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sykes dna done

Chuck’s Notes > I know personally many of the folks that Dr. Sykes has visited in America and collected alleged Bigfoot DNA. They tell me that coming soon in the next 6 weeks or so there will be a documentary previewing all these researchers DNA results. So expect the publication of this DNA study much sooner then that very soon in the next couple weeks.

Over a year ago, geneticist Bryan Sykes launched the Oxford-Lausanne Collateral Hominid Project:

As part of a larger enquiry into the genetic relationship between our own species Homo sapiens and other hominids, we invite submissions of organic material from formally undescribed species, or “cryptids”, for the purpose of their species identification by genetic means. (Sykes, 2012)
The aim was to retrieve DNA from alleged remains of Yeti, Bigfoot, and the like. At the time, I was skeptical that anything would come of the project, since most remains of this type seem to be of dubious provenance. And then there’s the problem of contamination due to human handling.
So I was surprised to see this update on the project webpage, dated August 2013:
Thanks to all who have contributed samples to the project. We have collected and analysed over thirty samples and results are being prepared for publication. Following normal procedure, no results or other information will be available prior to publication, so please do not enquire.
Academics normally don’t like to publish negative results. When I googled the project name, I came across this report about Bryan Sykes meeting with people who had submitted samples of alleged Bigfoot remains:
Interestingly, Professor Sykes has been visiting North America recently in order to speak with some of the researchers who have submitted samples, and he has also met with US Fish and Wildlife officials at one of their main laboratories located in Melford, Oregon. It has been revealed that Professor Sykes was in California very recently to speak with Justin Smeja, and also to be filmed for a documentary detailing his study which will be released on BBC Channel 4 once the results of the many samples tested by Sykes are published in a scientific journal. (Cooney, 2013)
Something seems to be afoot.
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  1. Ok, now what. If the great and powerful doctor from across the mighty ocean comes down from the mountain and spreads his all knowing to the masses, and he says the same thing that Dr. Ketchum said.
    I think I’ll load up my 12 gauge and start collecting crows because someone has a lot to eat.

    • I have a mighty good idea that he will…….

    • Ketchum had nothing! Zero, zip, nada! Anyone who has had any education with a science/bio background laughed at her self published paper. I have my PHd and have done many papers in Pathophysiology, and her paper made no sense. Hell, she referenced a paper that was meant to be satire as evidence! If anyone can bring any credibility to this it will be Sykes. And I bet that every bit of evidence he has is either cross contaminated or something else. When that happens, you retards who follow Ketchum will still think she put it to rest. Jesus, some of you people need to take a few classes before you put all your faith in a bleach blond vet who wears her makeup like a two dollar hooker.

      • And if Sykes arrives at the same results
        as Ketchum……………?

      • Let’s see, Skeptard RickJ, you have a “PHd” and can’t spell PhD, very interesting. Let’s pause to think about that one . . .

        Alright, I’ve stopped laughing for a moment.

        I would say that this inability you just displayed calls into question your claim of a “PHd”, let alone a “PhD”. Phew.

        I would think a “PHd”er also could spell the feminine form of blond: “blonde”.

        “Jesus”. Instead of cursing with that name, why not say “Judas”, the traitor?

        You have really stepped in it RickJ; you are the textbook skeptardical hypocrite:

        While claiming a PhD you misspelled it.

        While lecturing others on taking classes (and prefacing this attempt at insult with “Jesus”), you misspelled “blonde”.

        When you come on high and mighty, bragging about your credentials and warning others to take classes, you had better well make bloody sure that your tirade contains no embarrassing errors, which it does.

        Let’s take a look at the quality of writing in your “many papers.” I’ll wager, if such papers even exist (and by a bona fide “PHd”! yuk yuk yuk), that they are littered with these language blunders.

        Why not post links to some of your “many papers”?

        You can see what good a science degree does in the art of writing: not much!!!

        You RickJ “need to take a few [English] classes before you” go shooting your ignorant mouth off about your ridiculous science credentials.

        Congratulations on your gigantic, hypocritical stupidity.

      • Hey prickJ, You are nothing but a puke,who thinks he is so smart when all you can do is shoot your ignorant cocksucking mouth off.
        At least M Ketchum has her education and a successful business behind her..all you have is your mouth!!! And if you think your a Big Man and want to back up your mouth you know where to find me puke!!!

        • A successful business with a BBB rating of “F”. The “F” stands for how she has fucked over idiots like Paulides, Carpenter and others. You dave are a stupid PRICK!

    • Your an IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I personally think Melba is off her rocker and her paper was laughable at best. However,I do think that Sykes may have a bit more success in getting science to take a long look at this subject. I don’t worry about him producing the same results as Melba,totally different talent level. Its like comparing Michael Jordan to a YMCA weekend warrior. No comparison. I am hoping that Mr. Sykes can,at the least,produce something that does NOT include lemur lol.

  3. to be clear… a peer reviewed paper will precede the documentary?

  4. Finally a legit study is about to come out. Melba went down in flames along time ago!

  5. While you may be correct about academics not wanting to publish negative results, this is a different case.

    I have no idea of Sykes’ feelings, but could it be a case of wanting to put a myth to bed if that is the results? Either way, this study is well known and the results would be expected from those waiting.

    • I know something I can’t tell, I can’t tell, I know something I can’t tell about the result’s. La la la la la la …………………………………………………………….

  6. Can any of us without a DNA science background make any conclusions one way or the other about Ketchum or Sykes’ upcoming revelation?

  7. PHd. roflmao…..what a tool

  8. What if… Just, what if Sykes finds the same thing or something similar to Ketchum? Will the Bigfoot community’s armchair geneticists and DNA analysis experts descend on his very soul to smear and besmirch him as it has with her?

  9. There will be nothing but “intriguing possibilities” that will “warrant further study”. Always the same shit, different egomaniac.

  10. Ok guys. I want the Sykes study to reveal possible unknown hominid existence (bigfoot).

    BUT…IF (and I say IF) The study comes out that all samples are bear, hog, etc, not sasquatch,

    WILL the myth be put to bed for most of the believers and “researchers”????

  11. Do these people think that making nasty remarks about people is any kind of evaluation of a persons work? they have no idea what Melba Ketchums work is because they have no education. and they think that adding up a lot of insulting comments because they want to be on the side of the powers that smear and reject any one whose work threatens their being considered some kind of expert, means anything, they are useless people. truth is never subject the the democratic process of voting. but stupid will always just be stupid

  12. Is that Sykes paper written and in review? Where? Will it be published? The documentary did not reveal any bigfoot.

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