Jan 132014

Fuhs bigfoot

CP Notes > Need your help folks what do you think shadows or creatures ? Thanks

The bigfoot I call Ginger is with her family. There is more bigfoot above the babies. This was filmed close to evening. This is a large family group. Enjoy, God Bless, visit my web site to see more www.fuhsfooter.com. Thanks Albert Fuhs


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  7 Responses to “Montana Bigfoot Videos – Do You See Bigfoot ?”

  1. IM wondering why the deer didnt run away.?

  2. Did Scott put this out , looks like his work

  3. do cows run from the rancher ! I have work cattle and have killed them around the herd and they didn’t run away from me later on. you guys are just shit talking and you wouldn’t know a bigfoot if it was around you in the woods ,but you are good at talking crap and not even putting your name on your words. go look in the mirror and you will see a foolish chicken shit ! have a good day [anonymous] and feel free not to check out my post anymore!

  4. Waste of time


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