Feb 102013

JuvenileEditors Notes > This bigfoot researcher sounds like he had a very memorable bigfoot encounter, the kind of experience that can light a fire under you and keep you in the woods for years. The juvenile sasquatch picture is just the normal blobsquatch but maybe a good blowup of the frame could reveal more.

The event of July 11,  2012 experienced by a SW Washington researcher that started with a vocalization encounter with two bigfoot and resulted with a photograph of what appears to be a juvenile bigfoot.

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  7 Responses to “Juvenile Sasquatch in SW Washington?”

  1. Good report.

  2. Could be anything, another bad picture..

  3. Yeah, good documentation of the area and experience.

    Not sure what the photograph is though.

    Enjoyed the music on this one and the forest scenes.

  4. Nice job of putting it all together. you can’t enlarge it any more. to bad I would liked to be in your place. Really think they are there.

  5. If others have had anything like this happen to them and want to share it I would like to hear from you. Thanks Mike

  6. I don’t really see anything? Cool report but I just can’t make anything out here. The sad thing is I think I know exactly where this happened after watching that video .lol

  7. This is an actual blobsquatch where i can honestly say i can see what to me seems like a squatch looking at the film maker through the ferns.

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