Aug 192013

MK-davis-1Chuck’s Notes > We all love a mystery now lets figure this one out. What the heck is that coming off the lower left leg in this video ?

A mysterious object seems to bounce from the left leg of the Patterson Bigfoot in this clip.

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  1. Poor M.K., he will have Patty riding a bike on a high wire over the creek before this is all said and done.

    • No, too late. The skeptards have already cornered the market on bigfoot on bicycles, as they claim “Whitey” is riding an “invisible bike.” Well, that’s a skeptard for you, crazy as a sack of rats.

    • Why would you say that? What does a “bike on a high-wire” have to do with anything?

      Does investigating and uncovering or re-discovering new information mean in retard world that you’re changing or fabricating something? Are you that stupid, or just that desperate and afraid of what new information might bring? I’m guessing you don’t read much, or don’t have anyone around to explain to you what you’ve read.

  2. I can’t really see what he’s talking about in the video, but I do know this, when a person walks through the woods and there’s a lot of debris on the ground, it’s quite common for some of that debris to be kicked up and it will hit your lower legs.
    Don’t believe me? Try wearing a pair of cowboy boots with shorts and walk through the woods or down a gravel road and see how much junk ends up inside your boots. Hey, it’s hot in Texas, boots and shorts are just normal redneck attire. lol

  3. I have watched several of MKD posts and have come to the concussion (hehe) he really does not have a clue as to many of the things he attempts to talk about or “explain”. I’ve been to Yazoo, Mississippi. Whew! I have seen him point out on video the bow of an Apache’ as a modern recurve. The photo in the video being shot in the late 1880’s. It is a small, long bow (technically) made of typical wood from the immediate environment. He also mentioned the arrows (Choke Cherry) were of a certain modern type that did not exsist then either. And of course that the Apache’ with the extended wrap for his hair had a head (he was very excited) with a sagenal crest. This is just some of many observations he has continuously made in his videos as he strives to impress the viewer with his infinate knowledge of ‘you name it’. So in the future have a look at several of his vids and decide for yourselves, or you can just take my word for it and save tons of time to spend on more positive interests. Thanks. Regards: GES

  4. All that I was able to see on the left leg was a very noticeable muscle buldge as the animal’s calf muscle contracted. Also I’d like to point out that he is using a very old version of the Patterson film and it is common knowledge that this film has been copied and re-copied over and over and over again, causing visual noise and artifacts on the film that were not in the original. Bill Munns created a frame by frame, digitally enchanced, HD copy of a 1st generation copy of the original film provided by Roger Patterson’s widow. He was able to create the clearest version of the film, in high definition, without any visual artifacts, and eliminate all of the shakiness from the original. M.K. Davis only stabilized one of the poor quality re-copies of the film which basically anyone can do. And all the visual noise and artifacts are still present which is most likely what he is attempting to point out.

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