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sykes bbcCP Notes > As I have stated on this blog for the past 3 months Dr. Bryan Sykes will show the world in three BBC documentaries over the next 4 weeks the results of the Bigfoot DNA samples he tested from Siberian *Yeti”  North America “Sasquatch”, and Russian” Wildman.” Will he backup Dr.Ketchum’s work or have tested out something totally new. The Brits will see it first but the news will flash around the world. Buckle up looks like were on our way for one wild ride !


Yeti, Bigfoot, Abominable Snowman, Sasquatch and Almasty are just some of the names for mysterious creatures across the globe that have fascinated cryptozoologists and confounded scientists for decades.

Sasquatch Geesis

Are they an ancient hominid, a member of the human family like Neanderthals? Are they giant apes or some other species? Or are they simply hoaxes? A leading British geneticist believes he has the tools to finally answer the riddle.

Oxford Professor of Human Genetics Bryan Sykes has assembled substantial physical evidence, which he subjects to the most sophisticated DNA tests available, as he and presenter Mark Evans hope to answer scientifically, once and for all, the mystery of Bigfoot.

He risks altitude sickness at Everest Base Camp, where the photograph of a footprint in the snow set off Yeti mania in 1951. He traces the legend through ancient manuscripts, holy relics and a Nazi expedition, and meets people convinced they have come face-to-face with the creature known in the west as the Abominable Snowman.


Meanwhile Professor Sykes reveals the results of his DNA tests on the Yeti hair samples he’s collected. The results are spectacular and unexpected.

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  1. To that profane potty mouth on another thread: you were right, my bad. let’s see if he goes through with it.

  2. It’s getting ready to hit the fan I take it, does anyone know who and where Sykes got his sample from? Would they get paid for giving him that sample are does he take all the credit?

  3. Channel 4 is a British TV channel, but it is not part of the BBC.
    Sykes hasn’t said anything about what he has from US. He was the guest of Rhettman Mullis this past summer and collected samples then. He will probably reveal where samples came from during the course of the series.

  4. Finally a credible study.

  5. Television programs. It is not how legitimate science is done.

  6. Don’t hope too much. Till now he said that many samples were from the known animals’ species…

    • Read again Pal also I’m one of the persons that gave him the samples!! So I know what he has but I can’t talk want to but can’t!!

      World will be in SCOCK!!

      • Sykes is not getting any results to proving that bigfoot is real. He has delayed the project and is wanting some more samples to test to hopefully prove the creature exists. So far he has nothing.

        • You know sometimes it’s best to keep your mouth shut and have people think of you as a dumb ass, Then to open your mouth and prove them right!!!

          Shut the fuck up asshole for you don’t know what your talking about!!

          • I know what im talking about maybe we could know what you were talking about if you would spit out that Lumpy Seamen you homo!

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