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1999, Lake Wappapello, Missouri: Blonde Bigfoot Spotted Climbing Trees

Luke Melba was hiking around Lake Wappapello when he heard some strange noises up ahead of him.  He figured the grunting and hooting came from excited teenagers having a bit of a romp in the woods.  But as he approached and the noises increased in volume and intensity, Melba began to doubt his conclusion.

When he heard the bark scraping, like a dog trying to run on polished hardwood floors, Melba knew that there was an animal or animals out there.  Possibly several attempting to climb a tree to escape detection.

Melba stepped off the path to investigate. A few yards into the woods, he claims that he saw a large blonde hairy Bigfoot halfway up a large tree. He stood and watched as the creature labored upward. Luke Melba recognized the massive body and long limbs as a Bigfoot immediately.  While he never believed in the existence of the monster prior to this sighting, he has spent the ensuing years attempting to contact the creature.

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  1. Does a bear poop in the woods?

  2. they could of at least shown a blonde bigfoot in the picture above!

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