May 192013

Editors Notes > I just learned that Icon Entertainment will begin filming in June a three part series on Bigfoot around the world. . Dr. Bryan Sykes will appear in each episode to give the results of DNA evidence collected by research teams in each country. The episodes will have local research teams following the Yeti, The Russian Wildman and finally the North American Sasquatch.

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From what I understand the North American Sasquatch Episode will include Dan Shirley and Garland Fields, Mary Lutz and Justin Smeja. Their episode will begin filming in June 3rd and the air date will be sometime in the fall in Europe and America.


This was all put together while Dr. Bryan Sykes was in the US a few months ago when he met with those who were picked to appear in the North American Sasquatch Episode.



I haven’t got any info on the other two episodes other then they will follow research teams who track the Yeti and Russian Wildman..


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  1. Sounds like something Rick Dyer would do.

  2. Wait wait wait! Then wait some more! F these guys.

  3. Buck naked is right. When ya got one then come on line. Shut up already.

  4. I’ll fight Sykes anytime jackoff.

  5. Justin Smeja is considered a “researcher” now, eh? Interesting.

    • He shot and killed two bigfoots you know? He passed a lie detector test and everything!
      No physical proof but…. who cares? Just take his word for it. Like everything else in bigfoot. This is the kinda stuff that keeps me coming back for more!
      Oh, and, I am a researcher too! So are you!

  6. My God what happened while I was fishing ?

  7. Where is Dr. Melba Ketchum and her studies. In contact with one of the guys that retrieved some of the samples she used. Haven’t been involved in this very long. Came out in Nov.2012 with our encounter 14 yrs. ago and it was printed on a blog. in Feb. I hope this is not going to be another, Finding Bigfoot Show. Where is Dr. Jeff Melldrum, Scott Carpenter, Todd Standings, etc. Saw the Smeja video?
    I know that what was seen on my land was not a bear or orangutan. I want people that are not out, for just camera face time. I’m not saying it’s here and I’m not saying it’s not here. I want honest answers. Not people looking for notoriety.

  8. I don’t give my name out because of some of the comments I read before I posted. Amazing???

    • You didn’t give your name because you a soft wrap ass coward. ANYBODY ELSE WHO COMMENTS “Anonymous” IS A PUSSY COWARD AND CAN GO SUCK A DICK.

      • Man, you are a nasty and offensive little keyboard bully! I will use the name “Nick Miller” when I post in the future.

        • The truth is, I only post on this bigfoot forum because I have a keen interest in large hairy men.

          • You know what they say about a man with big feet. tee hee
            Oooh, my mouth is watering just thinking about those big , uh, feet!

  9. I agree with “Anonymous” (The two posts just above mine.) “Honest answers & Not people looking for notoriety.” That is what I want as well. That would also be a good name for a forum or a group of real researchers. But oh well, it is what it is.

    By-The-Way : I’ve been learning as much as I can about Justin Smeja and the “Sierra Kills”. For what its worth, and this is just MY OPINION, I believe him.
    And yes, I also believe Rick Dyer.
    I have no evidence for either story. However, I believe the evidence will come out in time. Rick and Team Tracker certainly has more tangible proof than Smeja, and I believe everyone needs to be patient as we will all know the truth soon.
    I also believe Justin Smeja’s story of the “Sierra Kills” will be proven true. I doubt it will be anytime soon, but I think the evidence is out there and will be found.


  10. We’ll see in October when the results are presented, enough talking now I had my fun.

  11. Hey “GE” have you ever sucked on Big Foots Tig Ol’ Bitties? Taste like cambodian breast milk and it sounds like you have a mouth full of it.
    LMAO George is a profssional ass eater because he talks a lot of SHIT. BITCH BE GONE!!!!

  12. Hey bro this isn’t the bigfoot evidence blog chill.
    Ps I’m sick of waiting.

  13. It’s so nice to hear everyone is playing as good little
    boys and girls should.

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