Jun 272013

SiberiaEditors Notes ? Last night I watched Siberia a new reality survivor type show on Comcast On Demand. The show opener had 16 men & women competing for a $500,000 prize for the last person holding out in the remote area of Siberia known as |Tunguska. If you know your history Tunguska is the area where in 1908 a asteroid exploded in the atmosphere destroying over 2500 square miles of forest. 


Now these folks all with only the clothes on their backs are asked to survive in this place through the artic cold winter. Halfway through the episode they hear these large howls that scared the contestants so bad they ran into their cabins and hid till morning. One thing about this show is it was setup as No rules, meaning you literally could do whatever you wanted it was up to the group if they would accept it or not. It looks like we may have a Lord of the Flies type scenario beginning here.

What happens next is just not what you see on reality TV one of the cameraman is attacked and killed by some unknown creature while filming the folks collecting mushrooms to eat. This cameraman’s death is actually caught on film and the cast is offered  a chance to stay or leave the next day it is up to them. From what I heard and saw this creature must be a Yeti or Russian Wildman that attacked the cameraman. You must see it for yourself, is this reality or a well fabricated hoax ? The cameraman certainly looked bloodied and injured but who knows.  His death was just amazing to see in a reality TV show.

I will wait and see but it certainly had me hooked to watch the next episode which will air July 1st on NBC.

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  1. From watching the promo I am skeptical that it is “reality” as we know it. It feels scripted and produced to me. But I intend to watch it and see what happens. It does catch my interest.

    • Yeah this looks to me like a show about a pretend reality show. Could be fun, especially if you like survival stuff like I do.

  2. they’re all on facebook. tommy, the guy that died, is on twitter as of today. it was fun to watch but obviously just a tv show with actors.

  3. Yep,just a scripted reality show!

  4. it is a “dramatic scripted series”
    a fictional drama about a fictional reality show,
    they are picking up on Bigfoot mythology

  5. Why waste your time even looking at such BS!!! This is just as bad as those finding bigfoot assholes!!


  6. Obviously this isn’t really a reality show. It’s scripted. It looks kinda cool though.

  7. If you read the fine print in the closing credits it says that the events are fictional and the participants are actors.

  8. The camera man lived… Tommy was a “contestant”

  9. its sad that tommy died hopefully its all fake

  10. What happend to Tommy?????

  11. It’s obviously “FAKE!” Geek made me laugh when he got scared after heraing that crazy thing in the woods. Fake, but interesting.

  12. What a BS Show trying to think we are stupid. Cameraman is not dead it’s all acting with fake scripting.

  13. the cameraman didnt die get your facts straight, it was the hippy who helped the injured kid. the cameraman was the one that came back with a head wound

  14. the show os not real. iits scripted to look like a reality show. but i do agree it is eiither a yetii pr aliens.

  15. Did these people die or not, I don’t think so, they are all actors so they are acting. They are not actually dead otherwise why aren’t the families of these people got the police in to investigate the show. Things aren’t as they seem. But I think the show is really good for watching value and am enjoying it, but I know that its like a thriller with a lot of twists and turns and strange occurrence for the entertainment value. But its one of the first of its kind so keep watching for the fun of it and hope when someone wins the $500,000 everyone will turn up at the end show. Great to watch.

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