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mountain-monsters-drlEditors Notes > I take it these slightly overweight mountain boys take bigfoot or wolfman to be some dumbass creature by the looks of their trap. Hell a chipmonk seeing this ten foot cage hanging in the air like that would run the opposite way. They make so much noise constantly yelling out “what’s that”  why would anything  come around. These guys will have a heart attack as big as they are before they have to worry about bigfoot attacking.

They have thermal evidence but never give the viewer a close up look. They take off up into the woods to confront the upright thermal creature but these fat dudes never are seen on the thermal when their suppose to be right where the creature was.  BTW these guys are all yelling its a wonder they hear anything off in the woods.

Another thing that bugged me was the IR video camera they had on the goat was focused in on just the goat . Why wouldn’t you have the wide area filmed so you could see if any creature sneaking up on the bait. This show is either entirely fictional or these big muthers are the luckiest son of guns in the world.These guys need to explain a lot what’s going on in this show because I didn’t believe anything.

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  1. Definately staged. They need to find hillbillys that can act. So disappointing. Won’t watch again.

    • Next time you are out side playing with you’re dog, look at its tracks in soft dirt. The cookie cutter perfectly flat on the bottom w/no dirt shift, or indentations, since the creatures are “on the run” “all animals have rounded pads” the middle of these pads would be deeper. So I say Bunk on these guys, not the creatures. And where are they gettin g their mutilated animals. Does the ASPC need to pay a visit?

      • What do you mean fake paw prints? Just because they look flat and have sharp edges, you call them fake. They only look like that, because you are watching the show on a 2 dimensional or flat screen television. The show is also broadcast in Digital not analog so the edges are going to be sharp.

        • When I first read this, I thought what a bunch of bunk, flat screen = Flat paw prints, but being an Electrical Engineer at General Electric for over 30 years I thought I would check it out.

          My apologies, you are correct!

          I recorded the show and connected an old analog set along side my flat screen. When the paw print was displayed I hit pause. I couldn’t believe my eyes. On the old set, you could clearly see the depth and detail of the print. The edges of the print also had detail and showed even the smallest markings. While on my flat screen the same image of the paw print looked just like a cookie cutter or rubber stamped print.

          I guess pretty much the same as the old vinyl records vs digital CD’s. we just don’t know how much we are missing any more if we don’t have the old to compare it to.

          You’ve made a beleiver out of me.

          • Finally someone on this site with some “REAL DATA” instead of being like all the other self proclaimed world traveling expert trophy hunters who “THINK” they know everything. I commend your efforts and applaud the fact that you took the time to verify this. And as any Engineer would do, let the facts speak for themselves.

            I can’t tell if the paw prints are genuine or not from the images displayed on television. Nor could anyone else, those who say one way or the other, look just as stupid as those running around through the woods on this show. Maybe these so called “EXPERTS” throughout this blog have forgot, or just don’t know that: “There is loss going from Analog to Digital”, that’s and undisputable fact. Secondly, any image taken with a single lens camera, no matter how expensive or how many angles you take them from, can’t produce a stereo image with depth and detail, another undisputable fact. That’s why photographs are flat! It is completely impossible to determine that from any image presented on the show, real or not. That’s what makes documenting these creatures and their prints so difficult. Oh, now you know why it’s so important to make a plaster cast. And videos also presented same problems as photographs, most footage of these creatures has been shot using single lens cameras. So I hope maybe these facts will influence those who want to post, “FAKE, FAKE, FAKE” or 100% real.

          • Cool…

          • Your more then likely a retarded hillbilly yourself

        • What was really scary to me, is when the boss told one of the hicks to take off his shoes. He put his size 15 foot on top of monster footprint. He had toenails longer than any monster in the woods. I have to go puke, again!

        • You do not believe this crap?\
          Lord help us // Why cannot the
          public get what they pay cable for:
          entertainment: How did this ‘show’
          find sponsors??? I WOULD RATHER WATCH PAINT FRY..

          • I agree these mountain monster guys are so loud , no wonder they can’t find anything, the only thing they are doing is making people in wva look stupid, I watched my first and last show of them tonight. they can’t really be that dumb can they?

        • U are full of chit, you are making $ hand over fist from dumb ass people who believe you. Bigfoot is real and will eventually be found…….but not by a circus performer like you!

        • You are Trapper! J Tice is Trapper! And I do believe the paw prints are not flat, they are deep in the heels and in the front. Kinda like our footprints. Bigfoot is 100% real and NOT fake.

          • I have a question…… actually a tip. Be a little less loud… and if you’re trying to lure it to your trap than use your bait and yell to push it towards your trap. When you’re trying to lure it to you, be quiet. If you get in trouble (as in, he is too close to you and is aggressive), then ran for your life and call Buck or Willy or Trapper on the radio. Be careful of poachers too, because in The Phantom Of The Forest episode Buck, Huckleberry, Willy, Bill, and Jeff were almost killed!

          • When that sumbitch got out them pliers & pulled out his tooth, he became a top hand in my book.

      • Hello trapper / john tice
        I think that bigfoot is 100% real and the stone east giant is dead

      • I agree. Every single time they have a chance to collect any evidence they never do and we certainly don’t get to hear about it! Faked show.

    • Exactly. Either these guys are the epitome of stupid hicks (which seems unlikely as they would have already shot each other) or the worst actors. It would be interesting if there was any chance any of this was “real” investigation of unidentified creatures, but everything is so poorly done, it’s like bad high school play (I should probably bump that down to grade school – the Blair Witch project was better).

      • Hi my name is Justin Morgan and I live in Morgan county WV. Most people hear are not stupid, I consider myself fairly intelligent, may be a little smarter than most in the county. I’ve been watching the shows because theris been talk of shooting a show in our county. But after watching I am begining to question some things like how do these monsters no to stay in there own county. If they are wild how can they read a map or no where the county line is. After I thought about that I am leanen to beleive some of this is fake. And I no people will want to no because they always ask me, yes my real last name is Morgan and I live in Morgan county, but I am not sure if I am related to the founder but I think there is a good chance I might be threw one of my parents because both are Morgans

        • After reading your post, I think there’s a better chance you’re related to the founder through both or not related at all through either than you are related to him by one or the other parent.

          Just curious do you look more like your dad or one of your sisters?

        • @Justin Morgan,

          Really? Smarter than most in the county? Check your spelling smart guy, then again, it is WV so you may be right. Now about this show, this is the dumbest thing I ever wasted time watching! What a bunch of hillbilly retards! The worst two are the extremely fatass dude, and the dumbass that claims he was a Marine, which I highly doubt.
          I will never watch this stupid show again.

        • Justin Morgan, I think you may be related to Willy’s breeder hog. You claim to be one of the smarter people in your county. The one thing that makes you question if the show is real, is the monsters can’t read maps, I can’t believe how stupid that sounds or that you even could think of that on your own based on your spelling and comments about both your parents being Morgans. Were they brother and sister too?

        • Of all the crap and staged stuff on these shows, the thing that makes you question if its real, is the monsters can’t read maps, PLEASE, HOW STUPID ARE YOU.

          • He didnt say they could literally read a map..He was being sarcastic…Your the retard

        • So you’re saying your parents were related when they married and had you… in other words you’re saying you’re the product of incest…and you wonder where all these West Virginia stereotypes come from!

        • I would have to agree with many of the other posters, you don’t seem very intelligent, especially comparing yourself to the rest of the country. Your spelling, grammar and punctuation all need improvement, I am sorry but if I post about how intelligent I am, I will make a fairly coherent post.

        • Seriously guys… Can you not tell that Justin is trolling and specifically misspelling words, making up stories, etc. He’s not being sarcastic, he’s trying to see how many comments he can get… Really???

        • LOL animals are territorial, these are for the most, cryptid “animals.” Regardless they do move from county to county… research… see how big the county is also… however you look at it… 1 question, do you think that these men would risk their reputation, yes at times they seem dumb, but I do know of “redneck hillbilly” integrity and most of all their honesty. It is most of the time what they live for… regardless of what you believe about the show… look outside the box and you will be surprised. Do you know that 95% of our oceans are unexplored, research it… and I will not answer this one, check and see how much of the United States wilderness is unexplored…

          • I agree if it wasn’t for Columbus people would still be scratching their heads thinking the world is flat. Most of these people who hate against people who are trying to prove the existence of Bigfoot and others. Have not set a foot in the woods themselves . I bet half of them think they could survive anywhere cause they watch survivorman. I’m not saying the whole show is true but I do know everyone throwing around the term redneck. That’s an insult to a true southern man it’s like using the “N” word towards someone. The term redneck refers to trailer trash scum. A true country boy you can take his word to the bank. So if they say there is a Bigfoot then there is according to them.

          • I love you for saying that

        • Grammer is definetly not your best attribute! lol

        • If you are smarter than most in your county then lord help WV….know the difference between know and no and for god sakes people…its entertainment, not real life. I know this but still watch every episode because it’s entertainment. ..you guys go back to watching the Kardashians and leave my fellow Hillbilly do their thing. For crying outloud..its no wonder the rest of the world wants to drop a bomb on Merica…listen to yourselves.

      • Ok everyone there is one thing you can take from this series. Don’t be afraid of the woods… Odds in seeing anything yourself is astronomical. Its nice to believe you might get lucky and see the wonders of the world on tv but not going to happen. My family has stories even I have stories but the odds of me seeing what I’ve seen again is none to slim. I’ve seen marks on stall walls where pigs would literally try to climb the wall to get away from a panther that got in with them. I’ve seen timber wolf prints I can put both hands in but never seen the wolf. These creatures are not def or dumb blind doesn’t matter you can hear these guys a mile away! And I highly recommend if you see the moth man don’t pass out fast first in the mud during breeding season!!!!!! One is enough……

        • Sorry face first lol

        • LOL. I have to agree. The only thing missing in the show is banjo playing and some good ‘ol pig squeelin’.

          • I watched the one show they did about the Ohio Grassman, I live a few miles fromNew Staitsville, in the next county over, the footage they shot didn’t look familir to me, no shots of the town either.

          • Sorry about the miss spelled words, typing and spelling of certain words isn’t my strong points. 🙂

          • Simply don’t watch the show… if you don’t enjoy it

      • ROFL. If you are one of the smartest in your county, your county has to be one of the dumbest in the nation, I guess. Your spelling is so bad that i had to read it slowly to make sure I understood what the hell you were talking about. Fucking in-bred redneck.

      • Hicks are amazing with fire arms actually.

        • I can’t believe the firearms these guys have-especially the supposed marine-what a dumb F&@ker-a single shot shotgun for a 1000 lb bigfoot. His IQ probably matches his inseam!

          • I think the old Marine did choose a single shot .410 with # 6 birdshot!

            He just wants to wound the creatures and then talk them to death using his marble mouth speech patterns and odd hand & body gestures.

          • The marine- shit- he couldn’t track a buffalo in a sand box, it is pretty hilarious.

      • Right On
        The “Actors” are ugliyer than the monsters they are looking for.
        It’s so funny

      • I don’t care. I enjoy them

    • Booger eating wierdos

      • Not true these guys are decent men and I believe some of the show is fake and some true but I will defend them because I’m a redneck to

    • For all you sons a bitches trashing the show and saying we never shoot our guns, just wait for the finale show this week. We light’em up like the end of a fireworks display. That will show you we are real people with real guns. The show is 100% real, for it to be fake, they would have to use actors, and we are clearly not actors. Just good ole boys that live just down the holler from most of you.

      • Let’s clear something up here… Just because these guys have accents and carry around guns doesn’t make them unintelligent or stupid… To refer to them as “hicks” would seem to imply they are backwards or stupid which is a mistake that people not from their area seem to make based on stereotypes… They are obviously not idiots, and just because they carry guns doesn’t mean they are going to shoot themselves… Only an idiot unfamiliar with guns would make such a stupid statement… Where the problem lies is in the fact that there is NO WAY they can employ the methods they use and expect to come up with any “real” results… Anyone who has ever hunted, especially to survive, can tell you that you’ll never catch a thing if you’re out in the woods thrashing around making noise and shining a flashlight around towards any little noise that you hear…

        • We aren’t doing stereotyping, we could just see how much of an idiot these people are being. And the fact that there isn’t a single way that they couldn’t employ any techniques would mean that there would be no basis for the show. There really wouldn’t be anything, besides three bearded men flailing around with improperly-handled guns and flashlights, cussing their way to heaven. But fine.

        • There was an idiot with a gun named Chaney, as in, Dick Chaney.

        • Well, one thing that is hard to swallow is the amount of videos the mountain monster crew get with mountain monsters in them. lol more than any one on earth. Tonight’s show a big paw reached in threw the hole in the barn and grabbed the rock out of thencrews hand. Hum mm. The amount of noise they make , what self respecting mountain monster (big foot included) would hang around to get caught in it? and the elaborate traps they make over and over again. Wow. Lol that would take along time. Country people are very smart. They don’t seen to show that much on the show. I think they must be actors. No self respecting hunter would be that loud when hunting anything

      • “That will show you we are real people with real guns”

        Real stupid asses maybe!!!! Dumbass hick retards

      • LOL, I don’t think you are bigfoot in costumes with fake guns. No, I think you are hillbilly retards with real guns that are 5 min from shooting each other.

        • No your wrong I agree that they are a little unsafe with guns but they r not idiots takes one to know one

        • I think anyone who would talk like that about country people have never really met real ones. I think they make fun of them on shows like that to intertain the little brains of people dumb enough to live like packed rats on top of each other in the concrete jungles. So they won’t get out and kill each other

      • To J Tice:
        There is so much mud slinging going on here and most from folks who probably dont know how to hunt, but theyre great at being cruel. It doesnt matter if I think the show is “fact or faked”. But do us and yourself a favor. Talk a bit about how well animals see at night and why some people think a critter is tall when its really in a tree. Explain how the rods and cones in animals eyes make them seem to glow and the different colors (i.e. the racoons we saw had red eyes and looked pretty scary. But once you know what your dealing with, nature is pretty cool.) The gator boys throw in questions between scenes and give you the answer after the break. Tell folks how hunters cant use store bought detergent becsuse the brighteners make your cloths appear to glow at night. Talk about masking body scent with animal phermones, urin, etc, or at least not using cologns or deoderant and scented soaps. What about setting up a blind and waiting rather than stomping across country. Even though a lot of real hunting techniques have to be changed to keep the shows pace moving, teach would be hunters some of the basic and safety rules. Otherwise, the producers dont put you in a very flattering light.
        PS: Who was really responsible for choosing the location for that pit, in the rain, on the downhill slope? Probably could have been wider but it wouldnt have been safe to continue digging in that worsening mud. PS: it wouldn’t hurt to talk about having a change of clothes and a way to dry off to prevent hypthermia. While these jokers were laughing, I was concerned for his health. No shot is worth an injury or your health. Just sayin, everone is a critic but we should have compassion for one another. This is your job, no matter what people believe.

      • It’s ok J. Trapper Tice. These people are just haters… screw the haters!!! I personally love the show It makes you think. WHAT IF ??? With all the problems in the world it’s nice to just get away from it all. Can’t wait to see the 3rd season finale.hate to have to wait for season 4 to start!! Lots of love to you and your team trapper. Take care of everyone 🙂

        • My husband and I like the show and the people in it, I can’t say we take it seriously, but it’s fun to watch. My husband is a good hunter and the main thing is being quite, in manner and movement. We like the show anyway. At least they are out side in the woods having fun.

          • I agree. As long as you realize its fake and treat it as such, it can be fun. No one believes law and order is real, and many people are still entertained by it. Look at it with less of an attitude and just enjoy it. Lifes a lot better if you can sit back and laugh at things like that. But yes, if your gonna hunt anything at all, you’d have to bring it down about 50 decibels at least. Camping out alone for at least four or five days would probably be your best bet if your gonna go after bigfoot. If he exists, that’s the only way your gonna do it, let him come to you…

      • John comming from an ex nfl football player
        I find yor comments interesting

        Also your bio data claims you ate 6 ft 5
        If true you must be crouching down during
        Filming. Btw. Do you find European
        Football much different than in usa

      • Put them SOB’S to shame Trapper!

      • hey its a great show lighten up. , dont like it
        watch the real skanks of california ior wherever , talk about phoniesphol

    • If any of you self proclaimed experts knew anything about human facial expressions, and had the ability to tell whether a person is lying, or telling the truth, then maybe you would not come to such a hasty conclusion that it is all fake.

      If any of you self proclaimed know it alls had ever accomplished any thing in your lives, and had any self confidence, you would not have the need to constantly put others down, by the way they speak, or their physical appearance. People that are confident in themselves, and have accomplished something in life, have no need to put others down.

      You all act like it is a law, that you have to watch this program. Use the damn remote if you don’t like the program.

      If and when society breaks down, and people have to fend for themselves, I would much rather have these so called hicks by my side to depend on, then you computer commandoes, who would piss in your pants if you went to the store, and there was nothing there.

      If your life wasn’t so boring. and your self confidence so low, you would not have the time, or need, to judge someone by the way they speak, or look.

      So get a life, and stop putting others down, just because they have a hit TV show, and you are a nobody, that will never accomplish any thing in life.

      This is not directed to any one person, but to all the loud mouth no it alls, that in reality, do not know sh+t.

      • You idiot, we aren’t judging them by the way they look or their accents. We are judging them by the way they act and by the fact they put lies out and claim it is truth. I don’t know about the mothman or grassman episodes, but the devildog and the wampus beast were clearly staged and no actual hunter with any sort of experience would behave the way that they do on the show.

        Go be stupid somewhere else please.

        • Next time you go by a mirror, look directly at it, and you will see who is the idiot.

          If you had more than a third grade reading level, you would not have responded. I said it was not directed to any one person. So if you have not criticized them for the way they look, and speak, as many others have, then why did you respond?

          Next time, thoroughly read what you make a comment on, and engage your brain, before you put your mouth in gear.

          It’s jerks like you, that think you know it all, that give the human race a bad reputation. Go drink a gallon of anti-freeze, and do the human race a favor.

          • Anonymously, I agree with you. These people saying these things are to busy inside . The real world is scary to them. It’s like if southern is hicks then all city people are gang members. Who is really being stupid they think they know so much, and they don’t. I would not advertise it would you. Lol

        • Ok I am a hunter myself especially big game there r times when you can make all the noise in the world and still be able to stand 20 yards from the game yes that doesn’t happen all the time but can and will happen quite a few times in any hunters or outdoors persons life this is at least 60% real and if u who don’t like it change the channel j

    • Not sure about Wampus Beast or Demon Dog, but the shows about Moth Man carry quite a bit of truth. I used to live in the Ohio River Valley and there are a ton of people who are pretty credible who swear they have seen the Moth Man.

      Now, the traps these idiots set are just SO funny and the “funnest” part of the entire show. I mean the HUGE bug-zapper cage, hooked up to electricity that they set on top of that old bridge in order to catch Moth Man was a hoot! And, these old guys, (most of them 100 pounds overweight and missing a fair amount of teeth), running around, yelling out things like, “What was that?!!?” is just a scream. The time one of them whipped out his VISA card to another idiot and told him to go rent an excavator, so they could dig a huge hole in the ground for a trap….now that was FUNNY!

      You wonder how hard these idiots laugh when they are off-camera! But, I will say, some of the “legends” of the Ohio River Valley, like Moth Man…there are some VERY intelligent folks that really believe in Moth Man. Not sure about Wampus Beast though!

      I love for its entertainment value…who ever thought of idiots, with guns, at night, setting expensive traps for Devil Dog???? And, make sure they are dressed in appropriate attire, have beards, and missing a few teeth. Come on guys……learn to laugh!

    • Mountain Monsters is the best comedy I’ve seen in ages. Make me giggle & forget about a crappy day – love it!

    • Well, I watched 5 hours of Mountain Monster programming on Wednesday evening and they did not catch even 1 monster! Gosh, I planned my whole day around those shows….how disappointing!!! Well, at least Devil Dog set their trap off. No idea how he got away.

      Guess I will have to wait until Saturday night. Bet they catch both Wampus Beast and Moth Man Saturday night. Not sure about Lizard Demon, that beast is smart. Of course, it’s not that easy to outsmart a bunch of overweight, toothless, highly intelligent professionals, driving through the woods on ATV’s and yelling, “Did you hear that”! at the top of their lungs.

      No doubt, by the end of the season, these highly trained “pros” will catch ALL of the monsters they are chasing. Laugh a little, folks!

    • I am from WV and even lived in the TNT area where the mothman sightings have been coming from since the the 1960’s, and I would like to make a couple of things clear. Not every West Virginia resident is an illiterate “hick” as some of these reviews seem to refer to us as. I am a teacher with a Masters Degree, and it irritates me when I hear people use derogatory terms when discussing a beautiful state and it’s beautiful and hard-working and honest people. I live in Virginia now but I can honestly say that I have NEVER seen the supposed Mothman, which isn’t to say some sort of creature doesn’t exist but I traveled those roads a great deal and especially at night and it is just ridiculous to think that if I lived there for years and never saw the Mothman that these “Mountain Monster Hunters” come for a couple of nights and experience sightings both evenings…..come on now. Also, true or not, the mothman legend generates a great deal of tourism and money for this impoverished and rural community which is good for the Mason County. I taught in Mason County for years and there are some very good people living there but when I see them portrayed as jokes it ticks me off. I’m sure these “Mountain Monster Hunters” and shows like them think they are providing some sort of service by eluding to these stories and mythological folklore as true and real but when they are ao ridiculous and over the top like this show was then the only thing they do is make WV and it’s residents look like idiots then they ought to be ashamed of themselves. Since these men are supposedly from WV they should stop trying to profit by using these people’s fears to fuel the fire and constant barrage of “WV Jokes” that are a constant embarrassment to a rich and lovely mountain culture and it’s beautiful people.

    • I grew up in the northern most town in Nh called Pittsburg. Spent my whole childhood in the woods. Now stationed in Alaska. So with that being said you will never catch a wild animal by running around in the woods screaming. If you think this show is real I’m sorry to say you are complete dumbass……

      • Yeah, I live 5 miles from Hazel Green, KY and grew up in the area and never heard of the wolfeman and besides I’m almost positive 100 percent that was me running naked thru the woods after I had tied on a good one!

    • They’re still on the air and still getting paid! So really, who’s the fool!

    • Really people please. If you read the credits it says, “no wildlife was hunted, trapped, or harmed in any way in the making of this program”. Doesn’t that pretty much answer the question that its fake? Who cars it’s fun to watch, it’s entertainment!

    • I did not know the History Channel did comedy. These so called Hillbillies couldn’t find a bear in a zoo.

    • jd im with you bad acting not real at all HC should tell the world its fake as hell

      • Maybe you should read all these post before you say the show is fake, plenty of evidence showing its not.
        Even people in WV know its nott and have seen these guys filming and trapping.

    • As a hunter these guys couldn’t catch a cold.As fan of comedy these guys are brillant

    • The show is so fake… they find so-called evidence every few seconds where no one else ever find anything… and please how are you supposed to sneak up on something when that Marine is always yelling everything he says

    • This is without a doubt the worst program on the air. No one with an IQ of more than 5 could possibly believe this tripe to be real. How damned stupid can these inbred hillbillies really be? These phonies can’t even pretend to be real . Watched it twice to be fair, but won’t watch again. Everyone of these bearded morons should be ashamed to show their ugly faces in public. What a bunch of redneck idiots !

      • To all of you which enjoy criticizing this program is quite shameful! I’ve done my best to Read each and everyone of you which seen to hate this show yet, it have such filthy words to describe each of these guys trying to make a living through the making of “Mountain Monsters!” Many of You love this word:>”FAKE!” I’d love to ask you, how many of you either sit in front of your TV spend the week-end watching every Football game or any sport games which is broadcasted; or rather attend a tail-gate game as well attend the game it self! You spend lots of money on these: “FAKE MONEY BOUGHT OUT GAMES!” If ever there is a Fake show it’s “SPORTS!” Now, each to his own! As Father states and teaches us: “BEFORE YOU PULL THE SPLINTER IN YOUR NEIGHBORS’ EYE, PULL THE BEAM OUT OF YOURS!” I’m mostly home bound due to an accident from a fall and I’m needing some funny shows to watch! I’m enjoying these guys be they faking these monsters I’m not concern! They’re laughing all the way to the bank making money! GOOD FOR THEM! Stop the meaness of calling ppl ugly names! There’s a “DAY OF RECKONING” Coming and Father has every word we speak against His Children! If you have No-“0” knowledge of what’s happening on the show, shame on You for speaking cuss words and mocking the size of these guys! I’m pretty sure none of you are gorgeous as Elvis, Tom Selleck, etc. Guys were in their prime!
        Sincerely, a Servant of “YESHUA” D “CHRISTOS;”. Mer’ia Jéanfreaux

    • fat ugly stupid hillbilly boys suck ass the most stupid stuff I have ever seen inbred with their sisters

  2. It’s hard to take any of these “monster hunters” on tv seriously. Not one of them looks or acts the part not eve the “professionals”. When they start dropping ex-special forces into the middle of the cascades or Canadian Rockies then I’ll start watching that reality crap

    • the only “Monster” catching on tv is “River Monsters” with Jeremy Wade….at least he shows you the shit he catches!!!!

    • Destination Truth, they found hair some where in the Himalayas that DNA tested as an unknown Great Ape. Besides Josh is pretty darn funny.

  3. Who they really need to have a Big Foot show about is those two guy’s out of Sacramento Ca Team us and big foot. For Dan and his pal Garland has some good proof and best of all they show some real stuff!! Check those guy’s out you’ll see..

  4. Yep, agree to all above. Over the top, too much staged. Just remember this is entertainment not research. Found it a little comical.

  5. I saw the show last night and boy are they trying to make bigfooters look bad.

  6. This is my first time hearing of this show, when is it on and what channel??

  7. What channel is this show on?

  8. Fake as hell!!!!! Need to put up a disclaimer before each episode. All their footage of sightings is fake. Fake screams in the background. What a joke. But I been watching it : )

  9. the show is about dumb as hell and the one guy with the shotgun is going to end up shooting someone IF the gun is actually loaded

  10. Well, put five unshaven, beer bellied, ignorant rednecks together, set them lose in the backwoods of the Appalachian mountains, and better yet, put a rifle in each one’s hands. What do you have? A brand new television show destined to exploit otherwise peaceful, unarmed creatures who shy away from “man the killer” in order to survive living upon their much encroached natural habitat. Unlike the laid back and unproductive BFRO show where they passively trail Bigfoot – who is never to be seen yet barely heard, these yahoos go tearing through the forest, out of shape and wobbling, barely able to walk because they are so overweight, yet tear off running with rifles filled with live ammo, trying to catch up to and slaughter a more intelligent, but endangered crypto logical creature. At best, with the conglomerate IQ of 100 between them, in their frenzy they will wind up shooting each other. One can only hope.

    This show is a disgrace to our own species, at best an exploitative view of the main stream American A-hole doing what it loves to do best – kill. Frankly, they would be better off taking a few more trips to Weight Watchers rather than stomping through the woods acting like a pack of starving dough boys storming the tables at a free buffet. Congratulations Destination America, I am certain this disgusting, overindulgent display of traumatizing and killing of extinct animals will produce adequate, idiotic bliss and inspire insensitive serial killers with yet another reason to slaughter bigger game. Undoubtedly, this vulgar exhibition of blood lust, greed for ratings, and fiscal rewards will be a big hit for you.

    • I totally agree…tye were actuallly ANGRY at the “grassman” last night…THEY intruded into HIS home and they were angry…I live in the south, NOT by choice, lol, and I know how these arrogant rednecks think. They think the have the right to shoot anything they feel like, and you better like it to!!! I hope they never find Bigfoot because then he will be expolited to no end!! The show stinks…I hope it is fake!!

      • Hey dumbass. Lol as for arrogant rednecks. Any one with any intelligence would know its fake. I’d rather be arrogant than as stupid as you obviously are lol


          • Ah yes. English as a second language. Retard.

          • your name says it all, your a d bag.

          • Well, they have yet to find anything to actually shoot at, so I would rest assured. They may shoot each other but if Bigfoot or any type of cryptozological creature does exist, they are pretty safe with these guys on watch. I watched one episode and it was 1 too many. I probably would love this show if I was 9 or 10 years old. I just don’t have the time to waste on such nonsense. I can only afford to watch about 90 minutes of tv a night, and I will not use it foolishly on this show. If it does not end up cancelled, I will be very surprised. I also take great offense from the person that seemed embarrassed to be from the South. Be proud of your heritage. Set a positive example and change people’s perceptions about idiot rednecks scrambling around the woods with loaded guns. I have found just as much ignorance north of the Mason-Dixon line.


          • Hey, I’m eating high on the hog, pardon the pun at Willy’s. They told poor ole Willy they would get me next time, HA!, last week they went after Mothman and this week their after the Lizardman. I checked the A.I.M.S. site and that’s the season, won’t get another chance at me till next season. By then poor ole Willy won’t have enough pork for a single strip of bacon. If they cancel, next season, I’ll eat ole Willy too.

      • move asshole

    • Just a point. None of these fellows carries a “rifle” as described by RP, who must be a freaking genius. I can tell by his word choices, spelling, and punctuation that he believes he is smarter than the average bear, but actually he probably has the IQ of an intoxicated toad. The long guns carried on the show are “shotguns” you self-righteous, ignorant SOB!

    • It’s amazing reading this forum and seeing everyone giving negative feedback to these guys. How could you guys, especially RP, despise their attempts to give comfort to residents of WV, Kentucky, etc.? If you knew anything about their organization, AIMS is looking to give folks who share home with these creatures some comfort and knowledge about what they have to live with. It might be hard to imagine for you city dwellers but folks in these rural states live with the known and unknown in their backyard. Enough with the redneck comments too. They could easily say the same back to you lazy ass suburban bums. They have passion and priceless experience in the outdoors and you have to respect it. Why do you have to take it past anything more than an entertaining TV show? Any bigfoot fanatic here must be frustrated with the lack of proof of existence of the animal. I myself have always been interested with the creature and am thrilled to see someone take initiative to go after the creatures. Sick to see such shallow minded fools on this forum.

      • the sightings of these unexplainable creatures, sightings, etc. have been going on for generations. I’m from the Catskill Mtns. and I have been in the woods a good portion of my life. I was about 25 coming around a bend in the road, on the left lane was a huge cat. I have seen bobcats but nothing like this. It was shorthaired and tan about 31/2 ft at the shoulder and took one leap and cleared a two lane paved road. I also had another strange thing happen when I was about 14, my grandpa and I had just come from the hayfield and were finishing up the barn chores, when I saw a huge light green circle come up from behind the hill, it was twice the size of any moon I ever saw, it came up, stayed there for 5 seconds or so then went back down. I asked my grand dad what that was and he turned to me and said
        Don’t u worry about what that was

      • Word

      • Now tell me who is ignorant? The ones making negative comments ? YES because they have the have problem!!! Shame on these ppl calling others names when they are no better! This is what’s wrong with Americans … Always got a negative comment!!!! Hey these guys are probably the nicest people you’d ever meet!!! You all should be a shamed of yourself for judging!!!!!

      • Can we all just say “spoof” and have a good laugh?

    • Geeeeezzzz……of course this is all fake…but also funny. I for one do not find much interest in this show but come on you idiots…LMAO….it entertainment like any other show on television. I’m born and raised southern… guess what…masters degeee. My community is full of wealthy educated people…and we are all from the south. I’ve traveled to every state and find rednecks in everyone of them…in abundance. You absolute complete bunch of idiots who think the south has the only rednecks in the nation. Wow… seriously…your complete idiots. Cracks me up. Remember you bunch of liberal idiots….its television….its a show….its called entertainment.. and guess what.. you watched it… LMAO…run your uneducated mouth some more….and prove to all how stupid you are for getting so upset over a tv show….LMAO….stupid stupid people….or better yet… maybe read a book ….that is if u can put your remote down long enough…ooops….forgot…..maybe u can’t read… LMAO.

    • If you don’t like it don’t watch!
      Some of us are entertained

    • You are just another self righteous piece of shit! Fuck you and all the people like you. You probably have a degree in shoveling shit like most assholes like you!

    • We people that live in the mountains are not uneducated hicks. You tree huggers couldn’t live without a Wal-mart or a McDonalds to feed your self righteous bellies. You couldnt fire a gun or kill your own food if you had the instructions stapled to your foreheads. How dare you trash mountain people for living off the land.

      • your right we couldn’t. thank god we went to school got a degree and own a house in a good-great neighborhood. we may not have to kill our foo but at least we have the knowledge not eat what we hit with our cars. also when does a city slicker and tree huggers have to do with each other. city slicker. drive big fancy cars, eat and wear animals. tree huggers have nothing to do with that. tree huggers may not live off the land, but they care about a lot. bad argument. this doesn’t go out to all southern people just the ignorant ones. same goes for the city people not every one who lives in geogria the carolinas etc or who owns a farm is a is a idiotic hillbilly. it would be nice if we could get along, but we’ll probably just go back to taking cheap shots at each other. like always.

      • also mcdonalds really isn’t that good, for a dollar more i’ll go to a restaurant and get a real burger. mcdonalds is just cheap and easy. self righteous bellies ok i think every part of america has plenty of heavy people, if you meant we have self-assurance, ok i have no issue with that, go us. wal-mart their evil but where else can i get a tv, t-shirts and iced tea in the same place.

    • Come on now! I think the only over indulging A**hole here is you! Just because you choose to live a different life (apparently in a metro area) doesn’t make these good ole boys wrong or bad in any way. The history of the Appalachian Mountains and its people, is shrouded with tons of folklore that believe it or not, annually produce tons of viable results when compared to other areas. I truly find you idiotic sir! You’re making fun of another human simply because he doesn’t drink your particular brand of “Cool Aid”. I’ve personally only visited the Appalachian Mountains, but I ‘am myself another Good Old Country Boy! But be careful…this ole country boy is educated & I’ve fought for our country my entire life! As have allot of other Country Folk. Allot of you city boys prance around thinking your inferior to us simple people. Just because I’m simple doesn’t make me simple minded! Those are two totally different things. We are closer to nature than ten city folk are! Now I’m not saying this show is completely real, but I’m also not saying that the beats they track are not real! “RP”, or whatever you call yourself…I honestly don’t think you’d last ten minutes in the dark Ozarks, or any other forested area for that matter and I’m willing to prove it. I think your as comfortable as any other true city folk just sitting on your pasty A** at home in your CONDO making fun of the rest of the world. Please call me a Red Neck..please do?! Research the origins of the term and I would claim that happily any day before I’d claim to be related to you. You’re ignorant. There’s allot of other ignorant people out there and I love the freedom that us Blue Collar “Red Necks” have fought so long and hard for you sir to enjoy! You know why? Because it allows you to go online and talk your arrogance to the social live stream and that in order allows me to burn your metropolitan A* to the ground on a public forum! Now for the show and its cast. Yup…their Red Necks and their proud, as are we all. I don’t know if all the content is real, but as a serious lifetime archery hunter, I have been in several areas of the country (the whole world for that matter) and been in several areas where I have seen things that there are no known explanation for. I’ve done this on several occasions and I’ll never stop. I have personally researched every Beast that has been followed by the Mountain Monster team and I’ve found them ALL to have substantial evidence to show that something does in fact exist in Appalachian America. These sightings have been around for hundreds of years! I’d also like to comment on the cast’s weight. I don’t know about ya’ll but the only real overweight person I see is the Rookie and that doesn’t instantly make him bad. The others are either in their 60’s or 70’s or will simply pop a knot on your city boy head! I’d like to see you go up to the cast member “Huckleberry” and talk your smack. Or better yet, spend a day with “Wild Bill”. He would work circles around you, while popping a knot on your head… lol! I’m certain that would change your mind quick about how these ole boys are nothing but dumb fat red necks. I’d hunt deer, Bear or the Mothman himself with these Old Boys any day…TV show or not. Thanks For your time. -Big AZ BEN-

    • You’re an idiot, how do you kill something that’s extinct? Stay in San Francisco.

  11. Lol they should get Cody Lundin and Joe Teti from Dual Survival to go and hunt down bigfoot

  12. if you notice that the track of the wolfman is perfect everytime with no variation, it would tend to show that it is a cut out fake track, and what they are looking for is probably a sqautch, The part I think was funny the guy digging the pit trap feels like he is being watched. So the B.F. watched him did the trap and is supose to fall in it, even with the pile of dirt still next the trap. its funny they didnt catch themselves

  13. The only idiots larger than the Hill Billy “monster chasers” on this show are the ones watching it!!!!!

    What an insult to any sane persons intelligence!

  14. Entertaining but could use more common since.

  15. It is so obviously fake that it actually ruins the show. I think we all know that reality TV is nothing but a hoax anyway, but this shows takes it to another level. Just in your face fake…

    Makes Finding Bigfoot look reputable. That’s how fake it is.

    All in all, it’s a funny show but it’s so over the top that it takes away from the humor…you just assume even their personas and beards are all faked for TV too.

    Just like Duck Dynasty this show is too scripted for me.

  16. you got to be kidding me. is this all they have to make for tv. figures they take a bunch of idiot rednecks that aren’t capable of finding their own scrotum sacks none the less they cant even fake something so stupid.

  17. Sure it’s hokey and contrived, but it’s still 100x better than Moneymaker’s Failing Bigfoot Traveling Bullsh!t Show. 🙂

    • The ridiculous part on Finding Bigfoot is all the stupid claims they present as facts, such as Bigfoot is notorious for hanging around cemeteries. OK, he ought to be real easy to find then. And they seem to know exactly what his diet is. And the little guy, Cliff, he presents the most of these outrageous facts, yet openly admits he’s never actually seen one. I don’t think they realize that they do more harm than good for trying to prove it’s existence.

  18. My family actually knows the character John Tice. He is from Pleasants Co. WV and a good part of the show that was supposedly filmed in Perry Co. Ohio was actually filmed on or near his family’s property in Pleasants Co. WV. We watched this show just to see hat they were doing and found ourselves commenting on where certain filming areas were. I guess you can make money doing just about any stupid thing these days.

  19. If they found the place the creature was living,why the hell wouldnt they collect hair samples,dung among other things,itsso fake

  20. The amazing thing is if they go looking for a dogman, they find a dogman, and nothing else. If it’s a grassman they want, they find the grassman, and nothing else. I believe those ol’ boys could find a black rhino in those hills, if they went looking for one.

  21. In the first episode they were chasing the wolf creature. Well he walked right in from of the trail camera. Well something furry did. But they just leave the area and go looking for the grass man and oh your trail camera gets a pic of him too. Oh and the pic was sooooo fake. It was some one in a Gilles (spelling) suit. Wow….the chubby guy and the former marine make the show funny hooraa. I hope they cancel it soon. When I watch a show like this I’m looking for scientific evidence or atleast plausible theory. And certainly not faked scenes and evidence.

  22. What a joke. This show is an excuse for gross looking overweight men to run around fooling themselves. Definitely never watching this show ever again.

  23. How can you be an expert on something you have never seen and frankly does not exist?

    • Tony,
      I agree and they are very poor outdoorsman. I know it’s made for entertainment but at least they could use people with true hunting and trapping skills to make it more entertaining.

  24. Watching the show,how the hell did they know it was devil dogs on the ir camera,looked like coyotes to me.

  25. I grew up in the woods and rivers of south Alabama and north Florida. This show and the actors are an insult to any outdoorsman. I ‘m surprise no one on the show has been shot the way they constantly point their guns at each other.

    • Lmao, I thought the same thing. These guys have know clue how to hunt and should not be allowed to carry a gun.

      Deer are animals hunted all the time, now if these idiots were out there hooting and hollering they would not see one deer let alone a creature that had been avoiding man for centuries.

      The show is a joke.

    • Stupid Fat Boys carrying guns at night searching for “Monsters” they have never seen. Catching absolutely nothing. Shooting absolutely nothing. Proving that these “hunters” are fools. Since they have no luck in catching anything…we can only hope that
      someday one of them will die on camera with a heart attack. Shooting each other would be cool. But I seriously doubt they allow them to carry loaded guns. STOP MAKING STUPID PEOPLE FAMOUS!

  26. Worst show I have ever seen. So rediculously fake it’s not even remotely entertaining. Will dig my eyes out with a rusty spoon before I ever watch this show again

  27. I completely agree..I love these shows that focus on looking for legends and cryptids but these guys….what really made it stick for me that the show must be fake was last weeks grassman….ok where o where do I start…there is so much to work with lol ok first…the video of the supposed creature walking past the deer hide..when they showed their “proof” positive picture at the end it was so blurry it didn’t even look like the rest of the picture..it looked like someone inserted a shape and then blurred it out…everything around it was crisp.yet the actual creature looked blurry…it also looked to be te same shape as the thing in the beginning footage of it walking by the deer shanty….like someone took that image, cut it out and went dur de dur durr.. and walked it past the shanty lol.Also they talked about finding a nest and low and behold if they don’t find an old abandoned house with…u guessed it a big foot grassmam bed and last the noises….lol the same sound over and over again….I would bet if they do exist they aren’t going to always sound the same…ok bob..hit the tape! I am very curious what other ppl think..so please let me know my email Is ladybrisen777@yahoo.com if u would like to contact me…and thankyou for ur time

    • Face was blurred to protect the innocent… grass man.

    • Sorry for the blurry picture, I was having a bad hair day after watching that hillbilly all afternoon from the hill top in the rain, while he dug that pit for me to fall into. p.s. guess they left me alone after seeing I was just grass, as those boys are meat eaters, not vegetarians.

    • I was setting watching several episodes of this show rooting for the creature hoping it would tear their asses up. They invade its home turf, are scared spit-less, waving their guns & flashlights around, running their loud mouths so much that nothing would have stayed within a mile of them & each different creature was supposedly throwing rocks & tree limbs at them?
      When they were searching the cave & it was supposedly right near the guy I was hoping it would swipe the fat porker across the face for hunting it.
      Real or fake I didn’t appreciate them unloading their guns on an alleged lizard creature because it was cornered & trying to evade them & their excuse for doing so was it had threatened them by heading towards them?!
      Yeah, I had hoped one or more of the creatures had tore their ridiculous asses up!
      And yes, I’ve hunted for food, have guns, etc.

  28. What a scam! They should release the images of the grassman.

  29. This show is such a big piece of crap. But I guess we are supposed to look at as entertainment it is meant to be. Just another low budget show where you pay regular people less money, have them followed by a small film crew, do stupid things and hype big results. That is reality TV.

    • I actually like this show, fake though it may be. I’m tired and burned out on all the stupid Cop / Doctor / Lawyer “dramas”. At least the so called reality TV is original.

  30. This show brings up alot of curiosity and questions especially when you compare it to Finding Bigfoot. The crew in Finding Bigfoot never get the images that Mountain Monsters get. Also the Bigfoot crew never get thermal imaging of anything except one another BUT the monster crew get great vocals and imaging, which creates the question, Which one is real, or who’s right ? If the devil dog exists in West Virginny then why hasn’t the Bigfoot crew ever picked up anything when they were there ? AND THEY HAVE BEEN THERE …I think what should happen is that the 2 should converge together and form one. I ‘ll take the trappers over the BOBO and the others… Again,creates alot of questions … Are we all being scammed by both shows ??/ Lastly and least important, some of the guys on the trapper crew need to lay off the beer and pretzels or we’re going to see a heavy guy have a coronary on public TV ??? That type of suspense definitely doesn’t interest me at all .. if that ever happen I’ll just return to watching “Dancing with the Stars” or reruns of the “Lawrence Welk Show”

  31. While the merits of most comments are sound in my opinion. I mean, obviously the show is staged to a large degree. What bothers me is what bothers me about most discussion boards on the internet. And that is the racial, ethnic, cultural even personal slurs used to describe the actors, Ignorant, fat, Rednecks? I mean, come on. But these ignorant Rednecks are probably living in mansions and driving Corvettes, real ignorant huh? I’ll let you call me a Redneck for that kind of money, I’d be like, do you think I care what you think? You lowly peasant? LOL! These Rednecks are laughing all the way to the bank. I’d like to see their bank account statement and compare it to those elitist smart alecs. It just bugs me. As for the show? I watch it, it has entertainment value but I don’t take the “research” seriously. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it, sheesh, pretty simple.

    • well said

    • I totally agree with you about the slandering and dissing.
      In 2008, my son-in-law had started a reposession company in Northwest Montana and he was contacted by a company that wanted to create a reality show about his daily experiences in the business. They offered him $20,000 for the first season. If it was a success, they would offer a more lucrative contract the following year. He declined, for a few reasons.
      I’m using that as the model in saying, I doubt the Mountain Monster guys are getting rich, but they are getting compensated for acting out whatever the film company wants them to.
      I’m fairly certain that all the reality shows are scripted and faked to make boring lives seem interesting.

    • Couldn”t have said it better myself, Scott

  32. notice the supposedly eyewitness videos . they have the same cameras.

  33. Why did you not show what was in the trap look like wild dogs

  34. Hell 2 of the guys on “devil dog”? . . .lol when the are supposed to be in logan county i know and they live in pleasants county no where near logan county what a joke

  35. I’m sure it was obvious to everyone else, also, but it occured to me how silly the goat bait idea was. If they were chasing a monster and were hot on his heels, why would he stop to eat a goat?

  36. they caught 3 devil dogs and did not show any pictures of them and what about the white hair willy put in his pocket? No update at end of show to say what DNA it was from. Had good potential for a good show but. not well planned out.

    • The White Hair collected must have been from the other old fat redneck, who tripped and fell in to the barbed wire fence while stumbling for his ‘dropped bottle’ of moonshine. This show needs to be cancelled, we actually stopped watching the entire channel and switched to C-SPAN… lol. If you want to improve ratings, desin a program that actually films credible “Hunters” who go out to actually hunt and “take” one of these “monsters” thus proving or disproving their existance. The writers on this project better start looking for new gigs quick.


  38. Well,I live in WV and if want to see fat,ignorant rednecks with guns I will go outside and take a peek…they are everywhere here. Sad..the show and the people in it.

    • Well Hugh how about this… Get off your azz come outdoors and enjoy the most beautiful state in the nation. Put down your Xbox pick up a Kayak a mountain bike or tent. Hide the remote for one day put on some boots take a little rope and take a little hike. HINT: Not everything you see on TV is REAL!!!!
      Everyone save the other morons on this forum and yourself know this is not real. I have lived in WV my entire life and have never come across anyone wearing the old Hatfield and McCoy hats other than the many plays that are put on in places like Logan State park (another thing you should try)…

      Anyone that thought they would catch anything is a moron… Lets see local men catch the biggest unknown animal since the great apes of Africa and CNN Fox MSNBC and all others missed it!!!!!! Who is uneducated the men who faked this or the idot who expected it to be real!!! They spent a week on a kid being born in England and they missed this!!!!

      • Well maybe you haven’t heard of these beasts or seen people like this wearing these type hats all your entire life is because you spend too much time inside playing with your xbox and what not. I live here to and the show is real, the monsters are real and they are dangerous. Willy is just one example how us mountain foke lose our livestock to them. Trapper and his team are just trying to help rid our beautiful state of them so people will come here to visit. Who wants to come and vacation in a state full of monsters and strange beasts. Further more, you see the videos presented on the show by our native foke, are you calling them all liers? That’s just as bad, not only a state full of monsters, but liers and tricksters too. Are you calling the dead animals, bone piles and tracks all fake too? Come on my fellow West Virginian, get real, the show is real.

        • That “pile of bones” you are referencing are made from plaster! No bone yard would be so pristine, no teeth marks or breaks, bleached bones are not even that stark white, and there are no bits if still rotting flesh or even dirt on them….all piled up in one neat area…..come on, are you that blind or do you choose to be ignorant?

          And as for “Trapper” and his team of “professionals” – the only thing they are looking for is pocket money for more beer! If they were so committed to helping their fellow companions in WV…why had they waited all this time to start relieving the plague of all these so called menacing monsters? What were they waiting for? What have they caught all these years before now, besides a few DUIs? Waiting for the right television contract perhaps?

          Phony, fake, stupid, and ridiculous!

  39. Fake as heck, but I still enjoy watching it for the comedy value. I always get a kick out of watching Buck, the fat rookie, trip over his own feet, and falling on his ass all the time. If I was a mountain monster, I would know who to go after first for a plump easy meal.

    • Is it possible (think crazy hair ufo legend guy) that these shows might result in challenging critical thinking skills? Yes, with a resounding yes. It’s also possible that mermaids exist… It’s also possible that they fart and it doesn’s smell like the Grassman.
      Unlikely, but possible.

      To echo other comments, I would like to see more rigourous scientific method and/or real hunting techniques. I don’t need the Blair Witch self-scaring emotions to find it interesting. I prefer truthful information, but this show is good for walking the kids through the false information. When their trap failed for ole wampie, why didn’t they get help? Three pigs is a lot to lose. No doors ? Why don’t they surround trappped animal with cameras? Why not have better spotlights, or all have night vision and infrared? Really is a shame to be so silly, but maybe it sells bettter.

    • They live off the land … so, obviously Buck is the best hunter in all WV.

  40. Just another crap show to distract the slop-guzzling sheep while the government and corporate bad guys rip everyone off of their lives, money and freedom. I am so disappointed in Americans, I could just sh!t. You can sell these folks the Brooklyn bridge and they’d write their moms about it.

    • Exactly! The fat cat liberal Hollywood producers are laughin their butts off. Lets make a show that makes country folk look like total incompetent buffoons and later we can use it to help the crooked politicians take guns away from hicks that watch and whine. People, your government is slowly but surely eroding your net worth with higher prices on everything and all you do is whine about piss poor faked reality shows. Better get off your butts and start prepping and calling out your worthless congressmen on their lying thieving ways!

      • And I don’t mean prep like those idiot reality prepper shows, (although there are many good points and ideas there) I mean prepare yourselves for the absolute 100% financial meltdown and collapse the country will go through very soon. You can’t survive for long when there are more people riding in the cart than there are people pulling it! Obama is just a puppet of the powers that are robbing you blind!

    • So this show is going to be the downfall of America? How did this discussion go from reviewing a TV show to a political rant about everything that’s wrong in the United States. It’s a TV show…simple as that. Those of us that like it will watch it..those who do not are free to change the channel whenever they please. For those of you who hate what’s happening in the US so much, you could always move to Canada. Be careful though, I hear they have Bigfoot up there.

  41. I watch it for what it is as well. Entertainment. I mean, does anyone really think any of the reality shows are “real”? Especially this one? C’mon, is the US viewing public really declined to this level of ignorance?
    It’s a TV show. Nothing more. Nothing less.
    As EdyKel said aptly, its obvious none of the guys are afraid of getting caught and eaten by the monster of the week because poor old Buck is like a big camo colored Big Mac to a hungry Grassman. LMFAO

    • I watched it because i thought there would be some sort of resemblance to River Monsters…where they actually show the shit they were chasing…or catching…i’m ignorant…fool me once, shame on me…fool me…well, you know the saying…bastards!!!

  42. Did anybody notice the disclaimer hidden in the credits (the devil dog episode) that said “no wild animals were hunted or trapped in the filming of this show”.

  43. Geez…Really?? That’s how you hunt totally fictitious creatures that have apparently evaded civilization for this long. It’s like the Three Stooges in the woods with guns. I’m assuming that none of those guns were loaded; for the same reason Sheriff Andy would give Barney only one bullet at a time. Judging from these guys, there’s some other kinda funny stuff going on out there in the woods.
    Discovery Channel…I know you can do better. This is mud pie in your face. Please put this show out of it’s misery.

    • I’m really surprised nobody is bashing the Three Stooges on this site, Tim. Those guys can’t do anything right! (and yet we watch them on TV)

  44. I’m not so sure the goat in the Wolfman episode is just for bait. These mountain men sure get lonely out in the woods.

  45. Haha fat hillbilly lmao run fat men run!

    • best part of the “Grassman” episode, fat boy falling in a cold river….been there…done that…but not TWICE!!!

  46. People will believe lies before truth. Watched 2 episodes, that’s all I needed. Those guys are full of s##t ! ! !

  47. Check out the disclaimer at the end “no animal was hunted, trapped or harmed in any way” obviously fake but 100 times better than finding bigfoot. That’s got to be the most ridiculous show there ever was.

    • Going to towns to hear of people’s personal experiences and looking into some of them is ridiculous? What else do you want them to do? Apparently you need results even if scripted. Hey whatever floats your boat.

  48. You know, if there was an animated show about these boys, it would probably look like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkiJDw1Kung

  49. I like the show. I find it interesting. To hunt things that COULD be real…..now that’s scary. There are a couple of things that I think may work for them, one is to BE QUIET, in the area that they target to trap the Monster. You can’t build cages, run any heavy equipment, ride 4 wheelers or do tracking with loud talking, plus hollering back and forth. If you need a hole, then dig it with shovels. Also the lights they use while tracking and herding the Monster to their trap. Operate at night with night vision goggles and night vision video cameras. I believe you guys are truly scared of actually catching these Monsters. Each investigator needs to be himself and let the Editing Department do all the repairing of what may need repaired. The show feels to rehearsed. Hell, it may be due to bad editing. Let’s hope not, cause there’s not a chance for this show to be a hit. Get out there. Catch these things! Good luck and that’s my comment.




  51. In a moment of sheer bordem I was looking at the reviews of this show and came across the remarks on this page. The only thing I find funnier then this show is how the majority of the people that took time to graciously enlighten us on how fake this show is. News flash!! NO SHIT! You guys are acting like you are taking this personal. It’s fake so are all of the other crap on these shows! LMAO! There isn’t a Bigfoot or ghosts or a Devil Dog. But it’s funny and my six year old loves it! Now take a chill pill, if you don’t like it turn the channel. But my best advice would be get outside more, too much TV and computers makes a person crazy! LIGHTEN UP PEOPLE!”

  52. do these people think we are all stupid. we must be if we keep watching. they could not be so lucky, every creature just yards away. the wolf man sounds were electronic. did anybody notice the devil dog paw print. the edges were sharp. one guy a so called tracker says the 7 inch paw track came from a 200 pound dog. do the physics. then they trapped 3 devil dogs. listen to them they were probably pet dogs. scamming people for money. shame on you guys.

  53. Tonights episode was hilarious.
    Supposedly the Wampus monster cut its way out of their heavy duty netting.
    Only that cut happened to be in a perfectly straight line down one side of it.

    And the track they found was offensive to anyone with tracking experience.
    It had no slippage, and no depth.
    It looked like blue’s clue’s had been up in there.

  54. I call bull butter on this show it is a farce. How the hell do these guys as big as they are do anything. Especially the one they call the rookie. I believe they will catch an alie from Mars before they catch any of the things that they thinks out there.

  55. It’s amazing reading this forum and seeing everyone giving negative feedback to these guys. How could you guys, especially RP, despise their attempts to give comfort to residents of WV, Kentucky, etc.? If you knew anything about their organization, AIMS is looking to give folks who share home with these creatures some comfort and knowledge about what they have to live with. It might be hard to imagine for you city dwellers but folks in these rural states live with the known and unknown in their backyard. Enough with the redneck comments too. They could easily say the same back to you lazy ass suburban bums. They have passion and priceless experience in the outdoors and you have to respect it. Why do you have to take it past anything more than an entertaining TV show? Any bigfoot fanatic here must be frustrated with the lack of proof of existence of the animal. I myself have always been interested with the creature and am thrilled to see someone take initiative to go after the creatures. Sick to see such shallow minded fools on this forum.

    • Finally, someone who can appreciate something for what it is. Do I believe there are species or groups of species yet to be discovered,you bet. They recently found over 100,000 gorillas living that no one ever knew about. Could there be others, why not? There are too many accounts, not only during the media faze of the last 100 yrs., but for thousands of yrs. Yes, probly alot have been hoaxed. I say good luck…..and another thing, if people are going to call these guys names, the name is not Redneck….it’s Hillbilly, but the way everyone is getting offended, I prefer Appalachian American…

      • Gotta agree with you Ed. Many of these stories and legends have been around for generations. It is also correct that science is discovering new, previously undocumented species even now. As human beings, I feel that believing that we know all there is to know about this planet is pure arrogance on our part. I keep an open mind about the possibility that there are still species out there that are yet to be discovered. If nothing else, this show and other shows like it definitely have people talking about the subject.

    • I laughed like crazy but to many things right away made no sense why are you all yelling and talking loud and I don’t even I just knew that come on!

  56. Weebles Wobble and here they all fall down. It’s funny as hell to watch these beer bellied rednecks who need a shave, can’t speak English, have the collective IQ of about 100, run about the backwoods of the Appalachians like the Keystone Cops, and best part, they all go tearing through the woods with guns. No doubt in their frenzy, they are going to win up shooting one another – one can only hope. I mean really, with all the stenciled footprints, no casts are made, no hair for forensic testing, blurred photos, empty traps, the only thing after all their bragging of “we’re gonna git that sons a bitch” and falling over each other losing their pants in the interim, all they wind up with are a few feral dogs. I feel sorry for the animals they kill posing as the supposed prey. Somehow I find myself rooting for the monsters! LOL, Good fun, but don’t take it serious folks….if you believe this, I got a bridge to sell ya. What these boys need is a trip to Weight Watchers and a few more visits to a diet salad bar. Maybe Buck will lose a few and learn how to walk and get some britches that fit!

    • Redneck is the wrong title. If u are going to call somebody s deragotory name than atleast get right…it’s Hillbilly or as I like to be called an Appalachian

  57. I saw the the grassman 3 weeks ago. No lie this is real!

  58. I believe that your wampus beast is a jaguar.
    Some are black and others lighter with spots.
    There was an exotic farm in Ohio for many years that allowed some to escape.
    The size of the scratches on the trees that you showed and the track size are definitely a big cat, bigger than a MT lion.
    The image on the movie came was not a MT lion with the smaller head proportioned to the body. The thickness of body was a definite jaguar. Other traits were the piling up of kills (caches). This is common with all big cats.(Mt lions, Jaguars, Tigers and African Lions).
    The bites on the back of your pig and scratches on side are definitely a big cat who attacks from behind and grabs the neck.
    Trapping this beast will require something along the lines of a bear trap…grizzly size.
    It is vital to remove this animal and as you know they are dangerous.
    I love your show!
    Kathleen Kalina

  59. I think the grassman was a grizzly.The trailcam had the look of a typical grizzly on the move. (put up at least 5 trailcams instead of one) Large animals travel great distances and its not impossible for any to travel from Montana to WV. The probable source would have been exotic farms that are known to be in the area and lost some animals. There was a farm in Ohio that had all sorts of animals that got loose.

  60. I can’t wait to see Buck next week, fainting after seeing the Mothman…LOL! I also wonder if the Mothman will have the same tracks as the wolf an and devil dog had…hummmmm…they had the same recorded howl too. Too funny!

  61. This is the dumbest, fakyist most rediculous show on TV, especially the episode when we could only see some dogs paws after they caught them, and why do all the pictures have to be blurrie, the pictures I take with MY phone NEVER come out blurrie! STUPID I can’t even watch it anymore

    • Took a cellphone pic of something I could barely make out in the woods at a campsite. Light filters, etc. Showed a crystal clear picture of a small fox. The picture was clearer than what I saw with my own eye. These guys can see something, apparently plain as day and take a shot that looks like one of those really lo-rez blown up thumbnails you sometimes see. My girlfriend and I both take pictures of EVERYTHING. We both checked out after this little tidbit caught our attention.

  62. Wait, it’s not real?

  63. Watching now for the sole reason of looking for the “disclaimer” I am already 100% sure this show is fake. I could take a camera out into the woods and shoot a better show than this if these “experienced trappers” were really hunting anything they would take DNA samples as well as footprint casts just look at the facts and it will all point to fake but did you really need to watch the show to realize that? If so your IQ is lower than you claim theres is. They are clearly just out to have a good time. Even though the show is fake its still better to watch than these BS survival shows…well thats all ill repost if there is a disclaimer

  64. I like these shows, and I admit they’re extremely fake. There’s some suspense though, but only if you treat it like a horror/thriller film. It’s completely not true, but who cares?

  65. They encountered The Mouthman….. yeah right!

  66. Its just comedy entertainment adding something new to the unexplained. Bigfoot hasn’t been found big surprise, ghost hunting..yaawn. I hate that it adds to the redneck stereotype. Yes its fake. If you picked up on this show expecting to see a 800 lb wolfman or a wampus beast who came from a Cherokee Indian “casting a spell” on a woman wearing a fur jacket then you may need some soul searching of yourself…theres the next show! Laugh on people..spongebob has made it 20 years..

  67. Did anybody notice the disclaimer at the end of the episode that was supposed to be in Kentucky say filmed entirely in West Virginia?

  68. yea its fake but better then dancing with the stars

  69. If these creatures are so elusive and hard to catch how do these guys expect to get one while loudly tramping through the woods with headlamps, spotlights and camera lights shining everywhere? Even a deer or big cat or ANY wild animal would haul ass away from that circus. The show is somewhat entertaining simply because these guys take their “Badass” image so seriously.

  70. Mothman not mouthman

    • I think the Legend of Mouthmon is being filmed in Davis county end of Feb 2014. Got a new character on the show from Jamaica. It’s gonna be geat! I got a one day filming pass to ride with the crew. My Christnas present to myself. I’ll post pics on Tweeter #fkwith

  71. I just want everyone to know that these guys truly think that they are legit… They live in my home town and I have known them all my entire life and they are retarded at best. I grew up in the land of the so called “Wampus Beast”, or however the hell it is spelled, and I have never once heard of it in almost 30 years, to be honest the show about it the other night was the first time I have ever heard mention of it. This is crap and makes my entire town look like overweight ignorant retards. Just for the record, this group of people is not a good representation of the entire town.

    P.S. These retards are not even actually outdoorsman. “Trapper”, as he likes to call himself, lives in a nice home right on the edge of town and owns an RV Campground” The only thing he has ever trapped may have been a opossum or raccoon in his trash. All of the rest of them do in fact live in the country, but for the most part just sit around, listen to music, get drunk and ride around on ATV’s

    • thank you for your honesty. I personally have seen things I can’t explain, but that doesn’t make a reality show or a B movie….but what made me the most skeptical, was when they throw their loaded rifles and shotguns on their shoulder pointing at someone else…I was born and raised in the Catskill Mtns. and hunting , fishing trapping and farming is what we did, if I ever handled a rifle like that, my grandpa would have kicked my tail….

  72. Yeah I don’t believe it either. The net for the big cat was cut instead of torn through. and the paw print had a flat indentation where the pad of the foot was. Just to name a few of the falseness features. But it is definitely entertaining! I can’t believe that its on TV.

    • I can”t believe ” Dancing With the Stars” or “Honey Boo-Boo” is on TV either, but there it is.

  73. They should have had a DNA test on the white fur from the supposedly”Devil Dog” but yea pretty much all staged and fake but pretty damn

  74. This show is a perfect example of how far TV programing has sunk into the toilet. Is it that we have just given up hope for anything that resembles entertainment! Still you have to hand it to these guys, they are smart enough to now there’s big money in the stupidity of others.
    I’ve got a good idea for a new show, let’s put these guys on the hunt for intelligence within the network programing department, that’s a real unsolved mystery.

    • Really. ..this show is what leads you to believe the country is in the toilet. …this is just entertainment and if someone approached me to get paid to run the woods I’d do it. Maybe you should watch baby momma, teens pregnant, the Kardashians….Bruce Jenner becoming a woman….those shows are the issue with America…not some fun loving country boys running the woods. I’m what some may call a redneck and I work on Medical equipment for most of the largest hospitals in my region so does that make me ignorant? I’m proud to be a country boy and you can call me redneck all day long and I will wear that badge with PRIDE

  75. This is why I am surfing the web to find out if Mountain Monsters is fake. I think it is. With everyone looking for bigfoot or whatever and they ALWAYS come soo close. Look at the picture of grassman so out of focus it doesn’t look right to me. I really would like to know if it is fake. Finding Bigfoot on Animal Plant does really get boring but maybe they are at least more honest.

  76. Terrible show. it’s the always the same. It never shown anything. We cal only see dark images, some foot prints tha can be easyly made by human, never catches anything. It s just a fake show. Tha creatures that the they are trying to find have never be seen and the team arrives and in their first night of investigation, they already find traces of the monsters. It’s a realy fake and bad show create just to make people loose their time. I realy hope it ‘ll be canceled.

  77. THANK YOU! (sorry if I’m re-stating anything someone else has already said, I’ve got to get my rant out before I read the other comments.)
    A few more things that I’d like to address: 1 Most of the video “evidence” gathered from “witnesses” is either obviously CG or shows too little of the creature to be sure of what you’re seeing. 2 THE FOOTPRINTS. I mean frikkin REALLY?! They look like they were made with a giant rubber stamp. Flat on the bottom and VERY sharp/defined edges. 3 If these guys really were hunters they would know that any animal is going to avoid anything that has been moved around in it’s natural habitat, especially a path leading to bait with human scent all over it.
    I know I’m setting myself up for ridicule for this next statement, but here goes: I normally enjoy cryptid shows, but this one looked so half-assed that I felt that my intelligence was insulted. Almost like the producers think all people that like to believe in the unexplained are gullible enough to believe EVERYTHING they see and hear. Let me tell you, true cryptid fans know how to spot a fake just as well as the people trying to debunk cryptozoologic animals.

    • Everything you commented on was spot on Ashley… Not to mention that with all the noise they make in the area they are investigating, no creature smarter then a slug would come anywhere close to where they are…

  78. Well said Ashley. I was ex commenting on this episode when I did a search and found your remarks. Spot on!

  79. The most amazing thing is that there appears to be people who are so unbelievably stupid that they actually take this seriously. It’s a joke, folks!

  80. This show is real..there was a mysterious creature in my neighborhood that i took care of last year. Sadly, now i live in the woods of west virginia too.

    • You’re right George, the show is real !… I seet’ it myself !… It’s just what’s in the show that ain’t real… And how about that mysterious creature in your neighborhood that you “took care of” last year?… Was it one of them there devil dogs, or maybe just one of them feerocious’ possums?… Maybe now that you’re livin’ in West Virgina you could join up with them boys and be the newest member of A.I.M.S.?… Just sayin’…

  81. These guys are an insult to the country, the only thing they could find is a double cheese burger at McDonalds and they found it over and over again.

    • Go back to watching the Kardashians or Bruce Jenner becoming a woman….those aren’t insults at all….come on…the show is entertaining and hurting nothing at all…go hug your tree and watch Dr Phil..that will make it all better for you

  82. Check this page out…actual residents from Wolfe County, Kentucky discussing the wolfman show. Nobody ever heard of it, or the people interviewed on the show, and somebody identified the guy who owns the wolf suit! Busted! LOL!


  83. The only reason for watching this show is the hope that these idiots will shoot each other. All this show does is reinforce the dumbass redneck stereotype of people from Appalachia, which is a shame. If these were black men hunting creatures in a ghetto there would be an uproar about racism.

  84. In a nation where people believe that pro wrestling is real this show also will have a following of equally gullible fans.

  85. This show sucks its fake

  86. Right. They used the same grassman silhouette in the money shot, that they used for the shot of it on the hill, next to the deer stand. Looked like a freeze frame of Sasquatch walking with a heavy limp. They never showed you a full body shot of the “Hellhounds” that they supposedly caught. Just a grainy shot of their legs, which looked like coyotes to me. Now in the latest one, they walk down into hollow 3 minutes away from Trap guy’s pig farm, only to be alerted to a ruckuss (cougar sounds) back up the hill. Trap guy runs off saying his family is in danger. Back up the farm, looks like the Wampus Beast has climbed through a window, carried off, and mutilated, (but not consumed) three 60 lb. pigs (at the same time?) in 3 minutes. Without the use of opposable thumbs. One pig had 3 visible 12 inch long, claw marks on it, as though Wolverine from the X men attacked it. Another looked like it had the innards from another pig placed on it’s hind quarters. The third had cuts on it’s head (bitemarks?) So the Wampus went through all that trouble to NOT eat it’s dinner. Yeah, this show is pretty bad. Anyone that spends any time hunting in the woods, will tell you the only thing these clumsy, noisy, good ole’ boys would see is mosquitos. I was going to cancel it from my watch list, but I just wanna see this week’s, when Mothman puts the wammy on Bandanna guy. Then I’ll cancel it.

    • yup its definitely bad. its like looking at a car wreck…you want to look away but you just can’t…..and judging by the number of comments on this site,plenty of people are watching it. Either because they like it or they’re looking for more reasons to bash it. Either way, viewers equal ratings.

  87. In tonight’s episode, AIMS heads to a West VA. Dunkin’ Donuts, where clerks say somethings coming in at night and praying on the jelly sticks, and it’s making the bran muffins uneasy.

    “Yep, feller up ‘ere says he got some footage of a Fat Elvis Ghost sneakin’ in a winder.”

    ” Boy I’ll tell ya what, we gonna have to make the trap wit all lights, and s**t, make ‘er look like one o’ dem Vegas casinos, and what not.”

    “We gonna need some pnut butter and nana samwiches, an’ Wayne Newton pictures to use fer bait.”

  88. Having grown up in WV / KY this is totally embarrassing! What a bunch of idiots.. just as bad a Honey BOOOOOO!!!

  89. Booger eating wierdos

  90. Amen!!

  91. Week after week show after show they catch nothing. They are fat loud and all have head lamps on their head. There ain’t an animal within miles that don’t know they are there. Must have one of them new fangled boom boxes to play the same roar all the time. Hell when the boy passed out cause he looked in the red eyed monster i was thinking put a twinky under his nose that will bring him around. And a giant bug zapper! At least the turtle man brings up a turtle or something every show.

    • Oh yeah, and did you pay attention to what the genius said at the end of the mothman episode after their electrified cage didn’t catch the beast?… One of them said that “next time we’ll electrify the bridge”… Really?… How does that work?… Hmmm?… The bridge, which is grounded… Doesn’t take an electrical engineer to know that just ain’t possible… And they said that mothman had “left marks” on the top of the bridge as well, but they never bothered to prove it by having anybody climb back up on the bridge to photograph it or to get video of the marks… The show is so full of holes and incompetent investigative methods that only a moron could believe any of it could possibly be true…

  92. I live in WV and have for over 50 years. I’m a Hunter and have spent a lot of time in the woods.
    The shows a fake I think everybody knows that, but reading the comments I was absolutely amazed at the amount of people who think that these creatures exist!!
    It seems that by now if these fictional creatures where roaming the woods, with all the millions of people who live and hunt, there would be actual evidence.
    If it isn’t Ghostbusters it’s monster hunters, what a complete waste of time and programming.

    • Because you haven’t seen it, it doesn’t exist? It’s always the non-believers who get eaten first. Watch out for the waumpus beast next time you’re out hunting. Unless the devil dogs get you first…

  93. Last night was my first time seeing this show…… What the hell was with this fake crap. I watched the devil dog!
    A. How does a k-9 print go from 7 in. to 4 in.

    B. How fake of a foot print can you make, they could atleast and gave the fake paw prints more damention. They literally looked like stamps.

    C. Another thing, when they showed the mutilated coyote, the gash in the stomach look like someone cut and pulled out the intestines. I’ve lived in the country my whole life with a family of hunters and that is not how a k-9 would attack and kill an animal and that’s definitely not how they rip into an animal.

    D. Why didn’t they show us the animals in the end!, I mean really “FAKE”.!!!!

  94. Please take this show off! They say an couger is a wampus beast an hyenia is a devil dog. Please you got to be stupid to watch this show

  95. I think I have hit total boredom! He is sitting saying that something’s spooking the cows yet there there driving around them in carts I mean for real. “yall are the ones scarring them sheeesh”

  96. Sorry for the blurry picture, I was having a bad hair day.

  97. Sorry for the blurry picture, I was having a bad hair day after watching that hillbilly all afternoon from the hill top in the rain, while he dug that pit for me to fall into.

  98. Sorry again, didn’t mean to post twice, but thought I heard those “sons of bitches” coming after me again and hit submit before finishing my comment. p.s. guess they left me alone after seeing I was just grass, as those boys are meat eaters, not vegetarians.

  99. Hahaha just watched the mothman episode and they freak out at a pair of shining eyes coming towards them out of the woods. You can plainly see that it’s a pickup truck driving down a road. Too bad they took that long walk up the mountain side with torches and flashlights when they could have taken a taxi.

    • This show is the biggest joke! It is funny that they even carry guns! They never discharge there weapons? Nor do they ever catch anything! You guys are untruthful and suck!! What a big fucking joke!!!! They make everybody that lives in or close to they area or state a fucking retard!!!

      • Hay don’t send them here. We have to many. We aren’t lucky enough to get rid of them, we usually have to wait till one shoots the other to lower the numbers lol. I say we ship them to Alaska. 😀

  100. I have hunted BIG Moose and Bear in Alaska as well as all the way down to Arizona 10 miles north of the Mexican boarder for Boar! Yet have ever seen the crazy animals that they hunt but never catght! If you think this is true! Then you should live in Virginia. All redneck toothless uneducated white trash bumbs live there… Your all trash. go and get educated!!!!

    • Hay don’t send them here. We have to many. We aren’t lucky enough to get rid of them, we usually have to wait till one shoots the other to lower the numbers lol. I say we ship them to Alaska.

  101. I agree with your comments. I would like to believe these guys are having this kind of luck out there and they seem to be pretty nice folks. However, after hunting regular game for many, many years, I know for a fact you don’t get this lucky every single time you go after your game! ESPECIALLY game that appears to be this intelligent and when they travel outside of their own stomping grounds so often. Come on A.I.M.S. at least make it look more real? If you guys are this lucky, we need you hunting terrorists! Or better yet, will you pick my next PowerBall numbers for me?
    Chris, Alma, AR.

  102. FAKE? What? Oh man, No. What Has the world come to?

  103. For all you sons a bitches trashing the show and saying we never shoot our guns, just wait for the finale show this week. We light’em up like the end of a fireworks display. That will show you we are real people with real guns. The show is 100% real, for it to be fake, they would have to use actors, and we are clearly not actors. Just good ole boys that live just down the holler from most of you.

    • I didn’t say it was fake. Just said you shouldn’t wet your panties next time you see a pickup truck driving down the road at night thinking it’s the Mothman coming to get you.

    • Show is nothing but bunk. Oh, I have a hit on the thermal! Then they show you a 2 second clip that looks photoshopped. Then they tell there guys to get out of there and never say what they saw on thermal, what happened to the other anomaly? Did it go off into the woods? Disappear? What? They don’t show you or even tell you what they saw on the thermal, they just blow it off. “Yeah, we had ’em on the thermal, but lets get you guys out of there!” What a godam joke. They don’t follow up on anything. They always say that their target was near the trap but the never but a camera anywhere close to the trap to see what actually happened! The only hunters in the history of the world that see the prey every single time the go out for it. Not to mention at the end of the show there is a disclaimer that says:
      “No animals were actually hunted trapped or harmed in any way”! What!? That says it all right there. Fake as hell.

      • sorry about the typos, problem with keyboard

      • Yeah, “No animals were actually hunted, trapped, or harmed in any way”… Not by them maybe, but ask those six or eight coyotes that were killed by somebody else how they felt about that disclaimer… Ooops, they’re dead, they can’t… But you can bet they weren’t killed by “them there devil dogs”… Cause if them devil dogs would have been REAL, you can be damn sure you would have heard about them after they were supposedly trapped at the end of the show, because that would have guaranteed the show would have been renewed for a second season… It would have proven the validity of the show… But because there were just more coyotes in their trap, and not really “them there devil dogs”, you never heard another word about it… Proof positive that the show is totally fabricated…

    • Your a god dam joke. You guys don’t catch anything. I’ve hunted all over the USA. And I have trophies to prove it. This show is full of lies and a bunch of jokers!! Your Bunch of losers thinking you know what you are doing! Toothless hillbillys….

      • Another false claim, guess you didn’t watch the devil dog episode, we captured 3 of them there devil dogs.

        • You captured three of them there devil dogs did ya’?… Well what happened to em’?… We didn’t never see nuthin’ else about em’… Are yur’ eyes brown, cause it sounds like yur’ fulla shit to me?…

      • Buck also caught a cold the night he fell into the creek. He might not have a trophy to prove it, but 1000’s of people saw it on TV. Have 1000’s of people seen your trophies on TV?

        • Your right Traper, that water was cold.

          • Oh my gosh you’re right!!… The SHOW is “real”, I’ve seen it on several occasions!!… I even had my wife come out and verify that I was watching a “real” show as well… What isn’t “real” is what’s on the show… They call that kind of stuff (the results that are found) “staged”… Or as some may want to refer to it, as “entertainment”, no more no less…

        • Well the night he fell on his kisser allegedly fainting after seeing the Mothman – was really due to a pending heart attack. Get that ol’ plump boy on a diet! If you want him to live into the next season….he will never make it on the scheduled, “last night of investigation” run thru the woods to the empty trap! 🙂

  104. P.S. If you really want to kill one of these beasts. Start by not driving your ATV to within a mile of where you hunt. Then lose the headlamps on your head. Next try not talking or even whispering for that matter. Now try to climb up a tree and wait.

    • Mark makes many good suggestions but forgets to mention one thing… None of these things will help the A.I.M.S. clowns actually capture anything because they aren’t REALLY looking for any creatures in the first place… They are out there as actors in a fictional investigation just putting on an excellent representation of their inability to find anything… The sound effects, the stupid traps, and all their fumbling around is like watching the three stooges times two…

  105. How can you sit there and say its 100% real yet all you have is fake paw prints. I mean really get over your self. “FAKE”

  106. What do you mean fake paw prints? Just because they look flat and have sharp edges, you call them fake. They only look like that, because you are watching the show on a 2 dimensional or flat screen television. The show is also broadcast in Digital not analog so the edges are going to be sharp.

    It’s 100% real, how do you fake ole Willy and Sarge climbing the trees and the bridge? Did you see that? Did you see any safety wires or nets? Did you see Rob fall in the cold water twice? Or Huckleburries big foot by the print? These are real people not actors. The show is real or people couldn’t watch it. You see all the posts on this site, surely the show has to be real, these people did not all dream this up. They have to be watching a real show to make real comments about it. Or do you think this site is “FAKE” too?

    • Oh my gosh you’re right!!… The SHOW is “real”, I’ve seen it on several occasions!!… I even had my wife come out and verify that I was watching a “real” show as well… What isn’t “real” is what’s on the show… They call that kind of stuff (the results that are found) “staged”… Or as some may want to refer to it, as “entertainment”, no more no less…

  107. The A.I.M.S. team is right on making all this racket, that’s why they’re so successful. These animals are curious as hell, Cliff and I even used the same tactics in our last show. we played loud music and had flashing lights to draw them in, we basically lit up the hillside. Go A.I.M.S. !

  108. Bobo, you exactly right, our most successful nights have been when we’ve been making a lot of noise. Pounding on trees, wood knocks, calls and screems, these beasts seem to be drawn to it. Maybe we should leave old Moneymaker and join up with the A.I.M.S. team.

    • Knock it off, you assholes, and get back to knocking on trees!
      Cliff, how did you find Bobo’s comment, read it, sign in to the blog, write your reply, and submit it, ALL within 6 minutes of Bobo submitting his reply?

      • Do you really think that the real Cliff and Bobo wrote those posts??… Not likely as I’ll bet if the REAL Cliff and Bobo watched these clowns they were probably just shaking their heads at the absurdity of what they were seeing… The comments were most likely made by the same individual posting the comments using fake names… With the success of “Finding Bigfoot” I doubt the REAL Cliff would be hinting to Bobo to join the clowns on the A.I.M.S. team… Truth be known, I’ll bet the same guy that posted the comments is connected with the same individual that posts the comments here as J Tice…

  109. Yeah, the supposed growls of the Wampus Beast that they were “hearing” during the Wampus Beast episode sounded unbelievably fake, like a tape being played. And, yes, they are loud while “investigating”. Whatever they are investigating would get away. It wouldn’t go toward them or stay nearby. I don’t believe this show is the least bit legit.

    • Not only that, the grassman howl is also being used for the lizard demon! When the wolfman show aired and the cursing was bleeped out of the sound tract…..the howl wasn’t interrupted at all, so they must lay down the beast sounds at another time, or it too would have been bleeped if it was originally heard and recorded during “live” action – too funny it is so fake. It’s actually more fun to spot all the bloopers and fake stuff they pawn off as being legit…what BS!

      • Yea that dang Willy can build all those traps out of scrap wood, steel and what not, but can’t do something about that dang open window in my barn. That there Wampus beast has got 3 of my brothers. Go figure.

  110. Up until Mountain Monsters aired the Blair Witch Project was the worst film ever made. Now I’ve seen about everything. Six pitiful Rednecks running around in the dark with loaded weapons and flashlights catching absolutely nothing. Television has regressed to a point that ignorant advertisers will pay for anything. The cast of characters on this show should actually pay the stations that carry this junk to put this garbage on the air. If this program is renewed I will have lost all faith in the American viewing public for tuning in on such ridiculousness. The West Virginia Game Commission should also be called on the carpet for permitting such nightly hunting excursions using guns, flashlights and atv’s. Most states do not permit hunting after dark as this presents a very dangerous situation. You are either a game poacher or someone who ultimately shoots an innocent individual due to your own fear of the dark.

  111. Are you kidding you had me until moth man.

  112. Somebody is having a good laugh at your complaints. Your legs are being pulled by Destination America.

  113. Another false claim, guess you didn’t watch the devil dog episode, we captured 3 of them there devil dogs.

    • If you captured three “devil dogs” why wasn’t the show edited to show these previously unknown creatures??… Why didn’t the next episode have any footage to show to the viewers of what was captured??… Why didn’t we see anything on the news months before the show even aired showing everybody this newly discovered animal that was previously thought to have existed??… If the “devil dogs were real why wasn’t the whole next episode devoted to showing everyone what had been captured??… Why??… Because it was a lot of crap, that’s why… What was probably captured was a few of the remaining “live” coyotes that weren’t killed to display in the scene from earlier in the show… Lets be for real here…

  114. These guys couldn’t catch a cold. To much yelling and carrying on. The most obvious thing is, if they ever caught something like one of these creatures it would be all over the news. You couldn’t keep a story like thst quiet. Besides these shows are taped, what last winter/spring? We’d know it by now. Same with the Finding Bigfoot show. If they ever find it, it will hit the news before it ever hits their season show. All a bunch of baloney.

  115. Well, I’ve read everybody’s comments here, especially the ones who can’t write or spell very well, and have to agree with a lot of what is stated… I’ve watched all of the shows about bigfoot and the like, and these guys can’t possibly be for real…
    On the show “Finding Bigfoot” they travel all over the place looking for bigfoot and take great pains to be as quiet as they can, trying to limit their group to just a couple of people (plus the camera crew), limiting their use of light so as to better conceal themselves, and they still rarely get more then a tree knock or a distant howl… But these Mountain Monsters guys go five or six strong through the woods (plus the camera crew) talking loudly the whole time with flashlights blazing, charging after every odd noise they hear, and manage to get nearby growls and howls, thermal footage, and clear, fresh tracks in EVERY single show !!…
    If you’ve ever gone hunting for wildlife, of any kind, you KNOW that the only way you’re EVER going to have any success is if you’re as quiet and still as possible, drawing as little attention to yourself as you can… And, if you would ever expect to catch a creature like those these guys go looking for, that are thought to be more intelligent and acute then most other creatures in the woods, then you’re not going to have ANY success using the methods they utilize and expect to have any “REAL” results, much less the fantastic results they seem to have in EVERY episode… Deer hunters have to know which way the wind is blowing so they don’t tip the deer off as to their location, and they sit up in trees in deer stands careful not to make a sound, and still go home empty handed on may occasions…
    Although there have been many reliable sightings of some of the creatures these guys go “hunting” for, most of them are more folklore then fact…
    I thought it was interesting that on the one episode where they built the cage, or more of a box out of the old barn wood they found, where they actually caught several animals inside that were, according to them, the animals they were hunting for, that the show wasn’t edited to show the viewers what they had actually caught… If they had actually trapped what they were hunting for don’t you think they would have wanted to show everyone what they caught to prove that the creatures did actually exist??…
    While this show is entertaining, I’m afraid that’s all it is… There’s no way you can employ the methods they employ and expect to come up with any real world results… About the only reality there possibly is in this show are the eyewitness videos that they show in the beginning of the show, and that’s only if they aren’t fabricated like the rest of the show…

  116. To the denizens of West Virginia:

    My most sincerest sympathies and deepest regrets to you. Having this sorry lot of displaced, moronic goons representing a cross section of your people is a disgrace. I pity the fact you have to experience reading the humiliating insults being flung in any generalized fashion. Please note that these derogatory comments are meant only for those idiots in the show. Clearly thrown out of the local bars, unfortunately all of us in the country must now be exposed to the tall tales and their embarrassing representation as “professional hunters and trappers.” Don’t worry, nobody with an operational brain believes it and shares in your mortification. If these crypto zoological creatures do exist, they are far more clever and intelligent than these loudmouthed simpletons and will be quite safe from capture or harm. It seems like they are doing more harm to their own, personal reputations rather than reflect opinion upon all of you good citizens in West Virginia.

  117. I couldn’t help but notice that right when one “gentleman” says “We have found proof of the beast in southern Ohio” the credits on the bottom read “filmed in West Virginia” FAKE ALL THE WAY

  118. Maybe these hillybillys have the right idea they seem to have pretty good success. Maybe why most hunters don’t see the beasts is because they are too quiet.

    I’ve gone hunting with my boyfriend once, he acts all serious about it, but then when we get out there all he wants to do jump my bones. No telling what you guys do out there when your alone. No wonder big foot is afraid of you.

    • I know this may sound strange to you, but your boyfriend was just trying to employ one of the many tricks used by trophy hunters. Let me explain in case he didn’t, in the wild its all about competition and territory. Every hunter knows all animals mark their territory and its only the big males that get the opportunity to breed. Knowing this, the more experienced hunters will pi$$ or better yet, ejaculate near their blind or stand. I’ve even known some that have hung used sanitary napkins in trees around them or gone as far as cheating to get these smells on them. Wild animals have a very keen sense of smell and to a larger buck or male these sents only mean one thing. The smell of female parts or fresh semen tells those alpha males someone else is trespassing and getting what belongs to them and they show up to defend it. So don’t be too hard on him, he knows what he’s doing, and all successful hunters do it. But don’t expect to see these tactics used by the hunters on the program because it airs during family time.

      • Great answer, now all the women will know.

      • Not sure what kind of “trophy” hunter you ‘re referring to, Fred. Any good hunter takes a piss bottle with him, to prevent giving his location away to his prey. You wash yourself, and your clothes with scent masking soap. You try to set up downwind etc. Animals aren’t stupid, they know right away how out of place human scent is in the forest. What you’re saying is stupid. You aren’t going to shoot anything that way. You’ve either been misinformed, or you have no idea what you’re talking about.

  119. Ok, watched the mothman show the other day. Seriously? In well over a hundred stories of encounters with MM that I’ve read, not a one ever mentioned that it had pyrokinetic abilities. Not one. Pure, unsubstantiated, unadulterated, rubbish. I like the torches that relit themselves, though. I wasn’t expecting them to go that cheesy. Amazing what the magic of post-production can do. So if MM can teleport, then what the f**k does he need wings for? I guess for those rare occasions when it encounters an electrical field, on account of it can’t teleport through electricity, as was so empirically stated by Trapper Ding-Dong. He knows all about transdimensional travel, what with working on a pig farm and all. I must confess, I was gonna pull the plug this week, but now I gotta watch just for the cheese factor, and see how ridiculous this can get. I’m hoping this week, they find out that the tubby kid actually transforms into the “Lizard Demon”, on account of the mysterious powers, he acquired when the Mothman looked at him. Maybe even have him kill Mush-Mouthed Guy. The rest of them find his body in the woods, all tore up, with a big ole’ pile of pig guts on his chest. And when Trapper Guy bends down to check if he’s still breathing, have a moth fly out of his mouth. Can you imagine! Oh well, if there was anybody out there wondering what it would be like if you crossed “Finding Bigfoot” with “X-files”, there ya go. HOLD ON! WHAT WAS THAT?

  120. Hey, I got an idea! Let’s throw out some stuff we’d like AIMS to investigate in the second season. I’ll start.


    A) Radio-active, ghost ninjas from outer space.


    B) The pirate ghost from Scooby Doo.

  121. Just saw preview of this weeks up coming show, looks like they got a picture of the lizard thing. But what was shocking, they are lined up shooting like wild, 1 in the dark and 2 into water, two things I’m sure can’t be considered very good gun safety.

  122. Anonymous, are you matt moneymaker? You seem to spend an extraordinary amount of time discrediting the show, which is, admittedly, easy to discredit.

  123. Looking at episode listing for Mountain Monsters, remind me never to visit WV, seems every county has its own unique beast or monster. And then you got these nuts running around at night with guns and lights. Pointing them in every direction, yelling and screaming. How many counties does West Virginia have anyway? As popular as this show is, could be the only thing limiting the number of seasons it runs. I guess they could double that to at least give them a chance to catch each county’s beast.

    • Yeah, that’s pretty much how the producers want it to appear. If you ask any actual, citizen of Wolf county though, they all seem blissfully, unaware that there’s a wolfman among them. Seems if the county doesn’t actually have any fantastic folklore of it’s own, the producers will randomly assign it one. Not sure if this is done out of a hat, or lots, or what.

      • Was on home page of tv channel that airs this and noticed already second season coming early next year. Guess more counties in WV than 6, wonder what new and mysterious monsters live in those other counties?

    • Your right, I’m begining to wonder if there are any people left in West Virginia, seems its full of monsters and strange beasts. Looking at some of these hunters, I would say the monsters are probably there because their is a good food source. The big guy Buck could feed several bigfoot, devil dogs, wolfman, grassman for weeks.

  124. The witnesses in each episode are folks from Pleasants County, WV, where the investigators hail from. Also, each episode is filmed there. We watch the episodes and snicker at all the local scenery that somehow turns up in KY or OH.

  125. Rewatching devil dog episode, on the farmer Richard’s video, looks like devil dogs being held by someone hidden in brush, and on que are released, they do a few quick zoom frames and were person would be setting is oddly blurred.

    Also was funny to hear shoeless guy say was like looking into the eyes of the devil. How many know the devil that well?

    • Moutain monsters, Bigfoot, Preppers, Duck Dynasty, Kardashians, Dance Moms and the list goes on and on. What a pile of brainwash nonsense UNreality tv. I came here from Britain years ago and tv was never this bad. Yet the shows have success because people are mostly lazy now and just want to sit and watch this crap.

      • Thats right, I say Bring back Monty Python!

      • Yeah, there are a lot of pointless and brainless shows on for sure here in the US, but once you’ve watched the British show Dr Who, I think you could say the same for the shows they make as well… A guy who travels through time in something the size of a phone booth that’s as big as a house on the inside?… Really?… Just saying…

  126. Funny, ever heard no two snowflakes alike? On wolfman show filmed in Kentucky and devil dog show filmed in westvirginia during the night investigations, both places have the exact same tree shots, not one tree, not two trees, not even three, but a whole hillside, including broken and fallen trees. Wow never realized Kentucky and westvirginia were so much alike.

  127. This blog needs this warning just like the show:
    “All posts to this blog by me are a work of fiction and only for entertainment. Names, characters, places, and incidents are the products of the my imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, entities, beasts, or monsters, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.”

  128. Just curious what others were saying about this show so I started reading these comments… What I find amusing are all of the “intelligent” people who talk about how stupid the TV SHOW is, but misspell many words! I’m not talking about the mountain slang either. Justin Morgan, you are a great example-you even claim to be “a little smarter than most in the county”. Hee hee hee

  129. These morons never catch anything

  130. This is the dumbest show on TV (next to Honey Booboo)! These “men” just make stuff up as they go. Never catch anything. It is all a hoax & should be removed from the air!

  131. STUPID!!!
    Why haven’t they cought anything? Nice Ford truck, it sure stays clean for a hunting truck.

  132. Come on man really! They never catch anything. I’m a city boy and I can hunt better than that!

  133. Did you see when they were hunting the mothman, BIG BOY PASSED OUT>>>>>>>LMAO What happened???? This show insults what little intelligence I have.

  134. Hokiest bunch of crap I have seen lately

  135. These show and these guy suck big time lay of the moonshine


  137. It’s bull shit

    • You need to check out post 119 if you think the show is BS.

      • Right. I like the guy that says you should toss off, and throw used tampons around your deer stand. You know he’s a true believer.

    • And the post at the top about the flat tracks because using a flat screen tv. Love all the expert answers given on this site.

  138. Thank goodness! I thought I was the only person that noticed these outrageous actions these guys do! You are so right! Sheesh if there are Bigfoots and mothmen these are the last people in the world to catch one! Did you think the videos and pictures looked real? To me they looked so fake…if they are really trying to be “reality” they should at least authenticate these things. But then again, I am not sure that it is supposed to be real or is it just a silly drama-esce show.

  139. Dead possum….real as hell

  140. I just hope for season two they update their phony bones props. I’m tired of seeing the same set of ribs being used. In the “woof man” (as Trapper calls it) wampus beast, and lizard demon shows – the same dumb set of plaster ribs was used every time…I mean really guys, spare some beer money change for a new carcus….or pick up some descent looking road kill even to at least make an effort of making the grizzly bits appear real

  141. I think this show should be cancelled. These guys are a big joke and they never ever catch what they are looking for. Oh yeah, the only reason I know about this show is because I suffer through it while my husband watches it.

  142. Just watched the hopefully, last, episode, of this steaming, fudgy, pile of monster excrement. Looks like the Lizard Man, and the Wolf Man, are roomies. They seem to both live in the same jazzed up, bachelor pad cliff face cave. The “eyewitnesses” in this one were particularly bad.

    “Well, whadit look like?”

    “It was ’bout 7 foot tall, I dunno , green, an’ uhh… just all lizard like.”

    Then again, I guess you can’t give these dopes a script because then they’d all just recite, verbatim, what they saw. I like how tubby Bandana Guy finds the “tracks” too. Walking along, in the dark, looking straight ahead, so he doesn’t go down again, as his woefully top-heavy physique is prone to do, his forward progress illuminated by only a miner’s lamp. Then upon reaching a certain spot, he looks down and…

    “Hey boy lookie here, a track!”

    ” Yup, looks like a big feller, too, ’bout I’d say 8 ‘er 9 hundred pounds.”

    Dermatophyte Guy knows how to size a Lizard Man from his spoor, on account of all the previous Lizard Men he’s tracked and hunted.

    Too bad there isn’t a Tokyo county in VA. Then we could watch them try to trap Godzilla. Well it’s done, anyway.

    • Wait a minute, they are in WEST Virginia, not Virginia, we don’t want them here. The whole reason we cut that section of Virginia off was because of all the monsters living there.

    • Not only that, but big boy and other guy were at site 1, according to show if you paid attention, that was 15 miles from where trap was set up. What’s harder to believe, there in fact is a lizardman or that big boy walked the 15 miles in half an hour? I really don’t think he could walk 15 miles in a full day.

      • Right. That explains why we’re never shown a proper map of the terrain. Instead we get Trapper Guy’s crayon rendering. I heard that due to the overwhelming response to this show, Discovery is gonna fly these dopes to the North Pole, so they can trap Santa Claus. Should be out this Christmas. Maybe an Easter Bunny special after that.

  143. Can’t wait for Mountain Monsters at 5 p.m. tonight! The professionals will be chasing the Wolfman of Wolfe County, W. Va. at 5 p.m. Probably will catch the Wolfman at about 5:50. Then, at 6 p.m. they will be pursuing that blood-sucking Devil Dog!!! Devil Dog won’t get away from these “pros”. The fun continues at 7 p.m. when these seasoned professional monster-chasers will set traps for the Grass Man who reportedly weighs upwards of 1,000 pounds. At 8 p.m., these toothless pros will pursue the likes of Wampus Beast. On the last two shows of the evening, these highly intelligent pros will do doubt catch both the Moth Man as well as the Lizard Demon. I, for one,will plan my entire day around these once in a lifetime “captures”. I can’t believe we get to witness such history on television!

    I just hope, especially during their night time ventures, they would try to be a little quieter in the woods and not yell out such things as, “Did you hear that?” at the top of their lungs…they’d have a better chance at capturing these elusive beasts. With the former Marine in their midst though, and with his intelligence alone, these seasoned pros should catch at least 3 of the monsters tonight on television. Sure glad I have my HD package. Wouldn’t miss the geniuses from W. Virginia for the world.

    • I wish they would catch themselves or the lizard demon would come out of the water and eat one of them like a good old fashioned Jaws movie.

  144. Lizard Demon show witnesses, ” I’ve never seen anything like it in my life” “never saw anything like it before”, “never saw anything like it” about 10 times, REALLY !

    • Hey, give him a break……he was still rehearsing his lines and forgot they were actually recording the show!

  145. OMG Really!!!!! How stupid are these people?????? I really want to know how these “professional” trappers and trackers find their way out of a paper bag let alone the woods. The whole “Blair Witch” (and how old is that??) filming please…. It’s always just right there but never there!!!!! How much crystal meth are the eye witnesses smoking and then trying to throw out those big important words so they sound smart has the opposite effect. City dwellers and teleporting,…again please. I know that the witnesses speak English, but can not understand one word any of them say. Talk about stereotypes. All of those have been checked off here. And what’s with the monster drawings or renderings? They all look like the same monster, creature, whatever you want to call it, and look like they were drawn in the 1970’s. No budget for the art department? I thought Honey Boo Boo was bad. Reality shows, will the end ever be near??? Here’s an idea; I am an out work bartender looking for employment, can I have a reality show? At least the show wouldn’t be fake and unlike all the rest of them I really don’t think the whole revolves around me or my shoes.

  146. This review is funnier than the show, I read all these comments, its a hoot. Really love the post from Justin Morgan from West Virginia under post number 1. He’s one of the smarter ones in the county, is this what we are dealing with in West Virginia? I would be last to stereotype, but based on comments posted by those from West Virginia, and the people on the show I’m thinking if I ever travel down south, I will make sure I don’t get within 100 miles of West Virginia. From what I’veseen on the show I’m not sure which is higher, their IQs or tooth count. I’ve never seen such mishandling of weapons. Just happened to be watching lizard demon show, they found rib cage, said they know he keeps coming back to eat on it. Yea, I sure believe that, a 7 foot tall, 3 foot wide, based on trapper’s estimate of the slide path, is filling his belly on what’s left on that rib cage. Was going to comment on things I saw wrong on show, but can’t type that fast, got some stupid thing going on every few seconds. Is his nest in the cave or in the barn, which is it guys? Dam, What was that?, What was that?

    • Frankly, to capture the Lizard demon, I think they should have put a spike in the ground next to the river and tied up old Buck to it as bait. Heck, if he gets nabbed, there’s enough meat on him for the Lizard demon to gnaw on and last till next season! And the up side to that scenario is one less bumbling hillbilly to watch….doing West Virginia a charitable service.

  147. This show is for Entertainment and its loosely based on some truth And some beliefs handed down from the old timers BUT being raised in the deep woods of the south I know for a fact that NO ONE makes all that noise they make,,goodness!! when the real men of the south enter the woods you will never hear them not a stick breaking or a leaf rustling , they need to work on making it more Believable! But It’s like a car wreck you can’t help but watch it !

  148. Did you hear about that dog in arkansas that ate his owners left nut while he was asleep

  149. Fake? You bet! But as I watched several episodes I was rooting for the monsters, especially when the hunters were po’d cause one of them fell on his ass in the water & wanted to exact his revenge on the creature. Really? Your fat ass slipped on a slick rock!
    I was so hoping that the creatures would jump down from a cliff, rip their heads off & run back into the woods with them.
    You guys allegedly invaded the creatures homes/living areas. You were the trespassers & needed your asses handed to you for doing so, IMHO!
    One last thing folks: Learn some damn English! The words ‘no’ & ‘know’, ‘your & you’re’, ‘where, we’re, were’, & ‘there, their, & they’re’ are not all interchangeable words!
    I can understand some of it being the spellcheckers because it kept trying to substitute ‘we’re’ for ‘were’ even typing this sentence but not with all the rest of the words above.
    Think about it folks, read what you’ve typed before you hit the ‘submit comment’ button, please?!

  150. I take these shows with a grain of salt. But I have to admit my husband and I just sit here and laugh. I have to say its the best comedy show on TV. It is a toss up if someone will get accidently shot or if Buck is going to have a stroke.

    • Personally, I’m hoping for both….but if you REALLY want to mess these ol’ boys up, just shoot a word like “bipedal” at them and watch the stoic expression of terror spread across their furry faces! Priceless…..

  151. The last episode I watched (Grass Monster) was undeniably scripted and all out fabricated. The photo evidence was an absolute computer generated imagery of a “Bigfoot” type creature. We have been duped. OK. So, one of you mountain “Mother Scratchers” need to come clean. Salvage what tiny bit of integrity you may have and expose the pretense and fallacy.

  152. These people are pretty smart. They are getting paid to try and catch things that don’t exist.

  153. I just saw the first 2 episodes. I’m interested in these shows, I want to believe – but they are always such a let down because they all follow the same format.

    What I don’t get on theses shows is they don’t follow up.
    BBC or National Geographic wildlife camera men camp out for months to get footage of known animals – yet these shows expect to find the same thing in a couple of nights.

    Nope, because that will probably be considered ‘boring’ in reality TV land and no one will tune in…but if these thing DO exist, you’ll probably have more chance getting compelling evidence. Plenty of people watch wildlife shows.

    Instead, they get intriguing ‘evidence’ , which really, is not as conclusive as they would like it to be ( it could stil be faked afaik) but then drop the case and move on – huh? isn’t that just the beginning?

    If they were serious, they would have better evidence by now. So it seems to me it’s faked, or can’t explore further under ‘budget limits’ and they have to move on.

    I’m not an expert trapper, not a hunter, just a curious Joe ( arm chair critic, I admit) – but I have common sense (well, I think I do) – these shows don’t seem to posses, or it’s be edited out.

    For example, if I would think if I found a Grassman’s ‘nest’ in an ambandoned house, or worked out a wolfman’s triangle of activity, I would at least get about a dozen of those cameras, attach them along a suggested trail ( respecting intel from a pro trapper)- in and around that house or area – and leave them for months – That would be cheap production cost – or stake out for a week at least.

    Yet all these shows – the finding Bigfoot, Aliens, haunted houses – always try to find something in a couple of nights and making loads of noise or anti-climatic drama in the process ( which wears thin )

    That’s like someone saying ‘ hey, I heard comets are seen in the night sky, people told me stories. I’ll take a look tonight ONLY to get evidence and film my experience and hopefully capture footage’ Then getting all excited over an airplane flying past and make a TV show out of it. Spend more effort on it please.

    Do they really believe they will ‘discover’ (happen upon more like) something in a couple on days that others more focused groups have been looking for for years?

    Not to mention these creatures (if they exist) would – like all other wild creatures, smell you before you hear them wouldn’t they? (down wind) but would also hear you first if they’ve been living out there all this time. Just compare to Ray Mears

    Also other illogical assumptions – on the wolfman episode they look a a tree where you can see moss has been ‘rubbed away’ by the wolfman, who’s meant to be 7ft tall. the tracker guy illustration the action is shorter and so the rub marks, should be higher if he’s saying the creature is standing and rubbing his back – unless it’s rubbing it’s ass – which the trapper was not suggesting – they jump to conclusions than consider all the options. they don’t even discuss them (maybe it’s cut out)

    On the Grassman, episode they look at a photo that shows a footprint – in wet mud, yet when they try to replicate, it’s a lot less wet. Now as I say, I’m no expert, but I have put my foot in wet mud and drier mud and observed that the depths of footprint is different even though I have the same body weight, or standing and depressing my foot or running,walking (weight distributes differently if it’s heel first or toe first etc) yet they guys are comparing directly – but they don’t even make that observation. Doesn’t that info affect conclusions?

    OK, I’m not there, I have a different TV than someone else s – but that’s not convincing argument. I’m just saying that it all comes across as a bit of a mickey mouse operation. If people who are professional trackers don’t notice, mention, debunk, stuff someone like me does, how am I suppose to believe any of it?

    It’s a wasted opportunity. If you have a chance to provide real evidence of real legendary creatures then why waste it (and our time)? Also why kill it? Go in to some creature’s territory with some guns for ‘protection’ – it’s like keystone cops, sometimes. They’re not doing themselves any favors. It belittles any serious investigators.

    Look at more serious wildlife documentaries and learn from them it’s the only way any of these shows will earn get credibility.

    Until then, we have to conclude it’s all faked for the sole purpose to be sensationalist edited more for ratings than any seriousness. It’s getting old, very old.

    Sorry, didn’t mean to type so much. Not flaming…just disappointed. I hope another production company actually does better.

    • apologies for some typos, also to clarify –

      “Just compare to Ray Mears” comment -( like “Bear” Grylls )- these are survivalist guys, but they examples of presenters of shows that seem to know what they’re talking about. If these ‘hunter’ shows took a leaf of of their books, it might all get a better rep.

      • Your points are all well taken. Production
        companies are not interested in facts only
        profit and time is money. If they would spent the time to do it right there would be
        no profit. Sad but true. These shows are geared toward folks who know little and won’t notice blatant foolishness. Maybe
        someday a real show will be made that
        tries to do it right.

  154. Stupid show who in there right Mind would dig a 10′ Deep hole in the ground in the Winner in Southern Ohio 20′ from a creek or River and not know it would fill up with Water in a hour or two===TRAPPER He is the Only 1 One in the World. just a LOL

  155. Stupid show who in there right Mind would dig a 10′ Deep hole in the ground in the Winner in Southern Ohio 20′ from a creek or River and not know it would fill up with Water in a hour or two===TRAPPER He is the Only 1 One in the World. just a LOL=PS Im Org from Eastern KY and Live in Southern Ohio Now so I know the Area there Talking about.

  156. Well,I reside in Logan County,where the “Devil Dog” episode was filmed. First off,I am very embarrassed of the show and how it makes everyone think that all West Virginians are a bunch of rednecks,which is not the case at all. However,after watching my home state support the very people that are trying to sell them down the river,I must admit that we are not the smartest state in the country! Sadly,many people around my neck of the woods are just like these guys….or worse!! I had a brief sighting of a sasquatch many moons ago but I think this area has too many hunters,trail riders etc. for the creatures to make this a permanent home. I do believe that come through this area and stick around during the summer months and early fall. However,once the leaves are off the trees our mountains are really bare and finding cover would be very difficult,especially with the hills full of people! So,if you are in WV and want to do some sasquatch research,then late spring,summer and early fall are the best bets….just my opinion. Oh well,on with the entertaining comments this thread has spawned 😉

  157. It is ridiculous to read some of these posts that are calling these guys names & stating that their show is fake. If all of u jerks that are trashing the show and calling these guys names had ANY sense at all & it’s obvious that most of u don’t, why don’t u just pick up the remote & use your fingers for something other than sitting there playing with yourself and just change the damn channel. These guys didn’t come to your house and ask u to watch their show anyway. What most of u need is to have these guys take u out behind the wood shed and give u an ass-kicking that u wouldn’t forget for awhile. So if u don’t have anything else to do but run these guys down, then why don’t u just shut the hell up! So why don’t a few of you like anonymous, h schau, H Klazer, D Byrd, M Whitley, PID, & Jim Maynard just keep your idiotic comments to yourself and all just do us all a favor & shut the hell up and watch something else on tv if u don’t like the show. Sure would be nice to know exactly where u live so u could b taught a little respect. Jerks!!!!!

  158. The nation is infatuated with all things new and related to computers
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  159. Why don’t they ever catch anything when apparently they have the thermal camera pointed right at it and they are in the position apparantley on top of them. I believe these camera showings are pre recorded from actual animals. Also It is hard to believe when every time the one guy (who seems to be chewing chew and is small bearless one) isn’t present until the end and always says “well we may not have caught him, but at least we know he exists”.. REALLY? aren’t these supposed to be expert trappers? So the animals are smarter then they are everytime??

    The showabout the wampest beast apparently ripped through the net they had in the air. First of all, if he ripped through the net in the air he would have fallen far and got hurt or dead from impact, second it clearly was a straight line cut like scissors. It would be hard for a claw to cut it that fast when entagled!!!

    The show with the wilderbeast (bigfoot look a like) they caught a picture of it right behind the big mound of dirt which was the trap. If you look closley at the image it is fuzzy and distored and cropped in.
    This is such a scam of a tv show!! everything staged!!
    Oh and the (sasquash bigfoot looking one) apparently it is staged and clearly there only objective it to get us to believe these things are real.. but never intend to catch anything (because it is staged)..

  160. Most shows are staged,but you call them dumb asses I bet they make more money than all of the shit talkers. Who’s the dumb ass now?I wish some of the city dwellers would come to the mountains for a couple nites you’d shit your self before you could get out of the woods. So stop bashing people you don’t know. Hell the majority of you would think the world is ending if you were with out your Iphone for a day.

    • Please do not tell me that you take this show seriously…I’m about as country as they come (from Georgia) but come on this show is so fake its borderline insulting to anyone with avg. intelligence for instance The funniest thing Ive witnessed on the show was the lizard demon episode , at one point they pointed at a fallen log about 10 inches in Diameter and said you can see where he slid over the log , this was right after pointing out slides at the rivers edge where the “creature” was sliding in and out…my question , Why would a 7 ft creature that walks on 2 feet be sliding over a 10 inch log or off the banks in to a river…..LOL , wouldn’t it just step over the log and run and jump in to the river.

  161. Shows like this should be called unreality shows…It is a sad commentry on the quality of shows that are being offered by some networks…Do they expect anyone to believe this contrived hyperbole ??? It makes a person question every so called reality show…This seems like it is sending the wrong message to the young people…How did they feel when they were told santa claus and the easter bunny did’nt exist ??? It may be obvious to most adults that this is nothing more than entertainment but to undeveloped brains it may be percieved as the truth and result in distorted concepts…The motive for all of this is money…Is it really worth it to perpetuate a LIE ???!!!

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  165. Another goofy hill-billy show, but no worse {no, much better} then the popular Honey Boo Boo….This stuff has been done already, by people that didn’t need sub titles to be understood….Fun entertainment….Not to be taken seriously…Accept for the laughs you will get, once you relax and stop yelling at the television…..

  166. This is a really good tip especially to those fresh to the blogosphere.
    Simple but very accurate information… Appreciate your sharing this one.

    A must read post!

  167. I’m sorry, but I just watched their “Devil Dogs” episode and I’m calling bull. I had several inclinations to dismiss them as fake throughout the previous episodes, but I liked the guys on a personal level.

    But after seeing that episode, at the end of the show they find some tracks close to the track and you can clearly see that it’s not made naturally. The paw print has no real depth as if someone took something flat and paw shaped and pressed it into the soil/mud. It’s way too clean and crisp.

    I’m no hunting expert, but I’ve been hunting long enough to know what a real animal track looks like! I hear they’ve also been renewed for a season two. How idiotic.

    • I guess you didn’t read the expert engineers explanation at the top of this post, why the prints look flat or stamped, you’re watching it on a digital TV, not the old analog. There is no depth or variation in digital, either on or off, a 1 or a 0, that’s why it looks stamped.

  168. The funniest think Ive witnessed on the show was the lizard demon episode , at one point they pointed at a fallen log about 10 inches in Diameter and said you can see where he slid over the log , this was right after pointing out slides at the rivers edge where the “creature” was sliding in and out…my question , Why would a 7 ft creature that walks on 2 feet be sliding over a 10 inch log or off the banks in to a river…..LOL , wouldn’t it just step over the log and run and jump in to the river. The show is so hilarious that Ive watched every episode. Its so much fun picking the show apart that I cant help it. Ive noticed about 10 or more discrepancies on each episode at least

  169. Sure glad show is back on, uncaged is just reruns of last season with comments and tweets, worth watching again. New season starts April 4th, can’t wait.

  170. If you were to compare the silhouette of the Wolfman to the silhouette of the 1000 pound Grassman you will see they are identical just seen from a different angle. Should these creatures actually exist, where do they come from? It wouldn’t surprise me if they were the result of an experiment from Plum Island? Did our government purposely alter DNA of certain animals to use as a weapon? If so, did these creatures escape or were they strategically released in certain areas so our government could monitor and document what these creatures could do? If not, they should.

  171. This show suck balls, if it’s going to be fake at least make it interesting

  172. My take on the Wampus is simply that it’s a very large variety of the Black Jaguar, which has been inhabiting that area of Appalachia for a very long time.

  173. the show is always filmed in the same area…it’s just for entertainment…NOTHING IS REAL!

    As for Bigfoot hunters…i wish they would find more than a tree knock or a whoop…the show is pointless!

  174. waiting for mo-mo show it is a legend but not sighted for many years

  175. Like the show, but they need cameras at all traps and bait areas

  176. Then everyone will know its B.S.

  177. You have to have Bullets for fire Guns.

  178. obviously at least the moonshine they are consuming is real

  179. no, I tell you what makes them stupid. building the stupid ACME roadrunner type traps that couldn’t catch a fly and expecting the rest of us to believe it’s real, that’s what stupid. I particularly love the series of “its over there!” “watch out!” reminds me of South Park episode where the kids learn from the inbred hunter you cant shoot anything if you just scream “its coming at me!”

  180. Really!! People actually believe this stuff is real. LOL wow. I thought it was a comedy show. I couldn’t stop laughing. I mean really, a werewolf with yellow glowing eyes sitting on his howling rock. I even heard one of the guys reference a silver bullet. It was amazing that every time they saw something the cameras they never captured the image. The proof they had from other people showed hardly anything. I will keep watching purely for the humor. My favorite is the ability of the mothman to teleport and they new that it couldn’t teleport through electricity. Scientist should consult these guys on their knowledge of teleportation.

  181. Wow you say you’re smarter than most in Morgan county but you can’t spell even the simplest of words, “no” , should have been spelled “know”… Just saying.. And by the way both of your parents are Morgan’s… That could be due to they are married and your mother has your fathers last name.. Or most likely cousins… INBRED…

  182. Give us a break will you. This is so fake it’s sickening. These old geesers and overweight fools couldn’t catch a cold. And I didn’t realize that West Virginia had such a variety of monsters. This is nothing more than the Three Stooges on steroids.

  183. maybe these guys are actually genus and cashing in on silly crap like this

  184. if most of the eye witness accounts and video clips are during day time why do they go running around in the dark ?. maybe because its just more fun not being able to see anything more than twenty feet in front of you. still looks like these guys are having more fun on there job than I do at mine .

  185. If West Va has so many different monsters just think how many there may be in the vast forests of Russia maybe someone should start a show over there and call it cryptid Russia Wait do they have hillbillys over there? Just think of the potential cash to be made LOL

  186. My boyfriend and I are both from West Virginia but live out of state now. When we found out there was a show about monster hunting in the mountain state we were pumped!
    Ok so questioning the legitimacy of the show isn’t even necessary. Mainly because it freakin hilarious. We can almost predict what’s going to happen…monster sittings conveniently a month or less prior to the crew arriving, talking to the witnesses, finding a foot print then seeing a photo and/or video. Our favorite part is betting if there will be a “nest” or not. And I’ll be damned if there hasn’t been one in every episode. The wolfman had one PLUS a “howling rock”. The best one yet is the fire dragon…a REPTILE that lives in the rivers and goes crazy when he’s around a fire (because he can finallllly heat up his body enough to destroy campsites). Then there’s Wild Bill that sounds like Boomhower from King of the Hill on crack. Totally love his hoo-raaaas!!! We have considered making it a drinking game…every time “summbitch” is used or “what was that?” I don’t think it gives us West Virginians a bad name. Hell we know were mountain folk and it’s awesome. Long beards, clean cut, bad teeth, bleached and capped, hunters, vegans, moonshiners, banjo pickers or classically trained musicians, book educated or just learning from one generation to the next. We’re a mixed bag and it’s all good! I love mountain culture, old school and the new. What Bette way to celebrate that than by watching some hilarious stuff a bunch of good old boys are doing on TV. Especially if one reminds you of your “Uncle Pickle”. Yes. I have an Uncle Pickle. Life is too short! Grab yourself a cold one and give a hoo-rah and cheers to them summbitches next time their on! 😉 Yahoooooooooooo

  187. Ok so the iPhone did some auto correct stuff…SITINGS not sittings and some other stuff lol. But oh well, you get the gist!

  188. Lol

  189. The scary thing is that some people over. 5 think it is a real show

  190. my co workers are outdoorsmen like myself we enjoy comparing notes and laughing about the show .it makes the workday more fun. We have gone out to the woods and called it squatchin its just an excuse to get away from our ol ladys so we could sit around the camp fire and drink beer .Who knows maybe we will get to see one someday lol

  191. Hillarious and so true. I am from Illinois and I consider myself to have redneck qualities.

  192. One of these days you will run up on one of the idiots, redneck in- bred will put a foot up your kister. They are making more money than alot of us. God bless them.


  194. I thought for sure those boys would catch the Mothman in that giant bug zapper. Too bad, it sure was some top shelf engineering that went into that rig, I can’t believe it didn’t work.

  195. good show

  196. This show is the best comedy on TV. It should get an Emmy.

  197. Amen

  198. I have been hunting all my life ain’t never seen any strange creatures. U people act like u get close to something and never catch anything. If this is real than use a good dog I watch sometimes because of grand kids always get mad because u don’t use dogs. My bloodhound would track it down so get one

  199. make sure you have some good old fashion moonshine and some home grown and you might see the monsters out there,lol

  200. Well they may be hillbillies but smart ones. They figured out a way to make money from chasing nothing and showing it on tv. Got an easier job and making more money than most of us.

  201. This is great. People arguing over nothing. These creatures do NOT exist. Bigfoot does NOT exist. Stop the nonsense. I’ve spent a lifetime in the woods, both the midwest and the Rocky Mountains. My job is in the woods. I’ve been to some of the most remote places in the western U.S. None of these creatures exist…I would know,.. Trust me. This television program preys on those who want to believe in this nonsense. At least it’s humerous. Idiots with no hunting or trapping skills, ridiculously poor weapons handling, and horrible grammar.

  202. I’ve been reading all of these comments and I must say that they are about as entertaining as reality t.v. is!
    Your comment, however, struck a nerve. I was amazed at your level of disillusioned grandeur that you imposed on the other seemingly ignorant offerings of opinion. Im sure youve heard the saying “one who lives in a glass house should not throw stones”…? You should check, double check then triple check what you write to ensure its accuracy. You don’t know the difference between “know” and “no” but you’re (see that, that was a conjunction of the words you and are) going somewhere in life?….. With all due respect, I hope YOU’RE going to YOUR nearest elementary school and registering yourself for 1st grade. Please, take your own advice and “engage your brain before YOU put YOUR mouth in gear”!
    Don’t waste your time replying to this. I know you’re busy “going somewhere in life” so GET TO STEPPING!

  203. They say drugs kill brain cells…so does this show!!

  204. The only monsters you would find on this show is if somebody started combing their beards! Who knows whats living in that brush!

  205. ….and that’s whats wrong with America today.

  206. Jessica. I don’t know who you’re responding to, or why. You are not commenting on the false pretense of the program. Apparently you are attempting to correct someone’s grammar. Why? Are you upset by the sensible comments relating to truth??

  207. It’s called entertainment, people, and those good ole boys are making big bucks running around and laughing as we talk about them and give them free publicity. Do you honestly think you could tell a Hillbilly from any other American if you placed them side by side by simply looking at them? *snort* It appears that those who have watched TV shows who use Hillbilly stereotypes to make ratings actually believe Hillbillys look and act differently than anyone else.

    Of course they will never find any kind of creature….Bigfoot, Moth Man or anything else. They’re having the time of their lives doing that show, and it’s ridiculous that we are even discussing the veracity ( or lack thereof ) of it. Geez…Adults who sit behind the computer screen sure get riled over little things.

    I like what Big Ben had to say. Of course, I’m somewhat biased toward the Hillbillys, as I was, born, raised, and continue to live in the heart of the Appalachians, where some seem to think there are inbred illiterates around every corner, and where some of the greatest minds of the country originated. Please don’t spew such venom toward one part of the country that most who have posted seem to enjoy doing. I would venture to guess those who are doing so, have never been here.

    Regardless, I have never seen anything out of the ordinary in the 50 plus years I have traipsed all over these mountains and forests, but that’s not to say there’s nothing here. I just haven’t seen or heard it if it is. Play nice, please. I think we are all here on this particular forum because we have an interest in the same phenomenon…..The Big Guy!

  208. You didnt spell cheney correct, einstein

  209. you misspelled cheney

  210. The ppl on finding Bigfoot have made 30+ episodes without finding shit.. the hillbillies on mountain monsters find a beast every episode. Don’t you think that if they really are this close to a monster that they would spend more than 1 night trying to catch it. I think I would stay around a few more nights and catch em

  211. Take it from a hillbillly native to West Virginia, this show is purely comedic entertainment. My family watches just to see what nonsense trap they devise this week. We laugh that we’d be more frightened of meeting them in the woods than the monsters (which are actual legends as well known to us as Bigfoot is to you.) I’ve never seen so much plaid and MossyOak outside of opening day of deer season. And the “proof” is hilarious! I saw a wild dog on a trail cam and a bear cub on thermal, presented as a devil dog. And a buck raised threatening on his rear legs represented as a dragon. Then there was mossy tree trunk that was supposedly a sheepsquatch’s shoulder. *facedesk* Wow. Dumb. But amusing! Like my idiot brother-in-law…

  212. Reading your post is a bigger waste of time than watching the show. Congrats, you are a fool.

  213. Best show ever! I like how Trapper calls everything a sombitch!

  214. Hahahaha!! Did none of you figure out that three of the cast members are actually talking with all of you?? Trapper, Buck (I suspect) and Wild Bill.
    It seems that for all of your bitchin and pissin that they are dumbasses, they seem to have fooled you! LOL
    But anyways, the bottom line is, there is idiocy and intelligence in all parts of this country, but it doesn’t necessarily matter what type of accent they have. Nor can you tell by many of the things they say. If that were the case, Then I would estimate that you all have Ph.D’s.
    Regardless of this, the bottom line is, if you don’t believe the who is real and you don’t like it and you don’t like the guys, then there’s this really cool thing I discovered when I was a small child; it’s called A REMOTE!
    I have a fun time watching this show and laughing at many of the things I see and hear :-D. But that’s what TV is all about isn’t it? Entertainment.
    BTW, what if the Morgan person was/is a young kid?

  215. Sorry,,I meant to type “show”, not “who”.
    There’s more I was going to say, but *shrugs* time to go walk the dogs 🙂

  216. Correctly… you didn’t spell Cheney correctly…


  217. By the way J. Tice, I LOVED it when the ‘Sheepsquatch’ allegedly pee’d in your face/eyes. I know it supposedly wasn’t particularly enjoyable for you, but my 9yr old niece and I watch the show together and laugh and have fun, and she has the greatest laugh around which I was privileged to hear that evening during that scene! 😀
    We are here in Colorado, and we know that mountain legends are a matter of personal opinion, but we both have fun together hanging out and watching you guys fall and run around in the dark 😉
    So thanks for that!

  218. SITINGS …….do you mean ‘sightings’?

  219. My mistake….apparently some of you did know. While you think it was all one imposter typing all of the posts for the three names, it actually wasn’t.

  220. you people are too bright if you think this guy was serious. He was pulling your leg(s) with a little WV humor and you all fell for it. Who’s the dumbass now?

  221. Hell! I was just pissed about the goat!

  222. I thought that was a cool reply you made…did you really go through all of that to see if he was correct?

  223. If you all want to know if this show is FAKE, I will tell you which episode to watch to prove that it most certainly IS FAKE. Watch the episode called “Death Cat of Cherokee County”. When they are in the building and one of the guys asks Buck if he hit his head cause he had blood on his head, watch carefully when the goat falls down from the second floor and you will see the rope that is attached to it, then when they show the goat laying on the floor, the rope is gone. If you can pause the picture, or watch it in slow motion, you will the rope very clearly. Instead of putting this crap on tv and making these guys rich for acting like total morons, why don’t they just give that money to someone who really needs it, like our veterans or our homeless. Instead they waste it on total nonsense like this show!!!!!

  224. im glad u guys put a camera on the trap that was great keep it up I enjoy watching u guys

  225. This show is about as real as “bigfoot” itself.

  226. Looks like ole Justin outsmarted all them idiots

  227. That would be Cheney

  228. I agree with you 100% this show is much more entertaining than Law and order. I would also add that I don’t believe any of it.is real I have lived in WV my whole life and have never saw or even heard of most of these monsters I guess Greenbrier county is a monster free zone.

  229. Regarding all the shouting Trapper and his team do in the woods, if this is required by the TV show producers then the actual hunters should call the shots while tracking a creature…On “Finding Bigfoot” BFRO does and you never hear them screaming or shouting when searching for Bigfoots. On the contrary, they will demand anyone to shut up if they hear possible responses…

  230. Ha,oo-rah bro! We put the ol’ heat on Mr. Death Cat. Why,
    it ain’t nothin’ for us to travel to them ol’ swamps down South & find the ol’ Mr. Roogaroo! Ha, oo-rah bro! The old Marine will get it done, on the ol’ Mr. Death Cat!

    Willie’s buildin’ a trap for the ol’ Mr.Rhinopotamus whats tearin’ up Roane Co., Wv.

    See ya in the funny papers! Oo-rah bro!

  231. I think I’m beginning to get the point to this show. If we
    look at Grimm”s Fairy Tales and throw in crypto hunting
    to make a made for tv reality show, I think they have
    succeeded. Watch it for what it’s worth. It still makes more
    sense than watching the national news when they cover
    what is going on in our nation’s capital. Now that’s just
    plain stupid with no entertainment value.

  232. the strangest mutants i’ve ever seen came from new york…new york, the asshole of the usa

  233. I ain’t soore ifin’ ya’ll can spiel in Morgan County but yooose better get a dictioonery to halp youin get them there words rite

  234. At the end of EVERY show there is a disclaimer that says “No animals were hunted, trapped or harmed in the filming of this episode”…….I do not know how much clearer it could be that this is FAKE. Do not believe me??? Watch the last 3 seconds of every episode and you cannot miss this disclaimer.

  235. Amen to the drinking game for every hooorah or sumbbitch. What a great idea. My wife and I have watched every episode 5 times and cannot wait to watch them over and over again. What fun

  236. Agreed. I’m watching the Kentucky Hellhound episode. So they’re chasing it through a corn field. A bunch of fat guys chasing a giant dog…… I’m in pretty good shape and I cant catch my Jack Russell in the back yard….. Really. Fire a damn round! lol

  237. Sempre Fi brother keep up that gung-ho attitude, I enjoy the show.

  238. That was GROSS. I saw that one too.

  239. This show is funnier than the 3 stooges, laugh my butt off at them acting so serious, great show but it should be only considered a comedy!!!!!

  240. Don’t you just love the way the Cherokee death cat also managed to tie a rope around the dead goat in the shed before it nearly fell on Buck’s head? LOL! That clever kitty…….if you don’t see the it real time, slow playback speed to catch it.

    And the flying reptile sounds exactly like the moth man……yet reported sightings say it sounds like a locomotive whistle. I nearly peed my pants laughing when Buck fell in the cabin, while the invisible flying reptiles were attacking the hut……love to catch the bloopers, funny show, makes me laugh harder than anything on tv!

  241. “I seen it, I seen it, I seen it, I seen it!”


  242. Yeah those northern NH dudes are real hunters ROFLMFAO.. I grew up and was raised hunting and living in the wild. There are things out there you can not explain. The ones here that are trashing are real tough behind a keyboard. But let’s get you in the woods and see how well you survive. You wont 95% of the ocean has not been explored and the percentage of Americas forests are still unexplored. So get your facts right NH boy…Hell most of you don’t even know how to hunt or fish. So shut the F*** up…Your boring AIMS you guys Keep Rocking Brother!!!!!

  243. I don’t know what is more dangerous…..

    Sheep squatch pee….
    Wild Bill behind a steering wheel of a vehicle!

  244. Can’t wait for next weeks monster name!
    The “Snallygaster” cracked me up. It will be hard to top that one.

    Too bad the A.I.M. team didn’t blast that barn sparrow, it could have been kin to the “snallygaster”.

    “%^@*$! sumbitch was trying to kill us!” Trapper
    “Hell Yeah!” Huckelberry
    “I got nothin'” Jeff
    “Oo-Rah bro!” Wild (the Spaz) Bill
    “What was that?” Buck
    “I get my ideas from the Road Runner Hour!” Willie

  245. Hey Snallygaster,

    I hate to tell you, but that barn sparrow was sitting there looking at all those jerks messing around like jerks in his home – with a very disgusted expression on its face! Only goes to show you that bitty bird has a higher IQ and more class than the good ol’ AIMS boys!

    (And probably has a better vocabulary than Wild Bill)


  246. The scariest things on this show:

    First scariest thing – Trapper pulling his own tooth out of his head with pliers!!!
    I actually cannot watch that part and FF the show till after it’s out.

    Second scariest thing – Hucklyberrys toenail…….that tallon. would put Bigfoots toes on the best dressed list!

    Third scariest thing – Bucks baggy pants – when those sliders finally fall off, I think we are all going to need blinders to hide behind!

    Fourth scariest thing – going on a date with Wild Bill….for TOO MANY reasons to list them all here!

  247. TH` shoa is funny bhut faayc.

  248. why did the greenhouse in the kentucky hellhound episode look just like the one in the cherokee death cat episode

  249. ?

  250. you can also see buck slightly tilt his head before you see him bleeding in the cherokee death cat episode sure is strange

  251. I wouldn’t call him an idiot, after all he shot a lawyer.

  252. fun show I look forward to it.

  253. When this show needed a cast of characters it went something like this….Old man,we will call you “Trapper”,young fat boy,you’re the rookie and so on.These yokel’s have absolutely no credibility or credential’s.So long as this show is a “Cash Cow” for the network it ain’t going anywhere.As absurd as it is, Mountain Monsters will be a staple for DA on Friday Night.Like it or not.

  254. This show rules..and if there is ever another Civil war it will be guys like this that kick all your dumb liberal asses. ..

  255. There was nothing “Civil” about it. It was a war for states rights and a war of Northern aggression.

    The A.I.M. boys can’t save themselves!
    Trapper’s half blind ‘cuz of Sheepsquatch piss.
    Jeff is an out of work department store Santa.
    Huckleberry reminds me of Huckleberry Hound.
    Buck is the comic relief & a walking heart attack.
    Wild Bill most likely was sectioned 8 due to his butchering of the English language, failure to follow orders, goof ball antics & general buffoonery.
    Willie is Wylie Coyote in human form.

    I’m no liberal, just a strict conservative that enjoys the laughs & entertainment afforded by these yokels.

    Party on dudes!

  256. PS…the only reason the North was victorious is, they had more Irish in the fight.

    Carry on, that is all.

  257. For your viewing pleasure of future episodes, here is your very own Mountain Monster checklist:

    Evidence: at least three via, video, trail cam shot, or photo of paw/footprint – all taken by locals, all blurry, no face shot, or so indistinct its impossible to see in the three second time we are allowed to view it

    The nest: hay piled up in a shack, piled hay stumbled upon along the trail, or a pile of hay in the woods, to which one of the AIMS crew inevitably falls into it

    The boneyard: assortment of, juicy and bloody animal entrails, dried up plaster cast bones, a slew of dead or mutilated animals – cleverly arranged, tied up in lofts with rope or staked (ops! Well, almost hidden)

    Monster signature: the 4-prong claw mark left on trees, stones, caves, mud pile, or a puddle of warm pee always picked up by the infrared heat seeking camera

    The Apparent Threat: pees in the crews eyes, the monster throws twigs…what the crew calls logs, it growls or howls with menace over it’s displeasure of the intrusion, aggressively stalks the crew and intimidates, but j u s t out of reach or sight in order not to show up on camera, or avoids getting bagged by a splay of (alleged) bullets – either that or one of the crew falls into a ravine or makes a brave solo attempt to chase the monster down, but botches up the hunt by falling down or gets yelled at for being a bad boy and screwing up the investigation

    The grand finale chase: usually on trail cabs, jeep, or on foot, some manner of one or more of the AIMS crew falling over or into ditches, or a wardrobe malfunction of baggy pants falling down hindering movement and eventual capture

    Ending: monster just narrowly evades the cleverly constructed trap making off with the bait, destroys the trap simply because it can, or way too smart to fall for the lame thing altogether

    Set up for next week: “Da gone it” they always “almost” git the monster, but it was smarter, bigger, heavier, stronger, faster, and deadlier than anticipated…….but they will “git ‘that sumna bitch next time!”

    Moral of the story: they are laughing all the way to the bank! You may as well lie back and enjoy it!

    Happy Viewing! 🙂

  258. It’s funny. Who would think its real. I watch it and have a good laugh.

  259. Bro,all to many people think this is for real.As for myself,I think this show is the funniest comedy Iv’e seen since Curb Your Enthusiasm.In no way,shape or form is this show even remotely real.I like watching them trip,fall and roll down embankment’s and swear that they’ll get-um next time.These monster’s they track are all “Einstein’s”!

  260. No need for analysis. We all know it’s fake. And just fun to watch.

  261. I watch the show now and then for the laughs. A bunch of guys running around in the woods in the dark with guns yelling their fool heads off, its no surprise they never get a good view of the creature they’re chasing and its a wonder no one has been shot. I get a huge laugh over the one character whose manner of speaking is barely understandable. In one episode (yeah, I’ve watched more than one) they seek out a heavily bearded guy who lives off in the woods and doesn’t want to be around people, he just happens to have a memory chip from a trail camera with photos of the creature they’re hunting (a wild boars i believe) OK, the guy lives in the woods but has a digital camera and the equipment to view the photos. Something doesn’t seem right with that, plus he njust gives the chip to four “strangers” . In a few episodes I wonder if the camera man gets hazardous duty pay the way those guys wave those loaded guns around ….wait, are they actually loaded, we’ve never seen them fired?
    All in all a good show for entertainment, but it gets stale pretty quick and there are better ways to wast an hour.

    • They fired at the lizard demon but I didn’t see any shells ejected…do the math.The trail-cam pic’s leave a lot to be desired to say the least as well as the video images.

  262. Huckleberry, you said, “Hogzilla has 12″ tusks”
    Trapper you & Wild Bill were gonna skin Hogzilla & BBQ him. Hogzilla my dyin’ ass, that was my hog, on my own land!

    Instead, you freaks trapped & traumatized my prized domesticated boar. I use him for breeding & county fairs, now he just sulks around when in the company of our sows. He ain’t good for nothin’. You ruint him!

    You best lawyer up! Sorry bunch of no good egg suckin’ gutter trash!

    • Right on Farmer Brown! These 6 retard’s were filming on property next to my friend’s property.One night when they was takin a break filmin,we snuk up on them.Don’t know what monster they was a chasin and we had no camera.2 of them got seperated from the group.The big security guy and the fat boy.We heard the big security guy tell the fat boy to drop his pants kneel down and squeal like a pig which he did.Those sons of bitches are backwoods demons.

  263. Out of curiosity I watched Mountain Monsters last night.Unfortunately,I lost that hour of my life forever.

  264. I like the show…but I also know its fake, im a hunter and those guys, don’t know anything about real hunting. im a hillbillie too, raised in tn smokey mtns. wrestling is fake but, I like it too. I watched the show on the halligaster it was an ostrich egg not a halligaster which dosent exist anyhow…but I like the show:)

  265. why they have not caught because it is FAKE.

  266. Wild Bill,you make a mockery out of my beloved corps.Thank’s for your service but stop acting so damn juvenile.Speak English for Christ Sake.

  267. Agreed. WVA is a beautiful state.

  268. What about the so called yahoo scream,clearly hear it was a human making the screams,defo staged,they are making a mockery of genuine big footers.

    • Your genuine “Big Footer’s”are a mockery unto themselves.Bozo & Co.(I mean Bobo) haven’t produced ANY concrete evidence of BF existence.They should team up with the AIMS boy’s and let the special effect’s and sound mixer’s people do their thing.That is the usual protocol for this type of show anyway…Just saying.

  269. OMG, this summed it up exactly. I actually laughed out loud just reading it. Thanks.

    I just have one thing to add, Willie, don’t waste a lotta time on those traps, you just have to take them down in the end. Try a net drop, it’s easier to get rid of.

  270. You guys show such bravado chasing big monsters all night, but geez o-pete, you’re all afraid of a little ol’ dentist???

  271. I saw a bigfoot a real bigfoot in the c fity he comes through grave yard he was about 7or 8 feet tall big and tuff looking and not scary I am not lying if u don’t believe me go to 25 Lincoln Milwaukee, Wis u

  272. My phone 414:551:3698 you don’t to go in the woods to se. Him go there and will see him but you will run he is big he stink body is not maid like a gorilla you wut to see him it’s real chest about 4feet or more u will be afd u see him face to face come see him u will not come again bet that

  273. Well the season finale is Friday night.Their going back to get the “Grass-Man” The Grass-Man eluded them the first time so this should be a cake-walk for him.What get’s me is that the Grass-Man never hurt anybody but the moron’s want to kill it anyway.We all know there ain’t no Grass-Man.We also know that these fool’s have no business in any wood’s anywhere hunting anything.The narrator call’s them “Brave”, I don’t think so.

  274. If you don’t like the show don’t watch it now this is for people who like the show so if you don’t like it don’t watch it BUZZ OFF

    • these guys is smarter than they look,trapper yeah he went to yale,reasearcher and security went to harvard, buck went to princeton with willie and poor old wild bill is still waitin on his ged from the marines.do’nt forget tonites 2 hour action packed finally!

  275. I agree with him

  276. They are not bad guys they are very smart boys I’ll tell you they need to put a video camera next to their traps since they catch something almost every time so they can actually catch it on video

  277. Watching mountain monsters

  278. Great Entertainment!
    Gotta give the creator of the show a hand!
    They have combined a lot of our favorite childhood shows, tossed them into a blender and come up with a hit show!
    They got a little Scooby Doo, a little Elmer Fudd, some Yosemity Sam, Some King of the Hill, and the Blair Witch Project…..all mixed up with bigfoot folklore!!
    After they got all that mixed up in the blender…they used the Coyote/Roadrunner script and added the cast of Duck Dynasty!!!…..The perfect recipee for a hit show!!

  279. Colt.you can fool some of the people some of the time,all the people some of the time but you can’t fool ALL THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME!

  280. John Tice, who plays Trapper, was a tight end for the Saints for 10 yrs….born in Ny, and went to school in Maryland….check it out on IMDB

    • As I have said before,you can’t get a legitimate bio on any one of the AIMS team.What does that tell you? The Producer’s have a hand in what hype is sold to the public.For God’s Sake the WWE is more legit than MM! By the way,Where is Ny?

    • I did check it on imdb. It said he’s 6’5″ too. I looked him up on the internet and the picture was someone entirely different. I think someone made a mistake.

  281. I’m wondering if Vince McMahon is a silent partner in the production of Mountain Monsters…mmmm.

  282. Well the nitwits failed to get their man (or monster) in the season finale There were too many discrepancies to list in this ridiculous failure.Trapper is every bit as stupid as he is stupid looking and the rest of them too!!

  283. I’ve watched Finding Bigfoot. I have never seen anything more boring. They never find anything either and the cast is very monotone.

    My parents were born and raised in West Virginia. I have a masters degree. The guys on Mountain Monsters remind me of my parents’ relatives especially the older ones. My late grandma’s favorite swear, just about only swear, was son of a bitch.

    It may be real, it may be fake but I like it. If you don’t I don’t understand why you are watching it.

    • We watch it cause it’s a funny,entertaining show.
      It’s as fake as silicone implant’s but amusing none the less.

  284. That’s New York.

  285. I agree. Who cares if it’s real or not. Try and find the entertainment value. You got bearded men selling Duck calls , might as well have them chasing peoples nightmares gotta be more entertaining than a bunch of that other crap on TV

  286. AMEN!!

  287. Why don’t they hunt something far more real, and much more dangerous…..like politicians, or Kardashians!!
    Maybefor a season finally!

  288. Let’s just say that the cryptid’s on Destination America’s “mountain Monsters” are real. If that’s the case then the Yahoo’s who are collectively the AIMS team will never,ever catch anything but a cold or pneumonia.That much I can almost guarantee you.How they got their credential’s…well,your guess is as good as mine.

  289. Well, season 2 is over. Season 3 is underway SPOILER ALERT!!! The AIMS boy’s go looking for…and find DIDDLEY&DIDDLEY SQUAT.

  290. Just watched the last episode.

    Apparently Wild Bill didn’t have the time to put on his britches & was traipsing around in his skivvies.

    I quote Huckleberry: “I don’t know if you’re hung, but you sure have a nice ass.” Hahaha, I knew these mugs are freaks.

    “Paddle faster, I hear banjo music!”

  291. Yikes,dat vas a goot one.

  292. Destination America is having a marathon today 8/15/2014.
    It has come to my attention that the Wild Bill character is shamelessly portrayed as an ex-marine.He was discharged from the marines on a “Section 8” in 1983.You see,Wild Bill failed to possess the “Compos Mentis” required to complete any part of the training involving thought…e.g.night training using a compass,verbal command of the phonetic alphabet etc. .What Im saying is he “aint” no expert anything.You can take that to the bank.OUT!

  293. Its a show about bigfoot and other never seen before “Real Life” creatures and most on here are yapping about how bad it is because it’s STAGED…. seriously….its a show about big foot. Did you not think it was staged before you saw it. Oh boy!!!!!

  294. This is the most hillbilly stupid crap I have ever seen. #1 how can each guy weigh from 300-450 pounds and run after these things. That wild bill homeboy, get of the method, or crack, I have never seen a toothless, loud, tweeked out hillbilly that even compares! And why do they bother building the most lame ass traps to catch these supposed monsters you never see. If they do get something in the trap I’ve seen everyone of them fail horribly. The only thing these supposedly trackers are obese, act like little girls and scream when the supposed animal is close. They always say how close it is, no video, they shoot and say hit the creatures, but never find a body. Please take this off the air so I dont have to scroll though a five hundred pound guy name buck fall each show, and take his pants off with his pink socks. I’d give honey boo boo a 10 compared to this!

    • These yahoos are are in no way,shape or form anything but an embarrassment to real animal tracker’s.Their primitive trap’s never catch anything cause there was nothing to trap to begin with.I myself find this show one of the funniest show’s on TV.I pity the poor clown who think’s this show has the slightest modicum of reality in it.Blurred and unrecognizable image’s are the best you’ll ever get from MM short of the real thing which ain’t gonna happen EVER!!

  295. I live a stones throw away from the Smoky Mountains in NC.I spend a lot of time in the mountains.i never saw a monster,maybe an ugly tourist or two.I have a feelin that these yokels sit around and make up monster names.Trapper might say at a sit down,hey guys,lets go catch the ‘Pigosaurous” Buck might say,are you kiddin that don’t exist and Trapper would tell him,we know it don’t exist but we will convince the viewing public that it does.And so airs another episode of Mountain Monsters.

  296. You go Jeff… I was born and raised in Washington state. I’ve heard two Bigfoot calling to each other. The first one that called out, I assumed was a male. I’ve camped all my life and heard many of the forest creatures. But never anything like that. The second one, I would say was younger or maybe a female. Not quite as loud or as guttural as the first. They were coming from 15 to 20 miles apart. Concrete to Alger.. Get a map out ! My dad saw one up in Concrete but never told anyone else because of skeptics like you. Just because you haven’t seen or heard one… Doesn’t mean they don’t exist. And if you don’t enjoy the show…DON’ T WATCH IT! Put on one of the many stupid video games and grab your “Toggle Switch” and shoot those big bad space monsters. Or what ever you might have in your hand. If I was lost out in the Virginia woods, I’d want these guys coming to find me, rather than someone who plays make believe combat games. And calls himself a hero because he got a good score…Really? M Anderson

  297. When i go into the Mtns i am armed with munitions,a camera and a cell phone.i am not there to kill or harm wildlife of any kind.The munition’s are for my protection (in case i hear banjo music).i prefer to take what wildlife photo’s i can.i have spent a lot of time in the hill’s and have yet to see any “Concrete”evidence of any type of cryptid.Sorry,no “Toggle Switch”here.My wife like’s my “Joy Stick”too much!

  298. All of you complainers just aren’t in on the joke! Didn’t you guys ever go to camp and chase snipes?

  299. The show is funny if u can stand more that 10 min of it.

    • 10 minutes.i dont know what 10 min. youre watching.if you dont watch the last 10 min. where they make all kinds of excuses as to how their prey eluded the trap then you missed the best part.The “Clueless Dunderhead AIMS Team” keep me and mine in stitches for 60 min.

  300. The AIMS team members each have hearts as big as their overalls! We love them and look forward to their show- best part of the week!!! Sure hope the new season starts soon!

  301. The absolute best comedy on TV. Ive seen every single episode several times. I enjoy the laugh. If you have seen just 1 episode and you decide to watch another ep. and expect it to be any more reality based than the last episode you saw you cant really complain…..it only takes 1 episode to know (If you have half a brain) that they are for lack of a better term are “putting on” most of the time with all the “there it is” , and the screams…roars LOL , its funny as hell. I know the network and cast and crew want us to believe it but hey…..come on. Tell you what how about the next time trapper yells “right ter” ……its right ter” 40 yards away lol how about point the camera in the direction he is looking instead of keeping the camera on him. better yet give them point of view cameras like on finding bigfoot , hell a GoPro attached to their hats that will always be pointing in the direction they are looking!!!!!!! I have a million things that I have noticed but as I said I love the show so I will leave it alone for now. Im sure you guys already have plenty of things you have noticed on your own. Remember ,just have fun!

    • The Aims team recurring theme is we “Shoulda,Woulda or Coulda”Even if they all had hi-resolution mini-cams strapped to their thick heads you would still get at best unrecognizable images.It’s meant to be this way for a reason…RATINGS!!

  302. The show is ligit

  303. You saw what a few of my p drops did to Trapper. You want some of the same?

  304. You ain’t so tough jumbo.
    I’d wager my bandanas you wouldn’t last 5 mins. In a phone booth with Wild Bill !

  305. One thing is certain..I’m a lot tougher than you will ever live to be.

  306. Not Buck,but I’ve lived long enough 71, to know nothing is certain.

  307. I totaly agree , I live in the mountains of Virginia and have been hicking all over miles and miles up in the mountains and have never seen a thing except deer and a bear , thos show gets on my nerves so bad but my 7 year old grandson loves it so unfortuatly I have to watch it, all of us that live in the sticks do not act lije this I assure you of that !!!

  308. K Carrol – I like your reply. There is a heck of a lot of knowledge that most “city folks” never even thought of. The one about the detergent is a new one to me.

    I watch the show because it is just plain fun to watch these guys. They are enjoying themselves. The traps they come up with are fascinating. I doubt most of the people commenting on this page could even start to make a trap. Who cares if you catch anything. Enjoy the fact that they know how to make the traps.

    I do get a kick out of all the noise the guys make. I do wonder if they ever do catch anything. But there are times when I much rather watch these “good ol boys” having fun than all the Hollywood reality shows on tv like the Real Wives or Big Brother or the sex and gore shows foisted on us.

  309. I Have been frustrated in the fact nobody cares
    About my li,,stor,,uh,,Sightings,, on other sites!!
    So I have been Relieving “MY” Stress in Healthful ways,,such as posting 234 of the comments above! Thank you all,, peace and love to all!

  310. You make alota Sense!!
    Ya wanna,,,, “MEET????

  311. Why do they call you ,,, “BIG” ??

  312. No one is saying there aren’t explained unfounded animals out there or unexplored areas, We just really doubt these screaming, hollering, shotgun toting morons will be the guys to find them. The CGI based evidence and so many, many things about this show screams FAKE. I would give anything to see a military run unit with the very best technology, intent on bringing proof back even if it was a body. Btw there is now 3 different shows with the exact same cookie cutter setup from 4-5 morons running through the woods with guns screaming so apparently its winning the hearts wwf fans every were, lmao cause only people like get into this kind of crap.

  313. WAKE UP BRO!!!!!
    All and I mean ALL of these “Monster” shows are merely “Popcorn for the Mind. All the networks want is RATINGS!!!

  314. You can get info on some of them like Trapper have bit acting parts on or were extras in a couple of TV shows or movies.

  315. What I worry about is the poor animals who do get trapped in the cages, pipes, snares, and dead falls that they seem to leave behind when they flee in the middle of the night. I have no idea whether the crew dismantles and removes these traps or not.

    • don’t worry about the animal’s.The only thing they ever caught was a pig they borrowed from a local farmer.as far as the trap’s go…the next good wind will blow-em down.

  316. They caught some coyotes or wild dogs in season one, and they caught a feral hog with notched ears but they claimed it was part Russian boar in season 2, although this feral hog could have been caught by anybody. The still- warm mutilated bodies of Willie’s baby pigs, and the still-warm mutilated bodies of the coyote packs in season 1 were also real. The strangely mutilated yearling calf in season 2 did show signs of an attack by cat or bear, and not a wolf attack. The goat in season 2 appears to have been killed by canines because they go for tripping up the back legs then just eating the prey, or parts of it (internal organs), alive. If there are carnivorous apes, it would not be unusual for them simply to catch a prey animal and rip off its limbs. Cats generally go for faces or necks to suffocate prey at the muzzle, or from the windpipe with puncture marks to the jugular veins. So if the predators were fake, the prey were real, but likely the victims of coyotes and cougars, or in rare cases (because they are more rare in that area), wolves or bears. At calving, foaling, kidding, or lambing time, coyotes, cougars, and wolves will just stay with the birthing mothers and pull the babies out with their birth canals all night long every night. Unless they are protected by people keeping watch, there can be near 100% predation on any herd animal crop of young as a result. This is why the caribou in northwestern states and Canada have such a dismal calf survival rate and have declined by the thousands since the release of the “Yellowstone” wolves. All the brown and black bears and wolves and coyotes have to do is follow the herds and wait for the nightly calving to begin. We don’t need to invent predators for TV shows. Some of the West Virginia /Ohio /Kentucky animal deaths could easily be the victims of escaped or released non-natives such as jaguars, leopards, brown bears, wolves, or wolf- dogs, and there is an increasing population of coy-wolves as grey wolves migrate back into their old territories, mate with and stay with coyote packs, and produce offspring which are bigger and far more aggressive than coyotes and also lack the wolf’s natural wariness of people.

  317. I’m open minded to the fact that Bigfoot or other weird creatures may exist. Hundreds of very credible people over the years have claimed to have encountered them!
    As for this show, as entertaining as it is, I think we could use it’s popularity for the cleansing of america!
    Take a poll of all the viewers,….those that think the show is real, and not staged….should lose their right to vote!….and probably their right to own a gun also!
    I’m sure any decent hunter would agree with me, you wouldn’t want any of them characters in your hunting party!!!

  318. Most importantly my fellow anonymous…they should lose their right to reproduce!!

  319. Has it ever occurred to you that some (if not all) of the mutilated animal’s that were supposedly killed by “Monsters” are merely “Road Kill”?

  320. You knew it was coming!!!…..we now have the spin-off……Alaska Monsters!….same script and plot…..new bearded wonders!!

    • AM is so lame.6 more stupid fool’s lookin for monster’s.Just what America need’s,6 stupid looking fool’s in Alaska lookin for what don’t exist. Totally Effing Shameless.

  321. It’s better than watching our government

  322. I’d like to see crazy uncle Joe(double barrel) Biden lead the AIM team on a hunt for the Ohio Grasswoman, starring Moochele Obozo.

  323. You Really can’t this stupid

  324. Bro all you have to look at is their gun handling skills to know this show is as fake as it gets

  325. Nah….we need Joe on the front porch of the whitehouse for security!

  326. Andrew your an idiot if you believe that, that post was written by anyone from Morgan county. It is obviously some idiot taking shots at hicks.

    Now about the show it is literally the best comedy on tv.

  327. They need to give a couple of bigfoot a show of them trying to catch the elusive human.

  328. What most people give no credence to is that every year animals are forced out of their habitats due to weather mainly hurricane’s and tornados. Animals due end up in areas they are not normally found and need to adapt to their new locations.

  329. I would love to hire the Aims team to catch the 400 lb monster that hibernates in my house for 3 months every winter!….Maybe if I put a fur coat on the mother in law I can fool them!

  330. they cant be that dumb some idiot must have paid to broadcast it.

  331. That’s wishful thinking on your part.The AIMS team couldn’t catch a cold, let alone your Mother in law,no matter what she’s wearing.

  332. I don’t think they should air the program unless they catch anything it’s stupid because they don’t have anything to prove that it’s real!

  333. I just watched a new one about cave monster hunters. It has a “real” scientist in the group. He said to the guy with the stun rifle not to shoot it in the mine because it could set of the methane. The other guy says “I’ll be careful”. They gave another guy a tazer for a weapon and he started playing with it and tazzered himself!!! Yes, not one trap on any show has worked. And all the cameramen only point the camera at the guys faces, never at the trees or the monsters. Its just mindless entertainment. A good laugh at best. Take it for what it is.

  334. Can’t get enough of these comedy shows!!……We need another spin-off!…..How about an animated version that airs on the cartoon network on Saturday mornings!

  335. under the pretense of “Reality and Adventure,” these show’s boil down to nothing more than certain group’s of
    asshole’s giving us comic relief. these show’s on DA are
    some of the funniest TV i’ve ever seen. no need to go to the cartoon network.the real life cartoon character’s are on these shows.

  336. This show sucks ass. It is fake and staged. I am a believer in bigfoot but these guys are making it hard for the “real” bigfoot hunters out there. I will never watch this show again. It’s really awful

  337. Let’s see here, 2 Monster Hunter’s get their asses stuck in quicksand of all thing’s…In Alaska of all places.I’m not saying that there isn’t quicksand in Alaska but out of
    663,267 sq.miles these 2 moron’s managed to find a small pool of it.In the land of perma-frost,quicksand? WTF.While these 2 numb-nuts are trying to dig their way out,screaming for help on their 2-way radio’s…HELP…WERE STUCK IN QUICKSAND…DO YOU COPY!!! they could have asked the film crew…hey can you get us outta here please…throw me a branch or rope or something.This was the funniest shit i’ve seen in years.

  338. Your right. The quicksand boys are making frantic calls on their 2-way radios for help as the film crew is watching them sink? Maybe a sympathetic sasquatch could have lent a helping hand.

  339. @ Justin Morgan –
    If you’re as intelligent as you claim, why are you using “hear” instead of “here”, “no” instead of “know”, “theris” instead of “there’s”, and on, and on? I believe there wasn’t enough chlorine in the gene pool. I do believe you are among the “smarter” residents in your County, because you are the first with a room temperature IQ. I heared tell, you was as smart as your teacher, because you was in the same grade for three years. I highly recommend seeing a mind reader, because you could get in for half price! Say hey to Unkle Daddy, and Aunt Mommy for me.

  340. So you post a comment saying these people calling out the show as being fake should not judge or put down people on the show huh? But it’s ok for you to assume that the people posting the comments have low self confidence, have never/will never accomplish anything in life, would “piss their pants” if there was no food in the grocery store, can’t read above a third grade level, and should go drink a gallon of anti-freeze?! You really should look up the definition of hypocrite in the dictionary. What makes you any different from the people you obviously hate so much?! I don’t have to be an expert at reading facial expressions (obviously you must be since that was the first point you tried to make) to know that they are lying. I simply have to watch the show. If you can’t see that every episode has the exact same step by step format then I don’t know what to tell you. There is no way in hell there is any truth to their “encounters;” they are obviously staged! All of that being said, I’m not trash talking the show, I actually watch it cause it makes me laugh despite the fact that it’s all fake!

  341. Some of you hater’s should take a good look in the mirror.
    Do you like what you see?…Do you you really like what you see?

  342. I don’t like what I see. I’ve got nose hairs sprouting up overnight. I hate to pluck them, it hurst sometimes.
    Some are curled back and when laid flat come close to reaching an inch!

    Also, damn ear hair, I have to shave my ears. Hair is growing out of my ear canals…very fine hairs. I just let them cluster & pull the whole bunch.

    Thank heavens for mirrors, i don’t know if folks would tell me how out of sorts my facial hair has become with age. Well, I’m still above ground & the air is fresh.

    “I stepped out of Mississippi when I was 10 years old, with a suit cut sharp as a razor and a heart of gold. I had a guitar hangin’ about waist high, you know I’m gonna play this thing ’til the day I day.” BB

  343. Nair will remove unwanted hair…or maybe you are indeed a budding werewolf! Are your feet hairy?

    Myself, I get a large amount of lint in my belly button. I put the lint in a qt jar. It is going to take a long time to make a sweater or even a pair of socks. You ever thought of saving your nose hairs to make an artist brush or pinstripping brush?

  344. the only hair’s you two clowns have are the hairs up
    your ASSES!!

  345. What a joke they make me laugh with their little flashlights out in the woods. Reminds me of the stooges.

  346. They have to have illumination. It is dangerous to be in the woods at night.

    The AIM team needs every advantage they can muster to catch these creatures. I wish they would just start shooting when they hear growls or the monsters running away. They are carring serious fire power and can get the job done. Sometimes Wild Bill has a big knife to slash or stab creatures.

    They caught that humongous boar hogzilla and they will catch more monsters if the film crew doesn’t scare the monsters away.

    Go get them guys. Kill them if needed. Good luck.

  347. Do you truly believe any of what you wrote is true?
    You have to be crazy thinking it’s ok to shoot at an unidentfied target day or night.

    Omar, get a grip, there are no monsters & the only creatures are the AIM Team. You will die of old age before those freaks catch anything but a cold. The big pig you bragged up was most likely from the farm they were trespassing on. Deal with reality and just enjoy the show for what it is…a comedy starring buffoons.

    Catch that Cherokee Death Cat episode, you can see the ropes when the dead goat is dropped! Come on man, put down the crack pipe!

  348. stupid is as stupid duz

  349. This is the worst “monster hunting” show ive ever seen. 1st there “leader looks as if hes high as a kite, look at his eyes. then his investagation is just talking to “eye witnesses”. 2nd “wild bill” anything really need to be said about this meth head, talks with a mouth fyll of crap ive delt with meth heads and this is a pure case of one. 3rd the trap maker…my 3 year old makes better engineered traps. 4th the guy with the thermo camera, does he do anything? they say its 4 degrees outside but the thermo says 50-60..hmmm 5th the fat slob called buck. nuff said about that slob. and finially the person im proud to see back on tv…Hillbilly Jim i say he was better acting back when he was in the WWF…oooohh his name is Huckleberry sorry. cant wait tosee on the real news when one of these bafoons shot themselfs

  350. Amen Brother!!

  351. I KNEW that was the rassler Hillbilly Jim. Thank god,
    that there is someone else out there who see’s this too!

  352. Hillbilly Jim was as fake in the ring as he is on this show Mountain Monsters.Nothing is real about this show Take your Vitamins and say your Prayers. That’s about all you Monster Hunters can do because you aren’t going to catch “Diddly Squat” brother.

  353. for as many times as you idiots catch something on infrared there are scopes with infrared starting at 3500 dollars and I guarantee if you took me on your show with one of those on my 30.6 I would bag a Bigfoot or whatever you were catching the very first episode

  354. for as many times as you idiots catch something on infrared there are scopes with infrared starting at 3500 dollars and I guarantee if you took me on your show with one of those on my 30.6 I would bag a Bigfoot or whatever you were catching the very first episode

  355. Nice job Mr. Morgan (from Morgan County) you were able to prey upon the prejudices of all of these “city folk” and convince them you are the typical inbred hillbilly fitting all the stereotypes. If they weren’t so blindly prejudice they would clearly see the wool being pulled over their eyes.

  356. The wrestler Hillbilly Jim was in no way associated with
    the Destination America series…Mountain Monsters.

  357. LMAO, was that just not über-gross? The fnniest thing I’ve seen is when they came upon some moonshiner sand poor old Jeff pissed his pants! I laughed until tears rolled. And that really made me wonder if the show was real!! Who would do that if they didn’t have to? I just wish they would catch one of those grassmen just once!

  358. for all the non belivers are the most insane people in the world. if you cannot prove that these creatures do not live in these woods here in America and around the world todaand theyy you should keep your dam mouth shut. none of you non beilivers will not take your coward butts out into the woods to prove people wrong not everyone can really be lying no one is getting paid to report these strange creatures people have other things to do in life.the fact is that is god created creatures that man had no answers when it came to explaining them

  359. I agree and posted about my hearing creatures on a night hunt last August. The sounds were guttural and then a high pitch. I could not see as it was 2am but hearing those sounds it gave me a sense of how fast these creatures move through dense forests at night. I became terrified as they circled my surroundings. I felt there were 5 or 6 of them, maybe I stumbled upon a family of them.

    I gathered my senses and put my back against a huge redwood for protection. The howls and movements lasted 15 or 20 minutes. I almost had diarrhea I was so scared.
    I stayed hunkered down on the redwood til 4am or so before I felt safe to move. I couldn’t hear or smell the creatures anymore. They smelled like sulphur, I gaged several times from the odor. I was glad I didn’t throw up or soil myself.

    I have also have seen UFO’s and strange lights in the area when the creatures are heard. I’ve been wondering if they disembarked from the UFO’s. My alien/creature theory is to long to post.

  360. I’ve read your other posts, you believe tv wrestling is real. Maybe you have been been hit on the head with the folding chairs or got an eyeful of pixie dust!

    Now you post of “sulfur creatures” howls and toss in UFO’s and strange “lights” tied in with creatures!

    I believe the poster that thinks you were drinking Mescal and ingesting peyote buttons and wandering around naked with a WWF championship belt around your waist!

    I’d love to hear your theory on UFO’s and “creatures”.
    Maybe you’ll understand this: I’m going to shit myself from laughing so hard!

    Pleas post more stories Alfredo!

    • screw alfredo…i posted that. FYI…UFOs are really EMAs..Experimental Military Aircraft. that’s right EMAs.our govt. has had alien technology for years.
      they are still trying to master it. this is FACT. anyone who believes otherwise is just the way the govt. want’s you to feel. i kid you not friend’s.as far as bigfoot goes..if there is such a creature, leave it alone. has it ever eaten anyone..no. has it ever committed a crime..no. why bother it. leave it be. that include’s you BOZO and your half assed assemblage of bigfoot hunter’s. there is a lot of thing’s i can’t disclose now. i am at risk even talking about it . later friend’s

  361. Yeah. They dont even put cameras on the traps they set to see what set off the trap.

  362. you are one of those creature’s Hollywood.

  363. of course there are no cameras on their traps…they can’t expose their fraudulent ways to the viewers.

  364. Happy Thanksgiving Bigfoot!!!…I know you had a good one.
    I know you took advantage of natures bounty. When you get a chance…slip me a line on that boysenberry pine pie that shefoot makes, the one with maple syrup. i need the recipe for Squatchmas. thanx cuz. later. by the way… if you see 6 stupid looking humans in your neck of the wood’s. EAT THEM!!!

  365. It does not matter if the show is Finding Bigfoot or Mountain Monsters: it gives Hillbillies a another bad name. Bigfoot must have sore ribs from laughing at these bunch of misfits. They can’t act; would be an embarrassment to the Military. They may or may not have grade six but they can eat frogs and make good corn whiskey. I hope they are paid minimum wage for there efforts but are seriously wasting TV time. They most likely can fake something else also; if you all know what I am talking about. Maybe producers can do a remake series of Mayberry.

    • sounds like yous been drinkin some of that 160 proof mash wisky. leave mayberry outta this mess.the only monsters here are the woman folk who thinks there pretty..yeah, pretty ugly.

  366. Me and the Missus want to wish all you loyal posters a
    very Happy Holiday Season. We even extend our Greetings
    to the jerk-offs on TV who are always tryin to catch us for
    whatever stupid reason. “Ain’t Gonna Happen”, not in this lifetime anyway. Howl Howl Howl Merry Christmas.

  367. Rumor has it, they will catch a creature next season!!!
    Due to the popularity of the show, next years budget allows the boys to purchase some ACME rockets and extra large slingshots!!!……Look out monsters!!!

  368. How about an episode where they sit around the campfire for hours eating beans, then go on a nighthunt and gas bigfoot to death!!!

  369. Sorry I am too literate and intelligent for you, surprised you understood all those “big words”?

  370. Brian,

    I hate to disappoint you, but I live smack in the middle of the Appalacian mountains, my mother and her brothers, and grandmother were ALL rednecks (deceased now) and my one uncle was just like wild Bill, even had the same job as him cutting down trees…..so I know a redneck when I see one because my family on mother’s side were deep West Virginian rednecks. Too bad an education is considered offensive to you, I recommend you get one, unless you choose to remain ignorant. And just in case you’d like to know, I happen to be a dead eye shot with a firearm up to 25 feet….enough to discern real and phony shooting. If any of these guys actually used real bullets, I doubt they could hit the broadside of a barn…moonshine has a tendency to warp a drunkards visual perception (means they can’t see straight) in case my educated lexis is too convoluted for you to comprehend.

    Have a nice life….

    • shiiiit man, i thought a lexis was a car. being a good shot with a firearm at 25 feet, requires minimal firearm training. who the hell are you kidding…Genius?

  371. Remember, use a shotgun!

    • Hey Joe, I completely forgot about the shotgun factor.
      That’s probably why RP is so damn accurate.
      Maybe he uses a scattergun?

  372. when i was in the service we learned to shoot with an
    M14. we shot pop-up targets from 25yds. to 200 yds.
    what made things more complicated was that there
    was snow on the ground. the targets were about 5′ high
    with an outer and an inner circle. the body outline was white
    (which made it more difficult being that there was snow on the ground) and the circles were black.98 was a perfect score…my score was 94 out of 98. that score qualified me as an expert. bottom line…the GIs who qualified as an expert got a weekend pass…sharpshooters got an overnight pass…marksmen
    stayed on base pulling KP. i would have never written this post if i hadn’t read yours RP. bragging about being
    a dead eye shot. to each his own.

  373. Hey Sarge, The M14 was/is a great bullet launcher.
    Still like it over the AR platform. My time in service
    was as Navy aircraft mechanic with two all expense
    paid trips to Nam. While I have made some fair shooting over the years my best was shutting my
    buddy up when complained the 44 magnum he was
    using wasn’t any good. I walked around the pond
    to a trash dump and found 3 coffee cans which I stacked and walked back about 100yds. The only
    three shots I fired from that gun hit the top can, the
    middle can then the bottom can. I handed it back to
    him and said ” Yeah there’s something wrong with
    that gun.”

  374. keep dreaming and telling those old war stories Old Man.
    you must think everyone on this stream is gullible.
    the 44 Magnum is an impressive handgun for Close
    Range Only.maybe there is someone out there that just
    might buy your story….YOU!!

  375. I thought you might feel that way, so I told it the way it
    really happened. In case you are wondering the gun in
    question was a Model 29 Smith & Wesson with an 8 3/8 ”
    barrel. By the way, in case you still question what a 44
    magnum can do, check out sillouete shooting matches.
    Knocking down steel targets at up to 300 yards. Tell those guys you don’t believe it. What I did was child’s
    play for anyone that can handle a magnum with the right
    load. Merry Christmas.

  376. Nothing is impossible. I was in a way “testing the waters” so to speak.There is nothing I like more
    than someone adept in firearms training.
    Merry Christmas Old Man!!

  377. Ok old man, you post 100yds, 3 gal cans stacked atop each other. You go on to post you picked them off top to bottom. One at a time.

    Just my 2 cents…but the knockdown power of the 44 would scatter those cans like sand in the wind.

    Those can’t stabilize themselves and stay stacked as you send another round down range one by one.

    No, you might have hit that top can but the other two would have tumbled over from the shock wave.

    Would you believe I picked off a prairie dog @ 800 + yards using a 22l short through a peep sight? Of course you wouldn’t.

  378. Dirty Harry, I don’t know about shock waves being
    produced by a 44 magnum. Particularly at that range,
    but I doubt it would affect the target. The only evidence
    that the cans were hit by anything was a 44 caliber hole
    through each. Once the bullet leaves the muzzle, the
    muzzle blast dissipates rapidly. Ever watch a sniper place
    a cloth in front of the muzzle to prevent dust from giving
    away his position? Ask a military man if he ever knocked
    someone down with a shock wave from a Barret 50 cal.
    I have fired all kinds of firearms for over 50 years. And yes I have missed some easy shots. But that was usually
    because I wasn’t paying attention. I give Smith & Wesson
    credit for building a fine revolver and my buddy for putting
    together some fine reloads. All I had to do was aim and
    pull the trigger. That was the easy part.
    With having said that, try looking up a man named
    Elmer Keith. The man who is credited with developing
    the 44 magnum. One of the stories about him was his
    downing a wounded mule deer at a range of 600 yards
    with a 44 magnum.
    I think I will try that 3 can trick at point blank, say 10 feet. Just to see if the shock wave would knock them over
    and tell you what I find out. My 29 only has a 4″ barrel
    but the loads I have are hot. The weather is supposed to
    get bad around here tomorrow so it may be some time
    before I can get out. I can’t do the hundred yard thing
    anymore because my eye sight has gone to hell and I’m
    crippled from arthritis. Damn old age. See Ya.

  379. Maybe Harry meant the cans would fall over from the bullets energy, unless you weighed them down. Sort of like bowling pins.

    If they weren’t weighed down I could see them falling over. No shock wave could travel that far…well maybe 18″ guns from a battleship!

    Remember to use a shotgun in all you firearm use.
    You folks should enroll in my self defense classes.

    I’ll be starting a new onenext week…close quarter use of a the machete and its benefits in crowd control.

    Til the next reply, I remain your humble Vice President, Joe Biden, world renown fire arms expert & Kung Fu master.

  380. Hey Joe, I think I can clear this up. I think what Dirty Harry is referring to is a video recording of a Bullet hitting
    ballistic gelatin. A compound developed to replicate flesh
    in bullet testing. Clothing, hair, fur, bone and any combo
    there of can be added. When a bullet strikes a liquid or
    semi-liquid material a shock wave as such is produced.
    However, in a material such as an empty tin can, the wave would be minimized if not non-existent.
    Joe I hope you are better as Kung FU master because you suck as VP.

  381. hey all you MM viewers…today,Friday the 26th DA is showin a MM marathon til at least midnight.
    unfortunately, yours truly is feelin a little under the weather
    so to speak. jim bob can sure use some levity today.
    tho i might be feelin bad i’ll still laugh my ass off at the 6
    inept, no monster catchin inbred imbiciles.

  382. What else can you expect? I’m being held down by Obola!

    With me at the helm, shotguns and nunchucks would be issued to all over the age of 7. All under the age of 7, would now be 7.

    Also, underwear would be worn on the outside of your pants so the government can check for cleanliness.

    I would offer Bosley hair plugs, taken from armpits to all those wishing for back hair. All nose hairs will be grown to full length and used as mustaches in winter months.

  383. Loved the shows on the “Bloodless Howler” of Harrison County, the “Grafton Monster” of Taylor County, and the “Cherokee Death Cat”! Definitely neat that these highly trained professionals run around at night yelling, “What’s that!!!??!” Love the “thermal camera”! Heck, I even like the “footprints”.

    These guys are obviously seasoned professional monster hunters; I mean Tracker and “Buck” are just amazing, trained pros. Buck is only about 250 pounds overweight; I didn’t think his gut could get larger this season, but it did! Wow!

    Love the “traps” these guys build! Just so professional!!!

    The photos like the ones of Sheepsquatch and Devil Dawg are just so REAL! Critical to “invest” hours and hours of my time watching these monster chasers. Obviously, these monster-chaser pros have been trained at Notre Dame, Harvard, and Princeton.

  384. Buck is so fat cause he eats the monsters fore they
    are caught. he is a monster himself…a fat monster.
    Wild Bill is a real effing stupid monster. Trapper and
    the rest are just your basic dumb old monsters.
    they don’t see monsters cause there are simply no monsters to see.they don’t hear monsters unless
    the special effects crew adds the howls,screeches,
    thumps and thuds post production.they can’t
    catch a monster cause there aren’t any to catch.
    i rest my case!!

    • I Hereby find the producers of the series Mountain Monsters, Alaskan Monsters and Finding Bigfoot
      Guilty of fraudulent claims.This court will not tolerate
      hoaxes perpetrated on the viewing public.
      The actors who portray the Monster Hunters in
      Mountain Monsters and Alaskan Monster Hunters
      must serve a term of one year living off the land in
      an area of Alaska which will be designated by me
      in one weeks time.You will have no right to bear
      arms during this term.The Finding Bigfoot personnel
      will be remanded to Denali National Park with one
      exception…the actor who portrays Bobo who shows no emotion whatsoever will subsist on
      Bear Scat only for the term of his sentence.
      Case Closed!!

  385. I am a conservative Republican , but , I like VP- Joe Biden, agree with him , although, I much prefer Mountain Monster woods men,over Finding Big Foot; Because men in M-M are brave, I especially like, when they say the words ” SOB”S”. &, its not blink out of TV. Finding Big Foot people yell, &, knock wood, &, they still have not found Footy; Seeing Big Foot is like people who win the lottery; Big Foot is seen when not expected.. Same with Lottery, Its by chance only. I reside in the moonies surrounded by forests, &, Mountains; &, for me, squache is dejas vu. He ,&, family, come every summer, to eat my berries against woods. My son bought me a small Big Foot made of hard plastic, &, Big Foot, tried to take him out of my garden. When he realized, it was not real he took off; Also, my husband’s deep voice scared him a bit. In a couple of jumps, he disappeared fast. ” Happy New Year to all”.

  386. Happy New Year, yeah I put a small little big foot in
    my back yard to and you no what—a big foot came and took it.i made it out of paper mashe but bigfoot took it he took it i watched him do it too. i went to get my camera but he was gone

  387. BIG JIM to you Son!

    • that coment dont make no kinda sence big jim. bigfoot is reel caws i seen it in the woods of kentucky were i live. so big doolin banjos too you!!!

  388. Lmao

  389. ??????? que ??? No comprende ??

  390. Damn…Another Illegal Ignorant…Sorry, I meant immigrant.

  391. George er Jorge, you still guzzling mescal & eating peyote buttons while running around naked in the Sonaran Desert?

    • yeahh man, we love this shit more than huffin paint.we even saw some dude runnin around naked wearin some sort of chamionship belt,like he was a wrestler or something bro. freaked us out bro.

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    web site, I truly like your technique of blogging.

    I book-marked it to my bookmark website list and will be checking back
    in the near future. Please check out my website
    too and tell me how you feel.

  393. Attention all americans!!!…..it’s not safe to go in the woods!……Stop all camping, hiking, hunting, fishing…etc! ….Tis obvious after watching this show!!!….every time they set foot in the woods they have a monster encounter!!!!………This country is not safe!!!…Sad part is, these highly skilled hunters are after these monsters, and are 0-for {total number of episodes they have shot}….They have got me afraid to look for errant golf shots in the woods now!!!

  394. How be we get Joe Biden and Dick Chaney to guest star and get them beasts with their shotguns!!!!

  395. I heard the team took a day off monster hunting and went duck hunting!…but at the end of the day they didn’t get any ducks…..and when they asked Wild Bill why….he responded….maybe we’re not throwing the dogs up high enough!!

  396. Ok….everyone place your hand on the bible…..and tell the truth!….it will set you free!!!……Tis the most fake show ever, but we can’t stop watching it!!!

  397. Only 1 thing could make this show better…..Don Knotts comes back as Barney and joins the team!!!

  398. Oooh, dat vas a goot one!!

  399. Under different aliases, I’ve been telling everyone what a sham this show was from the git-go. Mountain Monsters, Alaskan Monsters…any other Monsters out there? I have seen a few at Kmart and Walmart though. Enough said about this sorry ass show.The Alaskan Bush People,Mick Dodge and a few others are right in the realm of this ridiculousness. As far as Finding Bigfoot…you gotta be kidding me!!

  400. Let’s up the ratings and add a couple purdy big breasted women in cammo bikinis to the team!!!

  401. Me thinks “Harry and the Henderson;s” is more real!!!

  402. Great acting!!…The actors are great! they make you think they had to burn down the schoolhouse to get them out of the third grade!

    • Honestly luvin’it, do you really think these people had any proper schooling. You’re giving them too much credit with a 3rd grade education.

  403. When I go to important professional meetings, I tend to wear a clown suit, and bring my pet pelican
    “MIKE, who is on a leash.. For ME its Food for the soul..

  404. you need two yoose spell cheque morgan

  405. They never shoot their guns! And if you notice every one of them has a scripted thing they do when th monster is near!!! Haha total bullshit!!!!

  406. These bunch of inbred retards are going to shoot one another instead of the ficticious big foot they are so determined to get. This is one dumb show geared for little kids. It compares to all of the fake activity in the wrestling shows…all BS. I don’t see how they are handed season after season to continue this crappy show. They build traps, they find only one footprint, and the trail ends. This show is so stupid, but in reality I was even more stupid for even watching it!!!!

  407. Lighten up dude. We both know that those imbeciles are never gonna catch me or my assorted monster brethren.The show is a total comedy. Enjoy.
    By the way, do you think that DA would actually film those idiots with loaded firearms.

  408. Fake? You seen what Sheepsquatch did to Trapper. Peed in his eyes and damn near blinded him.

    Them monsters is out there, just waiting for unsuspecting folks. The AIM crew will get one…they got Hogzilla last year.

  409. Your ‘Hogzilla’ was nothing more than a Berkshire porker that production “borrowed’ from a neighboring farmer to shoot the episode.Wake the eff up dude!!!

  410. I am a hick as you call these men. My question to all you haters is this: 1- why do you still watch,2- Do you have a hit show???? I think not. Real or fake I love what they say. So shut up and change the channel if you do not like this show.

  411. Patti, don’t go gittin your panties in a knot over this stupid show. Golllly! Last time i checked this was a free country. I watch what i want and when i want. Me and my clan whip out a bottle of shine, git drunk and watch your clueless ‘heros’ make fools outta themselves and laugh our asses off. As far as the AIMS followers, it’s the blind leadin the blind. Can you see a little better now Patti.

  412. You keep drinking that shine and fooling yourself if you don’t think something unknown ain’t in the woods.

    Usually a report of a UFO is quickly followed by reports of these various creatures. I think the aliens release them to gather intelligence.

    I know some hunters that have had run ins with the unknown. I don’t know why they haven’t shot one, I would kill one just to look at it.

    I sure would like to join up with the AIM boys, although Trapper would run me off cause I would start shooting at the first sound of a creature. I’d keep that wild Bill on a short lease, he’s a bit headstrong. I like hm but he is hard to understand and seems nervous to be armed.

  413. I have never seen or heard of a big foot found dead or alive and has there ever been a UFO located NO there has never been nor will there ever be,Its just a show guys that all you knot heads,

  414. Buck Knows…I’ll tell you what you know…SHIT!!!
    You’re all set and ready to kill something that you don’t understand (which ain’t much). You would make a fine addition to the AIMS team. Instead of 6 Morons they would have 7. It sound’s like you’re the one that should be kept on a short leash. Do UFO’s drop these cryptid’s off to gather intel? Maybe. Who really know’s…No one knows for sure.If you really are ready to shoot something, start with yourself and leave the cryptid’s be.What did they ever do too you.You see, it’s assholes like you that give us real country folk a bad rap.

  415. Sana, you want Indian Drama…watch ‘The Thief of Bagdad’. Leave us ‘Country Folk’ to our own bickering!!

  416. These retards couldn’t trap my grandmother stealing a glass of ripple from the refrigerator in Broad daylight

  417. Yes Mike, they are idiot’s,all 7 of them. The fat boy counts for 2 men.

  418. I really want to believe that these men are real. There are a few things that make me believe they are fake. One, you mean to tell me that you are going to catch a 7 to 8 ft creature in an 10 ft by 12 ft trap in a 1000 acres of woods. A creature that’s been hiding from humanity for 100’s of years. Two, every photo I have seen has been out of focus and looks very fake. Three, very trained Bigfoot hunters have went years of not finding great evidence, you mean to tell me you all catch a picture or have contact every time. Men, I want to believe ya. There are just to many negatives. If it is real, shame on me. If it’s not, very shame on you for tricking your watchers. I do wish you luck and I do want to be proved wrong! Please do! Get a clear photo, just once to where I can see his face and no excuses.

  419. Why hasn’t this ridiculous farce been cancelled yet!!!!
    This is even worse than Duck Dynasty.The local yokels in Mountain Monsters sure shouldn’t be able to carry weapons. Oh my gosh!!!! What Absurdity.

  420. Well if these mountain grass smokers want to really be taken seriously put someone as myself or someone like myself on the show. The reason being;
    1st. There is no way those pork eatin, sweet jelly roll overweight clowns could even cover 1/2 a mile a night. They burn more oxygen than a balloon festival.
    2. Their weapons shit what a joke, with all the modern AR’s we have today as well the little punk ass pencil lights they use I have a small flashlight on my AR that is over 2,509 lums. Come on at least make it believable. Kindergarten headlamps.
    3. Stealthy speaks for itself. There in none on this show.
    4. Like the burial site scene. Get real that state would be a national hotspot. And all the pics they show like south American blood suckers while in the maze trap not ever a picture of any proof. Goes to show how gullible everybody is!!!! Come on folks all this us just a staged sitcom with a bunch of nuts that have had some good government smoke and trying to get rich like everybody else want but, just didn’t get the movie break. Not a one of them could walk a block w/o stopping for a jelly roll break every 10 mnts. Freaking joke put me on the show and there would be one hairy prick dropped within 48 hours. Or at least those Hollywood stunts would be hauling ass cause I don’t miss.

  421. Come on bro they are a bunch of overweight jelly rollers just got starstruckkucky

  422. Come on guys. This is just for entertainment purposes. They will never catch or get a clear picture of anything. Enjoy and watch it for what it is, a hillbilly comedy.

  423. Huckleberry, you can Kiss my Swamp Ass Big Time!!!
    You guy’s build a trap too catch a chupacabra, said chupacabra get’s caught IN The TRAP. Bigfoot comes along, trashing the trap and set’s the chupacabra’s free
    cause they are working together….Well this ole boy has heard just about everything now. You know as well as I do Huckleberry, not only does DA pay for the materials used for these traps, the DA crew builds them too.Do you think anyone believes that 2 Hillbilly Doofusses ( i’m a hillbilly too) could undertake these tasks all by themselves without any outside help? The only trap those 2 could build would be a hole in the ground covered with sticks and leaves. Of course each show is edited too make it ‘look like’ those 2 clowns built them traps but a lot of us aren’t fooled so easily by the smoke and mirror techniques that the Straubs and DA use.Your the ‘Head’ of Security’…what security? About the only thing you could secure is a big bib around Bucks neck at feedin time. Mountain Monsters ( all monsters ) 24 AIMS Team 0. Way to go assholes!!!!

  424. you’re absolutely right. that jerk that claims to be an exmarine is a disgrace and i doubt he was even in the boy scouts.

  425. the only reason that i post anonymously is that i don’t want any of my friends to know that i actually watched this farce [2] times. all of these jerks had better get a day job for this idiotic joke can’t go on. each of these fools tries to outdo the other but the worst is that moron that claims to be a exmarine.

  426. I am a retired DI. I trained some outstanding young Marines at Parris Island and Camp Lejeune. It is very hard for me to fathom the thought of ‘Wild Bill’ fulfilling a commitment to the corps.I just don’t believe his claim. He is one person that I would not want in my charge in a combat scenario.I did some research on him and found absolutely nothing to back up his claim.

  427. Sarge to hear & see this Wild Bill goofball claiming to be a Marine…and he bestows that honor to the other hillbillies when one of them compotes a task…calling them Marines.

    Man, I wish you were Wild Bills D.!. I’d pay cold hard cash to see that.

  428. I’m from extreme southwest va near the Tennessee line as any mountain boy knows u don’t go threw the woods yelling and talking at the top of your lungs or in a cave or anywhere else. I just watched the Yahoo episode and just died laughing u can tell its no Bigfoot but rather a person yelling or persons yelling and throwing trees around. I do like the show but its kinda wrong staging things like they do. Anyway at least someone’s making some $$$$ god bless fellas

  429. Your right, so stop watching it. No one said you had to watch it stupid.

  430. Good for you Patti, tell it like it is. They have to watch the show, cause their to stupid to know how to change the channel.

  431. I Guess I’m having a hard time reading all the negative stuff written about the show, cause, ( unless I missed something ) this is a FREE COUNTRY, and everyone of us has the right to watch what they want. So why give someone a hard time for watching what they want, cause their not giving you a hard time to watch what you want. So if you don’t want to watch the show, then don’t, but don’t give someone else a hard time for watching it, cause all that does, is show people how much of a ( two words) you are.

  432. I hate that every show almost on WV they make us look so stupid. Really this show makes me sick. That they act the way they do. The Putnam Co. Episode where the guy is showing a short video of the chupacobra in the barn. You can easily see its photo shopped. I laugh right along with my little nephews while watching the show. That Wild Bill is just a mother red neck that don’t get out of the holler much. And just as soon as the think they hear something they all holler and go on. How can they claim to hear anything being that loud. I hope everyone don’t think we all are that stuip and ignorant. I blame the producers mostly you know someone from here that has a hard time making ends meet will do just about anything to make an extra $. I don’t blame the guys. They just need to watch the show and see how bad their acting is and work on it so it will be more believed.

  433. i watched last nights episode featuring a hell hound in a cornfield. the ‘eye witness’ was a character from the National Geographic channel who calls himself ‘The General’. the General buys ginseng from the local ginseng
    pilferers. pretty soon you will see one of the AIMS team as a character on a competing network in a program that is hillbilly oriented. as far as the Hell Hound episode…y’all know by now that Wild Bill & Will don’t build these traps from start to finish..right? DA has a technical crew that is responsible for any structures made e.g. TRAPS!! all of this ruse is edited to make it look like that degenerate Wild Bill & clueless Will built them. in last nights episode they built a trap in a cornfield with two 250 watt lights at either end. my question is…what was the power source that generated that much light in the middle of a cornfield that was in the middle of nowhere? a generator would make too much noise. don’t forget…in order to catch monsters one must use stealth right Straub Bros? those of you who believe this know that we are not easily fooled by DA, or the Producers and certainly not by those 7 unintelligible ( don’t forget Buck counts as two ) morons.
    if their weapons were loaded with real ammo, there would have been a fatality by now. just sayin.

  434. Were powered by Buck, hooked up to a treadmill & generator.

    Has anyone else noticed Willie, the trap builder, is starting to look like a coke or meth head lately? Look at his eyes. Also, he’s been wearing that tie dyed t for the last 3 episodes? Kinda looks like a young Charlie Manson.

    “Oh hell yeah!” Huckelberry
    “That son of a bitch!” Trapper
    “I got nothin'” Jeff
    “Trapper, we’re surrounded, we need back-up NOW” Buck
    “Oo-rah bro, the ol Marine ‘il get ‘ er done!” Wild Bill

    • Good train of thought cornfield. I think Buck however wouldn’t be able to generate more than 1 watt of power if that. As I have stated, There is absolutely no evidence to substantiate Wild Bills claim to have served in my beloved corps.As far as Will goes, well that’s what meth can do to you. Who knows what these yokels do with the money DA pays them? It certainly isn’t going to dental work? Now that the Chupacabra and the Hell Hound are in cahoot’s with Bigfoot, who know’s what lie’s in store for the men who seek, and find absolutely nothing. I’m not saying Will is a meth-head but there’s something going on in the woods down there beside’s Monsters.

  435. Many of these espisodes are based on some of these creatures whose history goes way back. If anyone knows plum island right off end of long island many experiments were conducted on animals. Were any going way back conducted in somewhere in West Virgina?