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  1. i wish the bigfoot were real.i grew up in new jeresy and we had the jeresy devil.please do some research on the jeresy devil and tell the world about this creature.

    • Lajos
      They are real. No kidding Iv’e been 10 feet from one. He chased me off a small out cropping while canoeing with friends.

      • Was that before or after you fell off the conoe & hit your head on that rock that put you in a coma that kept you in the hospital for 6weeks???? just sayin. i’ll call you “cracka-jack-joe” from now on…

    • I believe they are real from the patterson footage alone. A lot of the newer stuff is faked, but there is some good evidence out there too. The patterson footage shows a female, something that would not have been chosen if it was a fake.

    • Very funny!:)

    • Bigfoot does exist and that is a fact. For a few years I took people to places where I knew Bigfoot was. For a period of time I had to charge people to.cover gas, and expences. Not once was any none disappointed. I first spotted Bigfoot while flying over in a Helicopter. I knew where the place was two days later I went up there. I camped out a few days . I found the trail coming and out of the meadow. I must have taken a total of thirty people to see Bigfoot. Cops, Doctors, colledge students and politician I stopped do it. Lojos feel good because they are real.

      Ridge runner.


  2. Chuck, ever hear from Troy Hudson?

  3. While the Jersey devil & Bigfoot are often similarly categorized, I believe Bigfoot to be a flesh and blood creature, that we are very close to proving scientifically & the Jersey Devil is an a localized Folktale , with little or no evidence other than anecdotal. I was born & raised in NJ , living most of my life in Southern NJ., specifically, the Jersey Pine lands” . As a matter of fact I knew some of the Leeds family . Harry Leeds was my towns mayor four a number of years.

    • JOISEY…… Did you really type this:
      “we are very close to proving scientifically”
      ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ARE WE REALLY? YOU FREAKS CANT COME UP WITH ONE SOLID PIECE OF ANYKIND OF EVIDENCE….. but you just said “we are very close to proving scientifically” that bigfoot is real. you are smoking some kind bud or eating some funky shrooms man……

  4. I KNOW THEY ARE REAL!!! I had a few beers with one while camping in seattle. he was nice. he threw some rocks at me & hid behind trees before i realized- they just wanna play hide-n-seek like the rest of us! It was great fun & he was a riot! he told me (in bigfoot tounge), how much he enjoyed my beer & then he had to run off because his parents were howling for him to come home & clean up the twig bed.. hee-hee. such a good time we had. NOW YOU JUST HAVE TO BELIEVE ME, RIGHT?

    • OH- and we banged on trees with sticks!!! because thats what they do, right?!@# Dumb Ass’s! you all are freaks! listen to yourself… L I S T E N. you are NOT normal, go get some friends & quit wasting everyones time with your childish imaginations- FREAKS!



        • uh, oookay. whatever you say you bigfoot researcher you…. “I” need to get a life….? otay buckwheat. now go listen for some tree knocks in the woods!!!!!

          • ….btw, mr. pissed-off, i DO think organized religion “in general” is kind of freakish, dont you?

      • You bich you are a Bigfoot you stink like a little Bigfoot you have big poop’s like your mom my mom is beautiful unlike you mommy I’m only 10 and I’m talk to you this way


    • I had a drink with one and he says he as seen you as well

  5. FYI: My favorite tv show happens to be “finding bigfoot” on animal planet (new season begins 11/10 !!!). But i greatly enjoy this show for my own reasons…. its pure comedy, 100% for me. I enjoy being able to finish their sentences & how no matter how crazy the claim is….. they always believe the person & take on the investigation(lol, sounds official). The second most hillarious thing they always do, they always says things like: sasquatch are known to like this, sasquatch are known to do this, sasquatch move in this way because of this…. as if they have science behind it! Soooo funny! but yet, not one of them has ever encountered the made-up fairy tale creature themself, which leaves you wondering just how it is they know all these traits & habits, or how they became experts for that matter? LOVE IT THOUGH!!!! And the final nail in the coffin is by far my favorite: The sasquatch “CALL” OR “YELP”. Dont you think if there was such a thing, that it would atleast be consistant? similar in the slightest way????? NOPE! they each have their own crazy ass yelp & it cracks me the F*** UP that -if only one thing- had & should be consistant/similar with this entire fairytale….. it should be the GOD DAMN SOUND IT MAKES! -just sayin. love the show though 🙂

  6. I CAN ALMOST GUARANTEE there will be no responses to my previous comments…. because i point out the obvious & that seems to be what all you in Fairytale-Land lack, a brain that thinks in complete thoughts.

    • I think someone needs a hug.

      • “you people” are my entertainment. How does that make you feel???? its like i’m on the airconditioned, heavily populated side of the plexi-glass window staring in at you monkey freaks & gettin a laugh. Don’t any of you realize this?? or should I just keep sending in the test toys to evaluate how “you people” interact with them? Come on folks! one of youz haz gozta be smarter than you look! were all bettin on ya 🙂

  7. A B S O L U T E L Y NOOOOOOO REPLY’S TO ANY OF MY COMMON SENSE THOUGHTS…. just as I predicted. you are all a bunch of monkeys failing the test

    • Right, you are a genius and we are too stupid to reply. Every childish comment you make is backed up by your own intelligent opinion. Who could bothered to argue with that? It is very scientific you know. Wink wink.

  8. Evening Chuck,

    Greetings and salutations from the chilly state of Michigan. I wanted to take this time to tell you how much I enjoy listening to the “Chuck and Stacy show.” I read your personal biography and I had no idea who your were until connecting the dots and reading some previous posts.

    Hat tip to you and Stacy my friend!

    Here is some trivia I think you may enjoy: Fact or Fiction

    (Dateline Mich.)

    The Monroe Monster, August 13, 1965

    Do you believe in Monsters? Have you ever heard of such a thing in Monroe County?

    In some ways, it was a summer day like any other. Dark puffy columns of vertical cumulus clouds pointed straight up in the horizon since dark. It was a hot humid night in 1965, temperatures hovering around 85-90 during the day when according to local lore, a mother and daughter encountered a “seven foot tall, five foot wide, 400 pound hairy monster,” alone on an old dark gravel road in the tiny Frenchtown Township hamlet. To this very day, many swear the story is correct and true while others disclaimed it as a hoax, but I was too young to care. I suppose if it were true, the best possible scenario for authorities in 1965 was to deny and disclaim it in the same manner as the 1940s Area 51 UFO crash.

    In the debate over whether or not the 1965 Monroe Monster was real or a hoax, many lose sight of the facts and background of Bigfoot or Sasquatch history. Throughout my search I found no such evidence that anyone of the names listed in the local newspaper had a flair for closet Bigfoot impersonation, and I am not certain the word “Bigfoot” was even a household name then, and yet, a witness or witnesses of such an experience were roundly ridiculed for reporting it.

    A woman and her daughter travelling the back roads begin to slow and speed up when their lights picked out a huge black figure standing off the road with glowing eyes. After all, for Ruth Owens and Christine Van Acker, her daughter, it was the “seven foot tall, five foot wide, 400 pound hairy monster,” they say will forever remain part of their memory not as a hoax, not an imagination gone amok, but a reality only they know. When their car stalls the snarling dark hairy creature with piercing red eyes leaps from the brush showing teeth at their door. It was a story that riveted town folk with fears of a bipedal Bigfoot type of creature roaming Frenchtown Township frightening the common folk.

    My interest in the story has only been to demonstrate that two women, a mother and daughter were in my opinion wrongfully portrayed as fraud, fakes and purveyors of hoaxes.

    The controversy that caught authorities and public by surprise took place during the evening of August 13, 1965. It occurred on Mentel and Fix, near Nadeau Road west of Dixie Highway and less than five miles from a more recent 2009 sighting and in between those years similar encounters popped up in Dundee, LaSalle, Blissfield and northward near Exeter Twp. The once sparsely populated area once replete with wild game and crop fields, thick woods, and narrow dirt back roads are now paved. Much of the vast empty fields are dotted with modern development visible in every direction. Few of those named as principles in the height of the action then have long since passed, but the story lives on.

    There are twists and turns and much more … Anyways are you familiar with the story?

  9. More on the 1965 Monroe, Michigan Experience

    It all began when Christine Van Acker, 17, and her mother Ruth Owens of Monroe, say the huge beast appeared out of the woods and ran alongside of their car before it stalled. Some say the creature leapt over the vehicle after having been brushed by the passing car. Nobody knows for certain though some accounts say Bigfoot flees the area but not before taking the time to reach in the window and pull the girls hair knocking her out cold, and attempts to drag the girl into the underbrush.

    Truth be told, decades later some research points to a second female motorist encounter with a similar creature who smashed the windshield. That report was made a week earlier than the now infamous Monroe Monster sensation.

    Remarkably enough, a state police officer told a local new report in 1965, that efforts to keep the incident “secret” failed. More details pieced together from an array of news clippings have authorities admitting to receiving as many as 16 such incidents in weeks leading up to the Van Acker/ Owens Monroe Monster story.

    No prints are found that I could verify however, there were hundreds of angry folks stomping dirt fields smooth in the area and a hard rain that night drenched the soil possibly destroying what little evidence might have been there. The fact of the matter is very few people ever steal a glimpse of the illusive creature that by all accounts have roamed these parts for thousands of years despite growing human population and development.

    Some folk claimed it might have been a wayward bear. It was nearly in height to a Brown Grizzly but much larger than the American (Ursus americanus) black bear native to upper Michigan and not in Southern Michigan, (Monroe County) and yet, neither are found in this region.

    So, therefore, from the onset we then have to assume the reports were closely monitored by police in Monroe, who apparently sat on the reports choosing instead to roll their eyes and write off the entire incident as a “figment of someone’s imagination, a lie, and a hoax.” It was only after rumblings threatened to reach fever pitch as news spread in this quiet community that newsmen and authorities were forced to confront it head-on.

    Let us consider this hoax (said tongue in cheek) a moment, and see where it takes us.

    Even a basic understanding of human behavior illustrates why many local people kept their experiences private and to themselves out of fear of being closely scrutinized for mental illness. Therefore, I can understand how previous experiences and sightings generally tend to avoid questioning by local officials or media in public. After all, one can point to the August 1965 Van Acker incident as an example of the nasty crude remarks said about her for basically expressing what nearly one thousand witnesses like her across the Michigan did, shock, confusion and perhaps disbelief over something so unnaturally dissimilar to her reality in 1965.

    In other words, if not for the ridicule and public thrashing for reporting something so unnatural, so unearthly against our perception of the world and personal beliefs, can we agree there would be more reports made than realized today?

    Put another way, never in our lives at present has any citizen reporting a crime ever been ridiculed and taunted for an assault. Nor has any individual reporting such crime ever been asked to take a lie detector test before police take the report serious have they?

    Here in this 1965 incident we really had no crime per se though, something assaulted the Monroe girl and another woman from Temperance, Michigan before that. Both agreed it was a hairy beast unlike anything they ever seen before.

    Having stepped away from a career in law enforcement and military I can tell you something is inherently wrong with the manner with which these reports were handled, and continue to be viewed by public.

    Nobody has ever told citizens to go out gather excrement samples, hair, DNA, photos (clear unblurred) in order to prove the perpetrator exists before the report is deemed credible. That’s incredibly ludicrous even laughable, but that is what Bigfoot reporting as amounted to these days.

    Do I believe these things exist? Yes. Do I know what they are? No … Are they good or bad, ambivalent or malevolent spiritual beings? I do not know that either, but it certainly seems like something we should endeavor to know more about them for the sake of mankind and science.

    • I feel sorry for your daughter. She will have to grow up with a
      parent that has no imagination and seems to take great pleasure in bullying people he
      has no way of confronting except
      in the safety of cyperspace. You
      are a coward with a low IQ.

  10. More on the 1965 Monroe, Michigan Experience

    Let us consider this hoax a moment, and see where it takes us. Even a basic understanding of human behavior illustrates why many local people kept their experiences private and to themselves out of fear of being closely scrutinized for mental illness. Therefore, I can understand how individuals previous experiences and sightings generally tend to avoid questioning by local officials or media in public. After all, one can point to the August 1965 Van Acker incident as an example of the nasty crude remarks said about her for basically expressing what nearly one thousand witnesses like her across the Michigan did, shock, confusion and perhaps disbelief over something so unnaturally dissimilar to her reality in 1965.

    The timing and importance of this event coincides with a critical turning point for humans to decide. About two years before the Monroe incident Cass County Sheriff’s Deputies received reports of a large bi-pedal hairy creature near the Sisters Lake area just north of Dowagiac, Michigan. All in all, between 1963 through 1965, there were a dozen such reports (not including 16 reports in Monroe County) in Huron, Dickinson, Kent, Cass, Saginaw and Calhoun counties.

    During the same summer as the Monroe incident there were two sightings in Huron and Dickinson counties where an 8 foot bipedal creature was spotted crossing roads and growling at other citizens. It simply fails to resonate with common logic, so why would good folk place themselves in a situation of great ridicule and attention for a hoax?

    Why such a large flurry of sightings in Michigan, and why did it occur in great numbers during the early 1960s?

    Identical descriptions and methodology of encounters in 1963 and on June 11, 1964, from the far reaches of southwest Michigan were also scarring people. Like the Monroe sighting a year later, witnesses described a large creature as having long arms with glowing eyes causing the ground thump under its weight, as reported by Lane Wick, of the Hometown Gazette.

    Although it might sound necessary or simplistic to imply that it was a hoax, but could you imagine sitting alone on that desolate dark country road hysterical probably numb, as one young Monroe girl did, unconscious scratched and bruised. 1965 was well before cell phones but at some point they were able to contact authorities. Soon word spread of a wild beast attacking some women thus sending waves of shock and anger throughout the neighborhood.

    For small kids it always conjured up visions of things seen only on black and white television or Technicolor movies portrayed at the drive-in theatres. I would have just turned 10 years old, when the story of the Monroe monster surfaced causing a regional stir and setting off major news outlets to scramble for maps to Monroe, Michigan.

    It was a picture reminiscent of Jim Crowe days the pre-civil rights era in Selma, Alabama where men folk of that part were angry even working each other up into a mad frenzy over what to do about it.

    Scenes of black and white television western movies are the first notions that come to mind for me as I imagine one alpha male in the middle of town square amidst burning lanterns or kerosene rag torches announcing this big black hairy creature attacked and assaulted two blonde females on a dark desolate road in rural Frenchtown Township in Monroe County.

    Even before hordes of sightseers and news reporters flocked to the scene, many vigilante types armed with pitchforks, garden hoes, shovels, tire irons, ball bats, shotguns, even high-powered rifles formed groups, set off in search of the elusive creature.

    There is no way of knowing if any of the men carried torches or bloodhounds but that wouldn’t be completely out of the realm of possibility either. For a short period of time there were no racial differences, no hatred, not even the slightest discrimination because everyone coalesced, standing shoulder to shoulder in a cause greater than human differences against a common threat.

    Whether or not these are isolated hoaxes, it is illustrious of something odd, something I am convinced that those in position of authority know and refuse to inform public. Whether they believe they are unable handle something so completely outside their reality as it exists is anyone’s guess.

    While said tongue in cheek, the Bigfoot Monroe Monster like hoax, has tallied up roughly, numbers of separate accounts of similar Michigan hoaxes to present day and continue to demonstrate we are not alone in this world. They show up in nearly every county of the state. Remarkably though, twenty-seven of those “Hoaxes” reported occurred before the so called, “1965 Monroe Monster,” report became one of the most sensational news stories to reach across the country.

    Even more astonishing is one of them dates to the mid-1600 before Michigan was part of the Northwest Territory following the war of 1812.

    Forty-seven years later, our present understanding of this phenomenon is limited and we are no closer to solving the mysterious Sasquatch creature than the 1634 Michigan Potawatomi Native American’s in their encounter.

    Even more compelling though, are the petroglyphs scribed on a cave wall depicting “Big Man,” carbon dated, between 300 B.C. and 800 A.D. in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. So, was the 1965 Monroe Monster incident really a hoax, or was it one of the most spectacular sightings in southeast Michigan ever reported?

    Lots of Bigfoot hoaxes have been reported in Michigan over the past 121 years, stirring up activity like someone kicked over a hive of bees especially if you harm man’s best friend. The year was 1891, just 26 years after the battle of Gettysburg and five years before Henry Ford built his first car, when a Gladwin County man reported a “hoax.”

    According to reports it was a “giant 7 ft. tall wildman with arms hanging below his knees,” that killed a gentlemen’s bulldog with a swipe of the hand it was said.

  11. Old Man,

    Thank you … Others already dipped their feet into these waters from the first time people began reporting their experiences, it is up to the individual to find and fit the missing pieces and tell the story.

  12. Chuck,

    Are you monitoring this blog site? Can you control the comments? I do not believe that I can or will contribute any longer under these conditions. I am sorry and apologize for stopping by.

    • Whispers, this is not your fault. We have seemed
      to attracted a very annoying mosquito that I hope
      someone swats very soon. Please stick around.
      Maybe it will go away.

  13. If I can find where he lives I’ll gladly swat him for you. everyone is entitled to their opinion, until there opinions turn to harassment and intimidation. That’s where I come in, tracing his ip address and shortly will be paying him a visit. At 6’3″ 270 lbs I look forward to giving all your regards to this twisted anonymous lad, well your anonymous no longer.

  14. The PG film was a hoax and film analysts have found seams/zippers. The guy who wore the suit admitted to it and Patterson was a swindler and scammer .

  15. The soles of the feet are slippers ..Its so fake its ridiculous!

  16. troll

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