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The Ketchum study has been said to be ready for publication any month now. The sad part is that we have heard this rumor for a long time now. I personally interviewed Dr. Ketchum on my old radio show Bigfoot Busters nearly two years ago this Halloween.

The first half of the show I interviewed Dave Paulides author of the books The Hoopa Project and Tribal Bigfoot. Dave was also a contributor of bigfoot biological samples to the Ketchum DNA Project. Dave was extremely helpful to Dr. Ketchum coordinating the retrieval of bigfoot samples from other researchers across the country.

After the break halfway through the show Dr. Ketchum joined us and my first question was how she got involved in testing samples for bigfoot DNA. She said that for 15 years she had bigfoot researchers and others bring her samples to be tested for unknown animals, they brought her hair, scat and other biological material to be tested, none of it ever amounting to anything. She said even though the samples never amounted to anything she remained open minded to the possibility of finding evidence one day. Then in the spring of 2008 Dave Paulides and Josh Gates from Destination Truth submitted hair for testing. She said that back then she got so tired of dealing with these samples that she screened them to run on human markers and if they tested out fine then she knew they had something. These two samples turned out to be something special but thinking they were just like all they others she wasted most of the sample but the results made her believe there was evidence worth continuing the research. It turned out that after the Destination Truth episode aired in 2009 she began to be flooded with samples from all over the country and North America. So it was Destination Truth that actually caused the flood of bigfoot hair, blood, bone and scat samples to inundate her lab prompting her to begin this first ever wide ranging study into Bigfoot DNA. She explained how difficult it was to pull the mitochondrial DNA out of the hair shafts of Sasquatch hair and there was a raging debate with her team to what was causing this compared to other creatures she has tested. I asked her how many unknowns she has collected in the last year and she stated quite a few but she couldn’t talk about the actual results yet. She went on to state that she was doing everything by the book scientifically so that this study would stand up in court. Ketchum said this would be a peer reviewed paper which is now being written and when published is when this all will come out in the open. I asked Dr. Ketchum if the samples taken from DT  look the same as the North American sample hairs and she said there very similar across continents but the DT samples did have fibers also.  We had some questions come in from our chatroom concerning protecting the samples from human contamination and Dr. Ketchum stated they treated all samples like forensic testing and did all the protocols to preserve their integrity.

Next we had a caller and Adrian Erickson was on the other end of the line a big surprise to us all. He went on to say that he had a few samples being tested with Dr. Ketchum, then went on to discuss the killing of two sasquatch in Canada that he heard about. In one case the hunter thought he killed a giant hairy human of some sort and just ran off. The other case they buried it and years later they came back to try and find it and there was nothing left to recover. Adrian used this story to explain why so little evidence of these creatures bodies or bones can ever be found because animals and nature consume them so easily.  Mr. Erickson also talked about the evidence he has collected over the five year period since he began. He said he had collected blood and saliva samples tested by Dr.Ketchum and video, audio and still images of the bigfoot he has taken from his five study sites across the US and Canada. Adrian also went on at length to tell our audience how hard Dr. Ketchum has worked over the past year to get this study done to a point where sleep was a luxury she seldom got much of. I asked him next if he had any tips for all the researchers out there how he was able to collect all the video evidence he has. He got his video from semi habitual sites where over time and using food the local sasquatch gained the trust of those living on the property and attained video evidence that equals or surpasses Patterson/Gimlin. Then Tim had another question from our chatroom and he asked Dr. Ketchum if she believes Bigfoot does exist ? She happily said without hesitation “Yes without question I can answer that without any problems, you’ll just have to wait for the details.” After a question from a caller Scott Carpenter on handiling and preserving DNA in the field Dr. Ketchum said “If you have samples you must get them in soon time is running out”

My next question to Dr. Ketchum is very telling in that this is the two year anniversary of this interview coming up. I ask her “Dr. Ketchum is there anything that can keep this DNA evidence from ever coming out” She answered “I certainly hope not, I have tried to overkill to satisfy peer review and get passed. The peer review will happen unless we get biased people that refuse to pass it for selfish reasons, or if we have some conspiracy theory going that it’s prevented. We have done peer review papers before it’s no big deal,  The Science will pass it’s just getting pass someone with a preconceived notion” ” We have done more then you need to pass peer review.” If it doesn’t pass quickly the first time through we will submit to another journal” then she said “you know everyone gets all excited about bigfoot it’s just another organism you write it up like you do anything else and submit it” then I said “you have to do more then most DNA peer review papers” We have to because of the nature of the beast, pardon the pun”. We had another question from the chatroom and Polypodium asked her about the release date and if government officials have contacted her. Her answer will have much meaning today I will paraphrase her remarks. She said some folks have voiced concerns about the peer review process in the USA, that’s why we have many copies and we will submit INTERNATIONALLY ! I emphasis this now because of the Oxford Study in England and their November release date. I finish up this interview with Dr. Ketchum with this last question Do you have idea when this study may be released. She said “Probably sometime in the spring, It’s going to depend on the peer review,” Were very close, were writing right now and well on our way with it” The deed is done were still adding samples here and there.” This interview is not complete but the most important parts were included. This took place October 31 2010. What Happened ?

Chuck Prahl

Bigfoot Tonight Radio

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  1. Big Yawn………It’s like the boy who cries wolf just to many times. Come on already.

  2. What happened is she is incompetent! She got all kinds of samples true, but had no idea what to do. She has drug this community around by the nose for far too long. Now she is surounded by the likes of people who we need not name but have their own agenda to make these creatures “human”. She came to this with a preconcieved notion and tried to make research fit her belief. Sadly, too many jumped on the band wagon and will now look like fools part of another hoax.

  3. I think the first two comments didn’t get it. She did everything right scientifically I think the real message here is what she said near the end of the interview with Chuck ,she said people informed her that submitting this evidence no matter how perfect the science may have trouble in peer review in the USA.Why ? That’s what I want to know. Maybe she has been held back all this time waiting for the white night Dr. Sikes to come in and save the day in England.

    • Then if that would be the case then say it, don’t just keep saying its coming. Time will always tell…so in the mean time I will WAIT. BIG YAWN again.

  4. I can’t believe it has been three years and I still expect this to be real. And, I still do till it’s not. When is it not?
    I suppose if Sykes publishes, whatever his take. If he says no Bigfoots all the silliness stops and if he says there are what then?

  5. Here is my two cents: One thing I have learned in all of this Bigfoot stuff, patience/patience/patience and you guess it patience. How long did the US Consititution take to be completed, Rome was not built in a day, I could go on and on. This DNA thing is probably one of the most largest scientific projects next to putting man on the moon. Maybe, maybe not. My advice is just build the complete unthinkable patience understanding you can handle. People want something here and now, DNA project is not Burgerking, We can’t have it our way, I am waiting just like everyone else, but having unthinkable patience in this is the key to finding out the answer to all of our questions about this subject. It is what it is, wait and see, yes it has been several years, but is another several years. I can wait, why can’t anyone else??????

  6. My point is to remind people that Dr.Ketchum went beyond what the Journals normally need to publish scientific work. That she has had 15 tears of DNA analysis. But still she can’t get published. Is it the scientific community in this country that can’t accept this work ?

  7. I fully beleave that they are there. i have been in some of the places that they roam. I am an avid hunter both rifle and camera. I prefer camera but I belong to people eating tasty animals so. My point is that seeing these locations and knowing how hard it can be to even find something as large as a moose when it doe not wish to be seen. If these creatures are 2/3 rds as smart as we and still maintain the original senses that homo sapians have lost, they could hide in your back yard. We as a species even with technoligy are useless and clumsy in the wild. The only time we realy get a glimpse of nature is by chance or by animal contact in which they have adjusted to a human presence.

  8. I wish to add that there are people who have studied wolverines who outside of trapped or monitored subjects have onle seen them in the wild once or twice in thier careers. We are talking twenty year studies. they have a small population, maintain large areas of habatat or teratory and are very smart. If you apply this rational to a species that could be much more intelligent and much more in line with how humans think and act. I do not care how big they are you will not see them except by accident or if they wish you to or are just preocupied or indifferent to your presence at that time. I appoligize for my horrendus writing or spelling skills, I rode the short bus to grammer school. Spent the rest of my time in the bush.

    • That’s ok. Most of us can’t read too good anyway.

      • I can read well enough. Its just seperating the fact and fiction part that seems to be increasingly difficult. I have not seen a bigfoot might have seen tracks once to hard to tell and was getting dark could have been a griz. It was in Alberta Can when I lived and worked in the mountains.
        I realy do not know if I would haved wished to see one as i always hiked alone.Would like to go and try to find one as part of a party though might be interesting.

        • I think most of us fall in that
          catagory, Dano. In 40 years. I have seen one possible track and heard one vocalazation. Just
          keep hoping. It doesn’t cost anything to hope and it’s still fun.

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  10. […] But skeptic Benjamin Radford told Live Science is not convinced. The scientist raised doubts about the outcome of this latest attempt to give credibility to Bigfoot. […]

  11. […] But skeptic Benjamin Radford told Live Science is not convinced. The scientist raised doubts about the outcome of this latest attempt to give credibility to Bigfoot. […]

  12. […] But skeptic Benjamin Radford told Live Science is not convinced. The scientist raised doubts about the outcome of this latest attempt to give credibility to Bigfoot. […]

  13. […] But skeptic Benjamin Radford told Live Science is not convinced. The scientist raised doubts about the outcome of this latest attempt to give credibility to Bigfoot. […]

  14. […] While many people have claimed to have seen the creature over the years, its existence has never been confirmed, despite a plethora of photos and footprints.The ongoing search is the subject of Animal Planet’s “Finding Bigfoot” TV series.”Well, it came to me, I didn’t go after it, that’s for sure,” Ketchum said of the evidence of Bigfoot’s existence in an exclusive interview with The Huffington Post.”I did not believe in it. But my lab did a lot of animal testing, and we did species identification. We didn’t have any hits on anything interesting until five years ago.”Ketchum’s professional work includes nearly 30 years in genetics research and forensics, and has yet to pass the scrutiny of independent researchers.After her team attempted DNA sequencing of hair samples from an alleged Bigfoot encounter, however, they say they found some unusual things in the hair.There wasn’t enough DNA to conclusively verify what they were seeing in the material, but DNA Diagnostics later received more samples to investigate.Those included hair, blood, saliva and urine, all reportedly from Bigfoot sightings.Ketchum’s team believes that over the past five years, the team has successfully found three Sasquatch nuclear genomes – an organism’s hereditary code.That, they believe, proves that the animal is real and a human hybrid.Ketchum’s study showed that part of the DNA her team sequenced revealed an unknown primate species, she said, which suggests that Bigfoot is a real creature.”They’re not any of the large apes – they are a separate lineage,” Ketchum said. “My personal theory is that it probably branched off and evolved in parallel with the rest of the primate lineage.”Bigfoot, she says, is a being “crossing with female Homo sapiens.”But skeptic Benjamin Radford told Live Science is not convinced. The scientist raised doubts about the outcome of this latest attempt to give credibility to Bigfoot. […]

  15. I hope the study is published, and proof read, unlike too many of the responses here, and unbelievably, the original article. Dano, not you, though, you at least apologized for your grammar. But this guy that wrote the article on the Ketchum interview that we’re all commenting on..your grammatical errors are so obnoxious they distracted me from what you were trying to convey…get a proof reader, spell check, something…

  16. […] Diagnostics received more samples to investigate — including hair, blood, saliva and urine, all reportedly from various Bigfoot […]

  17. […] Diagnostics received more samples to investigate – including hair, blood, saliva and urine, all reportedly from various Bigfoot […]

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