, not if the installment loan is to be taken here in Germany. German banks always check the credit record before awarding a loan.

Without their query, there will be no opportunity for a loan. Even if a guarantor is called in because of the faulty credit record, it is always the case that the borrower and the guarantor are checked. To get around this, you have to switch to another credit model.

The Dispo

The Dispo


The Dispo would be such a credit model, which also works as credit without credit check at the credit record. Since the MRP is usually provided directly at the account opening and thus can be retrieved at any time, it must not be requested separately if necessary. A fast access without the query of credit record is possible.

How high the disposition is at the dispatching, can not be answered flat rate. However, a glance at the bank statement reveals the scope of the granted credit.

Our note: The use of the Dispos is usually associated with high interest rates. He should therefore – if at all – only be used at short notice in order not to let the costs go up in the air.

Credit without credit check at credit record – foreign credit


For a loan without credit check at the credit record is also thought of a foreign loan. Foreign banks can not query the German credit record, so it is generally a credit without credit check at the credit record.

However, what has to be considered:

All it takes is a credit check with credit record, and the borrower still has to prove its creditworthiness. And with the help of proof of income, a contract of employment and possibly even bank statements. In addition, there is often only a small loan abroad up to 7500 euros. But the offers are fair and the conditions quite praiseworthy.

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