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Rick sasEditors Notes > I must admit if Dyer does have a dead bigfoot on Ice and his name is linked to bigfoot forever more in every history book and documentary on the big fella I personally will cry and laugh at the same time.  If you listen to the guy and watch his facial expressions on his adults only internet/Youtube radio show he doesn’t act like a man who has made the most important biological discovery in 500 years. That tells me he is either lying about the whole thing or more likely the guy has no emotions about the subject at all. . I have heard him try to be emotional about the circus he has made of his life since this alleged shooting went down last September and he comes off like a grade b actor without any heart or soul. He puts more emotion into discussing a car deal he just completed then a man who just made the most important discovery concerning our human ancestors in 500 years.  

I have seen how just  a fleeting few second encounter with bigfoot as changed men and woman’s entire life and how they become obsessed with getting just one more sighting just so they can say they were not hallucinating the first time. Then you have Rick Dyer who says he shot and killed one and gets more excited talking about the new wrap for his SUV then I ever heard him talk about seeing an 8 foot hairy monster lying on the ground where he just put a bullet through it’s brain. This is the one reason even more important then the hoax in 2008  that makes me think the guy isn’t being straight with us about this whole shooting scenario.

On the other hand it might take a narcissist like Dyer to actually kill one of these creatures without having the emotional baggage that might haunt a normal human being having murdered a creature that resembles us in so many ways.

I hope that on April 30th the question of the bigfoot reality will be settled forever and we can move beyond the constant battles that have been tearing apart this community for years and now concentrate on finding out the What-When-Where-Why of bigfoot alive and well in the forests of North America and presumably the world.

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  1. I only hope that someday a bigfoot has the opportunity
    to repay Dyer and rip that punk’s head off. That would
    be the true definition of poetic justice.

  2. Chuck, it’s a wrap. Dyer on his radio show, dated 04/13/13 said he was going on tour with the bigfoot body. This will occur after the depute of the film. It is beginning to smell of the “Minnesota” ice man all over again. I’m moving on because this whole thing has turned into a scam.

    • Don Bloucher? Is that his name?Was a “hater”who has now apologized to all the Dyer believers,Dyer and FB/FB.It seems that someone sent him a picture of the BF dyer shot,but he has agreed not to show it until after the 30th.So,it looks like it’s pretty much in the bag,Rick definitely has a body.

  3. A posiibility you have clearly not considered regarding Dyer’s perceived “lack of emotion”, when everyone else who sees a Sasquacth for 5 seconds is emotionally shaken for the rest of their lives, is the fact that Dyer did not just see one for 5 seconds: he killed it, he stood over it, he touched it, he helped drag it into a truck he sees the body several times a week, now, for 6 months. It’s called “becoming inurred”. Whereas many experiencers find themselves questioning their own sanity, worrying about being labeled insane, etc. Dyer has now had more than enough time and contact with the body to “get over it”. And yes, some personality types can accomplish this far more easily than others, unquestionably, especially a redneck hunter who has grown up viewing animals as objects to be shot and killed for fun. To him, this thing is an animal, he does not adopt the view that this is a type of human. This is very possibly a defense mechanism and, if it is, it’s probably going to be sorely challenged in the months ahead when the genetic and morphological data are released.

    • There was a point in time that I believed Mr. Dyer but that has passed. It appears that you are still wishing and a hoping.

    • Rein,you have hit the nail on the head IMHO.I wouldn’t say he’s burnt out,but reality has set in and plans for the future are what’s occupying his time now.The initial surrealism has been replaced by the realism of planning the logistics for showing it to as many people as possible.Supposedly the body has been sold for ,in excess of 50 million,but he and his “crew”get to keep it for a year,he also says A&E has offered him a show and he will have to take some time to film the show.So,his initial adrenaline high has been replaced by the thoughts and dreams of what actually happens to someone who makes a discovery on the level of NOAH’S ARK or the ARK of the Covenant.
      I can’t see how this is a hoax anymore,if just wouldn’t make sense since the majority of people refuse to let themselves believe it ,and there are too many important people involved this time that would be ruined for life if it were.I have listened to Rick say things about Morgan Matthews,that if not true,would be libelous to say the least and I’m not aware of anyone telling him to cease and dissist or bringing a law suit.I believe he just was in the right place at the right time and that truth is stranger than fiction in this case.

  4. On the other hand it might take a narcissist like Dyer to actually kill one of these creatures without having the emotional baggage that might haunt a normal human being having murdered a creature that resembles us in so many ways.
    IF it’s too good to be true – Your probably right! Rick Dyer may be in for a life of missery no matter how this turns out.

  5. Ric and his dead Bigfoot are in this new movie that features Tom Biscardi. Isn’t that a HUGE red flag? Are they working together again?

  6. Hun, will you get some steaks out for dinner? Sure dear, where are they? Bottom rack, just left of the Big Foot. I know everything’s bigger in Texas, but a Big Foot sized freezer? Hmmm; Big Foot on ice…. scuse me, just thought of a new mixer.

  7. Doesn’t America have consumer laws, he is charging people to see a bigfoot body.
    If those people dont see a bigfoot body they will go on mass to whichever organisation handles consumer fraud in America and he will at the least have to refund all that money.
    Unless America does not have a consumer protection system (i honestly dont know but would assume it does) it seems like a very short sighted hoax, if indeed it is a hoax.

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