Apr 132013

dyer evidenceEditors Notes > According to Robert Lindsay The 3 photos of the alleged bigfoot he shot in San Antonio may have been given to Musky Allen from a upset former vice president of Bigfoot Tracker LLC. Lindsay says that the pictures that still have not yet surfaced yet and I’m still waiting hint hint to receive a copy in my email inbox so if you know who has them please send them my way ok (prahlchuck@yahoo.com.

Lindsay also states that Morgan |Mathews the director of the Shooting Bigfoot Movie had possibly gotten injured and scared by his brush with the beast after it was shot. Lindsay says that Mathews and Dyer may have gotten into fist fight after killing the bigfoot allegedly because Morgan was so close to the bigfoot when Rick shot it. For much more on this and other bigfoot news Click This Link

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  5 Responses to “New Info on Dyer Dead Bigfoot Body Photos”

  1. This guy is a train-wreck no matter how you look at it.
    A steady stream of lies and hoaxs and now possibly
    murder. You can’t wash this P.O.S. clean with anything
    known to man.

  2. The END is coming soon! In 17 more days time runs out on (P.O.S.) Dyer.

  3. I agree with both Tom & old man.

  4. Why have we not heard anything from Law enforcement….Texas Parks and Wildlife….Rick says the Government officials congratulated him…..and what….they not saying anything……what are they waiting for the movie……??????

  5. Perhaps an UFO, having just retrieved Nessy, will come back for it’s dead BF – ! no bodies; mystery solved ! – and mistakenly transport Rikky D. along with it. Would answer allotta ?’s, solve allotta dilemmas.

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