Feb 242013

derek11Derek Randles co-founder of the Olympic Project has been researching for Sasquatch for over 25 years. The Olympic Project members collected over 38 samples of Bigfoot biological material for the Dr. Ketchum DNA Project that just published their findings. Please Join us Sunday night at 9 pm eastern 6 pm Pacific on the Bigfoot Tonight Show. Call in number 760-888-5753  Ask him your question.

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  4 Responses to “Derek Randles on Bigfoot Tonight Radio Sunday Night”

  1. Should be a good one.

  2. Boy was he defensive. Refusing to acknowledge the issues with Ketchum and Rick Dyer is sadly telling. Just because a hoaxing con artist treats you pleasantly doesn’t mean they are not a hoaxing con artist. Just lost a ton of respect for Randles. Now I bet he signs an NDA and we never hear what he really sees in Vegas, thus perpetuating the fraud.

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