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 On Thursday, June 28th A&E Network the TV show Cajun Justice will investigate a sighting of the Louisana monster known as the Rougarou. After a violent boating accident, Sheriff Vernon Bourgeois joins forces with multiple agencies to recover a boat, and possibly a body, from the murky depths of the Mississippi waters. Meanwhile, Deputy Keith Bergeron and Sgt. Dudley DJ Authement, both raised on the bayou, head deep into the swamps in the middle of the night to investigate a hair-raising sighting of the legendary Rougarou, the local name for a “shape-shifting swamp monster.” When the witness hands over video of the half-man, half-wolf creature prowling the weeds behind his camp, the officers have no choice but to explore the very woods where the mysterious beast disappeared. The next morning, Deputy Bergeron puts two and two together when he is called to the scene of a mutilated calf near where the Cajun swamp monster vanished.

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  1. This is a good show!!!! (Cajun Justice!!!) I have been doing research on the Rougarou!!!!! It is supposed to lerk the swamps at night!!! It is supposed to be half man and half wolf!!!

  2. it just a legend it could be just a guy in a bigfoot costume ! did yopu listen to what the cops said that the madded down grass just stoped plus the thing was a shape shifter really i do belive in bigfoot and ghost but the ‘ROUGAROU” its just a leged to scare people from the bayou
    SO ITS NOT REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sweetheart, if you lost as much livestock to the Rougarou as I have, you’d believe too. He’s easily ten times as scary as “Bigfoot”. Ask anybody who lives down here.

      • I would like to hear more about your missing cattle, etc… I am sorry the Rougarou has caused you so many problems. I had never heard of it until I watched a rerun of the Cajun Justice program. I don’t know if I ever would have known about it, otherwise.

    • who really goes trekking in a Bigfoot costume int the swamp in a location only accessible to the sheriffs office by boat. In hopes that the old man would
      record some blurry 3 seconds of video so the terrabone parish sheriff office would come and the supposed Bigfoot wannabe would get on Cajun justice. yep that’s what happened. you stupid girl.

    • yes big foot and the rougarou is real…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

    • u dnt no if its rl r nt k yes all right

  3. It can totally be true………………how do we know if we can’t prove its NON existance!

  4. First of all it’s not called a rougarou! Some people in Louisiana say the name wrong. It is actually named the loupgarou. The name originated in France during mideval times. We Cajuns are descendants of the Canadian exile in 1755 and are of French decent. A loup is the French word for wolf. Garou means wild type of wolf-man. Therefore the word loupgarou was born due to strange unsolved murders in France during mideval times. People were very supersticous in those days and those supersticous believes we’re passes down to us Cajuns through out the century’s. This is just a clarification to the term.

    • While in the U.S. Navy a good friend of mine was
      Cajun. When he called home to speak to his father
      he spoke French. And could the guy cook. I have
      loved Cajun style food ever since. Funny how the
      language changes between the written word and
      the spoken word. Thank you for your explanation.
      Good job.

    • Im not from there, I’m actually Canadian. However, when i hear Rougarou it translates “red wolf-man”. So perhaps both ways are correct, although I can’t see them originally calling it loupgarou because there’s no sense in calling it a wolf twice. Loupgarou translates into wolf wolfman. See my point? Has anyone ever said its red?

  5. I watched the program and was impressed. The guy
    with the shotgun was scared and could have been shot
    by the deputies. Any one who lives in the back country
    trusts their lives to their firearms. There isn’t a 911 call
    that can be made that will respond fast enough if at all.
    The dead calf was bizarre. That was not the work of a
    normal predator. I have lost enough sheep to coyotes
    to know what a predator kill looks like.

  6. first of all the rougarou is not real people just say that to make them scared that just stupid

    • I can’t see the wind, but i know it’s there. Because you are afraid Grace, don’t be a hater and say those of us who believe are stupid.

      • Hello, Stephanie. I think your response to Grace is right on! To quote a favorite verse……..” Blessed are they that have not seen, yet believe.” I know this was not made in response to a Rougarou, but it touches on the point being made. Thanks, Stephanie.

  7. first of all the rougarou is not real people just say that to make them scared that just stupid SO IT IS NOT REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Dear Grace, just because you say it is not real over
    and over, that does not make it so. Have a nice day.

  9. Crazy!!! I am a believer!! I live in Maryland, patrolling a certain area, and was stunned by a similar creature, so needless to say I’m obsessed with this kinda stuff.

  10. Now i am going to be obsessed with this rougarou.. I saw how the calf was mutilated… That was NOT a predatory animal….

  11. The rougarou exists as long as someone belives in it!

  12. Je suis le rougarou(;

  13. I’ve read all of these posts. I know the folks in Louisiana aren’t imagining this creature. Are most of you from there? I live in the Midwest. If there is a Grassman in Ohio, a Boggy Creek Monster in Arkansas, a Skunk Ape in Florida, a Sasquatch in Washinton State, and a Yeti in Nepal, there most certainly can be a Rougarou in Louisiana. Are all of the reports from people made up? I doubt it. If one exists, then probably there are many, in many places. I believe they all are adapted to their own environment. This explains the differences in how they look. Is there anyone on board with me? Please continue to post. Thanks.

  14. Hey, Squatchy!
    I think you make a valid point and find myself in agreeance with you.
    Found myself here, looking for images of the rougarou after hearing about him in an online lecture/presentation video and the description sounded like something i saw 10 years ago in tarpley, tx at about 1am. I never had the image leave my mind as I locked eyrs with these strange, hominoid type being as it peered over the grass at me. Its eyes reflected light like an animal’s, but I saw an orange/red glint beforehand… it made me think i was nuts because, at the time, I thought these creatures were only either dark brown or snowy white… this one almost reminded me of an orangutan, but definitely was not the latter.
    Fascinating world, huh?
    I’ve always adored faces, the structure of the skull, and etc, so i feel my observation was fairly objective, given the circumstances. I went home and did my best to draw this being… will have to reimagine him again soon for a better portrait.

  15. What’s up, dok? I’m sorry, I just couldn’t resist. 🙂 I hope it isn’t offensive. If it is, I apologize. I am interested in your story. I’ve never seen one, but totally believe they exist. Were you frightened? I’ve always thought it might be very exciting and frightening @ the same time. I don’t know how I would react, if I did see one. What did you do? Can you post the picture you made after your encounter? Thanks!

  16. Hi! I’m Jessi and I’m a researcher with M2 Pictures in Hampton, Virginia. We are a production company with shows on OWN, the Discovery Channel, National Geographic and Animal Planet. We are currently working on a show about American Monsters and Mysteries. One of the segments is going to be on the Rougarou/Loup Garou but we need people who’ve seen it to tell us about it! If you’re willing to share your story, please email me at monstersandmysteries@gmail.com

  17. i think the rougarou is real

  18. the rougaroo is awsome

  19. On one episode, they were talking about all the strange things that happen during a full moon. A woman called in to say something came and broke into her barn and braided the main on her horse. Don Monroe has done a 9 year study on this and just released a book THE HORSES ARE COMING. He shares his evidence that this is a common thing for “Bigfoot” to do. Even the witness said “… it must be the Rougarou!…”

  20. I saw that creature today in to fall l.a and it scared the crap out of me I was fishing

  21. Look people when u grow up in the swamp u will learn a little something about the rogarou. i have herd legons obout it and yea i understand some of them can be fake but there will be some ppl that will still carry it down to there kids so before u say bad things about itdo some reserch and u will see

  22. I was born/raised in Bayou Lafourche. I always heard that the loup garou and the Rou garou were two separate creatures. The loup garou legend came from France and describes a werewolf, possibly a cursed human. The rou garou was/is a tall hairy ape-man beast, bigfoot. One was conjured by/cursed with black magic/voodoo and the other one is a swamp protector. My grandma always said that the rou garou protected the burial mounds in the swamp behind our village and as long as people left the mounds alone, the rou garou would leave us alone – respect the swamp. One of my uncle saw it twice in his life. Was uncomfortable speaking of his encounters, until I shared my encounter then he gave me details. I saw the rou garou, myself, when I was about 5yrs old in daylight. I know animals and it definitely had a ape-like face, tall, walked like a man. There was curiosity in its eyes. It was NOT a bear on two legs nor did it have a wolf-like muzzle or ears. As an adult, I’ve had one other experience with a bigfoot in another state. I think there are still large animals that roam the deep swamps, thick forests and high mountains that stay away from man but with encroachment, there is bound to be encounters. As far as curses, I feel that if one cannot respect the land, humans and/or animals, then we get what we deserve.

  23. Nobody knows if its real or not. I’m not saying its real but I’m also not saying its fake. Nobody but the Lord knows.

  24. I believe what that guy said earlyier about beings protecting the land. I think that forces like spirits, creatures, and Mabye monsters protect specific lands. Yetis protecting cold areas, Bigfoot protecting forestry areas , and sansquatches protecting more dry regions. In a show I believe is called ghost mine has something that supports my opinion. Basically in the show a group of miners go into a mine that is supposedly haunted so two paranormal investigators go with them. Supposably a spirit protects the land and that mine is haunted because of the damage that we humans have done to the earth. I think this connects to the rougarou protecting the swamp. Whatever you call them, ghosts,, spirits, monsters, whatever. I believe that they were not put here to cause harm, but to protect us from our own destruction. This being can harm us if it is neccisary to the protection of the land. As long as we don’t harm the earth, it won’t harm us. Like Indians had a view on this, talking about spirits that protected the land. They were cool with the land and did nothing to harm it. Do you see creatures or spirits attacking them? Sure they talked about it but it wasent a real threat to them. We need to understand this and need to not just look to science for the answer.

  25. I don’t know anything about the Rugaru BigFoot on the other hand is real I’ve found tracks as recently as last week. 18 inch tracks with a 6 to 8 foot stride in deep snow. As well as hollars and knocks. Doubt if you want but there is a BigFoot in West Valley. (Zoar Valley) Ny.And judging by the presence of different size tracks there’s a family of them. Ji_Miller@yahoo.com

  26. Sometimes its referred to as “The Cajun Werewolf”. Very interesting, up here in Elkhorn WI I saw a very similar creature.

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